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514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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This is day 3 of the 5 Day Lead Challenge. If you want to watch the video of this episode or download the OnePager, go to

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Before webinars... I remember back then people did tele-seminars. And so I would get the tele-seminar recording. I had this little tape recorder that I got at radio shack and I would go hook it from my phone system. I click record and tape these teleseminars onto cassette tapes, right? So I taped all these cassette tapes and then I'd go on wrestling trips and we'd be in these vans, and we have like 8, 10, 12 hour drives and I get these cassette tapes out of these teleseminars I've recorded of people teaching some of these concepts when I first learned them.


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What's up, everybody. This is Russell. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today, we're going day into number three of the Five Day Lead Challenge. Hopefully, you've enjoyed the last two episodes. If you haven't listened to those yet, make sure you get them all in order, because they all build upon each other. But this is day number three. And today we're talking about creating your lead funnel, right? Day number one we talked about the strategy of generating leads online day. Number two, we built out your lead magnet and now on number three, we're going to start building your lead funnel. This is the most basic, most simple and one of the most powerful types of funnels you can create.

So we'll be talking about that during today's episode. Once again, this is from a video event that we did, and so if you want to see the videos and see the screenshots and get the one pager homework and all that stuff, you can get those for free at So that said, I hope you enjoy this episode on creating your lead funnel.

Welcome to day number three of the five day lead challenge. Have you guys been enjoying this process so far? I'm actually really curious. This is the first time we've ever done training like this where we go live every single day. A whiteboard out with strategy. We give you the tactics. We give you the one pager, and you go do the homework assignment. I'm curious and I'd love to know the comments. I'll read these afterwards, but let me know in the comments if you guys are enjoying this process. I think it's a fun, cool, new way to train. So if you do like it let me know. If you're getting a lot of value out also I'd love to be able to see it. Let me know in the comments down below. One really cool thing that I'm excited about that I'm kind of let guys know and then we'll jump into the training. As we were planing this I was having so much fun with it.

A lot of you guys know we do a training called One Funnel Away. How many guys have ever heard of the One Funnel Away challenge or been part of the One Funnel Away challenge? Okay, so we launched the One Funnel Away challenge, man, about two years ago now. And in the last two years over 70,000 people have gone through which is crazy. So thank you. I hope you had a chance to go through and you enjoyed it. But it's been two years and I love teaching. I get excited and like, I don't know about you. Every time I talk about something, I get off stage. I'm like, "Oh, I want to do it again. I can change this. I can tweak this. I can make it better."

And I really decided after OFA like I want to do it again. And I'm really enjoying this process and so I talked to my team. I was like, "What if we did OFA again, but this time do it live?" And do it live over 30 days where we do the same process. So I come up here, I talked to you guys for 30 minutes or so, give you a one-pager, and give you a homework assignment and go every single day over 30 days and the end of it we do the next year, right? This whole five day lead challenge is all about getting your first lead funnel, getting leads coming in. The One Funnel Away challenge is about creating it for sales funnel. We're actually selling products and making money. So my question to you is if we were to do that, if we were to go and do One Funnel Away live starting Monday, how many has to be interested in being part of that? If so write in the comments down below 'cause I'm pretty sure that's what we're planning on doing 'cause I am really enjoying the process. I don't want it to stop. I want to do this every day for the next 30 days.

So, anyway, we'll talk more about that towards the end of this week. But if you guys are interested to extending this experience and going from here, here is me generating leads like know how to start selling products and building out for our sales funnels? That's what the new One Funnel Away challenge is gonna be. It's gonna be simplified from the old one. Every single day, we'll have a one pager or a homework assignment and it will be really fun and it'll be exciting. So that's happening later on this week. So I want to let you guys know about. Starting next week, Monday, we're gonna start the new One Funnel Away challenge. So, anyway, that's kind of what's happening.

All right, with that said, I'm gonna jump into today. We've got so many fun things. How many, by the way... How many guys went and did the assignment yesterday and actually got your one pager account set up and created your very first one pager, your very first lead magnet, okay? We were watching the comments and the things that's been a little bit of chaos on our side. Obviously, one pager is a brand new product. Yes, you're the first people ever to use it. And I've already seen so many people creating one pagers, people finding a couple bugs which has been nice. Let us know. We're trying to get all the things fixed up. There's a lot of cool new features and this is coming out a bit. As of right now, it's pretty cool, right? And like all the one-pagers that I'm giving you guys, I built those myself. That was me and I'm not technical. I was able to build those, it took me a little while and I had so much fun with it.

And so, like I said, literally today I'm gonna start working on the One Funnel Away one pagers 'cause I got all the one pagers for this we had done yesterday, actually. So, anyway, I hopefully enjoyed one pager. If not, if you haven't do this homework yet, make sure you go back to day number two, which is yesterday, watch the training, get the one pager and then go and create your one pager. That's how you're taking your framework we talked about and turn it into something tangible that you can trade somebody in exchange for their email address.

Okay, and one pager is the coolest way I've ever found to do that. So that's exciting. Okay, so before I dive into today. This is me like... One my favorite things about my role in this whole game is I get to do cool marketing stuff and then I get to tell you guys what I'm doing because I feel like I'm the wizard of all of these. Like I do something amazing and I'm like, "Hey, come down we got it. Let me show you what we just did. Okay, so yesterday we talked a lot about frameworks. Now I want to... Again, I'm gonna open the curtain and show you guys kinda what's happening, right? When we plan out the five day lead challenge what did I do? I said, "Okay, what's the end result." The end result, we're trying to get somebody, right? Just to create a funnel with leads coming in. It's okay to do that. If I was to break down over five days of all the frameworks I have, that I've taught, that I know, that I understand.

