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515 - Your Follow-Up Funnels (Emails)... - 5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 4 of 5

512 - Your Follow-Up Funnels (Emails)... - 5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 4 of 5

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This is day 4 of the 5 Day Lead Challenge. If you want to watch the video of this episode or download the OnePager, go to

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I remember when I first got started in this business and I learned about lead gen, I was excited. I started generating leads. I remembered the leads were coming in and I was like now what do I do with it? Do I, like I don't, I don't know. Like, do I send an email? Do I not, I didn't wanna offend people. I don't wanna send emails too often. Like I was so scared of all the different things. I remember in my head I was like, okay I'm gonna send one email a month, cause I don't wanna offend them or annoy them, or you know, so I was like very very careful. 


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Russell Brunson: What's up, everybody. This is Russell. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today we are jumping into day number four of the Five Day Lead Challenge. And this is where we're going to start getting into the actual emails, like what do you send these people when they come through? And I'm excited because on this episode, actually got Yara Golden who will is in the house when we recorded this live event, who came out, and she walked us through her framework and how she structures her email sequences to get people to open emails, build a relationship, and to buy over and over and over again. Something that's so powerful and I don't think we talk enough about in our community is how do you actually structure and craft those emails? And so that is what is happening on today's episode. A couple funny things, if you do go online and go to, you can opt-in there and see the videos of this live event for free and also download the one pagers and the homework assignments and things like that.

But you'll notice one thing is that on the video for day number four, Yara and I are sitting on opposite sides of the stage and the reason why is because this was filmed in the middle of COVID and people were freaking out like yelling, you can't be that close to each other, which is completely ridiculous now that we're looking back in time. So we had to film like six and a half or seven feet apart just to make sure that the audience at home wasn't angry at us, which is so funny to me now. Anyway that it is what it is. So if you're watching the video and you're like, why are they sitting so far apart? That is why. Anyway, like I said today, we're talking about your follow up funnels. What are the email sequences? Yara Golden is my special guest on this one. She does an amazing job. I hope you guys enjoy it. And with that said we'll queue up day number four.

We've got people from all around the world. We're super excited to see you guys today. And congratulations, you made to day number four. You'd be blown away by how many people will go and they'll be excited to change their life and they will buy a book and they will get it. And they'll be so excited to the read chapter one. And then they're about to start chapter two and then they don't. And they never get to chapter two or three or four or five. And they go back to the life they had before. Right? You know, how people go and they buy a brand new course. They're so excited to learn this topic, this thing. And they go through, they watch margin number one they're excited and then they just kinda end. Okay.

And the same thing's true here, right? Day number one, we had 11,000 people on live. Day number two a little bit less, day number three a little bit less. And so each day kinda shrinks. And the people who make it this far are proving to the world, proving to the universe, proving to God whoever it is that you're worthy. You're looking, you're trying to figure this things out, okay. And those who push through those types of things are the ones who have success. So if you're here today, you made to day number four you've been doing your homework assignments. You've been keeping up and doing all the pieces. You're the people who will be rewarded because of it, okay. It's true in all aspects of life, okay.

I am coaching my kid's wrestling team, and I see right now the ones who are having success the ones who show up the ones that put in the time to put in the effort, the ones who don't are the ones who are struggling, okay. So if you're here today despite all the craziness, that's happening around the world. You're showing up, you're trying to make your life better your business better. I wanna congratulate you for doing that, okay.

So that's number one. We've been covering a lot of things so far, the last three days, you've had a chance to hear me talk a lot. I'm excited because today and tomorrow the last two days of the Five Day Lead Challenge I have guest speakers who are gonna be here with me today helping, which I'm really excited for. And so the first guest speaker I'm gonna introduce her here in a little bit and she's gonna be going deep into the email side of it. Right? Okay, we talked, we've been talking all of these things all the things we needed to do to start generating leads and get leads. And the question is, now that I have them what do I do with them? Right? I've got these leads, like I don't wanna mess them up. I don't wanna, I wanna make sure they like me.

