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526 - Funnel Builder Certification Program

526 - Funnel Builder Certification Program

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Discover the ‘perfect career’ as a “work-from-home” funnel builder.

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My goal with this is not so much have you read a book about how to ride a bike or go to a course about ride a bike. I'm going to get you the certified programs for people who want to get on the bike and have me and my team actually help run in, and they get you out the door.


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, and welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I hope you guys are doing amazing today. I wanted to actually share something really fun with you. So, as you guys know, I think the last episode or two, I talked a little about the funnel build webinar I was working on and all the... Dusting off the perfect webinar. Plus, adding some things and tweaking some things and then really introducing this new opportunity to people about becoming a funnel builder.

So, the webinar went amazing, we signed up a whole bunch of brand-new people into the funnel builder Program and it was awesome. But I wanted to share here on the podcast for a couple reasons. Number one, some of you guys may want to become a funnel builder and I think understanding this opportunity could change your life forever so, I wanted that number one. Number two, maybe you don't want to be a funnel builder but you're like, "I do need a funnel builder on my team." So, you should listen to this and then have someone on your team listen to it as well.

And then if you guys are interested in certification, it's publicly closed but I'll give you guys some backdoor links. So, if you are listening to the podcast and I'm actually pulling up right now as we speak, I think you go to It'll take you to, there's a backdoor if you want get yourself or somebody else in this certification. So, you can go there, funnel For those of you guys who are interested in getting certified or certifying someone in your team.

And number three, some of you guys may not care about that at all but you want to see me do the perfect webinar and you want to see how it works and the structure and the updates. I added some really cool things here that people were kind of freaking out about so, I think you'll enjoy it too. But anyway, that's what the episode's going to be about, you have a chance to listen in behind the scenes. So, it'll be a little longer one but again, there's two or three different reasons to listen to depending on who you are. But I think for all of you guys, there's something valuable you can get from it. So, I hope you enjoy this episode and with that said welcome to the funnel builder training.

What's up everybody? What's going on? How are you guys all doing today? Before I jump in, if you can see me go in the comments and say, "What's up, Russell?" Let me know if you can hear me, where you're calling in from. We got people all right, I see the comments over here. What's up everybody? First off, I am so excited to have you guys all here. We ended up just a few minutes ago, looked at the registration, we have over 15,500, like 60 something people have registered to be here today. We already have like, I don't know, 2000 or 3000 who are in here with us so, welcome, thank you guys for being here. Thank you for paying attention thank you for... I know some of you guys had to take time off for you to move your lunch break and do different weird things to get here but I'm just grateful for your time.

I promise you I will not waste it. I am as picky with my time as anybody and so I want to make sure that the experience you guys have over the next 90 minutes or so maybe two hours. I don't know how long you're going to go, it's going to be a lot of fun though, I hope you guys enjoy it. Like I said, I'm here to serve you guys and give you guys some ideas and hopefully open your mind. Some insane opportunities, insane things that are happening in the world and how you guys can step into those things. And so, I'm excited for you guys, like I said, I've been working on this for the last, honestly like three or four months, we've been working on everything. But the last seven days I've been working on this presentation, because I wanted to give you something that literally is going to open your mind.

It's going to change your life. It's going to help you to see things differently and that's my goal with this whole presentation. So, I've got slides, I've got cardboard cutouts, I've got things I'm going to show you. We've got guests coming on here at the end, a whole bunch of people who are doing this as a profession that want you guys actually meet and get to know. So, I got some of those guys coming on at the end to tell you their stories about how they're funnel builders and what they do and how they do it. We've got a couple people, guests who are actually in the house, they're going to be coming in here as well. It's going to be a lot of fun so, hopefully you're excited. Hopefully you're ready to be entertained have some fun, have a good time. Also, hopefully you've got a pad of paper, a pencil or a marker or something to take notes because I'm going to be sharing a lot of things.

I'm going to try my best to talk slowly but the more excited I get, the faster I'm going to talk and so, it's kind of up to you guys to pay attention, is that okay? But I'm going to do my best to try to talk slow and clear but as you can tell, I'm really excited by this stuff and I got a lot of stuff to share with you. And so, I don't want to waste anybody's time so, worst case scenario if we happen to get a replay, then you can watch it later but do not miss anything stay glued to me. If you've got your phones, turn Facebook off notifications, Instagram, all the stuff, turn it all off and let's just focus.

You need me to have the conversation here, I need to pretend like you're here in Boise in my office we're sitting down and I'm like, "Hey, I got to tell you guys about something amazing." This is what I believe is probably the greatest opportunity of any of our lifetimes, bigger than and I'm not saying this in hyperbole or whatever. I'm not like bigger than Bitcoin, bigger than real estate, bigger than anything for you guys who are here today. And so, pretend we're sitting here across the table and I'm telling you about something I know for a certainty is true, okay. I've been in this funnel game for a long time and I know that right now, more so than ever becoming a funnel builder is the thing that's going to change a lot of you guys' lives. So, that's what we're going to talk about, we're having a one-on-one conversation, I'm hanging out each and every one of you guys and I want to have fun make sure you are commenting in the comments, I can see right here on side screen, I can see all your comments.

So, as you go and you say stuff, comment over there, let me know. I'll be reading them, I'll be reacting. I'll be in the Tweet things based on the things that you guys are saying to make sure you guys are getting everything and it's going to be so much fun. So, you guys ready for this? If you want to go to comments and say, Russell, we're ready to have some fun. Ready for me to drop some fire, if I'm not careful, I'm going to lose my voice before we're done, okay. So, the presentation again today's called funnel builders and I told you guys, this is not like a web class or a webinar, like a typical thing, this is a meeting and I want to talk to you guys about something.

And you guys saw the headline when you registered for this webinar, the headline was Help, I need funnel builders ASAP. And this is not me just joking, this is something that is very, very true. We have so many people joining ClickFunnels every single day, I'm going to share the stats and numbers here in a minute. But they're coming in and it's interesting, because most of them don't want to learn how to build a funnel, they just want a funnel and that's where you guys come in. Now, before I jump in, I want to get some of the legal stuff out of the way because I had people ask me, "Russell, are you hiring for funnel building jobs?" No, this is not me hiring you or giving you a job or any of that. This is helping you understand there's this huge demand for people who want funnel builders and the supply of funnel builders who are good is very low and so, I want you to understand a couple things.

Here's my disclosures before we jump into this. Number one, this is not a job. I'm not offering you a job. I'm teaching you guys about a skillset that you can learn. Now with this skillset, there's a lot of cool things you can do, you can go and get a job, in fact, we've got I think seven or eight full-time funnel builders on my team. So, this is the job that if you master this, most companies need a funnel builder and this is the job that you can use. But I'm talking to you about the skillset of funnel building. You can use that skillset to get a job, you can become a freelancer, build funnel with people, you can start an agency, you can work in an agency.

There's a whole bunch of opportunities that open up to you when you start understanding this and many people have already made this their full-time career. In fact, a bunch of them at the end of my presentation I think I got a dozen them are going to jump on here and actually tell you their stories. How they got into it, what they do and all that kind of stuff and you guys are going to love it. Some people are just doing it on the side, they're trying to get like some side hustle and they do one or two funnels a month for extra money. Others who like this is a full-time thing they do it 40 hours a week and others who built huge agencies, they've got 20 or 30 funnel builders working for them and they're the ones pulling the streams and managing entire huge operations.

And so, this can become your career if you master the skillset. That's what I'm going to talk to you guys about today is the skillset of funnel building. And again, I'm not here making or implying any income claims, I'm going to do my best not to talk about money at all, because that's not what this is about. In fact, if I would say, "funnel builders, charge X amount for a funnel." That's not even real because the very beginning, when you first start doing this, you're not going to be any good and so, you're not going to be able to charge $25,000 for a funnel. You might be $50 for a funnel, because you're bad at it, right? But after you get better, you can charge more and more and more. So, I'm not going to put out any income claims or money things because that's not what this is about.

This is about helping you understand the skillset and then just like any profession, the better you get, the more you can charge with that skillset. Now, before we get started, I also want you to know that the point of this presentation is not to sell you guys on funnels. If you're like, "What's the funnel Russell?" We'll get a little bit into that but I'm not here to sell you on funnels. We've already kind of proven that funnels are the best way to drive traffic and sales online. We've done so many tests, so many, I could drop like 400 slides of just proof. We've done before and after, it's this company versus this company, we took a website, turned in to a funnel and blew up the company. So, I'm not going to talk about that. My goal is not to sell you on funnels because we already know that the greatest things since slice bread. It's already been proven over and over and over again that's not my goal for today.

We already know and all you guys who are here know that literally having a funnel when you're competing against somebody else in business it's like bringing a knife to a gunfight. You're going to win. It's so much better. It's just a better way to do it. So, I don't want to spend time on that. I just want all you guys to assume and be on the same side as me, funnels are the greatest things since slice breads. You guys agreed with that? If you do go to the comments and say funnels are the greatest things since slice bread. As I looked over, somebody said slow down. I'm like, okay, I'm trying to slow down. All right. "Let's go," you guys said. We'll keep going with this.

So, like I said, I'm here today for you guys as help. And our staff of the day, we were pulling up stats to see how many people per day start setting up a ClickFunnel's account. And on average, somebody says it's a 1000, this is 5,000, but the average is about 1,823 people per day are signing up for a ClickFunnels account. 1,823 people per day. So, I did the math on that a second ago. I said, if you time that times seven that's 12,761 people per week are signing up for ClickFunnels. For over a month, here's my little notes here. Over a month, that's 54,690 people who signed for ClickFunnels. If you over a year at 665,395 people who are signing up for a ClickFunnels trial because they want to have a funnel. And that's what I'm here for.

Because so many people, they just need help actually building funnels out. Like I said, these businesses are coming in here. All they really want is they want to funnel. It's kind of like, have you guys ever heard that analogy before? Where they say, people go, they buy a drill, but they don't actually want a drill. All they really want is a hole in the wall. And that's kind of what's happened here. All these a 100,000 plus people are coming to ClickFunnels and signing up. They're coming for ClickFunnels, which is the drill. The thing that builds the funnel. But all they really, really want is they want a hole on the wall. All they really want is the funnel. And that's where this huge opportunities come from. These people are not here to learn how to build the funnel. They're here because they just want a funnel.

You guys understand that? That's the big opportunity here. That's where finding is all these people are signing every single day and, they're, I want a funnel. I'm like, "Hey, I'm going to teach you how to build." I don't have the time or the effort, the energy to learn. I don't want to learn. I just want a funnel, that's why I'm here. And they're like, "Do you guys build funnels?" I'm like, "No, that's not the business we're in. We have software and training." And they're, "Well we just want somebody to build a funnel who can build a funnel for us?" And I'm like, "I don't know, go Google it." And it's interesting. That's the biggest question we get by far, hands down from the 1000 plus people that are signing up is I just want somebody to build me a funnel who can do it for me.

And we don't know where to send them. Right now. We're just like, "I don't know, go search for somebody. Okay." And that's why this opportunity is so big and so huge. Why I want to share with you today. So, the title of my presentation is Discover the Perfect Career. And I call this the perfect career, because this is something again, you can work from home, you can work on the road, you get to know cool people. It's awesome. So, we're going to help you discover the perfect career as a work at home funnel builder that lets you earn an income and build your own personal empire at the exact same time. I'll talk about that here in a minute. Because there's some of you guys, oh this is cool Russell, but I don't want to be a funnel builder for somebody else.

I'm building my dream over here. And you can actually do both at the same time. You can learn while you earn or earn while you learn. And so, we're talking about that and the other cool thing, I'm going to show you proof and data that this profession, this skillset actually works better and pays more during times of recession and times of inflation. Which is really, really good for all of us. Because right now, as you know, we're literally in the middle of a recession, inflation's going nuts, like it's never done before. And so, I'm always looking for what are the opportunities that during times when they get crazy are safe to give me and my family security. So, I don't want to stress about what's going to happen if this happens, this happens? And so, this skillset is something, I said, it works better and pays more during your sessions and times of inflation.

So, to start off with, a lot of you guys know that at Funnel Hacking live this year, Todd Dickerson and I got on stage and we announced something really, really cool that we've been working on and it's ClickFunnels 2.0. I know some of you guys are like, when do we get 2.0 and it's coming soon. In fact, we've got our first beta group that's been going through for the last three months. We're open that the beta group for everyone who was at Funnel Hacking Live that beta group's opening, I believe June 6th. So, we're a week away from that opening up where they're all going to be coming in there. All of our people getting certified are going to be in there in less than a week. And so, ClickFunnels 2.0 is here. It's amazing. I'm having so much fun that you guys are going to love it.

But I wanted to share this because this is what's causing most of the demand is this process and what's about to happen. And so, I talk about that. In fact, I made handouts for you guys. So, you could eventually this? So, this is the board I made. So, look at this thing right here. Who here knows what this is? Hopefully you guys can see this right here. Who here knows what this is? If you do, post on the comments what it is. Some of you guys are like I have no idea. Somebody say it's the chasm. This came from a book called Crossing the Chasm. But this right here is the technology adoption life cycle. And in a minute here, I'm going to ask you guys like where on this life cycle is ClickFunnels.

But before we do, I want to kind of tell you guys some stories. So, if you look at this, this shows what happens to basically all tech companies as they go through this process and go mainstream over here. And so, what happens is the first company comes in and the first people come into the innovators, these people who see the new things like, "Oh, this is so cool." And that's the first seg in the market it's like 2.5%. From there goes to the early adopters, which the netts 13.5%. And then there's this big chasm, right? And business have to change to be able to cross the chasm where they get the majority of their business. So, a couple companies that I'm sure you're familiar with, one of them was Apple. Apple's a really good example of this. Apple launch had these cool Mac computers, and they had this cult following.

The cult following's built right here between the innovators and early adopters. And they loved it, but they were kind of stuck. It wasn't until Steve Jobs came out and announced the what? The iPod. Boom. That crossed the chasm and became Apple. The first company to make what, $2 trillion in value or whatever it was. Same thing happened with Tesla. Tesla first came out the Roadsters and they were expensive. They came out there and they built this cult following who loved that car. And that's how it started here. And it wasn't until I think the model three came out that boom, across the chasm. And now Tesla's the biggest company or Elon Musk is the richest man in the world, because of that. And so, that's what happens to all technology companies. They start with the product, the product innovates, and eventually they get across the chasm and move into the majority.

So, my question for you guys is where do you think ClickFunnels is right now in this life cycle? Curious what you guys think? Someone said Apple who? Apple, do you mean ClickFunnels? So, you think about this ClickFunnels launched initially eight years ago. And I lived this. So, the first little bit only people that came in initially, the innovators, were people that were internet marketing nerds like me who were like, "This is so cool." I was custom building all stuff before I knew ClickFunnels. And they all came in first. And then we promoted, marketed really, really hard to get all the early adopters. And you guys are all, who have been part of this movement have been the early adopters. This is where we're at right now. And right now ClickFunnels 1.0, which has been amazing, it's got us to this point.