What are the frameworks that people need that they'll have success and be able to do that, right? And so day number one, I shared with you guys the overarching framework, right? Here's the big framework of how to generate leads online. Okay, that's how day number one was. Kind of a big broad overview of like this is how it works, right? And works through all the pieces. Like you have to have a lead magnet, then you got to have a squeeze page, then you got to have an email sequence and you have to drive traffic. And so day one was me sharing the framework of the entire week, right? And then, yesterday, if you guys noticed when I taught all ideas, I had three frameworks I taught you guys, did you catch this? Okay, I had three frameworks, okay? How many of you guys remember? The very first framework that I showed you guys was my framework. I'll go back here and show you this. Let me flip my whiteboard back over.

Okay, the first framework I talked about with you guys was this one right here, right? I'm talking about who is your dream customer, what's the result you're trying to get for them and then what are the steps to that journey, right? Okay, so that was the framework I taught you guys. Now when I taught you guys, did you notice how I taught this? I didn't just say, okay, here's how the framework works, right? The way I taught it, is first off what I did as I told you the story about how I learned to earned it, right? And then I walked you through the overarching strategy. Here's the concept of how it works, okay? And then your homework assignment, the one pager gave you the tactics, right? And I shared a ton of case studies throughout thinking of like how has worked for me and for other people, right? That was the first framework I shared.

Okay, second framework I shared, boom was called the ultimate result. Right, what is the ultimate result, right? And what are the core results? And from there what are the splinter results? And from there we're gonna it and create you one pager, okay? That was the second. The second framework I taught was the ultimate result, right? And then third framework I taught was what? Boom, my framework for how to teach frameworks. Okay, like that literally it. So there's behind the curtains. Yes, there's like, "Hey, what are the frameworks I need to teach them today from my bag of frameworks and my bag of tricks and things that I have that can help give them the tools they need to be successful with day number two."

Okay, so day number three, same as I was planning out. Okay, day number three. We're talking about actually creating your lead funnel, right? You've got a lead magnet. Now you need a funnel, this is the mechanism. This is the tool. It's gonna give somebody to give you their email address in exchange for your lead magnet, right? So it's like what are the frameworks that they need today to for just to understand for them to make sense and then I'm going to go and give them the tool, right? And so there's two frameworks I'm gonna be teaching today. Okay, so, hopefully, have seeing this like I'm practicing what I'm preaching. I'm not just pointing on my head like this is... I'm showing you guys exactly what I'm doing and hopefully this has given you a model.

Okay, I always tell people I feel like my main role here at ClickFunnels is to be like someone who's doing things so you guys can look at it and you can model it in your business, right? Like I don't need to keep doing live trainings. I don't need to keep like... I'm fine. Like financially, I'm good, I can take a break. I can take a year or two or six years off and be completely fine. Okay, I keep doing this because I love it. Number one, I love this game. It's so much fun. Number two, I'm trying to show you guys models so you can like, "Oh, I can see I can model that in my business. Oh, I can do what Russell did over here." I can do a five day challenge. What would be my frameworks, what would I teach people, right? I can create my own lead magnet. What would I create? Russell, show me three of his what could I do for a lead magnet, right? I'm trying to show you guys stuff so you can look at it, you can think through it and figure how to model that for your specific business as well.

Okay, and that's like you play in the game. So I keep sharing and hope you guys don't mind. I'm gonna keep on talking until I can't talk anymore because I love this stuff. I love seeing the ahas that you guys have. Okay, I remember when I first got into this game at 18, 18, 19 years ago now, and I was a young kid. I was wrestling at Boise State University and I was learning about this stuff. This is before webinars. I remember back then people did tele-seminars. And so I would get the tele-seminar recording. I had this little tape recorder that I got at radio shack and I would go hook it from my phone system. I click record and tape these teleseminars onto cassette tapes, right? And then 'cause most of them that I was in school or different places I couldn't like listen to them live and I wanted to hear them over and over again. So I taped all these cassette tapes and then I'd go on wrestling trips and we'd be in these vans, and we have like 8, 10, 12 hour drives in these vans and I get these cassette tapes out of these teleseminars I've recorded of people teaching some of these concepts when I first learned them.

I remember listening to the tape, listening in the car with my headphones on and everyone else in the car sleeping or listening to music. I'm listening to these guys talk about these marketing principles. I remember just feeling like so alive and so excited. I'm just like this is the most exciting thing in the world, okay? And for me like I've had a chance to discover these things. I remember how excited I was when I first learned, when I first applied them, they actually worked, I was freaking out. And so for me the closest thing I can get to that same excitement is coming to you and sharing with you. And I see your guys' eyes light up when you get that aha moment or what are those things are like, "Aha, for me, it's like me. I have a chance to relive it again through you guys." And so that's why I love doing this and I love sharing these things and, hopefully, you guys feel that coming through for me.

Okay, do you notice by the way when I told you guys the story of my... The framework of how to use frameworks, how I started it. By the way yesterday, right? I told you my story about how I learned to earn it. I was on stage and I was casting my pearls before swine. I told that story before I gave you this framework, okay? The pattern is repeated over and over and over again. All right, so that said now we're going to jump into today, which, again, the goal today is for us to build out our very first funnel, okay?