Like, I remember when I first got started in this business and I learned about lead gen, I was excited. I started generating leads. I remembered the leads were coming in and I was like now what do I do with it? Do I, like I don't, I don't know. Like, do I send an email? Do I not, I didn't wanna offend people. I don't wanna send emails too often. Like I was so scared of all the different things. I remember in my head I was like, okay I'm gonna send one email a month, cause I don't wanna offend them or annoy them, or you know, so I was like very very careful. And I built the list up to a couple thousand people. I remember sending an email, being so stressed out and so much stress and so much anxiety. I sent an email out and I'm just waiting for people to yell at me. And of course I got some unsubscribes. I was all like depressed. Like, oh, some people don't like me now. Or a couple of people are angry like, why are you sending me emails? I'm like cause you asked me to send you emails. And I remember being like, I had so much anxiety behind it.

My goal and my goal for today is to help you guys get rid of that anxiety. Cause at first is gonna be kind of weird okay. But people came to you, right? You didn't go and follow them. You didn't chase them. They saw an ad. They saw you drive traffic and they came to your thing. They saw this lead magnet. They're so excited for it. They gave you their email address because they wanted that thing. You then gave them this thing, this framework you created, they're going through it. They're getting value, okay? You have to understand this is the spot in someone's life that they're interacting with you. Right? They just got this lead magnet, they got this value. Like this is amazing. And all of a sudden you send an email. Now they know who you are. Now they're excited to get to know you to build the relationship with you.

If it goes back to, we talked about the value ladder yesterday. If we go back to that analogy of dating, right? If you're on a date with someone I got an amazing experience. Guess what you don't wanna do? Just ghost them for the next six months, cause I don't wanna offend them, or you know, be annoying, whatever. Right? If you do that the relationship very quickly disappears and dissolves. I remember cause I was sending an email out once a month and every time I send the email once a month. I get tons of people who are like, "Who are you?" They couldn't remember who I was because there was so much distance between when they got the lead magnet and when they actually had a chance to hear from me.

I remember I had this friend I met and he told me and I don't know if I recommend this but he was emailing his list twice a day. And I was like, what? Twice a day? And he's like, yeah. He's like, I wanna make sure people remember who I am. And I was like, okay, I'm not gonna do twice a day but maybe I'll do twice a month. And so I started sending out two emails a month. What was crazy is my income more than doubled. People remembered who I was. Cause I was communicating more often And I was okay, twice a month, what if I did it, What if I did it once a week? So I said, I'm gonna email my list once a week at shifted to once a week. And guess what? My income more than doubled. I was like, huh? People aren't annoyed to hear from me.

What if I send out emails a couple of times a week. And so you'll find, this seems kind of counterintuitive, since we're nervous with these leads. I don't wanna mess up the relationship with them. So I'm not gonna send anything. It's not the case. You wanna be building relationships and sending out emails. You need to know them. You guys have been getting emails from me every single day in the morning and the night about this Like, hey we're about to start, jump on. And afterwards, here's the replay if you missed it. Right, I'm building a relationship. I'm keeping the doors open. And yes, some people have been annoyed. Some people have unsubscribed. Some people left my world and I'm happy they're gone. Okay, because you guys are the ones who are worthy enough to get this information and actually do something with it.

And so your people will follow you. They will listen to you. They'll be excited to hear from you. And so don't be scared to email and that's a big, very, very important part. Okay, but of all the email parts, the thing that's the most important is when the lead first comes in, what are the emails you say? Okay, if you're not careful, you can do it wrong and you can distance them. You know, all sorts of things can happen. But if you do it correctly you can build the relationship with them. That relationship will stick and they'll be more likely to buy from you moving forward in the future.

And so that's what we'll be talking about today. And I'm excited for it, because as much fun as generate leads are you don't make money from generation leads. You actually make money from emailing leads and selling different products and services and the things that you have to offer. And so this is where we start transitioning from the lead generation to actually monetizing and making some money.

So that's kind of what's happening. So that's what's happening today. And then tomorrow we've got another special guest coming and her name is Rachel Miller. She actually just got here last night, which is exciting. She flew in and she's gonna be talking to us about how to actually generate the traffic. Okay, cause now we've got the system in place. You've got the lead magnet, you have the funnel. Now we're going to email. So everything, all the structure will be in place. And now he's got to go and take traffic and dump it into the top of this funnel. And people start coming through they start getting a lead magnet and start getting the email sequences and everything else to start taking care of herself.