That's where we started building 2.0, a year and a half ago, almost two years ago now, because we knew that for us to be able to cross the chasm, we had to make some changes. Now 2.0 is coming. It's very, very soon. We're about to launch this new platform, which we're so excited for. And when we do, we're going to be moving to this part, which means this opportunity, which is already insane. 1800 people a day signing up for it, when it moves to the other side of the chasm, this opportunity is going to dramatically exponentially grow. And so, I'm trying to prepare you and me and everybody for this, so that when we cross the chasm at 2.0 we have people ready and in line who can actually help us build funnels for the influx of even more people coming in.

Does that make sense? So, that's why this opportunity is so big. It's so important. This is why I'm freaking out, why I stopped everything my entire team for the last two weeks. I'm like, we have to get this word out to get this process started. So, we have these people ready. Because with the second 2.0 goes live, it's going to be too late. And so, that's why we're here to prepare you guys to get you ready to be funnel builders for this new segment of people that are coming in. Okay. So, again, this is where we have been in the early adopter phase. And now we're about to move over to the early majority and it's so exciting. And I'm so excited for you guys as well. So, I wanted to get out of my story, when I first discovered funnels, I'm sure all you guys went through this experience, but I remember when I first discovered funnels, I was in college, this is actually a picture me at my college graduation, May 14th, 2005.

I graduated a whopping 2.38 GPA. Please don't show my kids this because I want them to get good grades. And I want them to be like, "Man, my dad was really dumb," but I really struggled in school. But during this time, while I was in school, I was wrestling. And then I figured out this thing called a funnel. We didn't call him funnels back then, but you probably heard my story. We made my first product, we turned it to a funnel, we launched it and I became obsessed. And I remember the very first time my potato gun funnel worked. I was like, "This is the greatest thing in the world." This will change any business. And I started applying it to business after business, after business, after business. And I had so much fun with it.

And I'm curious for you guys. Do you remember when you first discovered funnels? Like the very first time you ever heard about it? I'm sure the first time you heard it, you're like, I don't know what Russell is talking about. Is this a funnel cake? What is he even saying? He talks too fast. Do you say funnel. Was it for you, was it a webinar like this? Were you on a webinar with me or somebody else? And they talked about funnels. You're like, "Oh, a funnel." And that you have a light bulb moment. Maybe you're listening to my podcast. And something happened. You heard on the podcast, you're like, "Oh, a funnel." You had the light bulb moment. Or maybe you're reading one of my books or maybe you were a Funnel Hacking Live. Maybe you were some... I'm curious for each of guys, when was it that you had the light bulb moment?

You're like, "Funnels were the greatest thing in the world." Post in the comments, when it was that you had that first thing, but it was, boom, the mind blow for you. I want to hear when it was. Oh man. I wish I could read this fast. Last year. FHL, YouTube, oh, YouTube video, Dot Com Secrets, 10 X event. Okay. Oh, yes everyone of you has a funnel story. So you know this is the biggest thing. You have that aha, and you know that other people having every single 1800 people a day are having an aha, right now. Come in and be like, this is amazing I need to be part of this. And they come in, they're like, but I don't know how to build a funnel. I just want one give a funnel so I can just go and have it for my business.

So, all you guys discovered that. Now, after you guys discovered it, you started going in, you started hearing me talk about this. You heard Russell talking about you're just one funnel away, one funnel away. And you love marketing, you love funnels and so, you started building funnels. And I'm sure for most of you guys you're somewhere in the cycle. Maybe you've been building three or four funnels and so, far it hasn't worked yet. And you're like, "Russell, I thought you said I was one funnel away. Which funnel is it?" And you keep trying to funnel after funnel, after funnel or some of you guys have launched a funnel, you had some success, but it wasn't the big thing you wanted yet. But all of you guys are somewhere in there where you're trying to get your funnel. Now this is the big aha.

This is the big takeaway I want to give to you. Okay. I still believe that, I will, to the day I die, I believe that you're just one funnel away, but it doesn't always mean that funnels for your business. You guys getting this? Your big one funnel might be somebody else's funnel. One of the hardest thing about businesses, you have to go and you have to create a product and a service and customer support and fulfillment and like there's a million different things. Right. But what if you had someone else who already had all those things in place and you came in and you just built the funnel. I want you guys to understand, like for a lot of you guys, you're just one funnel away, but it's not your funnel. Somebody else's funnel. There is a funnel building backdoor. And that's what I'm talking about today.

This backdoor to get into the funnel, building world, to have success, to actually make money. To start making money while you're learning the principles of funnel building before you go out there and tested a 100% yourself. And that is the key you guys have to understand. Now, how many of you guys know this guy right here? Steven J. Larson, you probably seen him, his Facebook ads, his YouTube ads. You've seen him everywhere. He's one of my favorite people inside of our community. I love Steven. And some of you guys see this and you see the after picture of Steven, right? You see him on stage. He's got his two Comma Club award. In fact, I think he's launched like 50 something. I was listening to this podcast the other day. He's like, "My 54th product." I'm like, holy moly. You see that and you're like, "Oh, how am I going to be like, Steven?"

I don't know how to create a product and a business and a customer support and blah, blah, blah. All these, it's overwhelming, but you see that. But what most of you guys don't understand is this is the after picture. So, I want you to rewind back six or seven years ago. I want to tell you about the before of Steven because the before of Steven is where most of you guys are today. Steven came into this world. He learned about funnels here. In my book Dot Com Secrets. He started going through some of the things, he was learning. He's like, "This is so cool." He had the aha. Just like all ideas I had the aha. And then he is like, "But I don't have a business yet. What am I going to sell? I don't even know what I'm going to sell."

He said, "Okay, well while I'm trying to learn this stuff, I understand the principles of funnels. What if I started building funnels for other people, and they paid me to build these funnels? "And so, while he was learning funnel building, and this is a random picture of him in a garage with his buddy cutting open and I don't even know what this is. But he was in here building funnels for other people. In fact, it was our second Funnel Hacking Live. The very first Funnel Hacking Live, Steve never came to. And I met him, first time I ever met him right here. I didn't know at the time he told me later. He's like, I did not have money to buy a ticket to Funnel Hacking Live. I didn't have money to have plane tickets. I didn't have money for a hotel room.

So, I traded funnels. I found a business and said, "Look, I want to go to this event called Funnel Hacking Live. It's a 1000 dollars a ticket. It's kind of expensive, but I know I'm going to learn some good stuff. If you'll pay for my ticket, I'll build you a funnel." And he had one business say sure. And they gave him a 1000 bucks. He built the funnel and boom, he had a ticket for Funnel Hacking Live. And then he is like, "I don't have a way to get there." So, he found somebody else and was like, "Hey, I need plane tickets to Funnel Hacking Live. If you pay for my plane tickets, I'll build you a funnel. I'm going to learn stuff, I'll come back, I'll build it." And somebody paid for his plane ticket in exchange for funnels. And he started trading funnels in exchange for money, for cash, for things he needed to be successful.

So, he was making money while he was learning this principle. Now Steven's actually here today at the end of this, he's going to come in and tell you it's his story, because it's a fascinating story. But that's the before. He was building funnels. He was making money while he was learning this. Now what's amazing about this. My favorite part of the story. While he was doing this, his skills were getting better and better and better. He built the first funnel, the second funnel, the third funnel. He kept building funnels. Eventually I actually hired him, build funnels for me. And he kept getting better and better and better. And then guess what happened? One day he had the idea, I have a product I want to launch. And he didn't at that point, I have to go figure out how to build funnels. He had the skillset, he knew exactly how to do it.

And then he said, "Okay, well let me take my product. I'll plug it into a funnel." And boom, that's how Stephen went from like a brand new beginner entrepreneur to a two Comma cup winner like that. It's because you already have the skillset. So, for you guys, when you become a funnel builder, you can build funnels for other people. You're doing it where you're getting paid to learn and to practice, to get better and better and better while you're developing your product on the side. Or waiting until, when's the big opportunity going to come for me? When's it going to be the thing that I'm going to do. Okay. And that's the power behind this, you guys .I think most of you guys want to be a big entrepreneur. You want to be on stage, get an award. You want to have your own business, your own company. Cool.

You can do that, but don't wait for that. Start building funnel for other people now. Make money now while you're learning this process and then you've got the skillset to plug any product, any business into when you're ready. Does that make sense? That gets you excited? Now a couple things I want to talk about. I want to talk about the other side of this. Because right now, I call it they, but they're the enemy. The news, they don't want you to believe this. The news wants you to be scared and I didn't really believe this back in the day. I thought, "Oh no, the news is always positive and they're telling us the truth," and that's not true. In fact, the first time I actually understood this, is one of my friends, his name's Ryan Hall. He wrote book called, Trust Me, I'm Lying.

And it says, as you can see here, it's called, Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Medium Manipulator. And in this book he talks about how he would manipulate the media to do things that he needed to have happen, to sell products, to drive traffic, to get people elected. And they all sort of... It's a crazy book. But regardless after I read this book, I was like, "I don't trust any news." And I don't care if you're on the left or the right, whatever it is, they are not in the business and making you happy and helping you know the truth. They're in the business of causing fear and commotion to push some agenda. So, understand that. Because they are the ones telling us, "Oh it's a bad time. The recession, the economy, freak out, hoard all your money story."

That's the messaging they're giving you. But let me tell you the reality. And this is hard data. We did this huge data research. Check out one thing we found right now. This is how many businesses are being built every single year. 2019 with 3.5 million, 2020 4.3 and 2021 5.3 million companies, 2022 the estimates is 5.6 million business have been created. Because you hear things like, "Oh the great recession, everyone's quit their job. The economy's horrible." It's like, "No, these people are starting their own businesses at a rate that's never seen before." And is 5.38 million people start a business in 2021. And guess what all those people need? Funnels. This year it's 5.6 million people can create a business and guess what they all need. They need funnels. This is the greatest opportunity, the greatest time. The worst the economy gets the worst the recession... All this stuff that's happening.

The more businesses start getting created. Because people try to figure out other ways. And so, your job is to come and say, "Look, I can help your business. I have this skillset that can blow up businesses." And every year there's more and more and more businesses and you don't need 5.6 million clients. You need one or maybe two to have a lot of success. And so, this is the real stats. So, don't believe that the media's telling you, this is the reality and this is why the opportunity's so powerful and so great right now. Now one thing, all these people, the 5.6 million people are starting businesses. One thing they all understand, they all believe is that old marketing does not work. They know that, they know that yellow pages and classified ads and newspapers and radio and TV, it's not working.

So, they're trying. So, they're, "I was hoping, well, I don't know what's going to drive traffic, but I don't know." So, they say start trying things. In fact, this is a really cool case study. Somebody guys have heard this company called FiberFix. They created this really cool product. They put it in Home Depot and Lowe's and things like that. And they put it out there and started selling it and they made some sales organically and they thought we nowt want to blow this up online. Because we know this is a big opportunity. And so, what they did is they went and hired the Harmon Brothers. And the Harmon Brothers are some of the best viral video creators on the planet. I don't know what they paid for this. I know I've hired Harmon Brothers a couple times. They usually charge about half a million dollars to make a video like this.

So, the Harmon Brothers made this video for them and they launched it. The video went viral, driving traffic to their Amazon store. And guess what happened? Almost nothing. It was like crickets. They were driving it to this brick wall and people weren't buying, they were buying other products. It didn't do very well. Right. And so, they start freaking out. Like we spent half a million dollars on this ad campaign and people aren't buying, what do we do? So, guess what they did? They came to somebody they know who happens to be a funnel builder. And they said, "Russell, you're a funnel builder. Nobody's buying with tons of traffic, but nobody's buying, can you help us out?" And I said, "I would love to help you out."

So, I took this concept and we ended up building out an actual funnel for them. Oh lo and behold, a funnel, who knew it works. Build the funnel for them, build out the funnel. We kept the traffic from that video company. We started driving this funnel and guess what? Boom, this company exploded overnight because we had a funnel for them. And eventually they actually build up so big, they actually sold the company, cashed out, made a ton of money, but the funnel was the key. So, all these businesses know they need to be driving traffic online. They're buying Facebook ads, YouTube ads. Most of them were losing money every single, just like FiberFix. You come in and you build a funnel for them. And all of a sudden you're like a magician. "What did you do? We have more sales, more traffic," everything blows up because of you and your skillset.

And that's the power behind this. Now here's one of my favorite stories. This is a guy named Sam Brannan and Sam actually lived out in San Francisco during the Gold Rush era. So, back in the, whatever, it was the 1800s. And during that time there was a lot of gold fever. Everyone's looking for gold. They're trying to find gold. And Sam Brannan had a really good idea. He said, "All these people are searching for gold." He's like, "I want to be the person who provides the tools." So, he went around ahead of time and bought all of the shovels and the picks and all the gold mining tools. Bought them all and brought them to his store. So, his store is the only, only one that had it. Then he walked out and he got some gold dust in his hands and he would walk around and he'd yell off top of his lungs.

"There's gold in the American River. There's gold in the American River." He'd yell these things out. And all people started freaking out, running around and they would run to his store because he was the only one that had the picks and the shovels. They bought all the picks. They bought the shovels, went out and started mining for gold. And Sam Brannan became San Francisco's first millionaire. Did you guys catch that? Everyone's out mining for gold, but he was the one that provided the tools, the picks and the shovels. And he was the one that became rich. I want guys to understand this because as we talked about right now, there's 5.6 million people starting their own businesses. They're all going out there panning for gold. You guys have this unique opportunity to be a shovel seller where you're the one who can sell the shovels, the picks, the tools, the things they need to be successful.

And the reality is most guys make more money by selling the shovels than you would by starting a separate business. That's the power behind this. You guys understand that? It's one of the biggest wealth transfers of all time. Everyone's out there mining for gold, 5.6 million people out there mining for gold this year. And you're the one to have the ability. If you become a funnel builder, you have the ability to be the ones, giving them the shovels the picks, the axes to do that and become super wealthy during that process. Does that make sense? You guys getting this, you starting to understand the power of, if you are getting this. Let me know if the comments over there. You guys are getting it. So, exciting. So, exciting. Again, I know right now some of you guys like this is awesome, Russell but, I've been watching the news. I've been hearing things.

I see in my Facebook feed, my Instagram, my Twitter, it is the time to be scared. We should be... businesses are failing everywhere. Yeah they are. But, that's why they need your help the most. There's all this fear happening. And I want you guys to understand once again, they don't want you guys to be in a spot where you're going out there and doing these amazing things. The news, the media, they benefit from you being scared. Now about two weeks ago, I had this really cool chance. You see in this picture here? Tony Robbins flew all of his top affiliates and partners out to, this is his studio in Florida. We all flew out there and we had a chance.

It was like 15 of us to sit at Tony's feet. And we sat there for seven hours with Tony. And it was cool because we got to ask Tony any question we wanted. So, I asked Tony my question, every person had a chance to ask the question. Tony spent an hour with me just drilling down on my question. It was crazy. Now I want you to imagine this, Tony Robbins fights the biggest affiliates and partners out to the Spizer he's got seven hours with us. And to start this meeting off, he's like, "Before we get started," he's like, "Right now, the economy's crazy." He's saying, "I need you guys watch this video. And it's like a 25 minute video. When you watch this video, this is the most valuable, most important thing I can give you right this minute." And I was like, "Okay." So, we watched this video and...

