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527 - Funnel Builder Stories

527 - Funnel Builder Stories

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Listen to these stories of real life, full time funnel builders.

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Think about, the Internet's not going away, people. The Internet's not going anywhere. So you can learn to market and adapt and change and be able to grow no matter what happens. That is the key with this. You have to be able to, willing to go all in, take that risk, jump off that ledge because if you always just dip your toe in just a little bit, you're never going to succeed. You got to go all in. That's one of the things, make the commitment. Take that first step.


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Russell Brunson: Hey, what's up. This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to, the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I hope that you enjoyed the last episode. The last episode was basically the Funnel Builder Webinar, where I told you guys and taught about the new opportunity, and how it works and all those sorts of things. And I know a lot of you guys have been messaging us, freaking out excited, because you're like, "I want to be a funnel builder. How do I get started?"

I do think, right now the site is down, but we do have a behind the scenes backdoor link. If you go to, you could go and actually join the certification program, which I think you all should do. I think either you should be certified or you should have somebody in your team certified or both. That's how powerful the process is. But anyway, I digress.

I wanted to do that podcast episode for a few reasons. Number one, I talked about it in earlier podcasts, so I wanted you guys to be able to hear it. Number two, it's the perfect webinar, so those who have been studying that process, you had a chance to hear me do it. And I've added a lot of things and tweaks and changes. And hopefully you were able to view it from the outside and through that lens of just like, "Oh, look how he did this and how he phrased this, and how he broke down the secrets and the stack and the clothes, and all that kind of stuff." So hopefully that was beneficial for you guys to watch and to see. And honestly, I just wanted to be able to open your eyes to this opportunity. If in my life, everything went downhill, I would become a full-time funnel builder, that's it. In fact, I joked with my friends, when I'm stressed out, I call them up, the big companies, I'm like, "Hey, do you want to hire me? I want to be your funnel builder." And it's so much fun.

So anyway, hopefully you enjoy the presentation. Now at the end of the presentation, I actually brought on a whole bunch of funnel builders, people who do this for a living. I think there's 10 or 12 of them, and having each tell their story. So I wanted this episode to be that, so you guys could hear the story for a couple reasons. Number one, the stories are awesome. Number two, to give more belief to you in this career and this path. And I think for a lot of you guys, this is something that you're in here listening to my podcast, you're studying marketing, you're learning these things, you're obviously excited by it. Imagine being able to jump in and make this a career for you. A lot of people want to build funnels themselves, but this is literally, we call it the back door. Because it's like, hey, while you're trying to figure out how to build funnels for your own products or services, do this make money, earn while you learn right, so that's kind of the goal. And so you're going to have a chance to hear some really cool interviews.

One of them is with Stephanie Blake, she's going to tell you her story, which I think she was in a spot similar to a lot of you guys, where you love the stuff, you weren't making any money. And she decided to spend money she didn't have, she jumped the certification program and it changed her life.

You will also hear from a whole bunch of other people. One of them that's cool is Austin Ford, he's in there and he shares a nugget, that's like one of the keys. In fact, I took that video clip, and I put it inside the certification members area, for people to watch again. We talked about the two things, he went from struggling and flailing around, to figuring out how to be successful as a funnel builder. And it was two things he learned, it was number one, number two. And I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you, but that's I think the fifth or sixth interview, in the series. So just listen to these, enjoy them, look for the gold nuggets that are lying there. There is a bunch of them as you go through them. And again, if you want to join us to become a certified funnel builder, the back door is Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy these interviews.

The first person coming in here, is someone I've told their story like five times today. And I'm assuming I can introduce. Am I good to introduce? Okay. Oh, there she is. All right.

So the first person I'm going to officially tell you, I've shared her story a couple times. And Stephanie, is one of my favorite people, I've met ever. She's one of the coolest people ever, and as I was planning the whole certification program, going back and forth. I messaged her a couple questions, and then she's like, did you know that I got started going through your certification program, the very first one when click phone's first launched? And I was like no, she started telling me the first story the second. And she told me four or five stories. I was like, this is insane. Can you come tell, 'cause I want everyone to understand this is real. It's not something make up or believe it. This is a real thing. So Stephanie, first off, thank you for coming on. How are you doing today?

Stephanie: I'm doing awesome. I'm super excited to be here.

Russell: I can't hear your audio of my side, can you guys make sure my audios working.

Stephanie: Oh, can you hear me?

Russell: Oh, I can hear you now. Yes.

Stephanie: Okay, awesome. I'm doing so good. I'm so excited to be able to come here and tell my story because it's been absolutely incredible.

Russell: I'm so glad. Thank you for making the time and jumping on here. So I would love for you to kind of tell, I want to hear a couple of your stories cause they are so good, but there was a time, I don't know, six or seven years ago where you were on a webinar like this. When we had the very first, we added a certification program back in the day, you guys, it hasn't been around for five years and you sat here and you listened to this and you had to make the same decision a lot of people are making now. Will you walk me through what was going on in your mind? I'd love to hear that. And then what made you decide to pull the trigger and jump all in?

Stephanie: Absolutely. So I was so new to this whole world of digital marketing like brand spanking new. I didn't know anything. I just happened into this world by a friend who needed some help. And I am kind of techy with computers, physical computers. I know how to, build a computer or install RAM, those kind of things. And then I found this incredible world and it happened because secrets book I funnel, I believe. And on the back end, yes, I remember seeing this video and Russell, you were talking and you were interviewing people about, what had happened in their lives since they had started building funnels. And I was like, oh my gosh, I still remember staring at the screen and kind of feeling almost the heat rush on your face whenever you know that you've happened upon something that could potentially change your life.

And then there was this application process. And I had no idea about, about any of this stuff before, but there was an application process. So I got in, I gave my heart and soul in this application process and I got in, and so I get on the phone with someone at ClickFunnels and they're starting to tell me, I think this would be really amazing for you. What would you do if this was a real thing, if you could build funnels for people and it would change your life.

And I started thinking about what would happen and I knew it would completely change our lives because at that time I was a homeschooling mom of four. Well, no, technically three at that time and my husband was working two jobs. There was no way for him to go and work another job. There was literally no more time for him to work anymore. And one of my kids had some learning differences. And so it really wasn't an option for me to send my kids away and go to corporate and make more money. And I knew it, I can't explain. I knew that I knew that I knew that I needed to be in this program. But the reality was is we did not have any money. I didn't even have a thousand dollars to my name you guys, and then after I get on this call and they're like, you're approved! You can get in the program. And I was like wow, that's amazing!

I'm going to have to talk to my husband. And so we get off the call, I talk to my husband. I'm like what could we do, babe? I don't know, is there anything we could do? And we both decided mutually that at that time in our lives, it just wasn't the right timing to get a credit card or do anything like that. And I just felt this sinking feeling, going to bed at night. I was like I'm missing out on a huge opportunity. And I believe in myself, I know that if I could just get into this program and get these skills, I know that I could change our stars. Right. I know that I could make a difference in our lives. And so anyway, I woke up the next morning, it was still just kind of, Ugh, flip flopping in my mind, in my heart.

And I had this idea, this epiphany and I decided, I knew I needed $10,000. I was like, maybe I myself could figure out, I could sell some stuff online and I could get a thousand dollars. And then I had just come in contact. I'd done some work for some people that I knew, $3,000 would be nothing for them. And so the crazy, I don't still, I think back about it now. And I'm, oh my gosh, I can't believe I did this. But I wrote this email to three people that I knew. And I said, look, there's this opportunity. And I am not able to help myself give this opportunity. And guys, I've heard things in the chat already. I saw expensive for an average person. It's way too expensive for someone just starting out, looks I'm going to have to sell my soul.

I'm like, oh my gosh, I can't tell you how much I understand where you're coming from and what you're saying, because I didn't have the money guys. We were really, really, really, really, really struggling. And so I reached out to these people and I wrote them an email, three people. And I said, ugh, would you be willing to invest $3,000 into me? And then I will do six months of work for you after I complete this program with what I learn and I will help you build your business. And I wrote that email to three people and before I knew it, this is the craziest thing you guys, one of them wrote back and said that he wanted to give the full $10,000.

Russell: Wow.

Stephanie: And I was like, oh my gosh. I remember I was shaking. I couldn't believe it. I was like this is going to happen. This is really going to happen. I'm going to do this. This is going to happen. And so I met up, he wrote me a check for $10,000 and I can't remember how crazy that felt to me. I had never spent more than maybe, maybe 37 or $47 online on any kind of learning of anything. It was beyond me to think about spending even a thousand dollars on something online. And then here I am with this $10,000 check, I'm going to go plop it down and give it to Russell Brunson so I can build funnels craziest thing. And it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It changed our lives.