So that's happening tomorrow. She's gonna be talking about ways to get traffic that are free, which is exciting. Some of you guys don't have big budgets yet. And so we'll be going into that. And so that's kind of the game plan. You guys excited for today and tomorrow? Awesome. I hope you guys have been enjoying this process. I've been enjoying it so far. It's been so much fun coming in and speaking and serving you guys every single day. You know, it's been with all the craziness happening around I haven't had a chance to do this kind of thing that often. Recently, it's just been a lot of fun to come back and kind of reconnect everybody.

So, with that said, I'm gonna bring out our special guest. She's someone who I had a chance to meet back about the time that we started Click Funnels. She kind of came to our community and got to know her. And it's been so much fun watching her blossom and grow over the years. And she'll tell her story a little bit here. But she never thought she was gonna become a copywriter writing emails or any of those kinds of things. And now four or five years later here she is. She's had a chance to speak at Funnel Hacking live. She had a chance to do a lot of trainings inside of our community. And she's here to train you guys. So with that said, let's put our heads together for Yara Golden. Yeah! Yay. This is Yara.

Yara Golden: Hey everybody. Thank you so much for having me, this is amazing.

Russell: Thanks for coming.

Yara: Yeah. So, we're so excited to have her here. So, first off, for those who don't know, you wanna introduce yourself, kind of tell us some of your your story about how you got here.

Yara: Yeah, absolutely. So, I mean, I met you what like four or five maybe six years ago at this point. And I was in such an interesting part in my life. I had just come out of a divorce. I had two kids that I was now solely responsible for. And I say to people all the time, I'm like I had to adult for the first time in my life. Like I had to pay insurance. I had rent to pay all of these things. And I was really looking for a way that I would be able to do that without giving my time to a job. Like I was like, I don't wanna have a job. And that was a realization that I really came to when a girlfriend of mine. I don't know if I've told you this story. She looks at me and she says, "Well, Yara, you can always get a job at Nordstrom." And this fire like ignited inside of me. And I was like, oh, I don't work at Nordstrom's I shop there, you know? And it was this like moment of indignation and it's nothing against people who work in retail or Nordstrom's or anything like that. But something inside of me came alive and I was like, you're meant for more than that. Like you're capable of more than that.

And so that's really how I kind of like stumbled into your world into entrepreneurship and online business and all of those things. And the only thing that I knew that I was good at, at that point was relationship. Right, I was like, I know what went wrong in my marriage and I know why it ended. And I was able to create a really good co-parenting relationship on the back end of it. And so what I did really was going on Facebook and I started sharing the story of what happened and why the relationship fell apart and what I had learned and what I was doing to move forward from that. And the most interesting thing started happening was that, people started reaching out to me and saying "Oh my gosh, you're navigating this so gracefully, like how would handle this? I have this going on in my life. Can you help me?"

And that was this real aha moment for me where I was like, wow, people are actually looking for help in this thing that I have experience and expertise in. And now I didn't think at that point that I was an expert. I was like, yeah, I know. I was like, these people are crazy. Don't they see the disaster that I just created. But luckily for me that my new partner James at that point had been in business for a while and he says, "Well, why don't you become a relationship coach?" And that was really the first inkling of like, Hey you could actually start a business.

Russell: I'm curious because I know a lot of people, if you don't have a business yet, and you're not phased you're trying to figure out your business. I think a lot of times we look at some of that and like the first the first question is like, well, I'm not worthy. I don't, I like what makes I've just went through a divorce. Like I don't feel worthy. What was it, or why was the reason you were able to say like, okay, I'm gonna try this. I'm gonna, I'm gonna take that leap of faith even though I don't feel worthy at this point I don't feel ready yet?

Yara: Oh yeah, no, I thought they were crazy. Like, I was like, you guys are asking me for help. This is nuts. I think it was really that desire to build something for myself, without giving away my time. I was like, I don't wanna go get a job and pay somebody to watch my kids while I'm there. You know, I want to be able to be with them. And so it was really, it was really a leap of faith. It was just like, can I do this? And can I, do I believe that I can help somebody be better off than they are right now? And the answer to that question was, yes. I was like, I've read books. Like, I've done this for myself. I know that I can figure out how to help somebody else get this result for themselves. And that, that was kind of it. I think the hardest part honestly, was making that first offer was when I was like. Okay, well I've been talking to you on messenger for a while and I know you have the issue that I have and I can help you solve it. But like, are you gonna pay me money? You know, then even today, people are like, but how do I do a CTA? And I'm like, it's okay. Just take a deep breath. And like, believe that you have something that can help somebody else.