If you, right this minute. And I was like, okay. So we watched this video and it was this video from Warren Buffet talking about the economy and what we needed to focus on. And it was crazy. And now can you guys imagine being in this room with 15 of the top affiliates in the world, Tony Robbins. Imagine being a fly on the wall, sitting and listening, and Tony's saying, "Look you guys, we're about to go into the biggest recession we've ever seen. This is the nugget you need to know."

How many of you guys would love to have been in that room and hear what Tony had to say? Yeah, you guys are all freaking out like, "I want to go. What did he say?"

Okay, well, unfortunately we don't have time for me to show you the whole 25 minute video, but I took the 25 minute video and I carved down, less than a minute, the biggest takeaway. Do you guys want to hear the biggest takeaway I got? It's simple, but it's so powerful. I don't want you guys to miss this.

So cool, you guys want that? Sweet, sweet, sweet. Okay. So, check this out. So this is the video. It was Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger talking about the economy, the state of things, what’s happening. And there's this one minute clip. So I'm going to show you guys this clip, and then I'm going to talk about the big aha. I want to make sure you don't miss from it. Okay. So here we go.

Warren Buffet: The best investment against inflation is to improve your own earning power. Yeah. It's your own talents. Very few people maximize their talents. And if you increase your talents, they can't tax it while you're doing it. They can't take it away from you. So, if you become more useful in your activities, your profession, doctor, lawyer, whatever it may be, that is the best protection against a currency that might decline at a rapid rate.

And the best investment, passive investment, I think is a good business. If you own an interest in a good business, you're very likely to maintain purchasing power, no matter what happens at the currency. But it's interesting. In the United States, the value of the dollar since I was born is declined by 94% to six cents.

So, inflation is a very cruel tax on people who believe in fixed dollars, but things can work out pretty well even during inflationary times. If somebody told me when I was born that the dollar bill was going to go to six cents, I might have said let me go back.

I'm not interested in emerging into that kind of a world, but actually it's worked out pretty well, so I have no complaints.

Russell Brunson: All right. Do you guys catch that? The two things? There's two things to protect yourself against all the inflation and all the craziness that's happening.

Number one, was improving your own skillset, right? Your skills. It doesn't matter if the dollar goes up or down or changes, whatever. Your skillsets, things going to pay you no matter what. So getting better and better, like focusing on increasing your skillsets. Number one.

And number two is focusing on your own business. Those are the two things... Or attaching yourself to a business that's successful. Because those things, even if everything changes, those are still going to be there. Your skillset is still there. And let's say the dollar disappears, and instead we're going to be trading and bartering whatever, your skillset is the thing that gives you that power, okay?

So, that's the key. That's why I wanted to emphasize this. You guys understanding right now is the time for you to master your skillsets and to attach yourself to successful businesses. If you do that, that's where you're going to protect yourself and your family over the next three to five years that are probably going get a little crazy, okay?

So, I'm putting it out there just to help you guys understand that. Now, so the question then I want you guys to understand and the point I want to make is that what is the most valuable skill to every business? The most valuable skill that every business has is they need a funnel builder.

Now, what is a funnel builder? A funnel builder is a rainmaker, somebody who can make it rain. You guys have seen the little pictures, like making it rain? But a funnel builder in any company is the person who comes in and is able to turn all the traffic into cash for the business. It's the most vital, most important role, in the entire business, is that of a funnel builder or a rainmaker.

Now, I'm going to show you guys one more quick video from Garrett White, talking about the time he had the aha of oh my gosh, I need to be focused in marketing and building funnels because that's the key.

So, I'm going to show you guys this really quick video clip and we'll come back and start getting deep into exactly how to do this for you and for your potential clients.

Garrett J. White: Let me tell you a story. I found a book in the business section and it was called 30 Days to Guerrilla Marketing by Glen Livingston. This was the first time I'd read this book. I had actually never studied marketing in my life. Now you heard the story that I had hundreds of employees, yes? And we were running successful businesses and we were doing tens of millions of dollars. And I had never once considered that I was a marketer. And it's 30 days of simple things that you can do day, over day, over day.

And for the first time the light bulb goes on. Wait a second. The way you control the game is you control the rain. Being a marketer is the capacity to take a message and place that message into the marketplace, grab people's attention, and pull them in a direction.

I had never once considered that my skillset should be focused on this idea of mastering marketing, because the story I told myself was that I am a businessman. I had never stood up and said, I am a marketer. I am going to learn this. And I will bleed to make this happen.

And it started with a change, which was, am I a businessman or am I a marketer? I am a marketer. I wake up, and the first thing I ask is, how am I going to make it rain every day in my businesses? How am I going to make it rain? Not a day goes by, not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, where I don't wake up and say, how am I going to make it rain, because if we can't make it rain, your funnel is worth nothing.

Russell Brunson: All right, you guys getting this? The rainmakers, they're the people inside of a business that can drive traffic, drive sales. So if you want to win the game, you have to learn how to make it rain.

So, for FiberFix, I came in. They were struggling, not having any success. It couldn't make sales online. We came in, provided the funnel, and boom. We made it rain for that company. That's what rainmaker. So, rainmaker's any person who brings clients money, business, or even intangible prestige in organization.

And that's what you are as a funnel builder. You are a rainmaker. I want you guys to understand that. So, I want to tell you the story. This is Stephanie Blake. Some of you guys know Stephanie, and actually Stephanie's going to be coming out at the end of the webinar to tell you some more of her stories. Her stories are fascinating. But Stephanie's really fascinating because when she first got into this whole funnel game...

I did a webinar, man, probably six or seven years ago. She heard about it, she decided she wanted to become a funnel builder, and she started doing this. And one of the very first funnels she built... And I'll tell you that's the rest of the story later, but she didn't charge for it. She built it, because she wanted to prove that this funnel thing would actually work for a business.

So she went out there, and she built a test funnel for a chiropractor. She gave it to him as a gift. And it was actually a chiropractor she'd been to a couple years earlier. She wanted to test this funnel thing out. So she's like, "Hey, can I build a funnel for you?" And the guy's like, "Sure."

She built the funnel, gave to the person, helped launch it. And that funnel got this chiropractor 86 customers, right? Stephanie made it rain for that person. 86 customers and each of these customers, an average initial patient value between a thousand, 1500 bucks.

She knew the math on how much money that made the chiropractor, but she literally came in there, created something out of thin air the chiropractor didn't have, gave it to him, and boom. 86 customers started falling from air, right? Rain. She's a rainmaker, right? So, Stephanie is a funnel builder. I want you guys to understand that.

Now, why is Stephanie a funnel builder? Because she knows how to make it rain. This is the skillset. This is the thing that you are bringing to the marketplace. This is why this is such a valuable thing, because if you can come in and say, hey business who's struggling. Let me give you 86 customers that fast, that changes everything for them.

And as a Rainmaker, rainmakers are the people inside of businesses that make the most money, because they're the ones who make it rain. They're ones who bring the money, the cash, the customers into a business.

And now, another option you can do it, Noah does it. Noah is someone who's one of my favorite people. I had a chance to interview him on stage. At the time, he was 14 years old when he did this interview and he was someone who didn't have his own product or service. We found somebody else and he's like, I'm going to build funnels for this person.

And this is a 15 second clip, but it's my favorite part of this interview, because I was, I was just, first off fascinated. You're a 14 old kid. You're literally building funnels for all these other people. And then I asked him, how much money do you charge for a funnel? And I want you guys to hear what his response was, because it's so powerful and so cool.

And it's the reason why, if you master the skillset, you can literally write your own paycheck for the rest of your life.

I know you've built funnels for yourself and for other people, but when did you decide, I'm going to build funnels for Caleb, obviously, but other people. What was the reason why you made that decision?

Noah: I like building funnels for Caleb. Working with him and not having to worry about my own product. He worried about the product, fulfilling it, et cetera. All I needed to do was do the marketing, which is what I was really passionate about. In about June of 2018, I started my own agency.

Russell Brunson: How much do you charge somebody to build a funnel for them?

Noah: If someone wanted to work with me, I honestly would probably only work with them if I got a certain amount of equity in the business.

Russell Brunson: He's negotiating equity already. I love it.

Okay. You guys see this? This is the power of the skillset, right? Noah's a funnel builder. Why? Because he knows how to make it rain, so much so, that people are giving him, as a 14 year old kid, equity in their company because he knows how to make it rain.

That's why you guys have to master and learn the skillset, because it's the most profitable thing for any company, any business you want to go into. Now, the best way to become a rainmaker is become a funnel builder. Does that make sense to you guys? Hopefully I'm driving this point down. I want to sell you guys on the fact this is what you need to be doing before I get into the how-tos.

So who here wants to become a funnel builder? If you guys want to become a funnel builder, type it in the chat. I want to hear. Who are my funnel builders? We got yeses. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

If you want to be a funnel builder, this is the thing. If you want to be a funnel builder, everyone, wherever you're at, tap yourself on the chest right here and say, "I am a funnel builder." And I can't see you guys, but I want you to do it. Literally tap yourself in chest and say, "I am a funnel builder," right now.

I'm going to do it again. Tap yourself in the chest and say, "I am a funnel builder." This has to become part of your identity. This becomes part of your identity, you guys can do this. This is not something that's that difficult, but it's got to become part of your identity. So, tap yourself in chest right now and say, "I am a funnel builder." And then type in the comment and say, I am a funnel builder.

All right. We've got, looks like a thousand, 2000 funnel builders here. All right. Well, that's the game plan, you guys. I'm going to jump into this then. So again, this is the most valuable skillset you can learn today, period. I can't think of anything more valuable, more powerful that you can learn than this. I tell my kids, school's good, this is valuable.

This one is going to change your life forever. So my goal in this presentation, number one, is to help shine a light on this new opportunity for you, so you guys are aware of it, you understand it.

Number two, I'm going to show you exactly how to do it. And literally by just watching this presentation, you can just go do it on your own. And so it's going to give you guys the tools and the understanding you guys need to be able to do it.

And then number three is that, at the end of this, we're going to be certifying a small group of people who want to become certified funnel builders and be working directly with them to help them get certified, to help them get clients, and things like that. And I call this the putting you on the bike. Okay?

And the reason why I say this, how many of you guys have ever... You've been in this game for a long time. You listen to the podcast, you've read the books, you've bought the courses, you've got online, but you still don't have a funnel. You haven't been able to do this yet.

My goal with this is not so much have you read a book about how to ride a bike or go to a course about ride a bike. I'm going to get you the certified programs for people who want to get on the bike and have me and my team actually help run in, and they get you out the door.

So, for those of you guys who are like, "We want help. I want to get this happening," there is an option at the end of this to join a certification program, but it's not required. You should be able to learn just enough from learning. You could do this on your own or if you want, you get certified in, which I think would be really cool as well. So at the end of this, I will be offering a certification program.

There's the up-front. I'll be offering a certification program and I wanted to put it out front, that way we can get down and focus because everyone on this webinar is like, what's he going to sell me at the end? And I don't want you guys thinking about that the whole time. So yes, their certification at the end. It's $18,000 and that's it.

Now that's out of the way, can we get to work and have some fun? You guys cool with that? Actually, how about this? I want to have fun on this webinar. The more you guys comment and chat, and I see a bunch of people spamming in the chat, spammers. Don't be spamming.

I want you guys to play in the chat, the full hour. I want you guys responding back to me, just like we're having a conversation. So, this is the deal. The more fun we have today, the more fun I have actually... If we have a lot of fun on this, the more fun I have, I'll actually drop that price for you. If we don't have fun, you guys are just boring, sitting back there not paying attention, the price is 18 grand. But if you guys have fun and we enjoy this, I can teach you guys some cool stuff, you learn some cool things, we have a good time? I will drop that price.

That sound good? That means if we have a lot of fun in the chat and comments, you go from 18 to 17 to 16 and the price keep going down, who knows how low to go. But if you guys are boring, then it's going to go back to the $18,000 and we'll leave it there. Does that sound good?

Now, one last recap before we go in this. This is not easy. This is not like, oh Russell, I'm going to get rich quick. I'm going to get quick, easy. This is not what this is about. I'm not trying to give you guys some magic pill. What this is, is the work-hard and learn an in-demand marketable skill. And if you get really, really good at that skill... Excuse me.

If you get really, really good at that skill, you probably have the opportunity to either get hired by someone, to do it yourself, do for other people. But I want you to understand that success is not guaranteed and it's not even going to be easy for that matter. This is the skillset you have to learn and the better you get, the more marketable of the skill you learn, the more marketable you will be as a funnel builder. And that's the key.

So which one are you? I'm guessing if you're on this webinar, you're one of three people. In fact, we surveyed you guys as you were coming in. How many guys who are on this right now? You are a business owner, right? And you're here and you're like, "I'm just here because I want to get a funnel builder. I don't want to learn this. I just want to be... I need to find a funnel builder."And that's why you showed up.

If you're a funnel builder or excuse me, if you're a business owner who needs a funnel builder, let us know the comments down below. Number two is you're a funnel builder, and you're like, "I want a funnel builder, and I want to make money building funnels for other people."

And number three is, you're an agency owner and you're like, "Hey, I have a traffic agency or I have a website building agency. I want to add funnels as a service to my thing." Now, which one are you guys? One, two, or three? Comment down below if you're one, two, or three. Ones, two, two, two, three, three.

Okay. We got a mix of all of you guys. Someones said one, two, and three. Okay. Some of you guys are everything. Cool. So, if you're any of these three people, then you are right. This is the right spot for you guys to be at.

Okay. So you guys ready to start building some funnels? All right, let's go. So in today's short presentation, three things I'm going to cover. Number one, I'm going to show you guys how to write your own swimming pool. I'll tell you what that is in a minute, but it's the funnel builder cheat code that'll help you to launch a new career fast.

Number two, you're going to learn how to get paid twice. You can actually get paid the funnel hack, and then you get paid again to actually build the funnel. And number three, I'm going to show you how to tap into the unlimited stream of people who are literally begging you to build their funnels for them. Okay?

So secret number one, how to write your own swimming pool. Now this is what, again, I call it the funnel builder cheat code that helped you launch a new career fast. So, this is a quote from Paul McCartney, was actually talking to John Lennon and they were making some plans and stuff and they wanted to actually go and build a swimming pool. And so Paul McCartney told John Lennon, he said, "How about this? Let's go write ourselves a swimming pool."

And when I heard that quote the first time, I said that's so fascinating. it wasn't like, let's go earn some money and build a swimming pool. It was, let's go write a song with our skillsets and it'll make us the money, we can buy a swimming pool. And then the story behind this, he actually did that. Then they wrote the song Help, that went viral or whatever, or wasn't viral. Platinum or whatever. Made a ton of money, and then from that, they built their swimming pool.

And so, this is a quote that Paul McCartney said to John Lennon is go and write yourself a swimming pool. Now, that's what this funnel building process is about. If for you guys, start thinking okay, what do I want in life? I have student loans I need to pay off. Right? Maybe I want to buy a car or something. You can literally say okay, well I'm going to go build the funnel for somebody and that'll pay off my student loans.