So I'm gonna talk about two core frameworks you have to understand and then I'm gonna let you guys go. Probably it's gonna be a little earlier today. And I'm gonna give you one pager which is gonna give you assignment. It's gonna walk you through tactics and you actually gonna have a chance to build your funnel today. And I prebuilt six funnels for you guys this weekend and you can pick any of the six or download all of them. You're gonna have them and it's giving you the framework. I'm gonna be giving you a new software tool that Jim Edwards built for you guys. We're literally filling in some blanks, you click a button, and it creates all the copy for every single page here inside your lead funnel, which is insanely cool and a bunch of other really cool things.

So that's what's happening. And then tomorrow we've got a special guest coming in. It's gonna to be... I'm excited to introduce her she's gonna be coming and will be talking about the emails you send out, okay? And so that'll be happening tomorrow and then on Friday we've no special guests. She's actually flying here from Texas. She sent me a picture of her at the airport and she's gonna teach you guys how to launch these funnels and start getting traffic coming in for free. So it's gonna be a... The rest of the week will really be fun and exciting, okay? But for right now we're gonna dive into building out your lead funnel.

Now I'm curious how many guys here who are watching, you've had a chance to read any of my books? Specifically, The Dotcom Secrets book. So Dotcom Secrets book is the first book I wrote. The hardbound version, new updated hardbound version. If you have the soft bound it's good. This one is way better. I rewrote this from the ground up I added, I don't know, I added 40,000 or 50,000 new words to this. New frameworks, new things. It's awesome, but in this book this is the book that teaches the core fundamentals of funnel building. You don't have a copy yet, you can get a free copy at But this is... A lot of the things I'm comes from his books. If you want to go deeper into that, make sure you get a copy of the Dotcom Secrets book, okay?

Okay, so one of the principles I talked about Dotcom Secrets book is this concept that I call the value ladder, okay? And some of you has heard me talk about this before but this... For you to be successful with funnels and lead funnels and all the stuff we're talking about you have to understand this core principle. It's something that's so simple where when you get it, it changes everything, okay? So if you look at this, I'm gonna draw two axis on this thing, okay? Over here, this is gonna be price and this is going to be value, okay? Now if you think about it as a business owner you want to provide the most amount of value possible for people to come into your world, right? And so I think about that and I'm like if somebody comes to me like, Russell, I read your books. This is really, really cool. I want you to... What's the best thing you can offer me. Like whatever it is I will give you. Whatever it takes, I want you to just to do this whole thing. What's the most value you can possibly offer me, the highest amount of value, right?

So for me if I was to like provide you guys a home, the most amount of value it would be basically I would pay for you to fly out here to my house, we sit in a room for a week. I would figure out what your business is, your product and I would go and write the scripts for yourselves and I'd create your funnels, I'd drive traffic, I would do everything for you, right? I guess the most value I could offer, right? If I just did the whole thing for you. And if you think about it, right? The value would be insane. It'd be clear up here but the problem is because it takes so much time and effort for me and for my staff, my team, and my everything because the price would also be high as well, right? So this will be... This would be like the most value I could possibly be... This is your smiley face. This the most value I could possibly give to you, okay?

Now, honestly, if I was to do something like that the reality because it's just how much time and effort it would take me to provide that much value this is something that I would probably have to sell for at least $1 million cash up front plus I would say 40% to 60% of the company depending on how much I'm actually running long-term, okay? But that's the most value I can possibly provide somebody, okay? Now it's funny to think about this if I was to walk up to you on the side of the street, the very first day I'm like, "Hey, my name is Russell Brunson and I would love to build a funnel for you." If you want to write me a check for $1 million plus give me 60% of your company, I will do this for you. How many guys would be like, "That's awesome, Russell, I'm going to do it." Right, how many guys will look at me and be like, "Russell, you look like you're 11 years old. You want $1 million to build a funnel? And then you want more than half of my business. It makes no sense," right?

Okay, the reason is because I've provided no value at this point, you have no context. Like is that a good deal or a bad I don't even know, right? So traditionally in businesses we don't just go lead with our best thing because we haven't shown value to the people first, right? So instead what we do is we come down here at the bottom of the value ladder. We say, "Okay, what's something I can do that provides value that's not gonna cost a ton of money," right? I'm gonna do something right here. Okay, so for me and for you this is like a lead funnel, right? Give me your email address, I guess the price of the members. Give me your email address I'm gonna give you this lead magnet, okay? And you're gonna get it you'll get some value from that lead magnet, right? And they get that and they're like, "Oh my gosh this is really good." And what do we do as humans? We get value from something. What do we naturally want, okay? If we get value from something or from somebody we naturally want more. So people come here to get value. This is lovely, this is amazing. That's awesome, that's cool. The next thing it say, "Okay, how can we get more value?" Okay, and now you step them up your value ladder to the next thing. That's gonna be a little bit more expensive. Okay, the price goes up but the value goes up as well.

Okay, the good case is like you buy one of my books. My books are free plus shipping, right? So it's $10 basically you get my book. The value is here but the price is low. You get that and you read the book like this is amazing, one more. Right, these are ClickFunnel and then you come to our events and like naturally start sending up, okay? And so that happens here. If somebody gets value here they go to the next year. Boom to the next year until eventually this is not that expensive. Okay, I guarantee if I send an email to my list and say, "Hey, I'm going to be building out five people's funnels. It's $1 million down and I want 50% of your business. I guarantee I get five people within 24 hours." Okay, because there's people who've gone through this process with me who understand the value of what I bring to the table and that'd be a no brainer, okay? 'Cause they've been through this before.