So, yeah, I mean, and then we could fast forward like a ton of time, right? I was in Inner Circle. I started learning about internet marketing, started learning about Facebook ads, started learning about click funnels and just all of these things. And I was hitting my head against a wall, because the messaging that I had was really you know, how to divorce gracefully like at the end of the day. And nobody wanted to raise their hand for that. You know, nobody wanted to let people know that they were having problems in their relationship. But I would look around the rooms that I was in. And I was like I could help all of these people, because it's interpersonal relationships that they're having. And this moment of like, aha happened where I was like, oh my gosh the same problem people are having in relationship one-on-one, is the same problem that entrepreneurs are having in relationship one to many.

And I thought, you know if I can help entrepreneurs rewrite their story. So that they can share that with people from a place of authenticity but also confidence in themselves and their abilities, what a difference that might make in their businesses. And I mean, within 30 days like my entire business had changed. I shut down my coaching I was like, I'm a copywriter now, this is amazing. And now I'm here with you and it's just been such a crazy ride. But, I tell everybody, like Russell always says once you find that thing, that's actually your thing. Everything changes and it happens in an instant and that's, that was my experience. So thank you.

Russell: So cool, I love it. So we're talking about emails today, and I know I think this is kind of fascinating. We've talked to behind offstage about this a little bit but you know, your stuff you talk about within relationships, right? Like building a relationship and things like that. And entrepreneur's relationship with their lists like the principles are the same. And one day you said something like a lot of the way that most entrepreneurs teach their lists or treat their list. You wanna talk about that cause I think it's kind of funny. But also it makes it very like, oh yeah, I see that. And probably in people's email lists you're on, you'll notice that this is what they use their lists for. We don't wanna be using it this way. So maybe we can talk about that.

Yara: Yeah, absolutely. So, I think that there's three different ways that entrepreneurs typically show up for their email audiences. The first one is like a pickup artist, you know they're just like, Hey, it's like a booty call, right. They're just like, Hey, you want to buy my thing? And it's like, oh man, like, you gotta you gotta give a little bit more than being like that booty call. I think the second way is really like a player which they put in a little bit more effort on the front end. They really do kind of care and they do their automations and they set up their sequences and stuff. But the problem is, that when they don't make that sale or get what they want in their own timeframe they move on and then they completely ghost you. And you never hear from them again, right?

And then you've got who I've been guilty of being a lot is Mr. nice guy, right? The person who gives and gives and shows up every day and is like, oh, I'm here for you. Like, I wanna support you. I wanna serve you in every way possible but you never make an offer. Right, cause you're just like, if I serve enough they're just going to call me and tell me that they want to give me their money. And that's not how it works.

Russell: They never do, you always have to.

Yara: They really don't. And so, what I really do my best to teach people how to do is to show up as relationship material where you're you're showing up for them. You're serving them. You're, you know, you're adding value but you're also challenging them. And you're making them think a little bit about themselves and about their situation while giving them opportunities to actually step into working with you and change like making a change for the better.

So it's kind of a combination of all three of those personalities, right? Like you wanna have automations and sequences and put the work in on the front end. You also wanna be making offers when the time is right. And you wanna add value and show up consistently.

Russell: Yeah.

Yara: Yeah.

Russell: You can be a more well-rounded human.

Yara: Yeah, exactly.

Russell: I love it. So what we're gonna talk about today with Yara is when a lead first comes I. And there's a lot of different email sequences, over time when you go to one funnel away challenge, other things you'll hear us talk about with like lots of different types of sequences. But the first one is like, when someone first comes into your world, like, it's that first like the first time they met you, you're introducing them. You're shaking hands. You're getting to know them.

And there's a sequence. And there's a, I don't know if you surely if you have an official name for it or not but there's six emails that you do when someone first comes into your world. And I just wanna briefly talk about all six are really quick and then we'll go down and it can break day by day and kind of go through each of them.

Yara: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Russell: But these are the first six emails they're gonna do exactly what she's talking about. Like build that relationship, provide value and also ask the call to action to really ultimately get the thing that you're trying to get towards the end.

