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525 - The Aftermath of Perfect Webinar 2.0

525 - The Aftermath of Perfect Webinar 2.0

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What to know how the last webinar did? Here are some details, stats, and a whole bunch of other cool lessons I learned along the way.

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In the webinar I told the story about when John Lennon told Paul McCartney, "We should go write ourselves a swimming pool." The story behind that is they wanted a swimming pool so instead of going paying for it, "oh yeah, just go write ourselves a swimming pool. Write ourselves a song that makes us enough money to pay for the swimming pool." For you guys, go write your swimming pool. Go write your webinar. Go write what it is you're looking for. Your swimming pool, your house, your vacation, go write it. Write that webinar and have it paid for.


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Hey, what's up. My friends. I hope you guys are doing awesome. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you guys back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today I want to talk about the webinar I did last night and some cool insights, some cool stuff, and I hope you enjoy it.

Alright guys, I am actually getting my blood drawn. I have some really cool doctors doing custom supplements for me. I have doctors doing all these other tests on me just to optimize. I don't know. Some people getting sick lately, it's just making me all nervous. I'm trying to like figure out all the things about myself. So going into Russell hardcore bio hacking mode and looking at my blood and testing it and every quarter going back and doing stuff and rebuilding custom supplements and everything based on that. Anyway, it was good.

I actually had two different doctors testing my blood today. They pulled out like almost a pin of blood. The phlebotomist is like, "This is a lot of blood." It's kind of fun. It's fun seeing inside yourself and finding out what's happening. We have nothing bad happening, Collette and I, either of us. We're just doing it to optimize and find out all the different things. So anyway, kind of fun.

You guys should all get into bio hacking it is really fun. Well the poking yourself with needles, not fun. It's sucking blood out, but being able to see what's happening inside is really interesting. Back in the day I would go and I would shotgun 40, 50 different supplements a day. Not really knowing what I needed and not needed. Now it's really cool because we're able to just take the things that we actually need and things that are optimizing us. It's pretty cool.

Yesterday I did a webinar and it's the first new webinar I've done in years. You guys know I've done the Funnel Hacks webinar a bajillion times. Every year we relaunch and I do it again. So I dust off the slides, clean them up and then relaunch it again. This time we had a new idea. We had a new offer we wanted to create. I think the last time we came out with a new offer was Two Comma Club X, which was at the Orlando Funnel Hacking Live, which was 2018. It's been four years since I've had a new high ticket offer.

We decided we wanted to relaunch our certification program. I went out there and decided to ride a new webinar pitch and promote it. It's crazy. We ended up with almost 16,000 people registered for the webinar. Which was awesome. Which was really cool. We ended up having, I think, 4,500 people were on live on zoom and another five or 600 that are on social watching. Almost 5,000 people watched it and ended up going for almost four hours, which is crazy. Man, it was so fun. I just miss it.

It's funny by the time I was done, I was shot. I did it different this time. We're always testing and tweaking stuff. If you watch the presentation, which I highly recommend you guys all watching it, maybe I'll put it as an actual podcast episode so you can hear it because a lot of really good things that got taught in it would be helpful. It's the first time I've redone a perfect webinar in a long time. I had a chance to go back and tweak some things and change some things and make it even more perfect, which was fun.

As I was doing the presentation, I spent probably a good week or so at least in the slides and strategizing and mapping it out. Doing all the stuff to try to make a really good presentation. In the middle of it, I had this epiphany. I had this like, aha. It was interesting because I was wondering like, "Why am I spending so much time on this one presentation?" It's interesting because I was thinking about the movie industry, right?

People go and they make movies and obviously the big movies go and they make a billion dollars. The small movies will make a couple of million dollars. They go and they spend all the time writing scripts and hiring actors and filming the thing and the editing and then the promotion and all this stuff. Right? I don't know how much most movies make. I don't know what the average is. This was the equivalent of producing a movie. If you think about it and the reason why, it was fine for me to dedicate the time. If you think about it, last night was opening. It was the opening premier night and we did just shy of a million dollars and...

Whoa, a bird just almost hit me. Hit my car. Sorry. Yes, we're live. Yes, I'm driving while I'm recording this. I'm safe though. I promise.

Anyway, it was interesting because we did just under a million dollars in sales and it hasn't been 24 hours yet. So by 24 hour mark we'll pass that, which is cool. But thinking about movies, opening premier night, right? They open up and in the box office, they did X amount of $10 million in sales. Opening night or whatever. Then they roll out for the opening week, which is where the most money comes at. From there, they run it for a couple more months in the regular theaters and it goes to the dollar theaters. Then it goes to Netflix and DVD. Well, at least use to be DVD. Used to end up in Blockbuster but now it's on Netflix or Red Box. They're making money with their whole thing.

They put that much money in a movie because if they do it correctly, over the next 12 months or so, it could make, big movies, billions of dollars. Normal movies, five, 10 million bucks or something they might make on an okay film. I was thinking conceptually, this webinar that I did, that we produced and put all the time and effort into it, plus the product on the back end, which is a brand new certification program that we're really proud of. It should be a 10, 15, $20 million year business. Now it's done.

Obviously there's the product side and the business side, we had to set up and get all structured. Then there's the marketing. A good week of hard effort on my side. We were creating the slides and the presentation. It was like making a movie. Right? That movie will pay me now every single year for this year and hopefully every year for who knows how long, which is kind of cool. It's the equivalent to make a movie. I was thinking about that. I'm like, "man, this is such a cool thing." That's the art that we get to be part of, that we get to do and we get to create, right? I'm not making movies but I'm making these things that also produce cash.