Okay, you think about this. This is true in like all aspects of life. Think about your significant other, the first time you met them, right? Okay, if you came to... Let's say you're gonna go on a date with a girl and you're like, "Hey, you are cute. The most value I can have you. I want to get married, we're gonna have a bunch of kids and then grandkids and it's gonna be amazing, right? If you said that to a girl or to a dude or whatever, they'd be like you're crazy. Like this person is nuts, right? And they're gonna freak out. So that's not how you go approach somebody if you want to date them or whatever, right? You start down here and you say, "Hey, do you want to go on a date?" Like, "Okay, how's that work?" We can go to dinner and a movie, right? The price isn't that high, the value is not that big a deal until you go on a date and then what happens. If the day goes good and the person sees value, like this was a great date. Now, I want more and you say, "Hey, do you want to go on a second date." And they're like, "Yeah." Okay, do you want to go another date and eventually there's a time when you come and say, "Hey, do you want to get married? I want to have kids with you and have a family and have grandkids someday." Well, all of a sudden that question is not this thing that freaks me out. It's like, "Yes, of course, you've given me value every single step in this relationship. I want to continue that forever, okay? So it works in relationships, it works in business, it works everywhere.

And so this is what we have to understand. This is what I call the value ladder, okay? And so this is what we're doing here inside the five-day lead challenge. We're introducing people into our world here at the bottom of the value ladder. Okay, we're giving them something where the cost is their email address. It's not expensive. Give me an email, I'm gonna give you this thing. And if they get that first framework they get that first one page, they get that first lead magnet and they go through it and they're like, "Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I want more, I want to on a second date." Okay, I want to go to the next step. I want to take the next level. I want to do the next thing with you.

Now, also you build this relationship and people come over and over and over. Okay, when I first launched my books and I started giving things away for free it changed my entire business, right? I was doing a lot of stuff before but I gave people this thing that read it they got value and they wanted to go the next thing, the next to the next thing and now we have clients that pay us $50,000, $100,000 a year and beyond because the value we provided at every single step. Okay, so that's what our goal is. Now a couple of things. If you read the Dotcom Secrets book I share like each tier in the value ladder there's different types of funnels associated with them, right? So this bottom tier right here, we call this lead funnels.

I think there's three or four that I share in the book. But the one that we're gonna be going through today is the most basic, the most simple, and it's a two-step lead funnel. Okay, lead squeeze funnel, okay? So that's the first one. I list here in the value ladder. Typically we use what I call unboxing funnels. My handwriting's horrible but there's an unboxing funnels, okay? And earlier I told you guys about the One Funnel Away challenge, the One Funnel Away challenge, actually, we spend all the time at this tier in the value ladder. Okay, the sales funnel we build out is a type of unboxing funnel and that's what we do during the One Funnel Away challenge, okay? The next tier up from here is what we call presentation funnels. Presentation funnels. This is where we're selling a little more expensive things. This is doing it like a webinar or doing a product launch funnel, things like that.

So there's different types of funnels to sell a higher ticket stuff. In the top tier, this we're selling really expensive stuff. There are different high ticket funnels that we use as well, okay? And so, again, each tier of the value ladder there's different types of funnels we use, okay? But for this training for the five day lead challenge we're spending all of our time focused at this tier of the value ladder, generating leads. Okay, and again, there's a couple types of funnels that we build but the most basic, the most simple one is just the two-step lead funnel, okay? So that's what I'll going to be creating today, okay? This is something that is not complicated, it's not hard, it's not frustrating. You literally can create this today and be done. If you create your lead magnet and your one pager yesterday you've got everything you need to have your funnel completely done, completely finished, and ready to rock and roll, okay? So that's what we're gonna be doing today for your homework assignment is actually building it out inside of ClickFunnels, which is going to be so much fun.

I made a whole video showing you the process and walking you through, okay? So, again, that's the first framework I want to teach you guys was the value ladder. Okay, so I'll write value here so you can remember. Here's the value ladder, okay? And, again, if you want to go deep and just get more examples and case studies, Dotcom Secrets book, I share a bunch of different ones, okay? So that's the value ladder. Okay, so now I want to go here. We're gonna talk about this right here. We're gonna talking about the lead funnel. So on day one I kind of told you guys a little bit about the double your dating funnel that I found when I was first getting started. When I was first trying to build a list, right? Where Eben Pagan had the kiss test. It had never been shown yet he was like, "Step one, give your email address I'm going to teach you the kiss test." And then on page two he gave you the kiss test. That was the lead magnet, right?

And so prior to that, before like that was one of the first we call it a squeeze page and I will explain why here in a bit. It was the very first squeeze pages I'd ever seen. Now, prior to that, I had learned about list-building and the way that people built lists back then was different, okay? Again, I've been online doing this now for over 18 years which is crazy. So back when I got started in this the game was different, right? It was way harder. This is before Facebook ads, before YouTube, before MySpace, right? When I got started MySpace wasn't a thing yet. In fact, you guys remember what the social network was pre MySpace. Okay, the OGs remember this. It was called Friendster. And we were trying to figure out how to use Friendster to build a lists. But back then it was a little differently.