I'm going to go build the funnel for somebody and that'll buy my new car, right? And so, I want you to think, what is your version of that? What is your version of writing yourself a swimming pool?

A couple years ago, I had a chance to meet this guy right here. Robert Kiyosaki. He's the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. How many of you guys have read Rich Dad Poor Dad? This was the first entrepreneur book I ever read and it lit me on fire. I was like, this is the most amazing thing in the world. And one of the things he said in here, he said, there's a difference between people who are rich and people who are poor. He said, people who are poor will look at something they want, they see a house, their car, they see a vacation they want to go on. And they're like, oh, I can't afford that. And their mind instantly shuts down.

Ah, I can't afford that. You said that the wealthy, the rich, they think about things differently. They look at something like a house or a car or an airplane or whatever it is they want, and instead of saying, ah, I can't afford that, they say, how could I afford that? Little difference, right? It's almost the same words, but little differences.

Instead of ah, I can't afford that, says how can I afford that? And by asking the question, how can I afford that, all of a sudden the wheels are going to start spinning and opportunities start coming out. Right? And so for you guys, I want you thinking about for yourself, it's like, why are you here? You came on this thing, this training, because you want something, right?

You're trying to... Maybe you have student loans that are heavy and you want to get rid of them. Or maybe you have a job you hate and you want to get out of that. Or maybe, for you, you want to buy a new car, new house. You've got something. You want to take your family on vacation, right?

So for you, instead of saying, oh, I can't pay for that's because it's expensive, I want you to start thinking, how can I afford that? And the question for you guys, if you have the skillset of funnel building, it's really easy. Oh, I'm going to build a funnel for somebody.

Steven Larson wanted to come to Funnel Hacking Live, but he couldn't afford a ticket. So instead of saying, I can't afford that, he said, how could I afford that? What if I went to my friend who needs a funnel and I had him buy my ticket and I build a funnel exchange? Boom. Shift of the question changed his entire life. So for you guys, this skillset will help you to write your own swimming pool. It'll help you to do whatever your thing is you're looking for.

So that's what I wanted to do with you guys is help you understand that you can write your own swimming pool, okay? So for each of you guys, real quick, I want to take a second. What's your swimming pool? What's the thing? I want to build a funnel because I want to be able to get this thing, buy this thing, or pay off this thing or whatever. What is your version of the swimming pool? Let me know in the comments down below.

I want to see some of you guys, someone said retire to their parents. Freedom. They want a house. Pay off the mortgage, pay off the debts. Trip to Portugal. I want to go with you. Paying bills. They want... Someone wants a castle. Student loans. A Tesla. For my family. Buy a house. Ranch. Freedom. They're going fast.

Retirement. Vacation. Holy moly. Okay, you guys have some big swimming pools. So there's a ton. I'm sure you guys see the comments. They're flying in here. Animal rescue, very cool. You can do stuff with charities, with the things you believe and the causes you believe. When you understand the skillset, it's literally as easy like John Lennon said, right? Let's go write myself a swimming pool. I'm going to go build myself a swimming pool. I'm going to go build myself a funnel.

Okay. So, step number one. Here's the process. Again, this process is not difficult. It's three steps, okay? Step number one, you have to pick the type of funnel you want to master. There's lots of different types of funnels. You understand that? There's book funnels and like there's a bunch.

In fact, if I go through here, here's some of them. There's squeeze page funnels. There's survey funnels. There's summit funnels. There's challenge funnels. There's book funnels. There's cart funnels. There's paid challenge funnels. There's VSL funnels. Webinar funnels. There's product launch funnels. Application funnels. Webinar funnels. Funnel hubs. And funnel stacking.

We have a chance to see all of the data of all the funnel builders on this planet. These are the, whatever, 12 to 14 funnels that the majority of people are using. Okay? So all you have to do is pick which one of these you want to master. You don't have to master all of them by the way. You don't have to be good at every single type of funnel. You just got to be good at one. What's one type of funnel you want to master?

So that's step number one, is pick one type of funnel that you want to master. Okay? Step number two then is you have to go and get a result with that funnel, AKA, you got to go work for free. Okay? And I told you guys Stephanie's story early, but I didn't tell you the rest of the story. So Stephanie went and she built that funnel for the chiropractor, gave it the chiropractor. The chiropractor got 86 new clients, right? She made it rain for him, all these clients, all this cash came to his practice.

And he was like, "This is the most amazing thing in world. How can I help you?" And she's like, "Well, I don't know. Do you have anybody else who would need a funnel as well?"

He said, "Yes, I do," and he called up all those other chiropractor buddies, got them on a little webinar with Stephanie, Stephanie came in and said, "Let me show you the funnel that I built for your buddy."

And she showed the funnel and then, check this out. From that one thing, from that one funnel she built, she gave away for free, she leveraged that result she got for the one chiropractor and the webinar with 10 other chiropractors and nine of the 10 chiropractors signed up for her to become a full-time funnel builder for them. And seven of them still... This is five or six years ago. Seven of them are still with her today.

Are you guys getting this? One client, she figured out one funnel type, she mastered it, she did it for free for somebody, and then she leveraged that and got nine other people to pay her to build the exact same funnel for them. How many of you guys have light bulbs going off here and are like, oh my gosh. If I just got good at one funnel type and I go find two or three people that need that funnel, I can make money off thing I already know how to do really, really, really well.

That's the key guys. And again, Stephanie's going to be on here in... An hour from now we're going to have her come on and tell her story. But that's what I want you guys to understand. The steps are simple. Master one funnel type, go and do it for free for somebody, and then leverage that result over and over again. Okay?

And that's how Stephanie's become a rainmaker, okay? So how much will people pay for a funnel? I get this question all the time. And the reality is this number changes. A lot of it depends on your skillset. When you're first getting started, someone might pay you, like Stephanie, zero. They didn't pay anything.

So she built the funnel, but then it worked. She proved she could make it rain. Then what happened? Then everybody wanted her to build funnels for them, right? So you may not make any money from your first funnel. Some people charge 50 bucks. I've seen a thousand, I've seen 5000, I've seen a hundred thousand. It's different all over the place. It all depends on your skillset, right? You are the rainmaker. You build the funnel that generates rain that gets people coming in. You can charge a lot more.

Or like Noah, you can literally take equity. I'll build you a funnel, but I want X percent of all the sales that come in. Because you're bringing the rain, you have the ability to negotiate like crazy. So, it all depends on your skillset, okay? Most of you guys can get started. Your first funnel will be really cheaper, maybe no money at all, but as you get better and better, you can ask for more money, okay?

So the first question for you guys is, well, which type of funnel do you want to master? There's a whole bunch of them. But let's say, for example, you're like me and you're like, I love book funnels, okay? You guys know I've written a bunch of books. Dot com secrets, expert secrets, traffic secrets. So for me, my favorite funnel is a book funnel. I love them. I like doing them, probably because I like writing... Well actually I don't like writing books, but I like selling books.

And so, book funnels one of my favorites. So I'm going to show how this works for me. So I have book funnels, right? And this is what one book funnel looks like. It's not that difficult. There's one, two, three, four, five. Five pages in this one funnel. Now, if you go through all my book funnels, you notice that all of them have the exact same five pages. They don't change. This is what my book funnels all look like.

And so step number one, like I said, you got to become good at a funnel type. So for me, it's book funnels, okay? Now, next step is you got to leverage that. So about the time I launched my second book, Tony Robbins was launching his book MONEY Master the Game. And I remember that they were getting ready for the whole launch. And I remember going to this page and I was like, oh crap. I was like, interesting. That's the funnel page you're going to launch with Tony, huh?

And I called him, and he was like, "Yeah." And I was like, "Can I help you? There's some things that we know about how to do book funnels, that you are not doing it all." And I was like, "Can I help you?"

And he's like, "Sure." So again, when I looked, the first time in my head, I'm thinking, oh, interesting. But in my head I'm thinking... I'm like, we're screwed. This funnel is so bad. There's no way he's going to have success with it. So I came back, I said, "Tony, I know how to do a book funnel. Let me just take this over. I'll do it for you for free. Just please let me do it."

So I came in, I built Tony's book funnel. He launched it. And then that book went on and became a multiple New York Times bestseller. And literally I just took that and worked for free. And for me, I use this because I want to get to know a lot of cool people. I want to get to know Tony, so I built a book funnel for him. I wanted to get know Grant Cardone, so guess what I did. I was like, "Grant, you got a book. Can I build the book funnel for you?"

He said sure, and he put me on his plane and we literally built a book funnel while I was on his plane with him, which is so cool. So I built Grant's book funnel. Bulletproof. David Asprey, the Bulletproof Cookbook. I flew out to the Bulletproof Cafe in LA. We filmed the whole thing. We built the book funnel for the Bulletproof book launch, which was so much fun, okay?

So for me, I love book funnel, so I'm just going to master that and I can literally use that to get into any door, to get to know any author I want to get to know. I'll build your book funnel. Boom. I become best friends with them, right? I can find other authors and say, "Hey, I built 12 book funnels like this, this, and this. Can I build a book funnel for you?" And I could literally charge whatever I want, okay?

So if the question for you is what kind of funnel do you want to master? Which one gets you the most excited? And again, there's a lot of them. Here's another one. This is a product launch funnel. And how many of you guys have seen a product launch funnel before? Jeff Walker made these things famous, for those who know. So, the product launch funnel's another kind. Now this is one of my friends, Kevin Richards. And Kevin, for whatever reason, he loved the product launch funnel. He was like, this is amazing.

So he went out there, he did his very first product launch. And the first time's always hard, right? You got to learn how it works and what's page one and page two. And he studied it and figured it out and got it until it was perfect. They launched his first product launch funnel. And he had success with it. After he built one, he had success with it. Then he took that and he started leveraging it. He would start going to all of the different internet marketing events that were happening. He'd go there, he'd be the audience with three or 400 people, and be like, "Hey, my name's Kevin. What's your name?

And they say it and he's like, "Oh, I build launch funnels for people." And people are like, "Are you serious? Do my launch funnel. Do my launch funnel." And he started getting clients like crazy. He just went to every internet marketing event, told people we built launch funnels, and everyone started giving him business.

In fact, here's a few of them he did for Jim Rohn, for Chalene Johnson, did for Brendon Burchard, he did for a Success Magazine, all these other people. In fact, I asked Kevin before, I said how many, launch funnels did you create? He said the first two years after he did the very first one, the first two years, he did 32 other launch funnels.

Are you guys getting this? Now, the first one was hard to figure out all the strategy and understanding, but after it was done, the next one, he's just like, I've already built it, I just got to do the same thing, but I'm going to change the branding and the logos and the videos and the messaging. The second one was easier and easier. And every time you do it, he could charge more money and more money and more money, until eventually he was taking percentage of how much money was actually made inside the launches.

So, Kevin is a great example. Kevin is a funnel builder. Why? Because he knows how to use product launch funnels to make it rain. And that's the funnel type that he wanted to geek out on and become the best in the world out. So which kind of funnel do you want a master? So, I showed you guys book funnels, product launch funnels.

Here's another one. There's one called a free challenge funnel. Some of you guys have seen this, like Pedro has made this the most famous funnel in the world. Challenge funnels, right?

What we don't know is that you can learn this challenge funnel model and you can build funnels for other people. In fact, Austin Ford is one of my friends and he geeked out, he loves challenge funnels. In fact, they call him the king. That's why he has this whole crown on. And he got really good at building out challenge funnels.

So here's an example of what a challenge funnel looks like. He worked on it, perfected it, got better and better, back until it was awesome. And after he did that, he went out there and he started launching challenge funnel after challenge funnel, after challenge funnel with person, after person, after person.

And everyone with challenge funnel just crushes it because he's mastered that one funnel type and clients pay him insane amounts of money to go and actually build out an entire challenge funnel with him. And so, Austin's actually going to be on at the very end of this. He's going to come on and tell you guys a story as well. So is Kevin. So all these people are going to be sharing. They're going to come to the end and tell you guys their stories so you can see exactly what they did and how they did it.

But, you guys want to understand that this is the power. Master one funnel type and go out there and leveraging it, get tons more clients. Now Austin is a funnel builder, why? Because he knows how to use challenge funnels to make it rain. You guys getting this? Cool. Cool.

So which type of funnel do you want to use? We showed a couple. Here, I'm going to show you guys one more. One more is a funnel hub. Now, funnel hub is actually one that my friends, Mike and AJ, kind of invented. And they invented this thing called the funnel hub and they built it out for me and a couple of people. They got really good and they started leveraging the result like hey, Russell's got a funnel hub now.

And they started showing other people and they sold to me. We got one for Dan Kennedy, Steven Larson, Garrett White, all these people started getting them as well. And now they sell dozens and dozens and dozens of these funnel hubs, because they mastered the funnel type, got a result for somebody, and then leveraged that over and over and over again.

And again, Mike and AJ are funnel builders, why? Because they know how to use funnel hubs to make it rain. Do you guys see how understanding this process, you can literally go out there and write your own swimming pool? You're like hey, this is my goal. I want to make X amount of money. This much I need for my car, my vacation, to pay off my student debts, whatever it is. You figure out what your number is, you master a funnel type, get really good at that, and say okay. For me to be able to buy this car, I'm going to find five clients to build this thing for and find one, two, three, four, five, or six clients or one client or two clients or whatever it is.

But now you have the ability to go write your own paycheck. One of the hardest things for most people in the world is they've got these fixed income, where it's like, I make X amount of dollars a month. That's all they have to go on. So they want to go do something different. They got to work a night job. Or they got to not spend money or they got to save money on things. But this gives you the ability to go out there and write your own swimming pool, right? Because it's something you can do on the side, you can do at nights, you can get it on weekends. And as you get better and better and better at it, you can quit your job. You can do other things and just focus 100% on this thing.

Like Kevin, for example, after he mastered it and made the first sale, then 32 in two years gave him full time job, had three or four other people, and then he started building these funnels like crazy, because he knew how much money they could make from each one. And Kevin wrote himself a thousand swimming pools. I don't know how many. That's an exaggeration, but you guys get what I'm saying. Okay.

So there's the three steps again. Pick a funnel type that you want to master, and there's a dozen of them right there. Number two is get results of that funnel first. And number three, you leverage that result to get paid clients. That's the magic, okay? How many of you guys are getting this? If you're getting this, tap yourself in the chest and say, "I'm a funnel builder."

I want to hear it. Or type in the comments, because I can't see you right now. Type I'm a funnel builder. Tap yourself, say I'm a funnel builder. Everyone with comments right now, I'm not going until everyone goes through this. I want to make sure I got my funnel builders here. If you're not a funnel builder, you can leave at this point. If you're like this sounds like way too much work, Russell. I don't want to build a funnel. I don't even know what a funnel is.

You guys can leave. I don't care. I just want my funnel builder. My funnel builders are here with me. If you're a funnel builder, tap yourself in the chest. I don't care if you're at work right now and people are looking at you and you got your headphones on, you're trying to be low key. Tap yourself, say I'm a funnel builder.

Maybe they'll fire you, and then you got to focus on this. It'll force you to jump into this, right? My funnel builders are here. I wish we were in a big room together. I could see you guys going crazy, but I can see it on the chat, so that's good enough for me.