Russell: So cool. Now I told a couple of your stories, but I sure didn't tell them as well as you can, because I'd love to tell the chiropractor story. I kind of mentioned it throughout the thing cause that was one of the first ones you did. Right. And how it snowballed to the next thing, the next thing. But I'd love you to kind of tell that story so that people can understand. Cause I know a lot of them are like oh I wouldn't even dare to sell a funnel. But instead you went and got results first and then people started coming to you, which is the power of having success with the funnel.

Stephanie: Yeah, no and it was so much fun because if you're at all techy and I do believe that you don't actually have to be techy. I've actually taught my 12 year old, my 14 year old, how to build funnels and they are pretty darn good funnel builders. But the beautiful part was I started out and I did the free funnel and and then I started getting paid to build these funnels and run traffic to them. And before I knew it, I was meeting, getting into these groups and stuff and meeting all these businesses. And they're like man, I need a funnel. I need this. I need that. And it was crazy because I could help them. I knew how to help them. And then furthermore, as I kind of progressed in different areas of what I was learning, I was able to build funnels from my own business.

And I think that's when it really clicked for me that I had gotten a skill that was going to take away a fear that I had had of survival, of how are we going to make it? What is life going to look? This very real fear whenever you've experienced real poverty or you've been really bad off. And it was so crazy because I remember whenever I realized I can build funnels for other people as services and I can build them for myself for my own business and for courses and things that I want to build for. And I was like my life is, I will never have to worry again about how I'm going to be able to make money because I gained a real skill that is viable and it's not going anywhere. It's not going anywhere. And it's just been incredible.

I love you painting a picture because now you have your agency and I don't know how many clients, but you have a bunch of clients over here and you got people now who you've trained to do the work as well. But then over here you've launched your own courses. Just people understand, I see all this stuff you're doing. It's so amazing. I know how many clients you got, you introduced me to one of your clients who had a wallet. Maybe you want to tell that story and that have these walls and you helped blow up their business. But then you're also building your own courses over here. It's just so much fun how many cool things you're able to do at the same time because you have the skill set.

Stephanie: Yes. And that's one really cool thing about what I love because yes, we're talking about funnel building right now, but Russell over delivers on everything. And so I got into ClickFunnels certified partner program and I went through all that training and guys, it was so next level. And I can only imagine now this is all these years later, how much more next level this is going to be. So I didn't just learn funnel building. I learned copywriting, I understood direct response. And I got to learn from the greats and it was absolutely game changing. And so as I have grown, I've been able to work with other businesses in order to grow their business.

And one specifically actually there's two wonderful stories, but one is Joshua Stevens of Kings Loot. He came to me and he had this wallet idea and it was a beautiful wallet. I knew I saw it and was like, dang, this is awesome. And he had this wallet and he was like, I sell these at trade shows, but COVID has shut us down. And I worked with him and basically he put the last bit he had on his credit card with me for my coaching services and we started working together and he started... I mean, he's incredible. He got in there and started going and blowing and we worked on the kind of funnel that he needed to have, what it needed to look like what the price points needed to be. We worked on the copy. We worked on all the different things together. And let me tell you, he made a million well, oh wait, hella income claims. He sold so many wallets. It could just be absolutely any, oh he got a 2 Comma Club Award.

Let's just say that. He got a 2 Comma Club Award and he became a rainmaker and he's still going and blowing to this day. He'd get multiple, multiple, multiple, 2 Comma Club Awards now. And it was just from an idea. He believed he had a wallet that he wanted to be able to sell. And the difference was a funnel. Literally the difference was a funnel. He'd tried Shopify. He'd try these other routes, got a funnel, got the right offer in place. Stop the right funnel in place. And bam, 2 Comma Club Awards coming out the ears.

Russell: You're ready to make your funnel builder. So cool. So for anybody who's listening to this and again, we're both reading chat right now. If you're so nervous and so scared. What would you tell someone who's like ah, do I do this? Do I not? This is a big deal. Especially since the news is telling me the economy's all bad and there's all these things happening. And all the fear. What would you tell someone who is in the same spot you were at, six, seven years ago when you had to make that same decision?

Stephanie: Yeah. I think when you know you know and I knew that I knew that I knew that I could do this. And there was a lot of belief that had to take place and to know when, to trust and believe myself and know that I would do the hard work. Because one thing Russell said, he's not guaranteeing any success here. It's hard work, you guys. I was homeschooling and I was doing all this stuff. And let me tell you, there were late nights, there were confusing things. There were things that I failed at where I really sucked at first, but I got better and I got better and I got better. And if you know that's who you are. And if you know that you're going to show up and you're going to make it happen and you're not going to let anything stop you, then, all that fear. It's probably just because you're right on the other side of a really life changing decision.

Everybody has their own things you have to consider whenever you've got a big decision like this, but I just want to say, Natalie, there was lady named Natalie in the comments and she said, round brainstorming ideas on how to make this happen. It is possible. That's the kind of mindset that you need to have. And then Dominic, he said 10K for a career that could easily make you $100,000 a year is a no brainer. And that's just quoting Dominic. And then Corey said this is the time to say, how can I afford this? And I feel like it's that growth mindset. It's that like I said, when you know that you know and you are going to have the belief to step in and do it and you have to just do it afraid. Right?

And so I think that would be the biggest thing. Cause I tell you what, once I bought into the program, I didn't stop being afraid. I had to keep showing up every day and go after it, even though I was afraid that I was going to fail. I'm enneagram three. I don't know if you got any enneagram threes in here, but, failure's not fun for me at all. It makes you want to run away and scream. But if you put this kind of money on the line and you're ready to change your life and you have the will and you know, you just have to do it afraid.

Russell: Yeah. Oh, thank you, Stephanie so much for being here and for taking time out your busy day to share this. I'm grateful for you coming on and proud of you. Everything you're doing is so much fun to watch you from the sidelines and cheer you on now, which is so cool. So everyone in the comments down below, if you tell Stephanie, thank you so much for spending time with us and jumping on here. Her story's amazing. Hopefully you guys are all following her, but she's amazing. And thank you Stephanie again for being part of this. Okay, so I'm going to bring in some more funnel builders. There's so many ways you can do this. Some people build funnels and they become just a one person shop and they just do it themselves. Some people go and they blow this thing up and there're all sorts of different things. So I think let me see whose up next. I want to make sure on my team, I have a better way to let me know. Is it Steven up next? I see this guy jumping around outside of our windows. All right. We're going to have Steven come in. Steven. Larson's here in the office today. Steve, you want to come on in? What's up, dude!

Steven Larson: You told me to jump in front of the window sill. I was jumping up and down.

Hey, what's up everybody!

Russell: He's in Boise. I was like, do you want to come jump on zoom or want to come into the office? And next thing I know he's knocking on the door, so.

Steven: Yeah, love funnel building.

Russell: All right. I shared some of your story, live on the thing, but a lot of you guys... Now you're out of shape from doing jumping jacks.

Shout man.

Russell: Breathe for a second. But a lot of people see you and they see you've won 2 Comma Club Awards. You've launched a dozen products. You got high ticket stuff from low and you're doing the whole game, but that's not where you got started. I think that a lot of times we confuse the finish line with the beginning. And I'd love for you to share the story in the beginning because you use this skillset to leverage everything from plane tickets to everything. And I want you to tell the story.

Steven: My computer out there funny enough is still the one I traded for funnels years ago.

Russell: Oh seriously?

Steven: Yeah. It's still the same thing. I was telling in the chat, my stuff is all funnels. We just ask, how can I ride a swimming pool? That very same thing. And just from the first certification program, I just keep using that. So yeah. I couldn't afford ClickFunnels either when I first started.

Russell: And not even the certification, he couldn't afford ClickFunnels, the dollar trial to the $97 a month.

Steven: Yeah, there was nothing. We were so broke. I was living on student loans, negative cash flow in college. And there's this thing called a two week trial. And I was like, oh, if I asked rich people question and I was a huge Robert Kiyosaki nut, and he said, how can I afford it? So I was like, okay, I can't get ClickFunnels. Or I felt like that. And so I was like, how could I afford that? And that two week trial right there, we decided that the week before I would funnel hack like crazy and follow your process to the team. And then after that, oh, a little closer to the mic. Sorry. A little closer to the mic. There we go. Thanks. And so I, during week zero, if you will, we went and we planned the entire funnel and put it out there.

And then I pressed go on that two week trial and week number one, we built the funnel and week number two, we focused on sales. So that week number three was paid for by the customer and it worked. And that's how I got it, but it taught me, oh my gosh, look at the power of that. And so with the certification program, when that came up, I was like same kind of thing.

I'm seeing some of you guys in the chat. You're like oh, I'm nervous oh I'm scared oh I can't do this. Lean into that. That's actually, if you will, the universe or God, or blah, blah, whatever. Right. Telling you and nudging you, if you feel that like hey, it's time to go. So yeah, I couldn't afford even going into funnel hacking live. So I traded funnels for plane tickets. Certification wasn't a thing then. I just secrets and I was like ugh, you guys have so much more stuff than I ever had. It's just the whole way through just push, push, push, push how hard do you want it. It's the life. So yeah, it's been really, really powerful.