Yara: Yeah, for sure. And so for me, I call it the warm up sequence. I believe in your world it's the indoctrination sequence. Everybody, a lot of people call it a lot of different things. The way that I actually came up with this sequence was thinking back to when I lived in San Diego and my mom was teaching me how to drive. There was this huge on-ramp to the freeway. And of course the freeway is going at like 65, 70 miles per hour. And I'm at a dead stop up here. So I had this big hill to gain the speed so that I could properly merge with traffic.

And I started thinking one day I was like, you know when a prospect comes into our world they're at a dead stop. And our business is moving. Like we're having a certain conversation with our people with our students, with our audiences. And they don't know anything about that. So I was like, how do we help them merge into our business without crashing? And so my thought was when I meet someone at a conference or at an event or anywhere really in person what are the six questions that I asked them or that they asked me and that help us get to know each other.

And I turned those into emails. And so the first one is, who are you? This is the first question that every single person that meets you has on their mind, who are you? Second is, where did you come from? Third, what do you do? Fourth, how do you do it? Fifth, well, who do you do at for? And six, how can you do it for me? And so I took that framework of how you meet someone in person one-on-one and said, well let's do the same thing when we're behind our computers. Cause something weird happens to people when they get behind the screen of a computer. And they're just like, hi, I'm Yara buy my thing. And it's like that's not what we do, that's not how we interact.

Russell: Even in real life you wouldn't say

Yara: No you totally wouldn't do it. You'd be like, oh my gosh, that person is so weird. Get me away from them. And so I just took a little bit more time to get to know people, to really onboard them into my world to let them know a little bit about my backstory. And I've found that doing that actually invites conversation, right. It engages them in a way that does help them feel like they know who you are. And I think more importantly, it connects the dots for them as to why it is that you do what you do. Because it's a logical progression in your story. If you were to tell somebody, you know I built a potato gun all these years ago and now I run a software company they're like that what how?

Russell: We're missing something in between.

Yara: Exactly. It's a big gap for them to bridge. But if you're like, well, I did the potato gun. And then I started doing the CDs and I've figured out that I could do it online. And then I was like, you know, hitting my head against the wall. Cause I'd hire all these people. And I thought there had to be an easier way. And so I pulled this team together and we created click funnels and now I have a software. You're like, yeah, that totally makes sense. I wanna do what he did.

Russell: It's the onboarding ramp into the. Now they'll talk about funnels.

Yara: Yeah right, exactly. Like they're not crashing. They're just like, okay, I'm here for the ride. And the coolest thing is, you know, I heard you in your opening, you were talking about how, you know you would watch when you would email people. And there was like unsubscribes and you do want people to unsubscribe. Like a lot of people have so much fear of, of the unsubscribe.

And I think that what you're doing here with this lead challenge is amazing because it's solving that problem. You know, most of the people who fear the unsubscribe don't have a systematic way of adding people to their, to their list. And so when you have, let's say a thousand people on your list and you see 300 drop off, you're like, Ooh I'm gonna run out of people. Right, but if you're adding 50, a hundred, a thousand however many people a week, a day, it doesn't really matter. You're just like, okay, I'm weeding out the people that don't like my story that don't like what I have to say. And I'm keeping the people who do. And so if we keep with the, with the freeway analogy it's like, if they merge onto your business and they realize it, oh, I'm on the wrong street. It's like, okay, take the next exit. And that's totally okay.

Russell: Yeah, I was thinking about it like cause like a sifting and sorting, right? Like you're dumping all these leads in cause they all want the lead magnet, sexy, lead magnet more people come in but then you're like figuring out like, these are my people. Am I there? Am I the right leader? Right, cause I always I've talked about life, like business for all of us when we're in business like we're called to serve a group of people. And just because I serve this group of people a lot of people didn't come in but a lot them are gonna leave and that's okay. Like it's a sifting in the sorting.

You know, again we had 35,000 people join this challenge every single day. Hundreds of you guys that are unsubscribing. That's totally cool. It means this is not the right fit. You, you don't like me. I talk too fast. I'm annoying. Like whatever it is, that's cool. I wanna figure that out now, before you give me money. Cause if you give me money and then you don't like me it's gonna be super weird and like awkward. And like, I'd rather you guys leave now if you don't like me at this point and go find someone else. And that's cool. If like, if you're not who I'm called to serve go find the next person. Like find the person who's the right leader for you.

And you should feel the same way about by your audience. Like, if they don't connect with you they should find the right person. Cause I think when all is said and done we want the result for our customer more than I don't care if you give me money or someone else, as long as you get the result that's the mission.