It's a presentation. My thing was longer than a movie, it was almost four hours long. I think my presentation is almost two hours. Then I had a whole bunch of funnel builders come on and tell their stories, which was so cool. They show their story and everyone had a different angle. How they did it and why they did it and what their life looks like now because they did it. They were going for almost four hours.

Some of the tweaks and the changes, instead of just doing the webinar, I had a camera on me. I was looking at the audience while I was going through the slides, which was fun, but also more exhausting. Normally when I'm doing a webinar, no one's looking at your face so you can just be normal. I'd have different video clips I'd play during my presentations. I'd sneak out and get a drink of water or take a break. Whereas this one, everyone's watching me the entire time. There was no sneaking away. I had to be on for four hours. That made it twice as tiring. I was so worn out from it but it was really, really cool.

I'm not going to lie, as proud as I am of the presentation, there's stuff I didn't get done in time. Two of my friends that are in the Category King's Mastermind, Joe and Eileen, Joe Giglietti and Eileen Wilder, who are both speaking a Funnel Hacking Live this year by the way. You need to come hear them speak. They're some of the best stage presenters I've ever seen. At the last Category Kings work event, they shared this framework, how they do their presentations. In fact, you'll notice I was trying to weave it into everything, the whole presentation, but I ran out of time. I brought some things that I learned from them and weaved them in that were so powerful and so cool.

In fact, I had people tell me, "Man, you added stuff to the perfect webinar this time." I was like, "Yes, these are all things I learned from Joe and Eileen that I weaved into it that were so cool." If I do this presentation again, live, I'll spend another two or three days of time, enough time to get it all polished and add some these other elements in that I learn from them. Just the structure, how you tell stories and how you weave people into those stories and how you bring the bad guy, the other person into it. So many cool things.

Anyway, I challenge you to watch that webinar. I'm not sure when this podcast will go live. Maybe I'll post it as an episode here inside the podcast and it'll be kind of fun. You can just listen to it. If not, I'm sure on the email list, you'll get emails promoting it. It's for the new Funnel Builder program. Worst case there'll be a eventually. Maybe if you want to go search for it, go watch it. You can see it there.

It was also fun because we're talking about this concept, which is how you make money as a funnel builder and not building funnels for yourself, but for other people. Obviously we try to be as compliant as possible. That's how do we do an entire four hour presentation about giving income claims. Talking about how much money somebody can make or anything. I'm very aware of the rules that the FTC and the government has and try to be very respectful and be as careful as possible and everything.

It was fun because everyone's wanting to share. They're excited. They want people to get it. I told all the funnel builders who came on as case studies, "you can't talk about how much money made. You can't share". "But if people understood that we did this and this and this." I'm like, "I know, I know." But the FFC does not want us to talk about income claims or sharing financial numbers or stats or things like that. It was funny watching them try, in the testimonial section, to tell their story. "I wish I could explain to you guys how amazing this is, but trust me it's get so good." I know some of their stories and their numbers and it's interesting. I had a good time. It was fun.

I'm telling you guys this for a couple reasons. Number one, think about that as the way you're doing stuff, like you're writing a movie. You're producing a movie, you're doing the editing. Look at what you're creating as that. You got to create the product, the marketing, the promotion, all kind of stuff. If you do a movie right, man imagine making a million or 10 million. Just imagine that's the equivalent of Hollywood movie. Right? You see where the movie comes out and you see what they made on opening night and box office sales during the weekend, stuff like that. Same thing can happen for you and your webinar.

Spend the time. Go and write a webinar. If you haven't yet, go to Pay seven bucks, get the perfect webinar script. It's the same one that I use for this webinar. Study it, master it, learn it, understand it. Also read the expert secrets book. I go deep into the psychology of the script there.

That's the game you guys and it's such a fun game we got to play. I hope you guys enjoy this.

I'm going to hit the office to look at the aftermath of the webinar today. We get to plan out the follow up sequences and the replays and how it's going to work and all the rest of the campaign. My goal is to triple what we've done from the live webinar to until we close cars. I got to go execute that now, which is the next part, right?

We execute the product. Then we execute the fulfillment of the product. Then we execute the promotion of the webinar. Then we execute the actual webinar. Then we execute the campaigns that follow up the webinar to increase close rate and sales. Then we'll go execute the fulfillment to make sure people have the most amazing experience of all time. That's the game we're in.

How fun? This is such a cool, I don't know, such a cool business. It's a cool industry. If my voice sounds weird, my voice is totally shot. You guys can probably hear it. This is Raspy Russell. No, this is Russell who spoke for four hours straight yesterday, yelling at top his lungs whose throat and voices is punishing him today. Oh man. So much fun.

Alright. Thanks you guys for listening. I appreciate you all. Go write your webinars. Now's the time. Write your movie. In fact it's funny, in the webinar I told the story about when John Lennon told Paul McCartney, "We should go write ourselves a swimming pool." The story behind that is they wanted a swimming pool so instead of going paying for it, "oh yeah, just go write ourselves a swimming pool. Write ourselves a song that makes us enough money to pay for the swimming pool." For you guys, go write your swimming pool. Go write your webinar. Go write what it is you're looking for. Your swimming pool, your house, your vacation, go write it. Write that webinar and have it paid for. Thanks you guys for listening. I Appreciate you and we will talk soon. Bye everybody.


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