Russell: So cool. Yeah. I love it, so you said tickets from funnel I can live, plus plane tickets and what are other things... Because some people just want to understand, when you have the skill set, you have the ability to barter anything, right? There's so many cool things. Even if it's not cash. I use it to barter like I want to get to know Tony Robb. There is I'm going to trade funnels for access to cool people. But people don't understand the skillsets not just cash. There's so many things you can... it opens up so many doors.

Steven: It opens up so many doors. My truck, ClickFunnels house. We said, we want that house. Ooh, can't afford that yet. Down payment's big. What can I do? We literally threw a funnel out the door. Guess what? We rode our own house. Does that make sense? The whole everything, the whole way through has been. And when I'm like oh, we got to get closer to that person or this person we'll just figure out what type of funnel to do for them and just kind of open the door and get their noise out there that way. But you guys understand the skillset that you're learning here with this is a widely needed skillset and the entire marketplace.

A lesson my dad actually taught me. He was like, if you want to be a little bit recession proof, you want to be on the right side of business at all times. Here's some advice. And I was like, oh, all ears. And he said, try to find ways to be on the revenue generating side of a company at all times. If stuff goes bad, who do you think they look at to cut first? Not the revenue generators. Right. And what's, you're learning here is a revenue generating skill set that brings leads and or sales in at all time. And there's not a company in the world that doesn't need that. And I think I'm on product 57 now.

Russell: So, I keep telling people, understand this funnel building skill. Cause some people they want to launch their own course, their own product, their own thing. Right? But it's hard because the first time you're going through it, you have to learn to launch product. You have to learn how to create a product, how to source it. How to traffic. There's so many different variables. And so you're trying to do that plus learning funnel building plus copyright. And it's so many things whereas if you focus on funnel building first, you have a chance to learn the most important piece of the puzzle and just that, right?

You go work with somebody who already has traffic, they already have a product. They already have customer support. You're coming in and just doing the one, it's one piece you do that. They do all the rest and you blow up the company and then you get better and better at that. Then eventually, like you said, it's your backdoor into the digital economy. Now it's like now I've got a skill set. Now I'm going to plug in my own product. Now I can do my own thing. And now, I said, you've done 50 something products since then because you got the skill set so well.

Steven: Well what's interesting too is that's actually how I got my first funnel building clients for this was, I was like alright I don't have my own product yet. Right. At that time I was like I have to have my product. I got to learn traffic. Oh, I got to all this stuff that's really kind of scary. And I was like, the shortest distance of success funny enough is by learning with another company. So I just started, I made a list of all my dream customer criteria and I was like this is who I'm going to go try and go after. And I just started emailing him and saying, hey, I know you don't know what a funnel is, but I'll build you one. If it works, can I get paid? If not, it's on my dime. And they're like sure. And that's actually how I got the first find.

Russell: Literally the greatest salesman of all time. I'm going to build you a funnel, if it makes $0 pay me zero. But if it makes money, I just want half of it or, whatever it is.

Steven: Well that's actually how I started getting into your events was like, that was the pitch. And when it started working, I was like, hey, how about I might be getting paid? You know what, just buy me a ticket to that guy's event. They're like, serious? I was like, yeah, yeah, give me the hotel nights. Serious? Yeah. Yeah. And I just the whole way, need a new computer! Really? Yeah. And I just I've been bartering the whole way with this whole thing. So it's a powerful skillset. Lean into it. If it sucks, so. Just do it.

Russell: Okay. So last question for you, Steven. And then next guest. Someone's sitting there on the fence and you just flew their house and you're talking to them, what would you say to push them over the edge to understand this is something they need to be doing in their life.

Steven: You're going to learn a business function that makes you pretty much lethal in the entire business world, but give time and space for the fact that you're going to get frustrated. Of course there's going to be work. You're going to have to sell yourself. You're going to have to learn how to build the funnel piece. You're going to have to... And that's okay. That's just part of the whole thing. But I would tell people that realize that what you're about to go through would be so life transforming. How could you expect to not try to get good? Right? And the marketplace is going to pay you a lot of money. I try not to say dollar amounts, right? Marketplace is going to try and tell you, are you really worth that amount, which means you're going to have to get good. And this is the shortest distance to success ever though I've seen is this program.

Cause it teaches you, hey this, now this here's how to think. Here's how to get clients here's how to sell yourself. Here's, and it stacks on one piece though. So he's already given you the guarantee he's already given you those. So just take him up on it. That's what I originally did as well. And I was like, okay, if he says there's a money back thing, money back thing. I'll here you go. And I went and did it and we just plowed forward. So you got nothing to lose.

Russell: So awesome.

Steven: Except some regrets. Awesome. See you guys!

Russell: Thanks Steven. Appreciate it. Everyone in the comments down below tell Steven thank you so much for coming and hanging out!

Steven: I'll probably go buy it again. I'll see you in there!

Russell: It's time to get re-certified let's go! Thank you so much, Steven. All right. For all you guys again, hopefully you're feeling the energy. You're seeing this is the real thing people are doing this all over the place. The people you're seeing online right now, all over the place they've gone through this program or they understand this process of building funnels. Again. You download this link wherever, go to That's where you get started. As soon as you're ready, it is time to go do it. All right next up. Oh, Jeff's next up is Jeff Bannock, how are you doing man? First off. Good to see you it's been a long time.

Jeff Bannock: Right.

Russell: There you are. How's it going man?

Jeff: What's up, man? I am doing amazing. I'm so honored and happy to be here right now. And this offer is so freaking cool. I cannot believe that you made it so inexpensive for people.

Russell: Oh we want to get people in there, which is awesome. So those who don't know Jeff. Jeff was nicknamed for a long time "The Funnel Doc". And also this is one of the coolest things. So we launched ClickFunnels and I remember one day, we were doing all of our thing in Austin and one day someone posts they got a tattoo of ClickFunnels on their... Jeff tattooed ClickFunnels to his arm, which is crazy. So he's got a funnel hacker tattoo. This is not fake. It's been there for how many? Four or five...?

Jeff: Six years now.

Russell: That's amazing. And behind you, we can see those 2 Comma Club Awards, so I want you to tell people, because you kind of went through similar experience. You came in and you started learning stuff. You got really good at marketing and sales understanding this, but then the way you had your first initial success was building funnels for other people. We want to talk about what happened and kind of the process. And again, for everyone, we try not to income claims. So he's not going to talk about money or anything, but just understand he's having insane amounts of success doing this. I love you, kind of tell that story.

Jeff: Yeah. A lot of people don't know. One of the things that we did is I was originally making funnel for other businesses. I would literally go around and create funnels. I'd go in the business with a template funnel already made, and I'd just go outside and I literally would change the name of the business and then go into the next business. And then if that one didn't work, then I'd go in the next business and I'd just change it up for whatever it is for their certain whatever type of business it was, whether it's doctor or dentist, whatever. And that's why I think people need to understand that you can figure out how to make this happen. You just have to be willing to put in the effort.

Russell: That's so cool. You just imagine that you pre-built the funnel and then jump in your car and drive from company to company, edit it real quick and then driving, hey, I got a funnel for you. Do you want to pay me for it? I can make...

Jeff: Literally that's what we did to get started when we first had our agency. And literally when we won, and launched our agency, the first 30 days we were able to get this program twice. Let's just say that. Literally all I would do is I'd go on a laptop. I'd go into the funnel. I'd change out the headline. I'd change out a couple images so it matched whatever the business was whether dentist doctor or whatever it is. And I'd walk in and explain it to them and then I'd say, hey look, if you're willing to put in half of whatever I decided to charge them and we were only charging them two grand or two... I don't know if I could say that. We were charging a small amount back then, but, with this program, I only needed five people to be able to get in the program.

Russell: It's so cool. Now it's interesting cause I remember when I first started seeing you... Most of you guys who were on there probably know we have a ClickFunnels community and the ClickFunnels community has got, now it's 250,000 people in there and you were in there and it was interesting. Cause there were always people in there trying to sell services and trying to be all slick. We had to ban them all the time and you were in there and you just started serving and giving and helping and sharing. And you were one of the most useful people in the group. And pretty soon everyone's like, man, this Jeff guy is really helpful. Man, he's really useful. He's giving me all these ideas and then people started just flooding to you. I don't think I ever saw you even pitching or anything. You were just serving and helping. And then people started coming to you. Is that correct?

Jeff: Yeah, that was the amazing thing is I figured out the best way to serve the community and learn the most about funnels and everything was to just give as much...

Community and learn the most about funnels, everything was just to give as much value as I could. And then one day, this guy, Kevin David winded up putting in the group that he needed help with his funnels. And because I'd been providing so much value, everyone just started tagging me. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, he's the guy, he's the guy, he's the guy. So I met with this guy and long story short that led to this first award, which we did in 57 days, which at the time was the fastest anyone had won a ClickFunnels award at that time.