Yara: Oh, 100%. And I think, you know, just to kind of piggyback on that it's so important that you show up as who you actually really truly are. Right, like, you and I laugh all the time. Cause both of us are introverts and we get kind of awkward sometimes and it's okay. But I lead with that, you know I'm just like, hey, I'm Yara Golden. You know, I really love my partner. I love my kids. I love my dog. He's a Frenchy. And he like snores all the time and I love star wars. And you know, like I talk about all of those different kinds of things because it's who I am.

Like I even drop an F bomb every once in a while in my emails. And I'm like, if you're the type of person who's gonna be offended by that you're probably not a right fit for me. And that's okay. Go find the person who is, and I know that you do the same. It's like by showing those different facets of your attractive character of who you actually are it makes it so that your content creation is much easier and it's much more sustainable because you're not playing a part that you think somebody wants you to be. You're actually showing up as who you are.

Russell: Yeah.

Yara: Yeah.

Russell: Very cool. All right, two quick things, that I'm gonna dive in email by email. So number one is a week or two ago, Yara came over to the office and I had her read her entire six email sequences.

Yara: Story time with Yara.

Russell: Yes, story time with Yara. And she writes emails longer than me. Like I wanna stress, like it doesn't matter the length, it's matters like the content, right? But in the one page you guys be getting here in a minute you can actually watch and have her. She's gonna read her six emails. You'll see a practical application of what we're talking about. We're talking about some of the structure on each of the emails. But if you wanna see her actually doing it, get the one you get the one page tonight, go watch the video. And you're like, oh, this is cool. They're hearing how she tells the story. At the same time don't be like, she wrote a four- page email. I, like Russell can't do that. Like it's the story. It doesn't anyway.

So that's number one. Number two is Jim Edwards and Yara got together. And Yara kind of shared here's my framework for the emails. And then Jim took her framework, her frameworks and reverse engineering to software. And so the other thing we're gonna give you, in the one pager today, is this new software you fill in the blanks with your stories, you click a button and it actually will take those it will write out this six email sequence which is awesome.

Yara: It's insane.

Russell: Then you can take it and copy and paste it. It turned out good.

Yara: I was like, he's not gonna be able to do it. And then I was like, oh my gosh he did it.

Russell: It's really cool. So that's the two gifts you guys are getting in a little bit but I just wanted to let you guys know that, because again right now we're talking about some of the structure and some of the things you'd be like, okay, I kinda understand that but I need to see it. You'll be able to actually see it in the one pager.

So, all right. So that said, let's go day by day. So day number one, tell us what the question is. And like what, like how do you do that? Even like, what are the things you're thinking through as you're writing the very first email that someone's getting when they first get your lead magnet?

Yara: So. the very first email is basically my handshake, right? It's just like, hey, I'm Yara, nice to meet you. You know? And, I wanna tell them a little bit about how I became who I am today. It's not like, hey, I was born in San Diego in 1982. Like nobody wants your biography in this email. It's really about telling them the things and the parts of your story that are relevant to them right now. Right, So I start with, I believe I started at the kitchen table in my new apartment, you know and I'm just like, you know, here I was sitting at this kitchen table the first time that I have a mortgage to pay or a rent to pay and a phone to pay. And like all of these things and I'm stressed because I don't have money. What I'm attempting to do with sharing that story is to meet my prospect where they're at, right?

Because if somebody is looking to engage their email audience or is looking to write, learn how to write emails my guess is that they're wanting to make more money. And so they may not be in as dire a situation as I was. But the feeling right, the underpinning feeling of that whole situation is the same. It's like I have my head in my hands. I'm trying to figure out how to make this work and I'm frustrated. Right? And so that's what I'm really going for with the story. It's, connecting with them on an emotional level of sharing a story that comes with a feeling that everybody's experienced.

And so, you know I would ask all of you guys, as you're thinking of your own story to say, where is your prospect? Like, what is the pain? What is the frustration? What is the shame or whatever it happens to be that they're feeling that they're wanting to overcome. And what's the story that you can share with them that will help them connect with you and think, oh my gosh, he's felt that too. She's felt that too. Let me continue reading so that I can see how this wraps up.

Russell: Very cool

Yara: Yeah.