So, I'm a funnel builder. All right. My funnel builders, let's keep on going. Okay. Now, again, I told you guys the certification's not cheap, but the more fun we have, the lower price is. Again, so far I'm having some fun. So, you guys cool if I drop the price a little bit? If you guys are cool, I can drop a little or we can keep it.

For me, I make more at 18, so I'm cool with that. But if you guys want, I can drop a little bit. Okay. All right. We're going to drop. We're having some fun. So, there you go. We just dropped down to 17,000. You guys just save a thousand bucks for now, because how much fun we're having.

Do you guys want to drop it even more? Drop it more? One more time, tell me I'm a funnel builder. If I see funnel builder, one more time, I'll drop off another thousand bucks. Everyone…

One more time. Tell me I'm a funnel builder. If I see funnel builder one more time I'll drop off another thousand bucks. Everyone tell me you're a funnel builder, I'll drop off another thousand bucks. All right. You guys having fun too? All right. Okay. All right. You guys got me. We're dropping 17 now to 16. So we're having fun. Price is dropping. This is a good time. Okay. You guys drift me. Go on next step. All right.

Step number two. So now we're talking to you guys about how you can actually get paid twice. I don't know about you, but a lot of times you do a job and you get paid once, which is cool, but imagine getting paid twice. Now, what's cool about this, you get paid one time to funnel hack, and then you get paid a second time to funnel build. Let me explain how this works, because when you understand this, it gets, this game becomes really, really fun.

Okay. Now, 99%, actually 99.999% of the people who come into click funnels, they have no idea what kind of funnel they want to build. Okay. They literally come in, and then the first question they ask like, "Cool." Every kid says, "I need a funnel, I want to funnel." I'm like, "Cool, what kind of funnel do you want?" And they look at me with blank stares, like, "I don't know." I'm like, "You know what kind of funnel you want?" Like, "No, they just told me I need a funnel. So I'm here. I want to funnel." And I'm like, "You don't know?" And they have no idea what kind of funnel they want. Right? And so that is your job as a funnel builder. First off is to help them understand what funnel they need. 'Cause again, there's a lot of different funnel types. There's challenge funnels, and book funnels, and webinar funnels, and lead funnels.

But every business is different. Every situation's different. So, half of your job is just saying, "Look, for your specific business, this is the type of funnel you need to have." And that alone is worth so much to somebody, okay? So that's the first thing to understand.

There's two ways you get paid. Number one, is you get paid to actually show them what type of funnel they need to build. This is you giving them the strategy from your head. Like, "Okay, you are a dentist. This is the kind of funnel you need. This is the strategy for a dentist." Or, "No, you're a chiropractor. This is the thing." Or, "You're an author. This is the strategy." Okay? So, step number one is helping them understand the strategy. And I'm about to show you this. People will literally pay you just to explain to them the strategy, okay?That's the first time you get paid.

Then the second time you get paid is when they say, "That looks awesome. I want to build it." And they pay you again. Then go and actually build the funnel. So, when you do the tactics of the actual funnel build, okay, that's the power. You get paid twice. You get paid once to explain them the strategy, and you get paid a second time to go to the tactics. It's kind of like building a home, right? The first time the architect gets paid to design the house, and then the builders get paid to actually build the house. Same thing with you, but you can actually be both. You can be the architect, and the designer. Okay? That's what I'm talking about here. So number one, you get paid to show them the strategy. Number two, you can get paid to actually build the funnel.

So let me show you how that works. Okay. So what is the strategy? The strategy is, again, people will help pay you to map out their potential sales funnels, simulate traffic, and see the profit potential before you even build a funnel for them. They want to see what it is that you're even going to do. 'Cause most them are coming in knowing that like, "I keep hearing, I need a funnel, but I don't know what that means." So your job is saying, "Well, here's the funnel, this specific what you need for your business." Here's how it works and showing them all the numbers. That's what the strategy is helping them understand them.

Now Ben Moote is one of my really close friends. I've been working really close with Ben recently. And as we were kind of planning this, he said, "Do you know how I do my strategies?"

And I'm like, "No." He said, "People pay me upfront to go and do all the funnel hacking for them." So he's like, "I go, I do the funnel hacking. I prebuilt out the funnel. I whiteboard, I show them everything. And then from that, I show it to them. And then afterwards, if they like it, then they hire me then to go and build the actual funnel." I said, "Well, how do you do it?" He walked me through the process, and it was really cool. So what he, and we've been working together on this, we've called it the Rainmaker Proposal. We were coming and saying, look, "I'm a Rainmaker. Let me show you. If this was my business, this is what I would do to make it rain inside your business." So this is the Rainmaker Proposal. And again, clients are going to pay you for this.

How much they going to pay you? It depends. You can sell us for 50 bucks. You can sell for 500 bucks. I don't really care. Right? And the better you get, the more you can charge. But step number one is the Rainmaker Proposal, that they're going to pay you to go make the proposal. So, first thing you're going to do, is you're going to reverse engineer, proven funnels, AK. You're going to funnel hack for them. Number two is then you're going to map out and simulate the funnel inside of a software called Geru. We'll talk about it in a second. And number three, you're going to draft the proposal. So let me show how it works.

Number one, is you got to find something that's working so they can model. So, if someone's a chiropractor, comes to me, I want to be able to show them, here's other people who have chiropractic funnels.

'Cause a lot of times, especially new people coming in, they don't understand what a funnel is, they can't like bridge the gaps. You're coming and saying, "Okay, for your type of business, let me show other people what they're doing that's working." Okay. So separate ones, you got to find something that's working so you can model. So there's really cool software. In fact, let come back. I'm going to show you guys this software that all of our certified people get access to the software. I'll talk about it in a minute, but this really cool software, you can go and actually do the funnel hacking. So this is the way it works.

So, you come to the software and on left hand side here, it says Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, YouTube ads. Let's say YouTube ads. You can sort by publisher. So, I come up here and say, okay, advertiser type in Russell Brunson. And it's going to show you guys all of the YouTube ads that I'm currently running like, "Oh, there's all Russell's YouTube ads," right? So, you can see them, or let's say I want to do Facebook ads, and I'm looking for chiropractors in Boise, Idaho. I click on the button and boom, here's all the chiropractors in Boise who are running paid ads. So you can show that to them, then you click on it. It actually shows you the funnel.

So, here's the ad, and then here's the funnel it's going to, and now I have a funnel I can show. I can go and funnel hack, I can show every single page in the process, and now I show them, "Here's the ads that are working, here's the funnels that are working." And that quick, I look like a rockstar because I know more about their business than they even do.

Then I can take that data back to them like, "Hey, here's all the ads that are working in your industry. These ones working in Boise, these ones are in Chicago, these ones are New York. These are all the best people right now. This is what their funnels actually look like, and this is what we're going to be building for you." And all of a sudden they're like, "Oh, that looks so cool." They see it in action with another business like theirs. Now they're more likely to trust you and believe you because you've actually proven, like you did all the research for them. You funnel hacked for them, right? So that's step number one. Step number two, then, you're going to map out their funnel, a potential funnel in a software called Geru, and you're going to actually simulate traffic. Now I'm going to show you this tool real quick.

Before you go out there and like, "I'm going to go buy Geru." I'm in the process right now of buying this company, 'cause I wanted to give Geru to every single one of my certified partners. And so just know that like this is the tool I'm going to be including for you guys. We're in the process right now of trying to close on the company, but I will soon own the software, and then again for who's certified, you'll lets have access for free. Is it okay if I over deliver? You guys cool with that? It's costing me millions of dollars to buy this thing, so you can just go buy it if you want, or I can. All right, you guys are getting me over delivering, sweet. So you need Geru. Let me show how Geru works, it's really cool. Again, it's called funnel simulation software. You come in here, and you can actually kind of build something out and simulate it. So the client sees what a funnel's going to look like. So here's the little video showing the process.

So you log into Geru and you say, "Okay, here's your landing page, or upsell your down slow page." And you go and you actually build out the funnel so they can visually see it before anyone goes and actually, before you have to go build in click funnels, right? Then you go in, you add how much these products are going to cost, you type in the data, the product costs, all that kind of stuff right? After you put in the product, or the price, for every single product inside of the funnel you simulated, then you come through and say, "What do you think my conversion? Like, I think landing page will convert 20%, upsell page will convert this." You put in your guesstimate of what conversion rates will be.

Then after you do that on every single page, then you can go and add on YouTube ads, or Facebook ads, so much ad costs. Then you go and you click the simulate button. This will simulate what would happen if you build out this funnel and they spend $2,000 on Facebook ads, right? And the first time we simulate, it's like, "Oh, they lost a thousand bucks" say, okay. But if we come back and we tweak this and get the conversion up to 8%, let's see what it looks like now. Then you click it, and show them like, "Oh, this time based on these numbers, you make 1500 bucks." But you do this whole simulation. You show the client, and then they actually have a chance to understand it. Then you can actually share that simulation with them and they can see it.

Is that amazing? So instead of, you have to go build a whole funnel for them and then show all the work ahead of time, you just build a simulation, you show it to them. Then they see them like, "oh my gosh, that looks amazing." And it helps with client expectations as well, 'cause you can say, "Look, if this page converts at 5%, we make money, but there's only 3%, we're not going to make money." So, just so you know, in the process, we're going to be tweaking and testing and getting things until we get to this point, as soon as it's at 5%, now it's profitable. Now, this is when it's going to be amazing. So, second step is to build out the simulation, and then sending that simulation to the clients so they can see the whole process. They can understand what's going to be happening. And now they're ready to rock and roll.

Now again, like I said, those who get certified, we're going to be giving you guys the software for free. So, that's another gift for you guys who decide to go all in. And the cool thing about the agency version of Geru is you can actually replace the Geru logo with your logo. So no one even knows the Geru exists. They look like, you're the genius who invented this software. You're like, "Oh, this is my Russell Brunson funnel simulator software. Let me plug in my numbers." So you send the reports and send the actual simulations to them, and it all looks like it's coming from you, not from me, which is kind of cool. That way, they have no idea that we even exist. It's just your own private label thing. That's really, really cool. So, that'll be something that again, will get to all the certified people.

Step number three, you send them the funnel build, you send them the simulation, and then you blow their minds with everything you gathered, and they're like, "Oh my gosh, this is amazing." Now again, I want to understand. They paid you for this market research. They paid, you did all the research, you did all the funnel hacking, you got all the ads, you simulated the funnel, you gave it to them, right? And after that's done, like, "This is amazing." Guess what the next question always is? "Can you build this for me?" Yes. And that's how you get paid the second time. Like I said, the first time you get paid to build out the framework. This is the architect building. Here's the architecture of the funnel. And the second time, then you actually get paid to go and actually build the funnel. Does that make sense? Are you guys getting this? All right, cool.

Now, it's funny. I was talking to Ben, cause this is Ben's whole model. He goes and he charges people. His cost is a thousand bucks, charges a thousand bucks through the whole funnel hack, and then after he gives the whole thing to you, then they come back and they hire him to do the funnel build. And I asked him actually last night, I was like, "What percentage of people who you do the funnel hack for actually pay you for the funnel build?" And he said, "80%." I said, "Are you serious? 80%?" He's like, "No, that's not actually true." He's like, "So far, I've had a hundred percent. Everybody I did the funnel hack for, ended up hiring me to build the funnel."

'Cause that seems kind of high. I was like, okay. So I don't know what conversions will be, but for Ben it's a hundred percent. You might be 5%. You might be 0%. I don't know. But the conversion rate of people who actually let you architect the building, the people who actually have you build the building is really, really, really, really high. Does that make sense? Sometimes it's scary for a client to say, "I'm going to give you $10,000 to build a funnel," but they're like, "I'll give you a hundred bucks to build out my proposal." Right? And you get paid for that. You do it. And then they're like, "This is amazing. Yes. I trust you. You know more about my business than I do." You do all the research you show them the funnel's going to look like, "Yes, of course I'm going to give you money." Right? And that's how you close clients really easily through that two step process of the proposal, the Rainmaker Proposal, and then building the funnel for them afterwards.

So the second time you get paid is the paid funnel build. And this is really simple. Number one, you build the actual funnel you designed, then you test and you optimize it and you blow their minds once again. I know you love blowing client's minds. It just makes them like, "This person's amazing." So what you do is you take the funnel, you build out inside of Geru that you simulated and you go and you plug it and you build the whole thing into ClickFunnels. It's pretty simple. Now, again, I'm not going to do whole click funnel tutorial, but for most of you guys it's pretty simple. You go in there and you design the funnel steps. Then you go into the actual page, you drag and drop and build the funnel for them. Number three, you add all the upsells and down sales, members areas, whatever it is. And then it's done, it's building ClickFunnels, and then you can go and you can give it to them.

Now, for those of you guys who can get certified, I want to give you guys another gift. You guys okay if I over deliver once again? So make sure you're cool with that. Okay, you guys are cool with that? Okay, good. Thank you. All right. I'm going to over deliver once again. For those of you guys who decide to get certified inside a ClickFunnels 2.0, we built what we called an agency account. This is only for people who are certified funnel builders. Inside the agency account what'll happen, which is really cool, is you can create workspaces.

So that means, let's say I get somebody who's a chiropractor, and I can go inside ClickFunnels. On side here, these are called workspaces. These little workspaces here, each one is a separate ClickFunnels account. So let's say I sign on a chiropractor. I come here, I can build a workspace. It's just for him. I can go and I can build the entire funnel, get it all set up, get everything done, and the chiropractor's not paying for it, I'm not paying for it. But as soon as it's done, then I can give that funnel to, I can give this account to the chiropractor, they put their credit card in. You get paid commission on that person's thing, and then it goes live. And you, as one of the certified funnel builders, you have the ability to add as many of these workspace as you want.

So you can be working on five or 10 clients at once, and you don't pay anything while you're building all those accounts. Then when you get done, you hand it off to them and they start paying for it. But this is just a huge, you guys are going to love this. Everyone who I know who's got agency, who's been playing with ClickFunnels 2.0 is freaking out because this is the greatest thing world. And the only way to get the agency count, you can't get us any other way, unless you are one of our certified partners, so just understand that. You guys in the comments are freaking out about that. Yes. Those who know, know.

Step number two. After you got the funnel built out, then you got to go and you actually have to get the copy on the pages. Right? So what is copy? This is my partner, Jim Edwards, and I, we created a software called Funnel Scripts, and I got something really cool with Funnel Scripts as well. But basically what copy is on the page, copy is all the stuff on the funnel page. So, it's the headline, the videos, the words, like all the words, right? It's the upsells, the down, this is all the copy. Copy is also the ads, the words and the ads. It's also the emails that get sent out, right? That's all copy. Typically when I, these are actually sales letters I hired somebody to write for me, right? This first one cost me $20,000. This was 20,000, 15,000. This is what really good copywriters charge to write copy for sales pages and funnels and ads and things like that. It's expensive. Again, I literally, I can show you the wire transfer. I literally paid that much for each of these individual sales letters.