Russell: So cool. So cool, man. Well, it's been fun watching your success and obviously you've done it with building funnels for other people, you've done your own funnels. Again, after you have the skill set, there's so many ways that you can use it. I'm curious for you, anyone who's listening to right now, who's sitting on the fence, like "Should I do this? Should I not?" What would you tell them to kind of push them over the edge?

Jeff: It's scary. Okay. When you make an investment in yourself like this, it's definitely scary, but that is you telling yourself, you have to go all in. You don't necessarily need to get a tattoo, but making this commitment is the first step to being able to change your life and have a business that can affect others. That is the greatest thing I've got from this. It's not the money I made, but the people I've been able to impact and change their lives and have businesses that have grown. I mean, it's literally a dream come true, to have been able to develop this skill. Every time I see Russell, I thank him so much for just changing my life and teaching me all the wonderful skills that he has, because this literally is a skill that you can have forever.

I mean, this literally, it's... Think about, the Internet's not going away, people. The Internet's not going anywhere. So you can learn to market and adapt and change and be able to grow no matter what happens. That is the key with this. You have to be able to, willing to go all in, take that risk, jump off that ledge because if you always just dip your toe in just a little bit, you're never going to succeed. You got to go all in. That's one of the things, make the commitment. Take that first step. Maybe you just do one of the first payments, just to see what it's like to try it out. If you don't even take that first step to try it out, you're never going to know if you could be successful and you're going to be stuck where you are. That's the thing that will not change. If you don't change anything about your life, nothing in your life will change.

Russell: Awesome, man. Jeff, I appreciate you jumping on. I know that you're super busy, and for all the people, everyone who's listening to this, I just messaged a bunch of people I knew were building funnels, do you mind jumping on and letting people know your story? Some of them jumped and were like, "Yes, I'll tell my story, I'll tell my story." Because they all know how it affected and how it changed their life, and how it could affect your guys' life as well. So thank you so much, man, for taking time out of your busy day and jumping in. For everyone who's listening again, if you haven't yet go to, go get started. Get in there, and then you can be doing the same thing Jeff's doing, building funnels for other people, learning the skill set, and then you've got the skill set to do whatever you want moving forward after that. So thank you Jeff so much for hanging out, man. I appreciate you.

Jeff: Thanks brother. Appreciate it.

Russell: Very cool. All right. You guys loving this? You having fun so far? Let Jeff know now in the comment down below, say "Thank you, Jeff so much for hanging out, thank you for just sharing time with us." The fact you got a tattoo is still crazy to me, but I love it.

All right, our next guest just popped in. This is the first time I've officially hung out with you. So I'm excited to talk to you. Again, we reached out to some people who we know are building funnels and said, "Look, tell us your story." Andrea reached out and told us her story, I was like, "Oh, it'd be so cool if she'd be willing to share." So first off, thank you so much for jumping on and sharing your story with everyone. How are you feeling today?

Andrea: Good. Hi Russell. Thanks for having me. I so appreciate being here.

Russell: Yeah. So glad. I would love for you... Again, I know your story, but I'd love for you to kind of tell people your story in this whole funnel building journey, kind of where you came from and how you got into it and what you're doing right now, I'd love to hear it.

Andrea: Yeah. So I spent 18 years in corporate America as an experience designer. I was highly educated and highly had all this experience in the corporate world and I had gone from research and development and all the way up to a VP level and I was tired of the corporate and the rules and all that navigating. So I was like, "I'm going to go be an entrepreneur." I had no idea what I was doing. I came away and what most people do when they're in my type of role is they become a consultant. So I was like, "Sure, I'm going to go start my consultants agency." So for two years I tried to become a consultant and go into the agencies or the companies I was working in before, but it was just going back to the same.

I was back in corporate again. Even though I had my own business, not really, I kept going back into corporate. So I was like, "Oh my gosh, how am I going to do this?" And so, at that time, my severance was completely gone, but I was so determined. I was like, "I am going to make something of my own. I don't know what it is, but it has to be of my own making." So I was driving Lyft during the day and I was making deli sandwiches at night. The only thing I could do during that time was to listen. So I was just consuming, like, "How do people do this? I don't know." So I was listening and I was actually in another program and your voice came across, and I remember it so distinctly, because I was making a ham and brie dijon sandwich.

I'm judged on performance, how fast I can make sandwiches, but you came across and I think it was the beginning of right before you launched Funnelology, and you were talking about this and I'm like, "Who is this guy? What is he talking about? This is amazing." And so from that point forward, every single night I would just consume everything you had. Traffic secrets, Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets, everything. I was like, "Okay, I think this is the way." So I joined One Funnel Away Challenge in November of 2019. By January I was like, "I have to get the Funnel Hacking Live. So I used all of my corporate points that I had accumulated in the past year for rental and hotel and flight, and I had $10 a day on food and I'm kind of a coffee fiend, so I had to get my coffee.

I went to funnel hacking live and I'm sitting in the back and I'm just consuming, consuming, consuming. I'm like, "Yes, this is it." Then you opened the door for 2CCX and you said we didn't have to pay for 30 days or something crazy like that. I was like, "I have no idea how this is going to do this, but this is it." And just took the leap of faith and went in. I was also, because I was on $10 a day, I was also hungry and you're promising a lunch. And I was like, "Okay, let's do this."

Russell: Free lunch, let's go.

Andrea: The coolest part is that when I went down in that very first lunch I had, I even remember the people who were at my table were a testament to the ClickFunnels community that I was about to come into. They were so welcoming, so warm. They were trying to do these crazy things that a single person should never think that they should be able to do. I was like, "Oh my gosh, this is amazing." So I went back home, I found another community within the ClickFunnels community that helped me connect my design background with your funnel strategy and ClickFunnels. I got my first client and it was a membership build. Every single client I've had since, actually, has been a membership build, plus funnels. So I just started building and some of them, I was like Stephanie, I just built for free, put it into the ClickFunnels official group. I'm like, "I'll do anything. Let's go."

I started building and of course I sucked just like, what Garret was saying, but kind of a testament to what you were saying in terms of when you land and you make this decision, is that I think I ended up calling your support team about three times a day, every day for a month. They knew me all by first name. I would send them messages, it was... We went back. But they helped me, and no matter what it was, no matter how many times I called about the same thing, they were all in and anything I could do to be successful.

So fast forward now I have an agency, I have four people on my team that I get to work with who are around the world. We get to just build amazing things for our customers. We specialize in membership builds and funnels, and I have four people that I contract with on a regular basis. I just was able to invest in this program. It's afforded me an amazing thing, but I think even more important, and then I'll step off, and that is I for the first time in my entire life have built a system that I'm proud of, a community that I'm proud to be a part of, and it's of my own making. I get to work with people that are my people. ClickFunnels helped me find my people. I'm just forever grateful and happy to be here.

Russell: So cool. Thank you so much for sharing that. I hope people understand because there's again, you didn't have to go master 20 different funnel types. It's, you got really good at memberships, which is, there's so much need for that. You became amazing at it. You bugged our support until you perfected it, now you mastered it. Now you know it, you know it. You just can do it over and over and over again, right. Then networking the inside of the communities, get to know people and all the different pieces that are part of this. So, ah, so awesome. Well thank you for sharing that story, for anyone who's sitting here listening to you like, "Ah, should I do this?" What would you tell them to push them off the edge?

Andrea: I would say, yes, it is trusting your gut, like others have said, and taking that leap of faith, but I will also say that on the other side, the support community, ClickFunnels has never, ever let me down. They have always been there in one way or another, whether it be ClickFunnels or the community that surrounds it, I can't think of a better community to come into and take that leap of faith into.

Russell: Yeah. So cool. Well thank you so much for jumping on. I appreciate you, everyone in the comments down below tell Andrea, "Thank you so much for hanging out with us today and sharing her story with you guys." Again, my biggest goal with this, I want to give you guys belief that this works, it does work. It's work for me, it's worked for Andrea, it's worked for Jeff, it's worked for Steven, it's worked for Stephanie, it's worked for every... And it can work for you as well, which is the big key. So if you haven't yet, you guys now is the time, write it down, go to to get started.

Go get signed up and jump in the program. The coolest thing about this again is obviously a lot of you guys are going to pay $10,000 up front, but this is the first time that, you know me, I don't do payment plans ever, I'm against them, but this is the first time we're doing a payment plan where you can get started for a couple thousand dollars. Get in there, start going through the training, start building something, and then from there you can, you can start having success, which is so awesome.

All right, my next two guests are here. I'm so excited for my next two guests because they're actually a big part of the program. You guys don't even... No one knows about yet, but Mike and AJ are two of my friends who have been inside my inner circle now for seven or eight years. I don't even know when they first came in, but the very beginning of ClickFunnels they came in, I could hang out with them a couple times a year, see them and they were the ones who actually invented a new funnel type and they brought it to me, and it's the concept of a funnel hub, we'll probably talk more about that but it's literally the foundation of ClickFunnnels 2.0, is based on their concepts and their principles, inside the certification we talk about this and they've made insane amounts of money doing a lot of things, but also, I have an agency building out funnel hubs for people.