Russell: And one of the mistakes, a lot of people make that I see, especially when you become an expert or whatever is our natural desires. We wanna position ourselves as like, look at how great I am. So my first email was like, my name is Russell Brunson. I'm the CEO of Click Funnels. This year, we did blah, blah, blah, millions of dollars. You think cause like, oh, I know who I am. They're gonna think I'm awesome. They're gonna listen to me. That's not actually what works. What works is you getting off your pedestal, coming back to where they were at. Like I was in the same spot you're in. That's why I created this thing that we're talking about. Let me tell you my story. And that that's what builds the connection. And now they wanna go on the journey with you.

Okay. I don't know why it is. I see this every, I see people doing webinars and Facebook lives and every like every communication they all want a posture to makes them feel better about themselves. But as soon as you posture, it pushes them away. Okay, so get off your, get off your posturing and come back down and go back to where they're at right now and where you are at and relate to them and like share the empathy. And that's what builds the connection that gets them to like, oh my gosh, Yara understands me or Russell understands me and they're reading the story and they, okay, tomorrow's email. I'm gonna, I'm gonna look for and open it because like I actually connected with that person.

Yara: 100%, it's like I say, you know you gotta come off of Mount Killam with knowledge. Cause that's what we think. We're like, I'm gonna talk to them about all the cool big words that I know and all of the awesome seminars and people that I've worked with. And like they, the gap that they have to bridge between their position and your position, you know If we're even gonna look at it as like a height thing is huge. And they're just like, I'm never gonna get there. They already think it's so hard.

If we come off of Mount Killam with knowledge and we do exactly what you said stand shoulder to shoulder with them and be like, Listen, I'm not better than you. I'm just further down the road than you are. And I've learned a lot of things by stumbling and falling on my face and picking myself back up and dusting myself off. And I'm gonna tell you a little bit about that behind the scenes so that, you know, what's coming up. It's almost like putting out a roadmap for them and saying like, hey, there's some tar pits over there and there's a saber tooth tiger over there. So like make sure that you watch out. Cause I ran into them. That's how I know.

And that makes you way more relatable and it makes you trustworthy and it makes you somebody that they understand that you actually can help them. Cause you're telling, you're talking about something that they're experiencing and they have shame around. They don't want anybody to know that they don't know how to build their business or that they don't know how to email their audience. And you're like, dude, I know what that was like. I remember sitting at my computer like staring at the cursor and being like, oh my gosh like it's never gonna go away. So it makes it way easier.

Russell: Cool, so let's see email number one. Email number one, you're not selling stuff. You're not hard closing them. It's just building the connection. So they're gonna open email number two and hopefully keep people opening emails in the future

Yara: Completely, and then email number two is really like where did you come from? Right, and I told you guys a little bit about where I came from. I had, it had nothing to do with geography, right. It had to do with I got divorced and I became a relationship coach. This is a little bit about how that started. And this is the progression that I went through to become a copywriter. Right. And so that's what I mean by like where did you come from? Like where did your business come from? Where did your expertise come from? Like, did you earn it? Did you learn it? Like how, how did, how did this come to be?

And the one thing I forgot to mention on email one is that all of these emails, I always end them with the call to action is actually a reply. Like I'm asking them for engagement especially when you're first building your list because this is when you're most excited, right? Like you're gonna see a hundred or 50 people jump on your list and you'd be like, oh my gosh, there's new people. And when you send an email out and they reply, you're like there's actually really people there. You don't feel like you're talking to that void and you get to see also like what they're excited to hear from you about. Right, and so email number two is very casual. Also, it's not a super hard pitch. It's just kind of telling them like this is how I came to do what it is that I do. And then an email three, we're really gonna start talking to them about what that is.

Russell: Cool, so question one is, who are you? Question two is.

Yara: Where did you first come from?

Russell: Where did you come from? I was like, I should have wrote this down on my hand or something. I remember. Where'd you come from? Is this where he came from your back? Kind of like leaving the gap of like I'm over here, over here.

Yara: Yeah, like I was a regular person and now I do this. How did that happen? Like who did you talk to? What conference did you go to? What experience did you have in your life? Right there was like, there was eventually like some some valley that you experienced where you were like never again. Right, all that Tony Robbins. It's like never again. I'm never gonna do that again. And everything from then on was different. And then email number three is gonna be like, okay, well, what do you do? Like tell me about what it is that you do.