So one big secret. Write this down, write this down. The number one way to increase what you charge somebody as a funnel builder is to become awesome at copy. Does that make sense? Or find somebody who's a really good copywriter you can have on part of your team. 'Cause again, this is the price that I'm paying for a copy, so you guys understand it's the number one way to increase what you're charging. So, if you're like, "I'm making funnels, I want to make more money." Get really good at copy.

Now, one thing you can do is, inside of funnel scripts, we created something special just for people who are certified, and it's our agency account. What that means, is basically what you do is you go and you can create, what's called an avatar profile. You give that to your client and say, "Fill this out, tell us all about your dream customer." And they fill out the entire thing for you. They click a button and it saves that into your funnel scripts account, and then inside your funnel scripts account, you can make headlines, and ads, and you click a couple buttons and it does all the writing for you. So this is the tool we gave you to build able to increase how much you charge for everyone of your clients, which is really cool as well.

So, the copy goes on the pages. So, it looks like this, right? ClickFunnels. You build out the actual funnel, funnel scripts, write all the copy that goes in all the pages as well. Does that make sense? All right, cool, cool. I'm so happy you guys are freaking out. I love the comments. I'm trying look over like, "Oh good. You guys are tracking. You guys are getting this." Very cool. If you guys read, if you guys are getting this and you're like, "This is amazing." Again, one time, if I'm a funnel builder yell, "I'm a funnel builder." If you're a funnel builder, if you're like, "I'm in, I'm drinking the Koolaid. I am a funnel builder. I may not be one yet, but I'm going to become a funnel builder. I am a funnel builder. This is my new identity. This what I do the rest of my life, this is the greatest thing in the world." If that is you, let me know.

Again, you can do this for your own business. For other people's businesses. I leverage it to get to know people like Tony Robbins, people I want to get to know, like I built funnels for them for free 'cause I want to get to know cool people. This is the skillset that'll open up every door you've ever dreamt about. It's literally like a backdoor to this economy that all you guys been trying to get into forever. If you master the skillset, it is your pass into the cool kids club instantly.

So, if you're fun to build, to let me know. All right. I told you guys we're dropping the price. Are you still having fun? I can drop the price some more, but I want to make sure you guys are having fun. 'Cause we started at 18. We got down to 16 so far, but I can drop it a little more if you guys want, let me know if you guys... Okay. All right. You guys drop it again. Let's do this. If you guys say it one more time, then you're funnel builder. Like literally tap your chest. You say, "I'm a funnel builder." Yell out top of your lungs, wherever you're at. Your kids, your wife, your spouse, your employees, your coworkers, then you're crazy, but yell out, "I'm a funnel builder." Let me know the comments if that's you. All right. Okay guys. I'm up for that? That was good. Okay. We're 16 dropping 15. Save another thousand bucks 'cause you guys are having fun. Thank you for letting me have fun with this, you guys. I appreciate it. Are you ready to keep going?

Now I want to talk about how to start getting all these clients. So, secret number three is how to tap into the literally unlimited stream of people who are begging you to build funnels for them. There's tons of these and I'm going to go through a couple them really quick. So, in fact, I'm going to go through six ways, and I'm going to kind of rapid fire these because I know there's so much more I want to talk about.

I want to just kind of go fast with these. So here's six quick ways to get clients that are just easy. Number one, find somebody who's got a, we call them a fugly funnel, an ugly funnel, and then make them un-ugly. Like I said, turning off this funnel, they were about to launch and I was like, "That funnel is not optimized," said, "Oh, please let me fix this for you." He's like, "Okay." And I just built it, right? So make their funnel un-ugly. Now guess what? How many ugly funnels do you think there are in the world? I would say hundreds of millions, potentially, maybe billions. Right? There's a lot of them. So, all you do is find a funnel that's ugly, and then un-ugly it.

That's why I got to know, remember Noah, the 14 year old kid I showed you guys earlier? That's how I got to know him. We built the page, and I was like, "I can make it better." He rebuilt one for me. He didn't charge me anything to ask. He rebuilt it for me and said send it to me. He said, "Hey Russell, your funnel's kind ugly. Here's the new one. I hope you enjoy it." And he sent it to me as a gift. And I was like, "Who is this 14 year old kid?" I called him on the phone, got to know him, and boom. That's how he got his foot in the door. He took an ugly funnel... Well I'm not going to admit that it was ugly, but he took by a funnel and he made it better. Like how powerful this strategy's at? There's tons of people out there, who you make a funnel better for and you got your foot in the door.

Number two. Again, I love book funnels. I told you this before. Think about this. You go to Amazon. How many authors are on Amazon? Millions. How many authors need a book funnel? All of them. So I went there today. I literally typed in "photography books." How many people have written a book on how to do photography? You can see it. Over 60,000 books on how to do photography. How many funnels do you think there are, how many photography book funnels are there? I'd guess maybe a dozen, probably less. That means there's 59,998 people who need book funnels. And that's just photography.

Imagine typing in "gardening", or type in "jujitsu", or type in "wrestling", or type in "boxing", or type in whatever it is. There are tens of thousands of authors who need book funnels, and they're all sitting there, not selling books on Amazon, wondering, "Why is nobody buying my book?" Literally you message them, "Hey, your book's awesome, but you need to sell these things through a funnel. I'll build the book funnel for you. I built it for so and so, so and so, and I'll do it for you as well." Boom, like unlimited leads. Jeff Bezos, thank you so much for giving us all the author's information right here for free on Amazon.

You guys getting this? There are so many ways. So many ways to get clients. Number three. You can give away free funnels. Go and make a funnel, make a book funnel, or make a webinar funnel, or make a product launch funnel. Make a funnel, and then give it away. And guess what? People who want product launch funnels, guess what they want to do? If they want to launch a product, people who want a free book funnel, guess they want? They want to launch a book.

So if you make a product launch funnel, and give it away, and people come in and give you an email address for a free product launch funnel, you can contact a person and say, "I saw you got my free product launch funnel. Would you like me to actually custom build this thing for you?" And boom, you got to client that fast. This is one that we tested this with. We just give away a free lead, a two page lead funnel, and we got leads. It was the easiest thing get leads for now. I don't build funnels for other people, so I didn't follow up to them, but I could have easily been like, "Hey, the 5,000 people that gave me your email address, how'd you guys like me to build a funnel?" From 5,000 people, I bet I could get at least a couple dozen without even trying.

So build a free funnel, give it away, and then upsell those people. And you're actually building the funnel out for them. Live events. I told you about Kevin Richards earlier. Kevin got all of his clients by going to live events. We have Funnel Hacking Live coming up in a couple months. There's going to be 7,000 people at Funnel Hacking Live. Of those 7,000 people, almost all of them need a funnel. So going there, networking, you're going to find people that need funnels. And if you're a funnel builder, man, it's like dating, right? So matchmaking like heaven. But this is all events. Go to any live event. In fact, here's the bonus strategy for those who are paying attention, you guys want the bonus strategy?

A week ago, Pedro launched his challenge funnel live training right? Now, if you sign up for that, you saw, there's probably a couple thousand people that signed up for that. And all those couple thousand people guess what they all want? They all want challenge funnels. If you go in there, and you're the person being helpful, you can get tons of clients. Jeff Walker, every year, does a whole training, teaches you how to do product launch funnels. If you go into that community, you're like, "Hey, I can build product launch funnels for you," guess how many clients you can get? As many as you want, right? This is happening every single day. There's so many opportunities. Right? And so it's just looking for opportunities, networking with people, becoming good at a funnel type, and then putting yourself out there and people will start coming to you.

Next secret is, start looking at people's value ladders. Right? 'Cause a lot of times you'll see a big market and like, "Oh, they've got a webinar funnel. They're crushing it." But they only have one of like 10 funnels. So you're like, "Hey, this person's got a really good webinar funnel. What if I did a challenge funnel for them?" Contact them. Say, "Hey, you got a cool webinar funnel. Let's do a challenge for your webinar. I'll build the whole thing out for you." And boom, you start building the funnels, you start filling up the gaps in their value ladders, and you can take a percentage of that income. You can charge them per thing. There's so many opportunities by looking at the gaps in somebody's existing businesses.

I would say of all the people I know in this industry, I know a lot. There's very, very few that have more than one or two types of funnels. And so you can come into all those and be like, "Hey, you got a cool, a good high ticket phone funnel, but you need a survey funnel. You need a lead funnel. You need..." You got to see the power of this, just building the funnels they don't have for them. Fill in the gaps in a value ladder.

So, for those of you guys who need to become certified, I got one other cool strategy. How many of you guys want this one as well? This is cool because I told you guys, number one question we get is like, "Who can build the funnel for me?" And so we've been building in the background for the last probably almost seven or eight months now, Funnel Builder Marketplace. This marketplace is just for people who are funnel builders, and people who are looking for funnel builders to be like a matchmaker. We can connect people. So this is going live in probably 30 to 45 days now, so this is going to be going live, and initially people we're going to be putting in here are people who are certified funnel builders. You will go inside of here, and you literally go and you post your projects, and people will be able to see, here this person's certified. Here's all the certification badges. By being a certified person inside of here, all the traffic comes.

In fact, literally every email comes from ClickFunnels like, "Hey, need help?" It'll be in the footer of every email. It'll be email specifically about that saying, "If you need help building a funnel, go to the marketplace and find somebody to build a funnel for you. 'Cause again, the majority of people coming into my world, they do not want to learn how to build funnels. They just want to funnel. So this marketplace is literally where we're going to be sending all of those people.

So for you, if you're a certified funnel builder, you can actually put your project listings here and you start getting clients through that as well. So that's kind of a gift. Are you guys are excited so far? Who's freaking out with me? Awesome.

So, in today's presentation, a couple of things. First off, I've talked about this, how you can write your own swimming pool. Right? I showed you guys the funnel builders cheat code. It's going to help you launch a new career fast. You guys remember that? I showed you exactly how to do it. Number two, I showed you how to get paid twice. One, by building out the funnel proposal, and number two, is actually building out the actual funnel, and number three, I showed you six ways to tap into this unlimited stream of people who are begging to have funnels built for them.

There's way more ways on top of that. I just gave you six really quick to get the wheels in your head spinning. Now how many you guys are like, "You saw I'm excited, but I'm also really, really nervous. Russell talks really fast. I don't know all these things. He was using big words I've heard before." How many of you guys are just nervous for whatever reason? If you're nervous, let me know, just say, "I'm nervous, Russell. I understand what you're saying. This sounds cool. But how do I get clients? I don't know how to build a funnel. I don't know how to do funnel simulation. I don't even know what you're talking about." A lot of you, like most of you, you're nervous. I totally understand, and I know that I've been talking fast. All the pieces may not be making sense, but you see the opportunity, right? So, for those of you guys who are nervous, I've got a 12 second video to show you, to help you to get un-nervous. You guys ready for this? Here we go.

Garrett J. White: So first off understand, no matter what you try in the beginning, it's going to suck, because you suck. But you'll get better, and you'll suck less as you keep doing this, and eventually you'll suck less so little that you'll actually be good. But just surrender to the fact that you're going to suck.

Russell Brunson: Are you guys getting this? We understand at the beginning you are going to suck. Your first funnels going to be horrible. You're getting paid $0 for it. Maybe five bucks for it. But if you do it again, and again, and again, eventually you, as Garrett said, eventually you'll suck so, less, so little that eventually you'll become good. And that is the reality. The key is we have to get you guys off the sideline and get you started and have it start building these funnels together. So, I have a question for you guys. Do you guys have a minute for a question? Do you guys think that if you went through the process we talked about today, if you followed this funnel build process, number one, you became really, really good at one funnel type, right? You learned how to become a Rainmaker.

You became Rainmaker with book funnels, or with challenge funnels, with webinar funnels. We mastered one funnel type, right? And then you went and you got really good at crafting out the strategy, and then actually building that funnel out. Right? Understanding that, again, at the very beginning, you're going to suck, and it's not going to be very good. But you know that the end goal is for me to become a Rainmaker where I can master this one funnel type, become so good that I get clients like crazy. Right? You come back there. Do you think that if you follow this process, you get good at a funnel type, right? People pay you to actually go and build out a proposal. You give them the proposal, they see the proposal, and then they can hire you to actually build that funnel for them. Do you think you could do that?

It's not that difficult, right? It's not rocket science. It's not like I have to learn how to run Facebook ads, and Google, and all these like crazy, no. No, I have to get really good at one funnel type and pick one and become really good at it. I got to figure out how to build a simulation for it and just master and understand that, and then I got to figure out to build that funnel out. After you master that once, you have all the keys. When Kevin did product launch funnels, the first one was confusing, right? The first time you do the funnel, it's going to be like, "Oh, this is so hard." Then you do it like, "Oh, that was actually pretty easy." And you can do it again and again and again. Right? The reason why I'm able to launch funnels so quickly is because I've done all the funnel types.

We did this webinar, right, for you guys to get on here. It wasn't hard. All right, webinar funnels have like three pages. We've got three pages, change the copy, change the stuff, and boom, we're live in like 15 minutes. When you get good at it, it becomes easy. So just understand you got to become master one. First time's going to be hard, you're going to suck, then start selling the proposal, and then from there sell the actual funnel builds.

So certification. Again, we talked about it, and it's not going to be cheap. We started 18,000. We got down to 15,000 today, which is a pretty good price for certification. I have friends doing certifications at $21,000 and higher, so 15,000 is actually a pretty good deal. But I want to a little lower. You guys want to a little bit lower than that? If you do, again, I want to hear you say it.

My funnel builders, if you're a funnel builder, you're like, "I'm in, I want to become, I want to be certified. I want to be a funnel builder." If you're a funnel builder, tap yourself on the chest and say, "I'm a funnel builder." Let me know. You guys are, "I'm a funnel builder. Yes. I'm a funnel." This isn't your new identity, you guys, the whole goal of this was to give you guys identity. I understand you are a funnel builder. You can write your own swimming pools. You can have fun with this. You can get to know people. You can get connections and open doors. When you master this one skillset, it can change everything for you. So, if you're a funnel builder, tap yourself on the chest and say, "I'm a funnel builder." I'm sure now all the people in your office around you are like, "What are you talking about?"

Maybe you're in your car, driving, listening. The same thing. Hold the steering wheel. Tap yourself. "I have a funnel builder." You guys are funnel builders. All right. With that said then, as a funnel builder, as one of our certified people, I'm going to walk you through everything you're going to get. The first thing you're going to get is the funnel building secrets online training course. This is to help you to understand all of the funnels. So if those you guys are like, "I don't understand what else was talking about." Don't worry, we will slow and walk through funnel by funnel and help you guys understand how they all work. Now again, there's a bunch of funnels. We're going to walk you guys through how to build lead, squeeze funnels, survey funnels, summit funnels, free challenge funnels, book funnels, cart funnels, paid challenge funnels, VSL funnels, webinar funnels, product launch funnels, application funnels, webinar funnels, funnel hubs, and funnel stacking.