So this is what the internet looked like back then. People would have a website, okay? There's a website here and this is what my doodle of a website looks like, okay? All right, so here's the website. And if you remember this you would go to somebody's website, right? You go to Google or you go to Yahoo or Ask Jeeves or whatever it was back in the day and you go somewhere and shop this website and then what would happen? Do you guys remember this? I'll give you a hit. It was like the most annoying thing on the planet. Okay, you shop this website and like this is awesome. I'm reading a scene and all of a sudden a certain a thing would pop up and they call it what? A pop-up. This pop-up would come up and be like, "Aha." Most of times is like, "Congratulations you won. You're the 1 million visitor to our website, put your email address down below to get a 30% discount." Guys, did ever see these? And so it was like the thing, like put your email address in and click submit and you win. So that was kind of what these popups were, okay?

And the people that I knew that I was learning from initially this is how they're making their money. This is how they're building the list. They would go and they would do pop-ups. So you drive traffic your site and they'd get a pop-up, okay. And then people put the email address and they started building a list, okay? It was interesting and then what started happening, I love the history of this. Then, remember, for me, I was like why don't have a website with a bunch of traffic to it? Like how do I... I don't want popups. And so these pop-up advertising networks we could go in and say, "Okay, here's my pop-up." I want it to show up on 1,000 sites or one million sites or whatever you put in how many impressions you wanted. So then somebody would go to random site and because I paid for my pop-up would pop up and it would a pop up like, "Hey, congratulations, thanks for coming to the website put your email address down below for this free report, for this free lead magnet," right? And so while that's what I was doing it was awesome. I was going... I was paying these networks. I was paying money to have my pop-up show up on all these websites around the internet and I started building lists and I was like, "This is so cool."

But then what happened, okay? It started getting more annoying 'cause what would happen is that these advertisers would be like, "Well, if I can sell one pop-up for like 30 cents what if I sold three or 10 or 12?" How many of you members you go to website and seen by pop up, pop up, pop up like four or five popups pop up you're like, "What's happening to my computer, I'm just freaking out," right? Internet Explorer is crashing this a whole nightmare, right? And so it got more and more annoying to the point where like Internet Explorer and the browsers we're like, "This is done. Let's just block all popups." And instantly overnight they create these things, called pop-up blockers. They would block all these pop-ups and boom they're gone.

Now for those who... Most of you guys were probably in the spot at a time in your life. Like thank heavens the pop-ups are gone but on the other side the marketers like me who were building huge lists of millions of people off these popups start freaking out like our lead source is gone. It just dried up, it disappeared overnight, right? And they're freaking out and we're freaking out like, "What do we do?" Okay, well, all you thought it was the end of the internet as we know it, right? And then there were some really smart people and I don't know who it was initially but someone said, what if we take this model, someone comes to the website and this thing pops up and we get their email address. What if we flip it around? And be like what are you talking about? It's like what if we did this? What if the first thing people see, instead is this page that says, hey, here's the free report, you put in your name and your email address, right? And then they click submit and then it takes them to the actual website, right? That was the premise.

And so instead of driving people to the website and having a pop-up we would drive them directly to the pop-up. And I remember people, like this was the debate in all the marketing forums back and they're like, "No, you can't do that." You're an idiot because nobody is actually gonna see your website. And you'd be like, "Yeah, but then I can't get emails. I can't follow up with people and no one is buying. I have to follow up a bunch of times before they're willing to buy and dah, dah, dah, all sorts of stuff like that. And so this was the controversy, okay? And about those time is when a couple people started testing it. One of them was Eben Pagan, okay, the guy who own Double Your Dating. This is where he said, "Okay, let me try this." Boom, give me your email address I'm gonna give you the free kiss test. People put email in, come over here, learn the kiss test, got value and then the bottom of page sold them his ebook. Boom blew up in $20 million business, okay?

Then other people started doing, other people start doing and I was like, "Oh my gosh, this actually works." Okay, don't think about the metrics on this, but what happened? Let's say you had 100, actually, let's go this way. Okay, let's say over here let's say you had 100 visitors come to your website, right? 100 visitors come, so a hundred times this pop came up, maybe you got like 20% of the people to put their email address in here, right? See 100% of people saw your website and only 20% joined your list, okay? And then you flip it over here, what would happen is you send those same 100 people to come over here and from here you get anywhere from who knows, let's 20% I guess. So 20% of people give you the email address, right? Then only 20% of people actually ever see your site and see, like, this is not going to work because you got one fifth as much traffic actually sees your site. But what they didn't realize is and this is what made the whole thing work is that these 20% people then gave you their email address, right?

Now you have the email address and you can go out here and you can send an email. Okay, so like again 20% will see that. And you send the email to 20% and you remind them about the thing and you send another email and you remind them. And you send another email and you can send three or four emails push people back to this thing and you can follow up with them. And they found at the time, I don't know if the numbers are the same or not but at the time it took someone on average seven times seeing your website before they were willing to buy. So what was happening in the past is you drive, pay for that as soon as come here, pay for them and after seven times of seeing then they buy. We're now happy to pay for them once. They joined your list and you send an email one, two, three, four, and by email seven a huge percentage had bought the thing. But now you have them on your list, right? Now you have them on your list, now what you do with that list, okay? Well, yeah, you have them on your list now you come back to your value.

Okay, they're on my list now, you send five, six emails someone bought my very first product. What's the next thing I sell. Oh, I can sell this, oh, I can sell this and all of a sudden they had the ability to now generate their own traffic. They have their own leads. They own traffic now. They didn't always have to go to Facebook or Google or YouTube to buy new leads, right? They own the list. They can say I want to send the list over there and send and they send and boom the list shows up there. I'm going to send over here, boom, and they can just send it to different places, okay? Where is this idea for five day lead challenge of two or three weeks ago. I was like, "I'm going to do this thing, we're gonna put up a squeeze page, right? It's okay opt in to this page. I sent emails to my list and 35,000 of you came and opted in. I didn't pay Zuckerberg for that list, I didn't have to pay. That came because I own that traffic, right? I control, I can send it to different places, okay?

