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518 - What's The New Opportunity Inside Of Your Current Opportunity

518 - What's The New Opportunity Inside Of Your Current Opportunity

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A new way to look at how to structure a special type of offer inside your funnel.

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How do you turn the thing that you do into a new opportunity? And that's where I think a lot of people struggle. They try... I've seen people who try to take some frameworks in the book and, "Oh, I've made a new opportunity." And they show it. Well, technically you fit it into the framework, but it's not a new opportunity. So how do you create a new opportunity?


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today, I want to give you a little glimpse inside of my brain. So this could be really cool or really scary, depending on how you take it, but I'm going to give you guys a glimpse inside of my brain. Anyway, you guys will see. Those who listen to the podcast, and the ones who pay attention to the game I'm playing, you will know that this is one of the keys I don't talk much about, but I'm thinking about, and we are executing on at a really high level over the next 12 months.

And then there's so many pieces that go to this. If you have read Expert Secrets, one of the things I talk about is when you create any kind of offer that there's different things. There's an improvement offer, which is, "Hey, we're going to help make you better or stronger or faster." And then there's the new opportunity. This is one of the hardest things for people really to grasp. We're not supposed to grasp, but I think people understand it conceptually.

The hard thing is, how do you turn the thing that you do into a new opportunity? And that's where I think a lot of people struggle. They try... I've seen people who try to take some frameworks in the book and, "Oh, I've made a new opportunity." And they show it. Well, technically you fit it into the framework, but it's not a new opportunity. So how do you create a new opportunity?

And is there businesses where there's no new opportunity where you're just stuck with what you have? For those who are subscribed to the Dan Kennedy No BS newsletter, and if you're know, you should go to and go subscribe because it's insane.

Month number one, the first issue this year, January, the first issue I took over control, the whole concept we talked about in that newsletter was the concept of opportunity marketing. How do we create new opportunities, right? So my mind's been deep into it. Dan has a whole course that he did back in the day about selling opportunity. He called it Opportunity Concepts Course, which was good. We're rebuilding and redoing it and it's going to be called Selling Opportunity, which is kind of fun.

But anyway, I digress. I'm sharing this because for me, for the last, honestly since last year, because I started preparing for the January newsletter and getting deep into this and asking Dan questions about it. The more deeper I get into this, the more I just keep realizing, understanding it's the key. How do you actually create that? How do you create new opportunity and can you create an opportunity in anything. And the answer is yes.

So I have to be careful cause I'm sharing some things here that I'm not ready to share publicly, but just excited. I'll share with you conceptually what we're going to be doing in ClickFunnels, which will be apparent to those who are watching from the outside, which is always the key, right? What do you see from the outside? ClickFunnels case studies are the ones that are easiest for people to see.

But if you watch close to all the things I'm doing and all the businesses we're involved with, you'll see this pattern replicated over and over and over again. So as I roll these out, I'll share more of them here on the podcast, but the one I can show easily is inside a ClickFunnel. One thing you'll notice and you'll see over the next few months, or actually the next month, hopefully, is we are relaunching the ClickFunnel certification program.

I'm excited for it. It's interesting because I think for most of you guys, this concept of certification is the new opportunity. You can teach anybody any concept, any principle, anything. They come in and they learn that principle. But then for most, when the new opportunity isn't so much the principle, it's the ability now to be in business teaching that principal.

So Dan Kennedy did in his business, when he first got started, he taught magnetic marketing to a whole bunch of people in their businesses. People came in and they started doing it and they grew their businesses. And then Dan came afterwards and he didn't launch a certification program, unfortunately. Maybe we should, hint, hint. But instead he taught people information marketing. Now you build your chiropractic business, your dental practice, whatever, using magnetic marketing principles, you should teach other dentists, other chiropractors how to do this. And that's how he started replicating himself and started growing from there.

But that was the new opportunity, right? The new opportunity wasn't "make your dental practice bigger." It was just a thing that he taught people how to do. The new opportunity was, "Hey, you could actually become a dental guru and teach this stuff to other dentists." That was the new opportunity. That's what went from Dan doing well to doing insanely well, is doing that.

We launched ClickFunnels, initially ClickFunnels was a new opportunity. But today there's a million knockoff funnel builders, there's things out there. And so funnels isn't a new opportunity anymore, but becoming a certified funnel builder is, to be able to go out there and to sell these services to other people.

Another good example is, I guess, Annie Grace. Annie Grace helps people overcome alcohol addiction. That is a new opportunity for a lot of people, especially people who have tried other things in the past, which is awesome. But then after someone goes through a program, they have success. And then they've overcome alcohol issues. Then the new opportunity she now provides is, "Hey, how would you like to be certified? And things you just went through, experience, you can help other people with that as well." Now she has a certification program and extends her message. It gives the ability to create a legacy that last longer than just herself and a bunch of other cool things.

But it all comes down to this concept of creating new opportunity and the best new opportunity you can create inside of any business is the ability for your customers to become you. It's a certification. It's that concept. So that's all I'm going to share with you guys right now. Again, I want to go deep. I want to like go crazy, but I'm putting this in just so that those of you guys who are the ones...

I know who you are, the ones who pay attention to everything I say and what I'm doing and then you look to see the practical application. You'll see this played out very, very heavily over the next 12 months inside of all of my businesses.

So I just wanted to put that out there as a hint, as a breadcrumb trail so you can watch what I'm doing and see what you're doing, but for yourself, start thinking about, "Man, can I do that? Could my customers... Could I create some kind of program or certification or licensing or something where the new opportunity isn't just that they had success with whatever framework you teach, but they have the ability now to go and start a business or a life, a career doing the same thing that you just helped them with."

Brooke Castillo is one of the best examples with her program. She teaches people her frameworks. And then once a quarter, I think she opens the certification program. She's killing it, but it's the same model.

So anyway, putting it out there. There's breadcrumb. Start thinking about it. I appreciate you guys all. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoyed this episode. I know it's a little cryptic, but hopefully get your minds just thinking a little differently. So, new opportunities. This is the key. It's the key to it all. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks everybody.


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