And so for you, it's like, you were like, well I had this potato guy, like you were in school. Right, you're just like, I need to make money. And so that was your valley. And then you were like, and so what did I do? I created this potato gun and I started selling these CDs online. And that's where you, that like, that's what you do. Right, like you create info-products, and then you created an easier way for people to sell those info- products right. For me, it was like, I actually help people wrap their heads around what their story is and share it in a way that helps people come in and actually connect with them.

Right, and so I talk a little bit about like when I had that realization, when I realized that it was a problem for others and not just me and then the solution that I created for that. Like did I create the solution? Did I happen upon the solution? Or did I actually intentionally go and create it? Like that's what this email is about is so that people are going to start seeing, oh my gosh, you know she saw that that was a problem for other people. It's actually one of the problems that I have. And she said that she created a solution. I wanna hear what that solution is because I trust her. I like her. I wanna keep going. Russell: Yeah And when she's talking about this, I'm just she talking about earlier, like meet someone at a networking party and the logical questions, you'd ask them, I picture myself in a conversation like, who are you? Who, how'd you get there? Like, what do you do? You know? Like, it's, it is very natural, like the progression of a normal conversation, which is why it works so well.

Yara: Yeah. Russell: Cool. What's next email after that?

Yara: So number four. We're gonna go into, how did you earn it or learn it? Like, tell me about how you gain this expertise. For me, the story is actually Jamie Cross in Inner Circle came up to me one day and she said, Yara I read all of your posts on Facebook. I feel like I could have written them myself. Have you ever thought about writing for another company? And I literally stopped dead in my tracks. I was like, no, I've just been writing and it's not even making me that much money. Right, I was like, cause I don't even have call to actions I'm showing up like Mr. Nice guy. And I was like, well, let me give it a shot. You know, she's like, would you write for my company? And I was like, absolutely.

And so I interviewed her, I got like I fell in love with her story with her, her character like everything that she was doing. And I just started writing to her audience and her audience came to life and they started wanting the products. And we started telling stories about the products and all of these things. And so I saw that there was an actual need for something that I wanted to do and that I was good at doing. And that's really, when everything changed. I remember standing up that year at Funnel Hacking live and I was in the audience and I was like, I'm gonna speak on stage next year. And I was like, I have no idea how that's gonna happen or why that came out of my mouth. But it was just this feeling that I had. I was like, I found my thing.

And so I tell them that story, you know in the email and it really helped. So, and what I want you to see with all of these emails is that there is inception selling that's happening along the way. Because as I'm telling you my story, as I'm telling you what I did I'm sharing results and I'm sharing information about what I'm doing for other people and how I came to gain that knowledge and all of that stuff. And so you're naturally already like, oh like she's the person that I need to talk to if I wanna do this in my business. So , that's kinda what it's about.

Russell: There's something that a lot of you guys are gonna be like wait, so I'm not selling in every single email. I was like, well, not directly. But every email is like building a connect. Like it builds a relationship. It builds your expertise to the point where like they trust you. They like you, which is like how most sales happen anyway.

Right, there's a reason why I'm spending five days an hour every single day plus homework and give you guys stuff like crazy. Cause I'm hoping by the end of this you're like Russell's got the key. He knows what he's doing. I'm gonna go the next level with Russell. And that's the value ladder he talking about. And so these emails are doing that at a point now a day four

Yara: Five.

Russell: Day four, day five. They're just like, oh my gosh. Like I think they think this person's at the answers. Like I, I think I found the right person and that's when it starts pre-selling everything else you do

Yara: Well, I think The really cool thing too, is that you're, because you're not going after this. It's like, if you've met somebody and tried to kiss them immediately, right. If you're just like, oh my gosh, you're gorgeous. I just want to kiss you. And it's like, oh, that's, you're gonna push them away. Right and that's what it's like when you show up as the pickup artist, you're just like, hey, nice to meet you, buy my thing. And it's like, well, Hey, nice to meet you. Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? Let me ask you a couple of questions. Let me tell you a little bit about my background. It's like three or four dates down the line.

Your prospect is actually like, okay, like how, like I'm excited. I really like you. I like what you have to say. You seem like you have a solution for my thing. Like what, how do I, how do I get ahold of you? Like, how do I work with you? Those are the types of emails that I get back from this sequence. Like it's email three,


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