And so it changed the dynamics of people's businesses, all right? So you come back here. Yeah, maybe only 20% people give you email address but now it's what I'm saying you follow up, you close a higher percentage and when all is said and done at the end of the day you actually end up making more money, okay? And that was the power. Now the cool thing of the internet. Internet is actually getting cooler since back in the day 'cause now you can have these things called retargeting ads where I can go deep into this but you see this before you can put a retargeting pixel on this page. So someone comes and 20% give you their email address but then 80% leave. So 80% of people leave, right? Like, oh, they're gone. But Facebook and YouTube and Google will allow you follow those people around and keep pushing them back and keep pushing them back till you get a higher percentage of people that can actually come and put their email address in, okay?

That's outside of the context we're talking about now but it's pretty cool because retargeting has given the ability to the people who bounce and leave to keep getting them and keep coming back and you push them into your funnels, okay? So that is what a lead squeeze is. We called this a squeeze page because traffic is coming in. You're squeezing their email address out and then you're giving them value. And if they receive value at this step in the tier, right from your lead magnet this is amazing, I want more then they naturally want to ascend up the value ladder, okay? People that came into Double Your Dating, they came for the kiss test, they read this kiss test and like this is amazing, they read down and like what else does this person have? I want more value. I want to go on second date with them, right? And at the end of the end of the kiss test, right? What would I have on offer? And he said, "Okay, well you got the kiss test. I've got this ebook called Double Your Dating for $97. Do you want to buy the ebook?" And they're like, "Heck, yeah." They bought the ebook, boom, right? And people read the ebook like this is amazing, a bunch of cool stuff that happens like cool stuff in the ebook, guess what? I've got a live event where we teach men how to do this in life.

Okay, the live is x amount of dollars and can people come to the event. Not everyone, okay, but a big percentage of people who got value of this step want the next step. And the live event is like, "Oh, by the way he's mentioning coaching programs." Boom, push you to the next step. Okay, and that's how this game is played, okay? Now for you all you guys are going to think about it a little differently. What does your business look like? Like what's my value ladder. Like y'all have to kind of figure out what's gonna be 'cause everyone's different, right? I remember when my wife and I first got married I had not had dental insurance for probably five or six years. I got married. My parents cut me off like, "You're an adult now, good luck." So I had no dental insurance, I couldn't afford it.

Fast forward like six years later my business is running, I have a couple of employees. My employees come to me and they're like, "Hey, Russell, since I worked for you, can I get benefits?" And I put it in context. I'd never actually had a job before. I was wrestling so I never had a job. So I had a couple of employees and they're like, "Russell, we're gonna have benefits?" I'm like, "What does that mean?" "Like benefits where you pay for stuff for us." So I'm like, "I pay your salary." Like, "No, no like dental insurance and health insurance." And I was like, "Is this is really thing." I'd never heard that before, right? And, yeah, it really is. I'm like, "Okay." So I went and we figured out how to get benefits for our employees and we got dental insurance, right? And so I'm like, "Sweetheart, I haven't seen a dentist in six years, I should go to dentists."

And about that time I get in the mail a lead magnet. I got the thing in the mail is a yellow postcard and said, "Hey, there's a new... We're a new dentist in town. If you want you can come into to our office and get a free teeth cleaning." And my wife and I are like, "Sweet we haven't cleaned our teeth in six years outside of her own brushing let's go." Boom, there's a lead magnet, right? Okay, so we call the dentist like, "Hey, we got this big old yellow postcard in the mail and you got a teeth clean?" He's like, "Sure, it's free come on in." So we come on in, right? Boom, I get the lead magnet. The dentist or the hygienist and they're all working on my teeth, cleaning my teeth are providing what? Providing value and like getting my teeth cleaned and do all sorts of stuff.

And the dentist comes afterwards looking to like, "Cool your teeth are clean." I just had a question for you like, "Are you a smoker? Do you drink coffee or something?" And I was like, "What?" No, I'm not a smoker. No, I don't drink coffee either." I'm like, "Why would you ask?" And he says, "Oh, well, your teeth are kind of... Just like kind of yellow. I don't know if you noticed because I turned my yellow I assume, maybe you drink coffee or smoke or something." I'm like, "No, I don't do any of that stuff." He's like, "Oh, well, if you want," he is like I can provide you more value. He didn't say that but I can give you a teeth whitening kit where you start whitening your teeth at home that way it goes from yellow back to white. I was like, "Are you kidding me? Yes, please do that." He's like, "Cool let me you a fitting for some teeth whitening kit." He fits my teeth whitening kit I was like, "Thank you so much." And so I get that, right? So he provided more value and I had to pay for that, right?

And then while he's doing more stuff he's like, "By the way did you used to have braces when you were young?" I was like, "Yeah, why?" He's like, "Oh, I can tell because your teeth are recrowding and a lot has happened with your braces off over years so your teeth are kind of recrowding. I'm like, "Are you serious?" He's like, "Yeah, they don't look bad but they are definitely like shifting around." And I was like, "Are you kidding me? Well, I don't want crooked teeth, what do I do?" And he's like, "Well, if you want we can build a retainer for you which help keep your teeth in place or we can do invisalign which will help realign." And I was like, "Yes, please," right? And so he did what? He provided more value to me, right? And so he's going through this so by the time he was done I got done with this experience of the dentist, I leave and I write them a check for $2,000 or $3,000.