They bill out a funnel hub for me, they charge me retail price. I had to pay a ton of money for mine and other people, they kind of perfected this model of a funnel hub, but mike and AJ, how are you guys doing today?

As they're coming on, as they're playing with the audios, recently, we put together a really cool program with Mike and AJ called the Funnel Hub Launchpad. Just so you guys know we license it, so every single one of you guys who are inside of the funnel builder training program, this is an unadvertised bonus, you also get access to the Funnel Hub Launchpad, which is all the training about how they pitch, how they sell, how they create, all that kind of stuff, as well as an unadvertised bonus that we're going to get in as well.

Hopefully we'll get the audio working so we can have them tell you their story as well. Could you help us on my side, or if it's on your guys' side? I just... Well, I will tell you what they were going to say, had the audio been able to work over here.

Some of you guys know I had them speak at funnel hacking live for the first time, two years ago to kind of present this principle and this concept of funnel hub that no one had ever seen before, there was something that... It was a concept kind like a website, but it was a different way to do website that was completely different and they pitched me on it. I signed up and went for it. And then they went and they started building for a whole bunch of other people as well after that, and it was awesome. So they told me we're going to go to another person, then we'll come back to Mike and AJ, hopefully we'll get the audio stuff figured out.

Okay. So Mike and AJ, we'll be back in a second. We're going to pull the next panelist, while you guys... We'll figure out whatever's happening and we're going to have Dave Arsarno come up next, and while they're pulling Dave up... I wanted Dave to come because Dave's got an interesting story. He came through the very first funnel builder certification program we ever did way back in the day. Some people just, they'll have a small team to do a couple funnel builds and they do that until they launch their own thing, but Dave went all in. He's built an amazing agency, they do big high-end clients. They do... Every time someone comes in, like "I'm only looking for someone to build really high, expensive, big, huge funnel builds and stuff like that and business growth things," Dave's who I always send them to. So I'm excited to have Dave here though, because he was here at the very beginning. The very first time we ever did something like this, so Dave, I know you've been in a mastermind meeting, jumped out to jump on with everybody. How are you doing, man?

Dave : I'm doing awesome. How are you?

Russell: Doing so good. Thank you so much for jumping out, jumping on here. I'd love for you to tell people your story, because you had an agency ahead of time. The very first Funnel Hacking Live ever, we first introduced the original certification program, you jumped all in, and I'm curious why you did it and then what kind of happened because of that?

Dave : Well first of all, thank you for having me here. It's truly an honor, and for people who are brand new and I was watching the chat roll, you cannot go wrong. I can tell you this because I joined Russell's category kings inner circle and it's not an inexpensive investment. My wife said "Anything you'd done with Russell ClickFunnels had paid for itself more than 10 times over." So, everyone, if you're thinking about it, find a way. So I was at the first Funnel Hacking Live and I wasn't even a customer. In fact, I think I was one of the only people in the room that didn't even know what the heck ClickFunnels was, except I had a client of mine say they wanted to use it. So I started doing some research and I found out about Funnel Hacking Live.

I actually got my client to pay for a ticket for me to go there, to learn about it so I could use it for them. Now, you made an offer for certification. I said, you know what? I loved everything that you said and I wanted to... Anything that I do, I need to know everything about it. I need to know how to do it the best I possibly can, so that way I can serve the people that I need to serve at the highest level possible. So that's why I signed up.

Now, one of the things that, because I got to put it on a credit card, anything that I invest in, I say, "How can I make it pay for itself in the next 30 days?" So I went out and sold a client. I mean, plain and simple. So if any of you want to put it on a credit card, it gives you automatically 30 to 45 day grace period, go sell a client, make it pay for itself. I mean the... And by the way, I'm going to let you know the answer you ask everyone. I already bought it again and I don't even need to buy it again.

Russell: That's so cool. That's so cool. So when you bought it, I'd love to know, because again, funnels weren't a thing you had in your agency, cause you had an existing agency and then after that you were able to start adding this in. How did that affect your... For anyone who's got an agency, who's listening and is like, "Should I do this?" I'd love to know how that affected your agency moving forward after that.

Dave : Well, it changed everything. I mean, you know today that we're significantly larger than we were before. I've got a team of over 30 people and I've got five full-time funnel builders on my team that this is what we do for clients. So joining your program, becoming part of your world, changed my business and in turn, it really changed my life more than I can ever imagine and express gratitude because I started thinking everything in funnels.

I started communicating with clients in funnels. Once I started getting ingrained in this world, the right people started coming to us and yes, I didn't charge a lot of money. We do charge a lot and I see that no one's saying what the numbers are, but it has a lot of zeros on it in our average client lifetime value. So to me, it's a no brainer to do this because I mean, whether it's getting someone in the beginning, getting someone off the ground and helping them get their dreams, helping them realize their dreams, you get to be part of it by becoming part of ClickFunnels, and if you choose to get certified, you have an opportunity to change people's lives. When they look back and it's not just ClickFunnels that they're going to remember, they're going to remember you, is the catalyst in the part that help shape and help them realize their dreams.

Russell: So cool, man, it's been so much fun watching you and I think what's interesting that you do that I love, people understand this as well is, someone will come in, and you build a funnel for them, but then that person's your client. You don't just build a funnel and put them on their way. You get deep in their business, from like hiring and from this and from that, and so you help take these companies and really, really grow them into these huge organizations.

What's cool about it is that because you serve them with the funnel first, then they trust you with these other things and you sell other services and other products, and so you're able to grow, where a funnel building client's not just worth this much money, it ends up being worth this much over time, because how deep and how well you serve these people. I've seen you do it over and over and over again. I'd love people to understand that psychology in your mind are just, the funnel literally is the front end of you bringing someone and serve them and then there's so much more you can do after that. What are some other services you offer people, just to understand what's possible after you've served someone once, what else they're looking for?

Dave : Sure. Absolutely. We help our clients with everything, whether it's... I mean, we manage millions of dollars a month in paid traffic. So we do everything from the lead generation to the conversion to writing their sales scripts, obviously you know, but I have a background and my team has background in sales. We were Tony and Chet's top closing speakers. We do everything from the scripting to helping them, and then out of this, and frankly being part of this community, we started looking through the problem articulation framework and saying, "When we solve a problem, what's the next problem that we create?" Well, once a client goes to a certain level, we don't want them to have to rely on us forever. I know some of them want to, and I've had clients now for over a decade and those who don't, we will... Then we created the nitrogen hiring network.

So we'll hire their superstar team. And then for those who want their team trained, we have the infinite scaling system, which we will then help train their team on the frameworks that we utilize within our company so they can have their own internal superstar marketing team to help them scale and grow. The idea is, some people sometimes come in the front end for a funnel, but the clients who we tend to work with are ones who are really looking to build scale and grow, and then maybe even exit down the road and us helping be part of that plan to help them do that.

Russell: So hopefully, first off, thank you for sharing that. I want you guys all to think into that, a funnel is just one thing, and there's other products and services. You grow with the client, and your revenue grows, and their success grows, and just becomes this amazing fun process. You get to work with the coolest people from all around the world and it's just awesome. Anyway, Dave, thank you so much for being part of this, for jumping on. I know you're in the middle of a mastermind, you jumped out just to share with everybody, so thank you for sharing your time. Everyone in the comments down blow, tell Dave, "Thank you so much for hanging out with us." Appreciate you and man, can't wait to see you at our next mastermind meeting.

Dave : I'll see you soon. Thanks.

Russell: Thanks so much, man. All right. So fun. You guys getting this, you got to see how much... How exciting this is, these people are doing this full time. This is their career, this is part of it. It's something that can be happening for you as well. So again, if you haven't yet, go to, and just become a funnel builder. We've talked about over and over and over again, you guys are funnel builders. Now it's time to jump in and be part of this, make this your identity, make this your career, and master the skillset.

All right, next up, we got someone else. This is someone who, again, when we first launched certification program, came into our world, I had a chance to meet her, and now I've been watching her for, probably, I don't even know how long, seven or eight years now doing this as a career for herself, for other people, her name's Amanda Day. Amanda, thank you so much for jumping on and being part of this and sharing your story. How are you feeling today?

Amanda: Hey, I'm great. Thanks for having me. So excited to be here.

Russell: Oh, I haven't seen you for years, in person, so it's fun to reconnect and talk. I love all the funnel drawings on the background, I feel like I'm in my own office, this is so great.

Amanda: Yeah.

Russell: Well, will you tell people, tell your story about this whole thing. How you came into this world of funnel building and what you've been doing with it, just so people understand kind of the progression for you as well?

