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524 - Is It Taking More Energy Than It's Giving

524 - Is It Taking More Energy Than It's Giving

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A couple questions to help you to have more success and more happiness as you are pursuing your passions.

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Everything takes energy. For me to go and run a 5k takes a lot of energy. But for some people, that gives them more energy than it takes because it's the thrill of the fight. For me, if I have to run a 10K I'm going to die. It's sucking all of the energy. I don't want to do it. Right. But if I want to go cut 20 pounds and go wrestle in a wrestling tournament, that's going to give me more energy than it's taking. So it gets me excited and I feel energy..


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Pumped to have you here. Today, I want to talk about the things that give you energy and the things that suck away your energy, because it has 100% to do with whether or not you are going to have success in the mission that you are pursuing. All right. So I wanted to start off with telling you a story, because that's what Russell does. I tell stories. I know. So, you guys know I have my Inner Circle, but then this year we created a new level of my mastermind called the Category Kings and the Category Kings, it's people have made at least 10 million bucks inside their business. It's an expensive group. It's $150,000 a year to be part of it. And it is insane. The group's amazing, it's so much fun.

But this last meeting we had, I did something different I'd never done before. The first time, obviously we did it, everyone introduced themselves and everyone got to know each other, but the second time we all knew each other. So it wasn't like, I'm like, how do we start this meeting? And so I had an idea right before it started. I thought, instead of introducing ourselves or instead of just diving right into our businesses and consulting each other, like we do and all that kind of stuff, I was like, what if we step back and got a little bit vulnerable? Which I'm not a vulnerable dude. That's not my thing. I'm not like, tell me about your feelings. I'm just like, what's the mission? Let's go conquer and dominate. That's kind of more my attitude on things.

But, last minute I had this idea, okay, let's do this thing. And so what I had everybody do is we went around the room. I said, okay, I want you to give me three things in your life that are giving you more energy than they're taking. Right? So everything takes energy. For me to go and run a 5k takes a lot of energy. But for some people, that gives them more energy than it takes because it's the thrill of the fight. For me, if I have to run a 10K I'm going to die. It's sucking all of the energy. I don't want to do it. Right. But if I want to go cut 20 pounds and go wrestle in a wrestling tournament, that's going to give me more energy than it's taking. So it gets me excited and I feel energy, right?

So this first question was, what are three things in your life that are happening that are taking more energy than they're giving? And then what are three things that are giving more energy than they're taking? Right? So it's basically coming down to like, what are the three things you're most excited for and the three things that you're dreading the most, right? Because if you were to look at it, all the tasks we have, all the things we got to do every single day, it comes down to that. Is this thing, this task, this conversation, this project, this meeting, is it giving me more energy than it's taking? Or is it taking more energy than it's giving?

And that's how you're going to feel about a thing, right? If it's giving more energy, you're going to be excited. It's going to be fun. You're going to be happy. If it's taking more energy than it's giving, you're going to, not regret it, but you're going to not look forward to it. You're going to be like, oh, anxiety and frustration and depression or whatever term you want to hook to it. But that's really what it comes down to is that. What's giving you more energy than it's taking, what's taking more energy than it's giving? And what's interesting is that it's not super cut and dry because that thing can change. Right. It can change based on a lot of things. It can change by how well you slept that night before, it can change based on, inside of a project there's some things that probably give you more energy, there's some things that take more energy, right?

Right now I'm writing a script for a webinar that we're doing next week. And the overall business that we're launching through webinar gives me a ton of energy. Way more than its sucking. I'm so excited. And then when I was working on the slides at first was really, really fun. But now I'm in the part where I got the four slides that matter, the headline slide, the title slide, the three secret slide, the offer stack, now that those ones are done now, it's like all the work inside, now building rest of the slide deck is taking more energy than it's giving me. So I'm dreading it and I'm trying to do everything possible to not do it. I'm finding a million distractions, right.

Even though the project as a whole is giving more energy, this task inside the project is not. And so my mind starts avoiding it and starts fighting it. And so it was interesting when we led the category key meeting that way. People got really vulnerable, really fast. And it was fascinating because usually the thing they were most excited about was giving them energy and the things they were stressed about was taking energy. But now we had this open dialogue where now we could look at everyone's lives individually and it wasn't just like, how do we help your business? But it's like, man, how do we continue to have the energy and the things that are making you excited? And then the things that are sucking the energy from you, how do we transition or shift or change those things so they are giving you energy?

And so it's interesting, as I've been thinking about that the last little bit, especially of last probably 48 hours or so as I've got a lot of projects that we're juggling and there's an increased level of stress and anxiety with the project, but also at home with some of my kids, there's definitely things that are taking way more energy then they're giving. In fact, they're taking tons of energy and giving zero energy back. And so it's like this, this thing and the net whole, the net overall right now is, if I look at all the things and add them up, I'm getting pulled more energy away than I'm getting.