Now am I angry about the experience? No. Why? He brought me in to this thing for free. I got value, I'm like, "This is amazing. I got a free teeth clean, it's amazing." He's like, "Hey, I can provide more value. I can make your teeth whiter." I'm like, "Sweet make them white." He's like, "I can add more value, I keep your teeth straight." I'm like, "Sweet," right? And he could have offered cosmetic dentistry, whatever the thing was, right? But he had his own value ladder. That's how he made money off of me. And then the next day my wife came in she got her teeth cleaned and she left there $2,000 or $3,000 check in the process worked, right? Every business has a value out of it. If you don't have a value ladder yet, you're probably not in a very good business, okay?

Your job is if you're like, "What's the process?" Why are you taking people through, okay? Now, again, that's kind of outside the context of the five day challenge 'cause our goal in five day challenge is this, how do we dominate this? How do we get so much value and people are like, "This is amazing, this one page of this framework." It's changed my life. This is awesome. I got this thing, I want more. Okay, like I said in the One Funnel Away challenge, we're starting on Monday we're going to go deep into this. Right, how do you create this sales funnel? So after they receive value, they're already getting... They like have a hole burning of pocket. I want to give you money. Like, "What's the next step?" You can be like, "Oh, here's the next step?" And pushing the next funnel.

I wish I could spend like eight hours a day going deep into that but that's what the One Funnel Away challenge is. We're starting on Monday live just like this. So, anyway, does that make sense? So those are the two frameworks I share with yesterday. Okay, the value ladder and the understanding of very basic, very simple two-step lead funnel, okay? One of the most basic types of funnels to generate leads, okay? All right, so I'm gonna show you guys what the game plan is. Now that you have your lead magnet, today's assignment is we're gonna be building out the most basic, most simple funnels. The two-step funnel, okay? On this page in the funnel you are gonna give people your actual lead magnet, okay? The thing you created yesterday you're gonna give it to them. Then come here there is gonna be a big button that says download and they're gonna download your one pager, right? You're gonna tell them thank you. We call this a thank you page. Okay, 'cause it says thank you. Thank you so much for giving me your email address here's where you can download the lead magnet I just promised you. Okay, this is a thank you page.

Okay, this page right here is what we call a squeeze page. Okay, squeeze pages are very simple. They're very basic. The most easiest page in the world came. Okay, most of my squeeze pages take me less than five minutes to build. Okay, I built six of them for you that I'm giving you on the one pager. You have a chance to see them in a minute. Okay, basically what a squeeze page is, there's typically a headline, maybe a sub headline, a picture of your one pager and the spot for them to put in their email and click submit. That's it. One of the most simple things in the world. And sometimes like Facebook they want you to have longer pages, okay? If you do just add some more bullet points down below with more context of what they're gonna learn about in your one pager. That's your squeeze page, squeeze page, thank you page.

Two pages, most simple funnel on the planet. You can literally create it in five to 10 minutes, okay? And so that's what we're gonna be creating today. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Now, a couple of things, okay? The tool that creates these funnels. If you know me at all, if you've listened to me, anything I've said in the last six years you've probably heard of ClickFunnels. Okay, ClickFunnels is my company. It's the tool that builds funnels. We have over 120,000 active members who use it, okay? A lot of you guys who are here already have ClickFunnels accounts. If you don't yet I'm gonna give you guys a 14 day trial to use it today so you can build out this funnel so you can have your very first lead squeeze funnel, okay?

That's number one. Number two, one of my business partners, Jim Edwards, creates some really cool software that we can give you for free today as well. And then when go in here you're gonna take information about who is your dream customer, right? We talked about your dream customer yesterday. Who's your dream customer. He's asked you a whole bunch of questions about that. And then who is my dream customer, what do they care about and you fill out this form. When you fill out the form then there's two or three forms you're gonna fill out, you're filling about your dream customer about things like that. And then you click a button and what it's going to do is it's actually gonna write all these things. It's gonna to write the headlines, it gonna can write the sub headlines, correct? All these different bullet points. It's gonna write the copy that goes right here. It's gonna write all that stuff for you. You fill out the form and you click submit and writes it all for you then you literally just copy it and paste it. Copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste and now you've got a funnel that's set up and ready to convert people and they show up.

Okay, this is called copy. The words on the page is called copy. Copy is something that gets people to do something you're gonna to do. And you can guess and try to write good copy but the software has been built for you is gonna make this copy super easy deal, it's high converting. It took the best headlines from all time. Like over the last like 100 years from the best highest converting headlines and reverse engineer in the software. So you tell them your product it'll pop out like here's a hundred headlines based on the highest converting headlines in the history of the world. And you take those and say, "Oh, this will actually go to my landing page and you can tweak it around, you can change them but it's powerful, okay? You don't have to guess and think like what's gonna work. Like the software is gonna write a copy that's gonna work for you out the gate. And we're giving that to you for free for being here. So that's a gift we wanted to give you guys 'cause it's gonna make this process simpler, okay?