Amanda: Well, I won't go back too far, but I was a high school science teacher for 12 years and a tennis coach. Then in 2011, I decided I could not do that anymore. I had two young sons and teachers don't make a lot of money and it takes a lot of time and energy. So I really just kind of ventured out on my own, back then and found ClickFunnels through a client that I was working with, just doing some social media management. Okay. So, remember I was a science teacher, all this tech stuff, I was self taught. Okay. So I just kind of had to jump in and figure stuff out. Because when I left my career, I had no plan. I just knew it wasn't going to be that anymore. So back in about 2014, ClickFunnels, I think was beta, and very beginning and I started using it, thanks to Garrett White and a couple of other people.

So I hadn't come across you yet, Russell, I just was using the software. I had no idea who you were and then you started following me around the internet with your book and then I got the book, and then you held your first Funnel Hacking Live in Las Vegas in 2015. I took the leap. I bought a ticket to Vegas. I'd never been there before. I'd never been to any kind of conference before. Being in education, we're just kind of in our own little bubble. I just said yes. I went, you offered certification there for the very first time. I was very reluctant at the time. It was a big investment for me coming out of education world, just trying to make things work.

Before Russell and Funnel Hacking Live and certification, I was charging three figures for anything that I would do. I'll just say that. It was not much, but I had to do what I could do with the skills that I had. So coming into certification, it was a big sacrifice, not only financially, but even with time. I remember that my biggest hurdle, aside from the investment at the time was I was going to miss my son's first day of middle school. But I went ahead and went for it and I am so grateful that I did. So fast forward seven years and we're here now, my business has transformed my life, my kids' lives and the lives of thousands of others that I've been able to help along the way.

Russell: So cool. I'm curious, what was the first... After you went through the program and you're like, "Okay, I'll do funnel building," but the first... How'd you find your first client? What was the first process like? I know that's the scary thing for people is like, "I can do the training, but then that next step is the scary one." Do you remember that?

Amanda: I don't exactly remember how the clients started coming in, but I do know that my roster was full really fast. I think 12 was my limit and that was... I can't even imagine working with 12 clients now, but it was full very fast. Another thing that changed was, well, there's a lot of things, but I had so much confidence with the support from ClickFunnels, from you, Russell, from the other people that were in the certification program. In fact, many of the people, even Dave that was on right before me, we are such close friends, even today. They have become more than just people that I went through a program with. We communicate with each other often, we kind of have our own huddle. We didn't call it that, but now that's exactly what it is. We brainstorm together. It's become, I don't want to use the word family because I feel like that's a little cliche with what it is, but we have become such a close knit group and have stayed active together, building businesses and fostering friendships, watching our families grow up, It's been, it's just been so wonderful.

Russell: So cool. It's interesting because when you got started seven years ago, funnels weren't a big thing back then. It was this awkward thing that I might try, funnel are amazing and try to make noise. Nowadays, seven years later, it's become so big. Even back then when it was small and you were one of the very beginning, very first people, you had 12 clients that fast. I want people to understand-

Amanda: So fast.

Russell: I'm talking about how big this opportunity, how crazy and how much stuff is... What's your... how hard would it be to get, if you needed 12 clients tomorrow? How hard would it be to open up the gates and "Oh there's 12 people that are ready." There's...

Amanda: There are people everywhere on almost every social media channel that need help and they're out there actively asking for it and looking around. So not only just in networking yourself and being active and doing some basic things online to promote yourself, now being a part of certification, you're going to be on that marketplace, which is a massive, massive opportunity because when people come to ClickFunnels now to ask for help, while they may still post in the main Facebook group, they now have a more trusted place to go to find someone that actually has the skillset and the experience to get them where they want to go.

So being on the marketplace is a huge benefit whenever it comes to finding your clients, or your clients finding you, which is even better. So, it's more of an inbound kind of process instead of you having to do outreach all of the time. So that to me is, that's super, super huge. Especially if you're more of an introvert, I'm pretty introverted, kind of like you, Russell, I can put it out there when I need to, but typically I'm introverted. So for me to do any kind of outreach, I was so uncomfortable with that. So having the ability to people to come to me as the expert, as a recognized expert, that was super helpful for me and propelling my business forward.

Russell: So cool. All right. Last thing. Any other things people are sitting on the fence thinking about? What would you tell them if you were grabbing them, what would you tell them?

Amanda: So I'll tell you exactly what the person next to me at Funnel Hacking Live in Las Vegas in 2015 said to me, whenever I was on that fence and I just could not take that leap by myself. She grabbed me by my shoulders and she said, "Just do it, just do it, just do it." So there I did it.

Russell: That's awesome. We're virtually grabbing all you guys by the shoulders saying just do it.

Amanda: Do it.

Russell: Thank you so much for spending time with us today. Everyone in the chat down below let Amanda know… tell her, "Thank you so much for hanging out with us and sharing her story with you guys." So much fun, seeing funnel builders who are doing this for a living now for seven plus years, which is so awesome. Thank you Amanda, for sharing your story. You're amazing.

Amanda: Thank you.

Russell: So fun. All right, you guys, you've heard from funnel builder after funnel builder. This is the real thing, it's really happening. It's something that's real. The opportunity's insane. It's huge. It's growing. It's time for you guys to come and be part of this. We're going to train you. We're going to walk you through the process and help you guys be successful. So again...

We're going to train you, we're going to walk you through the process and help you guys be successful. So, again, if you're ready to get started, get off of the sidelines and into the game, go to And let's get started, get this process moving. You can start going through the training tonight, this weekend, you can start binge listening to all of the foundational stuff. And next week we start dropping different funnels and go live with them. So, it's going to be a lot of fun. All right, next up, we got a special guest. Someone who I've had a chance to get to know in one of our other coaching programs. He's part of it. And jumps on every week. We share and brainstorm ideas on funnels. And is also someone who has been making a career building funnels for other people. And so, Dom, how are you doing today, man?

Dom: What's up Russell? What's up everybody?

Russell: So good to see you.

Dom: So, excited.

Russell: So, tell everybody your story with this, because I know you've done other things in the past. But what was it that helped you get in this world and start building funnels for other people?

Dom: Yes, sir. So I have learned, always do what Russell says. I'm going to break this down to a hook, a story, and then the offer. So, here we go, here's the hook. How I went from eating dog food and massaging people's hairy backs and butts to make ends meet, to building out funnels for hip hop celebrities. I messed that up a little bit, I'm a little nervous.

Russell: No, that's good.

Dom: All right. So this is a little bit from my story of when I nailed my first Two Comma Club. I want to read a little bit about this to you guys. So you guys get the timeline. I literally was so broke at one point in my life that I had to eat dog food to get by. Five years ago, I had to move back in with my parents at age 30, where I took a job as a massage therapist and listened to Russell Bronson on audio while massaging hairy backs and butts. Sometimes you got to do it. Three years ago, I was over $500,000 in debt and I'm not talking about a mortgage. Two years ago I was sued by four different creditors that came and served me papers at my door. "Time to pay us buddy." While I was living in a basement unit for $400 a month, watching someone's cats for a reduced rent. Financial stress destroyed multiple relationships in my life.

I used to work 16 and 18 hour days trying to make a difference as a marketer for a nonprofit, but always felt like I was coming up short and burned out. And I vowed to never do that to myself again. But being in that much debt and in that situation was kind of a blessing, because guess what? I found Russell, I started doing what he said and it's great, because you don't need any money.

I was in so much debt that I had to make funnels work. And so now I'm dating the girl of my dreams. I have the apartment of my dreams. I've paid off my SUV, which had a toxic interest rate, because I had horrible credit. Now I actually did that at Funnel Hacking Live. I actually had the picture here with me paying off my stupid SUV, peace out debt. So I did my first Two Comma Club in December and just our second one just a month ago after being a part of the Two Comma Club program.

And now I'm so excited. Two weeks ago, I literally built a funnel for Fatman Scoop, who is a hip hop celebrity, one of the most famous voices in hip hop. I actually, got to work with him and build out a funnel for him. You never know what will happen when you make that leap of faith. But basically for me, it started in 2018, I was kind of building my own funnels, doing okay with that, but failed a couple times, because I didn't do what Russell said. And then I did what Russell said, met up with a DJ Influencer and started building out funnels for him. In February 2019, I still remember it. I recorded the whole experience, me crying. We made a lot of Dinero and I knew I was onto something. And I specialize in membership funnels and we started getting more members, more members, more members, doing what Russell says, doing what Russell says.

500 members, 750, a 1000 members in our DJ community, our membership. That's when March 2020 happened, worst year ever for events. I thought my life was over, but guess what? What saved me, a funnel, baby. We ended up launching our second funnel, which was a new software business and membership for DJs. That changed my entire life and I got smart. On the second business, the second funnel, I called up my client and I said, "Hey, I want 25% equity in this one". He said yes. So now we have this amazing membership community. People are literally tattooing our logo on their arms. We have 3,500 members in our membership/software kind of hybrid community.

Russell: That's so cool.

Dom: Yeah. Sorry. I know I just blabbered a lot. I hope that was okay.