Now again, you don't have to be good at all of those. That's the big key like, "Oh Russell, that's a lot." You don't have to be good at all of them, you have to good at one. You're going to learn them all and figure out, "Man, I really like this one for me." Book funnels, my favorite. For you, maybe it's product launch funnels. Maybe it's webinar. You're going to pick one and become a master at it. So don't think "Ah, this is overwhelming." No, these are all the ones, and you're going to pick which one you like the most, and then you become a master at that one. Plus on top of that, right now, people are paying a ton of money for their membership sites, and they're paying ton of money for follow up funnels and email campaigns, and so we're also doing deep training on both of these, so you can add that to your skillset.

You can say, "Hey, I'm going to build you a challenge funnel and a membership site. I'm going to build your challenge funnel plus an email sequence site." We'll also do training on both of those as well, so you guys can master both those as well. So what you're going to get first off, is you're going to get the funnel building secrets training course, which is a real life value of $4,997. Second thing you're going to get is the funnel builders certification. Now, this is the actual certification we're going to certify you, so you can go out and tell people, "I've actually done this before. I'm not just some dude who's just making this up. I've been certified, I understand the process, the strategy, psychology, occasionally on the certification program."

Now, the certification program, you can be certified in each funnel type. You don't have to do all of once again, but you can pick, "I want to become certified at survey funnels, or summit funnels, or product launch funnels. Okay. You have a chance to go through and get certified on each and every one of them. If you want to get certified on all of them, you can become a master funnel builder, which just means you're really, really cool, and you probably charge more of your clients at the end of the day, but you can get certified in one or as many of these as you'd like to. We're also building a special certification for funnel hubs, and a special certification for funnel stacking, two specialties that people will pay extra money for. We're also building a special certification just for follow up funnels. Again, these are things you can add to your resume, that'll increase the amount of money you can charge a client as well.

Then we're thinking about, and this is just depends on if you guys get excited by this, we're thinking about adding in a copywriting specialist certificate, and a conversion one as well. Those may or may not come as well, but these are all things that are happening inside the members area. So how does it actually work? What's really cool is it's very fun. The way it works is, when you go to members' area, each week, we're launching a new certification. The very first thing is there's a video, me teaching you guys this strategy. So, here's the strategy about how to do a book funnel, and you'll watch that and you'll understand, oh, that's how it works. Then you're going to get training from this guy, or Greg on our team. And Greg's going to show you how to technically use that, and go into ClickFunnels, actually build out that.

Greg's going to show you how to technically use that and then ClickFunnels's build out that exact funnel. So you get the strategy first off, then you get the tactics.

Then Jim Edwards is going to come. Jim's going to show you, now you got the structure of the funnel built, then we're going to go into Funnel Scripts, and here's how I write all the copy to get the headline, the VSL, the sales page, upsell. He's going to show you how to use all the copy, what scripts to use, where to plug them into... Where to get them from Funnel Scripts, and where to plug them inside the actual funnel.

After you've gone through that training, then you have a chance to go with our team on our side, and they're going to help you to go build the funnel.

You're going to build the funnel from start to finish and get one completely done. And you'll build the second one. And after you've had a chance to do a couple times, then make sure you understand all the things, how to do it, how to connect this shopping cart, the payments and the buttons and the design and the copy, and you build the funnel out. Then you'll get an official certification showing that you have proven the skillset you need to do, to be able to launch the book funnel.

And then you do the same process for the webinar funnel. Each funnel type, you'll go through the same process. I'll teach you the strategy. Greg's going to walk through the actual tactical, how to build it out. Jim will go through the copyright, how to get the copy on each page and you'll have a chance to go with one of our, people on our team to go and work with them to get a funnel built and approved. Then, at that point, you'll get a certification for each of those things.

From there you can go into the funnel builder Marketplace say, look, I'm certified on Book Funnels. Here's example of a couple I've built, and then boom, all of a sudden, again, clients will start coming to you. You can go out there, start marketing your services, a whole bunch of cool things as well.

Okay, that's how certification works. Again, our goal is to help you become a Rainmaker for each of the funnel types. Now, again, you can focus on one, you can do all of them. I don't care. This is up to you. This is your own self-paced learning, so you can pick whatever which ones you want to focus on.

Now this is something, this group is starting next week, so this is a brand new thing. We're starting the first one, we'll go through and Funnel Hubs will be first. Then lead squeeze funnels and surveys, and each week we'll be unlocking one of these over the next few weeks.

Now, how it works is that after you go through the certification program, you'll be certified for two years. So for two years, you're an active certified. After that, we've got a $500 a year continuing education. That's to make sure that you're still up on the newest things. You're learning the new updates and ClickFunnels and things like that. Plus, it keeps you in the members' area, keeps you in the community, a bunch of other things like that.

The certification lasts for two years, which is cool. So you can get in there, start making tons of money building funnels for people. Then, two years from now have the continuing education credits.

Now this is one of my favorite things about certification program. We built this out literally today. Inside the members' area, there's a section that we called huddles. Now what a huddle is you as a funnel builder, you don't want to be alone. I have no idea, especially your very first time, your first two or three times, when someone's paying you and you got to go and build a funnel simulation and you got to go funnel hack, you're going to be nervous. What's cool is in the huddle, you come in and say, look, here's my client. They're a chiropractor in Chicago. This is what I built out. What do you guys think? Then you get feedback inside of the huddle from everybody. Then you go on and after they hire you to build the funnel, you can build the funnel correctly, say I built the funnel, here's the page, what do you guys think? What should I tweak? What should I change?

All of us, collective, we can help you to make sure that funnel is right. That way when you get it to your client, it's going to look the best possible. It's not your guesses, but you get a whole community of other certified funnel builders who are helping you and coaching you through making sure it's successful.

The reason why this is so important. This is my buddy, heath. Heath is one of the lead copywriters on our team here at ClickFunnels. He's amazing. Heath is in a certification program for copywriters similar to this. What's cool is every time Heath writes a sales letter, like for example, this is, he did the NO-BS letter one. You also wrote a sales letter, and it was really good. He sent it to his mastermind group over there and he had all the other people going there and rip it apart and like, oh, the headline sucks or change this. Add this. What about this? And everyone like gave us all this feedback. We came back, changed it. We launched this funnel, and, to this day, this is one of the high converting funnels we've ever had.

It's all because these huddles that Heath does with his copyright mastermind. I want to build the same thing here, inside the funnel builder Certification program. We have a mastermind of people. We're all helping coach each other as we were doing proposals, as we're doing funnel builds and things like that. And so that's what that huddle is for because I want no funnel builders to feel like they're alone.

Now you got a community of people here serving you, helping together. Again, here's where you get inside the certification program. Number one, funnel builder seeks all the training. Number two, the certification program, plus the live huddle, so you'll never be alone. Total value, $19,994.

Next thing you're going to get is the software packages. Number one, I told you, I'm, right now, in negotiations which, hopefully, we have it closed this week. We are buying, which is the funnel simulation company. I love it. It's my favorite software tools in the world. You guys will get an agency account to that. An agency account lets you build out these funnel simulations, but also change out the company logo, so your company logos on it. So, when you give it to a client, they don't know we exist, which is really powerful. That way you can blow their minds. Now this is a valuable bonus because if you were to go to right now and look at it, it's $79 a month for the pro. And then there's upsell for the agency version, which is like $150, $200 bucks a month.

So you're saving that, so instead paying $79 bucks a month or a hundred bucks a month or whatever it is, you get it for free for as long as you're an active funnel builder. Is that cool? Or is that super cool? That's like... The math that's like what, $800 bucks a month or $800 bucks a year or over 10 years, whatever the math is, you aren't ever pay for it again because it'll all be in there for you guys.

Next thing is you get ClickFunnels 2.0 agency edition. Our beta for ClickFunnels for all people that are at Funnel Hacking Live goes live next week, I believe. You'll be part of that beta group as well, which is cool. What's going to happen is you'll get the agency edition, which means, and again, this is only for certified people, where you get these workspaces where you can rebuild out a client's entire funnel without having to pay for anything extra, then what's done, you can give it to them, and then they start paying for the ClickFunnels account. That gives you the ability to build and create cool things without the stress of, oh, I got to get this done because the monthly payment's going to hit for this client. And you can do that, then when it's done, you hand it off to them. You get agency edition as well.

Now on top of that, you're also get six months of ClickFunnels platinum for free. What that means is that if you have a ClickFunnels account, now we're going to upgrade your ClickFunnels account 1.0 and you get six more months on top of that. Also, the beta, like I said, for ClickFunnels 2.0 goes, you get six months access to ClickFunnels 2.0 for free. And on top of that, you get the agency account, which the agency account is only for people who are certified.

Again, what that means is when you become a certified partner for the next six months, you're not paying any ClickFunnels fees. Now there is, after six months, you have to pay your normal ClickFunnels monthly dues, but for the next six months, there's no other ClickFunnels fees. That gives you the ability to go in there and have some fun and do things without the stress of any monthly payments.

We're also going to be giving you the Funnel Scripts agency edition. Jim Edwards is working on this right now, should be done the next couple days, where you have the agency edition, where you can create forms, send to your clients, they fill out the form, click a button and it saves into your Funnel Scripts account. Then you can generate all the copy quickly for them. It's one of the coolest upgrades to Funnel Scripts as well. And the agency editions is only available to people who are certified.

So what you're going to get again, the funnel builders Secret Training, the funnel builder Secret Certification, plus the live huddles. You can get the geru agency account, the ClickFunnel agency account and the Funnel Scripts agency account. Whew!

Total value, $30,985. You guys excited? Someone said, that's dope. Someone says dope, drop the price. You want me to drop the price as well? Okay, well, you guys be okay if I were to over deliver then? I'm still thinking about these pricing things. How about this?

On top of that, like I said, there will be other people who have a chance to list themselves inside the funnel builder Marketplace, but the premium listings will be going to people who are certified. Premium listings mean your badges are on there, you get highest rankings, things like that because people are going to come saying, I'm the higher funnel builder. I'm like, we hire anyone, but if you want, I definitely recommend someone who's gone through the training, who's certified, who has a badge on there. And, like I said, we're going to be sending all of our people who asset funnels directly to the marketplace. So the better you get in here, the more success you get, the more people rating and reviewing, the more stars you get, all that kind of stuff, the more clients you're going to get.

That's a big benefit as well. Then, again, no funnel builder will be left behind. You guys get the certification program where you get the live trainings that are happening every single week. You also get live help.

Greg Dakins is the guy who's running the certification program. Just so you know, I asked Greg the other day, I said, how many funnels have you built in your lifetime inside of ClickFunnels? And he does, just so you guys know, for our team, he's been doing live funnel builds multiple times a day for the last like six or seven years. He said the last time he counted was like over 5000 funnels he's built from start to end. Everything connected live. And he said three people who he built funnels, for who were clients, who all hit two Comma Club awards. He not only does this all day, every single day, he's had success building funnels. They get into the Comma Club. Understand that as well. This is a guy who is going to be new live help, going live each week, doing bunch of stuff. He'll open office hours, a bunch of stuff. You have access to Greg and his team of funnel builders.

And on top of that, we also have access to live huddles. So a lot of cool things, because again, I have this belief, no funnel builder left behind. If you come in this program, this is your career, this is your identity. We are your tribe to help make sure you're successful. Your ups and your downs. The client goes bad. Things happen, all that kind of stuff, we're here to help support you and help be successful. You have a client whose launch and something's not working, we're there to help fix things, and, in fact, we'll also give you access to our VIP support and other things, to make sure that you are, you're taking care of inside the program.

So, again, what you're going to get, Photo Builder, Secrets training, Funnel Builder Secret Certification, geru account, ClickFunnels account, Funnel Scripts account, and the Funnel Builder Marketplace. Total value $37,185. Woo.

Now, couple questions for you guys. I'm not going to charge you guys, $37,985. Even though I think it's worth a lot more than that. If we were to charge you $37,985, and if all this did was help you to launch your brand new career as a funnel builder, would it be worth it?

Yeah. Most people go to college and pay a lot more than that to get a career in something that's not nearly as lucrative as this. Okay, so it's going to give you the skill sets to become a funnel builder. If all this did was finally give you the credentials you needed to be a funnel expert, would it be worth it?

Yeah. A lot of you guys have tried to build funnels for other people, but you don't have the credentials. Now you say, look, I am certified. I've gone through the certified guide program. I've got my badge, I've got my training. Here's the funnels I built in the past. It gives you instant street cred. Your credibility makes it so much easier for you to go out and sell funnels.

Then last thing, if all this did was increase your skills and funnel strategy, building campaigns, copy conversion, would be worth it? Yeah, because even if you never build a funnel for a client ever, but you go through all this and you become better at building funnels, you can do like Steven Larson did and plug in whatever product you want and boom, watch it explode.

So this skillset you guys are learning is the most valuable skillset you can learn. I've told you over and over and over again. So right now we had two choices doing this. We could do what most of our competitors could do. And they make cheap, crappy certification programs that mean nothing.

In fact, I've seen some of them... We did a test. We joined someone's certification program, and from the time we bought it to the time we got certified, it was less than three minutes. Literally, that's how bad... We signed up, fill out a quiz, click the button and they gave us badge. This is not even real. No one's going to trust us in the marketplace. This is... The certification program's tough. It's not going to be simple or easy. You have to go through stuff. You have build funnel. You have to prove it. We're going to have to go through and audit your stuff to make sure you're good. So instead of doing the crappy option, that gave you guys no actual value, we wanted to put up some barriers to make it exclusive, to make it expensive, to make it good, so that this certification meant something. You could get clients when, all of a sudden, done. Okay, so that's why we decided to go the second option.

My question for you is how much do you think one client could be worth to you? Now, Stephanie, again, you're going to be Stephanie, you're like 15 minutes or something, but Stephanie built her first funnel for a client and she didn't get paid for it. She did it for free, gave it to him and she made it rain. That one client then referred her and she did webinar for 10 other clients, she had nine other people sign up. From there, it kept snowballing, and now she's got a whole funnel agency that she's built all because of one funnel.

What do one client could be worth for you? Or two? Or three? As soon as you get the skill set, you guys, the sky's the limit. You can write your own swimming pool whenever you want.

Can you see why this is an amazing deal at the $18,000 we started at? Easily. Again, my friends have certification programs that start $21,000 and beyond. So $18,000 is a screaming good deal, but we had some fun today. I dropped it already down to $15,000. We had some fun, but I'm still having a good time. You guys a good time as well? Okay, all right. Let's drop it some more. You guys want to drop it a little more? How about this? Because you guys are the beta group, because this is live training, the live training starts next week. You have a chance to go through this with us because you're part of the beta group in the long term, literally the plan is $18,000 will be the certification program moving forward.

But because you guys are coming in and you're going through the process with us, you can help us iron out the kinks, you're going to be part of this foundational group, you're going to be in the live huddles, learning and helping each other. We want to build amazing case studies from this, because you guys are in there, what if I knocked off another five grand? Would that help you guys? Oh yeah. You guys are like drop it, drop it. All right. Okay. Okay. Awesome.

What that means instead of charging us $15,000 certification today, what we're going to do is you can get started and become a certified funnel builder for $9,997. Under 10 grand. Or if you need to, you can break up at four payments at $2997. That means you can get in here for a couple thousand bucks and start learning the skill set, start building funnels for people, and you could potentially be making money to pay for your second payment or your third payment as you're going. Does that make sense?