And so today's assignment, like I said, if yesterday if you did your assignment it means you already have, oops, you already have the lead magnet done. So today we're gonna build the two pages, we're gonna put the plug the copy in, we're gonna plug the lead magnet on the download button and then you're gonna be finished, okay? It shouldn't take that long. If it's your first time on ClickFunnels it might take you a little bit of time but there's a video of me walking through every single step of the process and it's not gonna be hard. Okay, tomorrow what we're gonna be doing is, after somebody gives you their email address, right? Now we have these emails that go out, right? The question is what do we say on these emails, okay? There's actually six emails we sent out initially, okay? Six emails to build relationship people and get them to buy to your next thing in your value ladder.

Okay, so tomorrow I have a special guest, Yara Golden, who's gonna be coming and talking about what to send in those six emails. We also built software for you where you fill in the form, you click the button and it'll pre-write these six emails for you and then you plug those into ClickFunnels. That's happening tomorrow. It's gonna be really, really cool but for today this what we're doing on these two pages, okay? All right, I'm gonna have my team pull the one pager. So on my screen here this is the one pager I'm gonna give you guys today. We love one pages, they're the most exciting thing in the world. Number one you notice the very top it here it says... Scroll back up to the very top. It says your next challenge is you choose except to start sitting one phone, wait 30 day challenge. If you want to join the live challenge that starts Monday, okay, this is the 30 day challenge. We're gonna go through and build out your actual sales funnel. The second tier in the value ladder, click on that button and sign up.

It is not... The 5 Day Challenge has been free, the One Funnel Away challenge is $100, okay? So if you want to go the next step with me, if you receive value here so far and like I want to go next to your Russell's value ladder to figure out how to build out my next and my value ladder click on that link and join the challenge. Okay, you don't have to but that's there if you're looking for it, okay? This video right here now, this is a 32 minute video of me teaching and showing the actual tactics. Okay, this is me literally going to ClickFunnels and doing it and then going to Jim's software and doing it. So you'll see me at my house hanging out with you doing your assignments. You have like, "How does work, I'm confused" Watch the video, I do the assignment with you. Just pause it copy me, play, pause, play, pause, and just do it with me, okay? As scroll down here and see what the landing page looks like we're gonna be building here. Here you get your ClickFunnels 14 day trial. Here's where you get the funnel scripts light tool that's going to write all the copy for you. And then these are six different templates I built out for you, okay?

So there's six landing page templates that are amazing. This first right here, this is the landing page template. It has been the highest converting one for me. I will show you in the video but literally that template there over the last year has got me over 250,000 leads and I gave you that one as well. A bunch of other really cool ones are there so you can pick one of those six templates you want to use. You click on the button it copies into your ClickFunnels account and you can edit it. Okay, so there were three quick little video of me and Jim, you click on that video, it'll take you to a page. It gives you the software, it shows you how to use it. You're gonna fill in that software, click in the blanks, click submit and write all the copy for you, okay? Let's go back to the one pager. Oh, we just lost it.

So, again, the software you filled out it'll write it all the copy and we can get back to the one pager here hopefully. He calls the back buttons. We can it get back. There we go. Oh, open a new window there you go. Okay, then you take the copy from Jim's software, you can plug it into the ClickFunnels page and then just go through. Basically, you go through the to-do list. After you finished the do list everything would be done. Oh, September 3rd, other cool thing is, remember I told you here typically I have a picture of my ecover for the thing that the lead magnet they're getting. Okay, if you want inside a one page is actually a really cool tool that will build you out. and actually ecover. You fill in some blanks, click the buttons and boom it creates an ecover that you can then put on your squeeze page here or else I give you two other resources of places you can get your covers design.

Okay, I'm not a designer. I don't know how to design things so you can either create it for free inside of one pager or you can use some of the other resources like one is called Funnel Rolodex. Funnel Rolodex is a marketplace of funnel builders and designers who can design these things for you. Okay, if you're like I don't want to do a funnel, Russell, I'm scared to death you go to funnel Rolodex and there's, again, programmers designers you can hire to build your funnels for you. There's always people can do the ecover for you there as well.

Okay, there's other resources as well but all of the stuff's on the one pager. This is our gifts use of scroll, go back to the top and getting rid of... Get the one pager. The first thing is, watch this video. It's gonna show the assignment and then go through the assignment. By the time you're done you'll have your lead funnel done and ready to rock and roll, okay? These two pieces will be done and you'll be prepared for tomorrow 'cause tomorrow we're going to be building out the email sequence plugging it in. And when that's done, then Friday we're gonna be dumping tons of traffic into this thing and your first set of leads will be coming through and it's gonna be fun. So with that said my team is gonna put the link down below. This link it say one pager, okay?

Go to That is going to take you directly. It'll automatically take you this page save the page and now you have it inside your one pager your account and you can go to the homework assignment and all the other things involved. That's like fun you guys. I'm having so much fun of these. I hope you guys are enjoying today's training and all of these trainings so far. I'm super grateful. First off to have the platform be able to share this with you guys. Like I said, it means the world to me watching you guys have the aha moments like for the very first time. I still remember experiencing a lot of these ahas myself and I love giving them to you.

It's hopefully, as my aha moments and now it's just doing the actual work and works that hard luckily. Okay, we started the most simple funnel a two-step funnel. It's very simple, it's very easy. I give you templates, we give you software and we will will write copy. We give you software to build out the ecovers, all the things you need. Again, it's all on one pager down below. So go to It'll take you to this one pager, save in your account, watch the video, do the assignment, and then we'll be meeting back here tomorrow. Same time, same place. And then your email sequences is written out and plugged in and we're one step closer to the finish line. So that's it, guys. Thanks, again, so much. Get the one pager down below and I will see you guys tomorrow. Bye, everybody.


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