And so, because that's like, I'm tired, I'm losing motivation. It's hard to keep doing things. But what's interesting is, and this is true to all things in life, is when you're conscious of it, then you can affect it. You can change it. Right. And so that's what I've been trying to do is looking at all the moments of my day and looking, okay, what, in this spot right now, am I getting any energy, is it taking energy? Okay. If it's taking energy, what do I need to do to offset it? Let's say I'm with one of my kids who's driving me nuts. Okay, I need to get energy and excitement from this tube. Because I got to at least negate it. If not make it a net positive. But right now it's a net negative. And so it's going to be really hard. What do I need to do? What do I need shift? How do I change our energy? How do I change the situation in the moment, the environment, whatever it is to shift this around?

I'm doing the same thing at the office. Like slides, I'm working on these slides and right now it's like, oh I got to work on slides. Oh, sucking more energy than it's giving me. How do I make this fun? How do I get exciting? Because I need to pull someone in and show them when I've done so far, that I got to talk it out. Do I need to record a video about me? Do I need me talking about it? Do I need to do a Facebook live, getting people excited about the vision, what we're creating, so that it gets me more energy to go back and finish the slides.

Anyway, I don't know the answer, but the awareness of it has been super helpful for me over the last couple days. And so I wanted to kind of give that gift to you guys is to start looking at the things in your life, the macros and the micros, right? The macros are like this project, my kids, summer coming up, school happening, whatever it is for you, the macros, look at those and look at it like, is this giving me more energy than it's taking? If it's taking more energy, either you need to kill it or you need to figure out a way to infuse more energy into the moment to at least negate it. So at least it's a net zero, as opposed to you losing energy. Right. Or the other side is just making sure then that the things that are giving you energy that you're doing as much, if not more of those, to help you to survive with all the negative, the other side of things, because it's all said and done every single day, we've got X amount of energy.

And I don't know if the energy's tied to just our caloric intake, if it's our spiritual, our mental, our physical, it's probably all those things together. Right. But we only have so much. And so in fact this is, it's interesting, I hear a lot of my friends who are more personal development speakers, I always talk about, you got to fill your own bucket. You got to fill yourself up. If you don't fill yourself up, you're not going to have the ability to fill up other people. And I think, especially for us as creators, as entrepreneurs, as business, people, as those who are leaders that are helping and moving and transitioning thousands of people or tens of thousands, some cases, hundreds of thousands or more, every one of those interactions, those people and those things you're doing are taking energy.

And so it's like, we have to be very conscious and very careful of it. And so anyway, I just want to share that because it's given me kind of a new framework to look at all these different things through like, okay, this situation, sucking energy. If I stay in this moment, this situation too long, it's going to deplete me. And I'm going to just want to give up for the rest of the day, right? How do I shift this around? How do I change things around? There's a lot of ways to do that, right? It can be excitement. It can be jumping around, could be talking about it, it could be drinking caffeine. It could be eating good food. Back when we were first building ClickFunnels, we were in the heat of it. I would go to the grocery store. This is before healthy Russell came out, but I'd buy a thing of Hot Tamales and the thing of Kit Kats, and I would eat chocolate Kit Kats and Hot Tamales. And that gave me energy. I mean it wasn't physical energy, more mental energy, but I felt good. I could keep working on slides as long as I was eating those things in tandem, which is weird, but you got to figure out what's going to work for you.

So anyway, I hope that helps. Sometimes for me just talking this out, gives me more of a clear picture as well as what to do. So hopefully it's helps some of you guys as well, but ask yourself that question. What are three things in my life that are giving me more energy than they're taking? And then what are three things in your life that are taking more energy than they're giving? Write those things out and start looking at it. Okay. As a net whole, am I positive or negative? Okay. I need more things that are adding energy, the things that are taking energy. Okay. What can I do? How can I change the environment, the situation, the story around this. So it gives me more energy to get me at least closer to break even, or, in the perfect world, it's a net positive. And then, just look at those things. And if you can do that overall, I feel like that's a way to be able to get more done, to feel better about it. Feel good the end of the night, where you're going to bed. And you're like, ah, I feel good right now.

One of my favorite quotes from Tom Bilyeu, he said the fulfillment is being happy with yourself when you're all by yourself. Right? And so the end of the night, when you're going to bed and you're sitting there like man, I feel good about today. I feel good about what I accomplished. I feel good about the things. I think it all comes down to really understanding and mastering the energy management. So hope it helps. Thanks you guys for listening and we'll talk to you all soon. Bye everybody.


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