Russell: Let's recap from he went and built funnels for himself and then built for someone else who already had a product business. Then the second time was like, I'm going to do it again, but there's some more equity because I got the skillset. I know how to do it and then he gave it to you. That's what's so crazy, do you guys understand, when you master the skillset. You can use it in so many different ways. It's just amazing, but you have to go all in and master one.

Dom: There's so many influencers out there in the world, all it takes is one really good connection with your funnel building skills and one connection with an influencer. It will change your whole life. You're whole life forever. Just serve that person, whoever that is in your niche, and it will change your whole life.

Russell: All right, man. For anyone who sitting on the fence, what would you tell them right now to push them over the edge?

Dom: All that noise in the back of your head is just resistance. There's a great book called the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. You should read that right away, but all that is, is resistance. And it's resistance from keeping you from what you want to get. Just take the credit card out. Let's go! Do what Russell says. I wish you guys the best of luck.

Russell: Awesome. Thank you Dom, I appreciate it. Thanks for jumping on man. Everyone down in the comments down below, let them know. Thank you so much for hanging out with us and sharing this story. Is that a crazy story? Builds a funnel gets paid for it. Then does the second funnel, gets equity for it, and then keeps going from there, which is so cool, man. Thank you so much for sharing that. All right, everybody, you enjoy listen to all the funnel builders, getting to meet people? If you're ready to get off the sidelines and get into the game, again, go to get started. As you know, there's two ways to get started, one's $10,000 up front, or you can break it up over four payment plan. Get started jump in the training and get started right now. All you got to do is go to We got Mike and AJ back. Can I hear you guys now? Hopefully?

Mike: Yes, I think so. Right.

Russell: What's up guys? How you doing?

Mike: Hey, we're doing good. Two computers, we're good.

Russell: Oh, so cool. So to introduce you guys, Mike and AJ are the inventors… not sure what side you are on in the video, anyway... Mike and AJ are the inventors of the Funnel Hub. This is a concept they kind of invented, it was such a cool thing. We built it as like the foundation click funnels 2.0. What that means is moving forward, there's going to be this insane amount of demand for Funnel Hubs. It's the newest thing, it's the new opportunity. They different their websites and it's amazing. We're not going to go in too deep of what Funnel Hubs are, but I'd love for you guys to talk about you invented this thing. This is this new thing, you guys have an agency, you're selling it and we'd love to hear more about how this new funnel type, what's possible with it?

Mike: Yeah. So you at one point declared the death of a website at a funnel hacking live, and I turned to AJ, I was like, what the heck? We build websites. What's going on with this? While I was maybe a little upset about it at the time, it led us into an understanding of where does the website actually fit within respect to funnels? We joined your inner circle, it feels like the dawn of time, a long time ago. And I remember sitting inside of our very first meeting and just looking around and wondering who are the other people in this room? And what do their funnels look like? What do they do?

That led us on a discovery to figure out that while the funnel is the number one place to turn a lead into a customer. Ultimately, that doesn't mean that a website's not a part of that journey. And so that's where Funnel Hub came about, and that's how we've developed this new funnel type where we've gone on to sell so many different funnel hubs to different people in the funnel space. But we've also taken that into the local market and local businesses are going crazy for this stuff too.

Russell: So cool. This is something I was mentioning earlier. A lot of people don't know, actually nobody knows, because this is like an unadvertised bonus, but you guys flew out two or three months ago. We record a whole bunch of stuff, because again, Funnel Hubs are like this new opportunity. They're so big. How many people on the planet think today actually have a Funnel Hub?

Mike: Have them? We could probably count them on all of our hands. There's not very many.

Russell: How many businesses are there in the world, the need a Funnel Hub?

AJ: Every business.

Russell: It's insane, anybody who's got a website or doesn't have website, a Funnel Hub is an opportunity for all of them, which is insane. This opportunity is huge. So one of the things you guys get immediately, this is a whole program that we're going to be selling separately here in the near future, but I wanted everyone to have that as well. So when you guys get into the certified, the funnel bill certified members area, the Funnel Hub launch pad is all in there. You want to talk about some of the things that are included so people know to be able to take this opportunity to Funnel Hubs, like all the included inside that training. It's special just to this funnel type that they're getting. They don't get any other funnel type besides the Funnel Hub, because it's such a big opportunity.

Mike: Yeah. What we did is we basically figured out from A to Z, how to help someone create a Funnel Hub, because obviously you need to know how to do the funnel type, but then there's a whole sales process that we train on to teach people how to go through that. And the way I look at this opportunity is right now... Like imagine if you could go back to like 2015, 2014 and take the knowledge you have right now about funnels and transport it back then.

What would you have done back then? What kind of business opportunities would you have jumped into, that maybe you've seen other people jump into? Well, that same opportunity exists right now with Funnel Hub. This is something that we're going to fast forward 5, 10 years and everyone's going to be like, "I should have listened, I should have probably done something with that." And that may sound crazy, but that is absolutely the opportunity that's here, because we've seen it in our own agency. We've seen it in the students that we've taught, to go out there and sell these Funnel Hubs to other funnel driven businesses and those kind of things.

AJ: Yeah. A lot of people think, well, you guys know all these funnel guys, you're their friends, that's why you got to build these. But our agency's going to build these locally for a lot of small businesses here in Tucson. So we've proven that this is not just something that's for the funnel building community, it's for every small business. And so that makes it a huge, huge market, that's just totally untapped and waiting.

Mike: Right. In our agency there's somewhat of a learning curve to teach a local business about funnels. But what I love about this is you can build a Funnel Hub for a local business and you're giving them funnels along with it. Then suddenly one day they're like, "Hey, what is this thing? It's generating leads and sales for me." "Well, I'm glad you asked, that's called a funnel." And now you can start selling funnels to local businesses, which maybe previously were confused by it or didn't understand why. It's a sneak attack kind of strategy, which I really love.

Russell: Another thing that's interesting, when someone actually has a Funnel Hub, the next thing they need is they need funnels to put in the Funnel Hub. So it's such a good foot in the door, we build this thing. They look like a website, which people want a website. It's like, "Oh, I have a website now," but it's a Funnel Hub. Then from there, by the way, you need to lead funnel. Then we need this, and you start adding things and it gives you ability to lead with one thing that they all understand that looks normal. And you guys don't know any local clients, you don't call it the Funnel Hub, you call it the marketing hub. So something they understand.

Mike: Right.

Russell: When you build the marketing hub, then you start layering in. Like, okay. You need a lead funnel, now we needed this kind of funnel. And you can start like adding in more and more funnels to that client to serve them at a higher level. It's amazing. What's cool for all you guys who are getting involved in the certification program, as soon as you go in there, the Funnel Hub launch pad is all in the member's area. You can start going through that tonight, if you wanted start learning exactly how to sell funnels. On top of that, we didn't talk about it, you guys have like your sales scripts in there, your presentations. You literally can go watch presentations, grab the thing and start doing it. For all the certified partners, everyone's going through certification, click funnels 2.0 beta, you guys get access next week, I believe. Which means you build Funnel Hubs in 2.0 right away for people. And so it's perfect timing, just a huge gift that you guys are allowing all the certified people to have.

Mike: That's awesome.

Russell: Any other final words for anybody who's sitting on the fence? It's like, oh, I don't know if this is right for me. What would you guys tell them?

Mike: Go for it.

AJ: I think for me, you've been in that situation where perhaps you're trying to sell somebody, something, a business and you can see so clearly that they need it and they're resistant to that. I know we've been in those situations and I can tell you that we needed to go first. It's really hard to sit there with integrity and asking somebody to invest in their business, when they've never done the same thing for themselves. And it's once we started investing in our business in that way, it became easy for me to go in there with more certainty, more confidence. And then that just started turning into sales.

Russell: Yeah. So cool.

Mike: We've never been steered wrong by you Russell. Anytime that I've taken my credit card out of my wallet to do something with you, whether it be join inner circle, or any of the programs that we've done together. People will ask us, "How have you built an agency, the size you have? How do you have a business that can run without you? How were you a speaker at Funnel Hacking Live?" And the reason why is, because we put ourselves in the room with the people that knew the information, and obviously Russell, you've done an amazing job, but your team has helped us so much in getting to the right spot. And I think anybody who joins this program will be lucky to have that force on their side to do this.

I couldn't imagine having something like this when I first started our agency back in 2003. It's just such a gift you guys are giving to people.

AJ: I've been on the sales side of a lot of these opportunities and you've made it such an alley-oop, because you teach people to teach who not how. Ever since you started saying that and ever since you started teaching the community that, the people that are coming to us, they're just ready to buy. I know I don't want to spend time doing this. I just want somebody to do it for me. When they're coming to you like that, it's such an easy sale.

Mike: So cool.