That's what I want you guys to do is give you guys this amazing opportunity to get started and get in there and start building funnels for people. Again, it's one payment of $9,997 or four payments of $2,997. To get started, when you guys are ready, all you got to do is go to

Okay. Now, a couple other things. I want you to... Also, forget on top of the certification, you're also getting the agency account to gerus, you're getting a six month account to ClickFunnels. 1.0 and 2.0, you're asking the agency edition of ClickFunnels, you're asking the agency edition of Funnel Scripts. You can't get these anywhere else unless you're a certified partner, which is cool.

Okay, which one are you? We talked about this earlier, but how many of you guys are here, and you're a business owner and you're trying to find a funnel builder?

Okay. If you are, what I recommend, if you're a business owner you're here, this is awesome, but I don't want to learn how to build funnels. That's okay. Buy the certification, certify someone on your team, certify a kid or a spouse. Certify one of your employees. Find someone on your team who's underperforming. Find a website designer, say, look, website designer, you're good, but you're not making any money. I'm going to go take you to the certification program, make them a funnel builder. Get someone on your team and put them through the certification program. Then you've got a rockstar sitting there who can be building funnels for you all day long, every single day. So if you're a business owner, get someone on your team and certify them, number one.

Number two, if you're like, this is my new career, this is my identity. I'm a funnel builder. I want to do this. Awesome. Jump in here, be part of this and start making money building funnels for other people.

Number three, if you're an agency, you should come and be part of this. Add funnel building as a service to your agency. So come in here, get the skills, get the training as an agency as well.

Okay, so you right now have two choices. Your first option is don't do anything and not take this leap of faith, which is 100% risk free, by the way. Or your second option is test it out. Literally pony up the tiny investment today, compared to all value you can get return, give it a shot. See if this will work for you.

If you come here and going through the process, you're like, I don't understand what's happening. Let us know, we'll give you your money back. I don't need your money. I want you to be completely understanding on that. I don't need your money. This is not about me at all. This is about you. Come in here, test it out and go through and do it because we have a philosophy here at ClickFunnels that if we can't make you money, then we don't deserve yours. What that means is, go through the program. You got 30 full days, go through it, sign up, go through the foundational training, go through all different things, go learn about the funnel types, go try to sell it. And, if for some reason doesn't work for you, you literally have 30 full days.

Sign up today. If you don't like it for any reason, I don't care if it's 29 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes from right now, let me know and we'll give you all your money back. I do not want it. I do not need it. This is a program for you to help you with the future skill set.

That's my money back guarantee. We are not some fly by night company ClickFunnels has been on for eight years. We're not leaving. We're not going anywhere. There's nothing to worry about. But... You literally don't have to make the decision, am I going to do this or not? Decide, do I think this might work for me? If the answers maybe, then go and jump right in and go and do it. Come be part of this thing, go through certification and then figure it out.

If it's not for you, let us know. We'll give you money back. I do not want it. I do not need it. But for most of you guys, if you go through this process, it will change your life forever. Okay. This will be one of those moments, it's like, man, my life before I was a funnel builder, my life afterwards. Everything changed for you. And you're going to have a chance in a few minutes and I'm going to bring on a whole bunch of amazing funnel builders to tell their stories and talk about how their life changed, when they decided to make the same decision you're making right now. Should I do this? Ah, it's a lot of money. Ah, it's scary. It's a whole new identity. It's a whole new, different shift. Should I do it? Ah, I don't know. Again, don't say yes or no, say maybe.

I think this is for me. I'm going to jump in and try it. Then if it's not for you, let us know. We'll give you money back. But, again, like all the people about to meet, it changed their life. It can change your life as well.

Okay. The real question for you is this, is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out, which even if only does half what I claimed on today's training will literally pay for itself as soon as you sell your very first funnel. That's the question.

Okay. If you guys know the answer, now is the time to go to Again, I told you guys, we have over a hundred thousand active entrepreneurs. We have 1800 a day who are signing up and all these people are looking for funnels.

They don't want to learn how to build funnels. They want somebody to build funnels for them. Most of them need your help and I need your help because I can't support all these people. I'd have to build a team like 400 people to build funnels for all of them. I'm not able or willing to do that. I'm going to focus on software. You guys on becoming great funnel builders.

Okay. Now someone was asking earlier, well, I'm confused. I understand. I don't know what funnel I even want. That's the whole point that this certification. You shouldn't know what kind of funnel you're going to be master. You shouldn't know what's going to be best. You shouldn't... That's why we're doing the certification. I wanted to open your eyes to the opportunity. Now you can come in, get certified and figure out, oh, I like book funnels. All right. I hate book funnels, but, man webinar funnels light me up or product launch funnel. You can come here and go through and experience it and then decide what makes the most sense for you.

Okay, so if you're confused about what funnel you should use, don't be. That's the whole point of the certification is to train you, help you understand it, and then you figure out what you want to specialize in. That make sense? Just like college. You go to college and first four years of college, you're like, I'm just coming here to figure out what's happening. Then you go and you specialize and you certify it. And the more, the closer you get to the end, the more money you're able to make. Same thing happens here. So here's where you can get inside the funnel builder certification program.

Once you get FunnelBuilder Secrets Training, all the training on how to build funnels, you get the certification as well as the live huddles. You can get the geru agency account, the ClickFunnels agency account, the Funnel Script agency account and the Funnel Builders Marketplace. Total value, $37,985.

And then I got one last special bonus for you guys. And this is only for those who set up right now. This is one of those bonuses, we're going to pull away very soon, but I wanted to give this to you guys because I love people who take action. And I know this is a scary thing for a lot of you guys, you're nervous, you have the fear and the anxiety, all the things. Your brain's saying, no, this is going to be hard. It's like, I want to push through that. I want to turn off the fear for the back of your head, turn it off and let you move forward and face.

I'm going to give you guys one more bonus that is so irresistible, I hope this alone will be worth the money to join FunnelBuilders. I showed you guys this funnel builder search engine, and this is powerful. I started using this a while ago and I love it. That's me, reverse engineer. I see the ads people are running, all sorts of stuff. So what I'm going to do is, we're going to give you guys access to this.

Now, a couple things, there are two other software platforms that are similar to this. Two of our competitors, one of them is called Adbeat and Adbeat charges $399 a month. And then there's called Similarweb, Similarweb charges $449 per month. Now if you guys ever use these tools are awesome. Let you reverse engineer and see the ads people are running, all sorts of stuff, but they're insanely expensive. Even for me. I do pretty well, but whenever I got an Adbeat account, I would like get everything ready, all my research and I'd go sign up, and I would try to like do as many as I could. I would, I had 30 days, so I'm like, I'm not paying for two months because that's so much money. I paid for 30 days and I'd try to get as much funnel hacking done as possible, and then like, I cancel my account.

I'd wait six or seven months, I go create another account for a couple days because it was so expensive. So we're able to tap into some amazing databases, pull some of this ads stuff for you, so we're going to give you guys a license and access to the Funnel Builder search engine for free, for as long as your certification's active. That means you're not going to pay $400 bucks a month that Adbeat you charge you or $449 at Similarweb, you'd access to this entire database, everything for free for as long as certification. That's saving you $500 bucks a month times, 12 months. That's what? Five grand. Times 10 years like $50,000, times a million. Anyway, it's a huge value saving we want to give you guys, that way you guys can use this as well. This is a gift we're going to give you those who get started right now by going to You's excited?

I'm having so much fun right now. Okay. So again, you guys get certified today. You get certified for one payment of $9,997, $10,000. Or you can break up a four payments of $2,997. All you got to do is go to to get start right now.

Again, to recap what you can get. You can get the Funnel Builder Secrets, Funnel Builder Certification, the geru, the ClickFunnels, the Funnel Scripts, agency accounts, plus access to the marketplace when goes live later on this month. Total value of $37,985. And you guys get it all for one payment of $9997 today or four payments of $2997 over the next four months.

Okay. Again, you get started at Now in a minute now I got some guests I'm going to bring on, before I do. I know they got a whole bunch of Q&A's. My team just slide me a piece of paper with a bunch of Q&A's. I have five or six questions I'm going to go through. Then I'm going to bring on a bunch of funnel builders and let you introduce... I'm going to introduce you them and then have them tell the stories, so you can see what this career looks like on the other side.

Okay. Sorry. I'm out of breath, I'm having so much fun over here. Okay, so the questions that are coming... Here's the questions. Okay, so I think I have six questions here, seven questions. The first question that my team said, is there a guarantee? Yes, there's a guarantee. The guarantee is, you come in here, go through the training and you got 30 days to try it out. At 30 days, you're like, this isn't worth it for me, let us know and we'll cancel your... Or cancel your, if you're doing monthly, we'll cancel, we'll refund your money. You paid full, we'll refund your money. So you have a 30 day guarantee to go through it and have some fun with it.

Number two, will you promote my service if I acquire a certification? Kind of. I'm not going to promote anybody as a specific funnel builder, but after you get certified, you have a chance to put yourself inside the Funnel Builder Marketplace, and, then for us, that's where we'll be driving everyone who's looking for a funnel builder, we drive them to the marketplace. The marketplace is there. It's a valuable tool, but you guys will be in charge of listing your services in the marketplace and making sure, doing deals, so you get stars, get ratings and reviews, and making good funnels and putting your portfolio and we'll teach you how to do all that stuff to make it so you're very attractive and people want to pay you. But your job is to do that.

We'll let you list yourself in the marketplace and I'll be sending tons of people there, but then it's your job to get the leads and work through it from there. On top of that, we'll be spending tons of time inside the certification programs show you how to get leads, how to get customers, how to sell them, how to close them, all that kind stuff will be covered as well in tons of detail because we want to make sure you guys are having success as well.

Not only are we getting certified learning how to do all this stuff, we'll also be helping you guys with how to get clients, how to sell people, all that kind of stuff as well. That sound good? Okay.

Question number three. Once I'm certified, is there a suggested price point I should be charging for the product, for the funnel builds? So the answer that is kind of. With funnel building there's a wide range of prices. When most of you are getting started, the first funnel might be free. You might, like Stephanie did, she built funnel for free. Then she had success in that and she leveraged it and she started charging more. Everyone charges different prices. Typically, the type of business you're working with depends on how much money you can charge.

For example, let's say you are doing a funnel for a restaurant. In a restaurant there's a lot of customers coming through, but the average person that goes to restaurant might spend $50 bucks or $30 bucks. So if you get them one new client a month, they make an extra $50 bucks a month. You probably can't charge that much for that funnel.

But let's say you work with someone who is a dentist, does cosmetic surgery and their typical patient value is $10,000 for Invisalign. If you get them one new client a month, they're making 10 grand a month. You can charge a lot more. Maybe you give them three clients a month or five clients a month. If you get, if you work with companies that have higher average customer value, you can charge a lot more. We'll teach those things in the certification program as well. But there's no set pricing. This is all up to you and negotiations, but we'll walk you us through how to do it. The proposals we've seen people sell anywhere from $50 for funnel proposal up to, Ben Moote charges a thousand dollars for a funnel proposal.

There's that big range and the better you get, more you can charge. Supply and demand. You start getting a lot of clients, start charging more and you get less clients coming in and you can work with the ones you want. Same thing on the funnel building. First, maybe you build a funnel for a hundred bucks, but if you get better, then you can charge more. Charge $500, charge a thousand. You get better and better, then you come back and like Kevin charge a percentage of the product launch as opposed to charging for the funnel build. Or like I, Noah, charge a percent, get equity in the companies. There's so many things you can do, but it all comes down to how good you get in this game. I'm going to give you all the tools and the resources and training to make you amazing, but then it comes up to you. You've got to take, you got to take these things and become really good. If you do that, man, you can have tons of success.

Again, if you guys are on the fence, now is the time go to I have a couple guests we’re going to introduce in a minute. I got a couple more questions though, and then I'll introduce you some more funnel builders.

Next question. Three, four. How long do I have to complete the course? Okay, so this is cool thing is right now, again, this is the beta group, which means right now you're going to get in, there's a bunch of cool stuff you can dive into now, this weekend, you can go through a bunch of foundational stuff, you start getting the wheels you had spinning. The next week, we launch the first certification program and each week we'll launch new one after that.

What's cool about it is you can do this on your own timeline. Some of you guys are going to be crazy and you're going to do it every time one releases. You're going to do it, have it done in a week and then be certified in that funnel type. Some of you guys may be like, I don't like book funnels, survey funnels are stupid. I don't like these kind. And like, oh, but I love this one. And maybe you do one or you do two. It's totally up to you. I don't care. Some of you guys you can have, you can make an amazing income of mastering just one funnel type. Maybe you're waiting for two or three weeks till that one comes, then boom, you go deep and understand that one and become amazing at that. But there's no set time to complete it. You have access to this, again, when you sign up, you have two years access this. For two years, the training's there. And after that, it's $500 bucks a year to continue education, to keep your certification open.

Yeah. Number five, how many exams are there? Do I take them all to become certified? There's... For each funnel type, there's a strategy training, technical training, copywriting training, and then you go and you are going to build two funnels using that funnel type. Then afterwards there's a quiz you got to take. And that's it.

Again, there's a certification for each funnel type. If you... That certification like you'd be certified at book funnels, and then you go to the marketplace, I'm certified at book funnels. Now I'm certified at webinar funnels. You can do each individual certification. You have a chance to go and do those. Each certification does have an exam and a quiz. You can have up to like 10 or 15, if you do all of them, you could have one, if you just do one.

Let's see. Will I be required to recertify? So, yes. The way it works, again, you have two years access certification program. Two years from now there's $500 a year recertification that'll give you the ability to go through continuing education. We'll have new stuff to update you. Some of those things will also be, as we go deeper into potentially the copywriting training and the conversion training, things like that, those will all be continuing education credits as well that you'll continue to have after, as we keep going through it.

Okay. This is, I think it's the last question. Do I have, is there a licensing fee or commission? The answer is no, you are not paying me licensing fee. There're no commissions you got to pay me. This is yours. You set, you sign up somebody, you keep all the money. It's your money. It's not mine. I make my money, honestly, by them using ClickFunnels accounts. That's my evil motivation. If I can get you really good at selling lots and lots of funnels, then those people need ClickFunnels accounts, and what's cool about those are that we have an affiliate program. We have the, in fact, this is crazy, we did the math. We paid out $91 million in affiliate commission since ClickFunnel's been live. My goal is to pay you back commission. You go get a client, you build a funnel for them, you give them the ClickFunnels account, they sign up for it and you get 40% of that money recurring. Is that crazy? So you get paid from the client, you get paid from us, it's awesome.

My evil motivation is I want you guys going out there and getting more clients, more people using ClickFunnels. Yeah, there's nothing, I don't, if you sell something for 10 grand or a hundred grand or bajillion, I don't get none of that money. We have them using ClickFunnels and that's the, that's it.

That make sense? Okay, so many good questions. Again, you guys, one last recap. This everything you get, you got funnel builder seekers training, the certification, the GERU agency count, ClickFunnels agency account, funnel scripts agency account. My tongue's getting tired. We've been going for a long time. You get the access to funnel builder marketplace. Again, one payment $9997 or four payments to $2997. All you got to do is go to to get started.


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