Russell: Well, Mike and AJ, thank you so much for jumping on. I appreciate you. Everyone you guys are going to love the Funnel Hub launchpad. You get a free gift inside the members' area. You can go through that tonight, which is amazing. You can start selling Funnel Hubs tomorrow and make your money back before the week ends. It's all in there. You can jump in there. And then next week we're going and doing more funnel up training. The initial stuff's in there. You guys can go rock and roll and start going through the program this weekend.

The overachievers, the ones who are, I'm in no matter what, you could literally go through that, go sell Funnel hubs, sell two or three Funnel Hubs. Before the first payment on the credit cards hit, it's paid off. So go and take advantage of it guys. It's a gift that these guys we're willing to give you guys and putting the members there, which I'm so grateful for. I think you guys are going to love it. So everyone in the comments down below let Mike and AJ know. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today. Thank you guys for being part of this and you are amazing, can't wait to see you guys again soon.

AJ: All Right. See ya.

Russell: All right, see you guys. Okay, everyone again, if you are on the fence, now is the time. We've been going now for like almost three hours. I hope you're half as excited as me. I got some more funnel builders we're bringing out, but now it's time, go to get started. Get signed up. You got two easy ways. One is go all in, it's like just under $10,000 to get started, or you got four pay as well. If you go to, all the info is there, which is awesome. All right. We got our next funnel builder here and I shared some of his story during the actual presentation, but I'm excited to have Austin here with me. How are you doing today, man?

Austin: Hey, what's up everybody? What's up Russell?

Russell: So good to see you. I want to talk about, because again, one of the fears people have is like, I'm going to have to learn how to do all sorts, like a million different funnels and it's going to be overwhelming, confusing. When we were talking before you told me that at first you were trying to do a whole bunch of stuff, and then you just focused on one funnel type, which changed everything for you. So I'd love to hear your before and then you zoning on challenges becoming your thing.

Austin: Yeah. Definitely. First of all, let's get a round of applause for the marketer, the number one marketer in the world, putting on this wonderful webinar, absolutely awesome. Russell, I think we need to get the chat going though, because there's not a lot of chat going. So where are my funnel hackers at right now? Hashtag funnel hackers. If you are still with us right now, hashtag funnel builder. If you guys are super excited about becoming a funnel builder, it's been super rewarding. And actually, when I was watching the presentation, Russell, I got super inspired about what it really means to me to be a funnel builder. Do you mind if I share that real quick and then we can go into my story?

Russell: Yeah, please do.

Austin: Okay. So one of the things that I feel like that's true for me with being a funnel builder is, it is literally our greatest contribution to other entrepreneurs. It's our greatest opportunity to help other business owners. And the way I think about it is, it's not just that we're building one funnel for one entrepreneur, we're doing it for their customers. We have no idea what the impact is that we are going to create for their customers, for the entrepreneurs that we're helping build these funnels for. I've heard Myron say this and I think it came from a guy named Robert Schuller or something like that, but basically he said, "Any fool can count the number of seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples produced by one seed." Think about that for a second. When it comes to funnel building, we have no idea the impact that we are going to create for other people.

We have no idea how viral that will be. We don't have any idea if there's going to be hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people going through the funnel ecosystems that we built for our customers, for the entrepreneurs who are literally putting their neck out there on the line, being vulnerable, putting their message out there and we are helping them do that.

So one of the best things, when I wake up out of bed, being a funnel builder is getting a phone call from one of my customers. And when they call me and they're just like, Austin, this funnel ecosystem that you built for our business. Yes, it's making us more revenue. Yes, it's getting more customers. Yes, it's moving the needle forward. But I had no idea the amount of impact that this would create. I had no idea how many people would hear my message. I had no idea how many people would get results going through this and that to me right there, it's more than just being a funnel builder. It's about being a game changer. It's about being a change maker. It's about being a Rainmaker, right?

Russell: I love that dude. It's so powerful, because you think you put this little thing out there and say, "Oh, I built a funnel." But then you look at, for you, it's challenge funnels and someone comes in and get a hundred or a 1000 or 5,000 people to join a challenge. And then the impact that happens on that person's life and their family's lives. It's pretty special when you look at it from that side. So I'm glad you brought that in, man. That is so cool.

So how did you specialize in challenge? I'm curious on that. Well, what was the thing that made you like, this is the one I'm going to be, become the best in the world at?

Austin: Okay. So this is a cool story and I don't think we've ever really talked much before, but... So I've made a lot of mistakes becoming a funnel builder. And if there's a couple things that I could hand people before they all jump off this phone call right now. And if I just knew these couple of things, and actually Russell touched on these in his webinar, I thought it was absolutely fantastic. But if I just knew this stuff before I became a funnel builder, I would be way more ahead than what I am now. And here's my first tip. Is it okay if I share with you guys a couple tips on how to be a successful funnel builder. All right, cool. So my first tip is, and this is part of my story, I'll share my story along with it, is don't be a Jack of all funnels, or I like to call them a funnel Jack wagon.

So basically that's somebody that is building anything for anybody. So when I first started my funnel building business, I was all over the place. I was building all kinds of different funnels for all types of different customers. And I wasn't focused on the impact. I was more focused on, this is a one time transaction. I just got to build a funnel, then I'm off to the next person. Wrong mindset. But that's where I was operating at and there's two big problems operating in that field. Number one, completely, I was undercharging for my services. And number two, I would have to reinvent the wheel every single time I got a new client in the door, because we were building all types of different funnels for different people. Russell said, "Niche down." That's a 100% of what you should do right now.

Niche down, focus on one funnel. I was building webinar funnels, I was building application funnels, membership sites, supplement funnels. You name it, we did it. And when I finally, it was on the 2 Comma Club X cruise, I was about three mojitos deep, sitting with this wonderful lady. Her name was Latasha and I was telling her about these issues I was having in my business. And she said to me, "You need to make a decision right now and you need to decide what you're going to go all in on." And Russell talked about this on the webinar today and this is something that we all need to take very seriously, because I wasted a lot of time and effort not doing this. She told me, "The one thing that you need to do is focus on one customer, solve one big problem and have one solution for them."

And that solution is the funnel. So when Russell says, "Pick one funnel," pick one funnel. And I also take it further.,It's also very good if you also pick a customer and a problem that you're solving with that particular funnel. So right then and there, we made a decision like 30 minutes into the conversation and we're going back and forth and she was like, "What if you helped coaches who need more customers use challenge funnels?" And Russell, I had no idea what a challenge funnel was when she told me that. I'm just like, "What the heck is a challenge funnel? I've never built that before." And so what happened was, I basically right there without knowing anything about this, I decided just to go all in and then start focusing on one thing. Focusing on one customer, one problem, solving with one solution, which is challenge funnels.

So I took my drink, took my little toothpick mojito thing. I found some old gum on the bar tab or stool, slapped it on top of the bar, put my mojito toothpick in it. I was just like, I'm going to be the challenge funnel king. And then right there, I jumped off that ship... Oh, I didn't jump off the ship, but after the cruise is over with, I got off the ship and I became a funnel hacker. Everybody say, hashtag funnel hacker in the comments right now. I became a funnel hacker. So I went out and I had to be the expert. I had to understand and start learning how I could use challenges to help my customers.

So every time I saw a new challenge, Russell, I purchased the challenge and I started going through it and I started hacking it and looking at it, seeing everything that worked about it. And then from there on, I know I don't have a lot of time here, but I'll cut my story short here. When I did that, my income, and I can't make any income claims, because Russell told me not to, but I would just say I was charging a couple $100 per funnel to now, every time we sell a challenge funnel or a challenge system to a company, it provides for me and my family, I would say about two or three months, just one funnel.

Russell: So cool. I think that's the key is figuring out this is funnel a master. Inside the certification, we'll give you the training, the strategy and stuff like that. We'll give you swipe files and everything as much as we can. But then for you guys, I'm going to become the best in the world at this. If it's a webinar, I'm going to go join every webinar in mastering it, you become the best in the world. Then when you do that, people come to you. If you set up shop, "Hey, I'm the guy who does challenge funnels. I'm the person who does this kind of," whatever that is, then clients will start coming to you. They'll be magnetically drawn to you. People will be looking for these things all day long. They just don't know who to trust and who to hire. If you do one, then two, and three, how many challenge funnels have you done for clients now? Do you know many-

Austin: Oh my gosh, I've lost count. I have no idea anymore. But you just brought something else up. One of the other things is too, practice what you preach, because when I went all in on challenge funnels and became the expert, I knew I had to launch my own challenge within 30 days, because I wanted to use that ecosystem to get my own customers in the door. And you talked about this a little bit on the webinar. For example guys, you don't want to be that fat coach teaching people how to get six pack abs. It doesn't make any sense, right? You can't do this for everything, but if you can do it and use the same system to put them through, exactly like Pedro does, actually, if you could use the same system, put them through and then sell them that thing.

That's the perfect storm. So if you're going to go all in, let's say fitness coaches and let's say for fitness coaches, you're going to help them get more high ticket clients. And you're going to do that with... You could do it with all kinds of different funnels. Put in the comments, what kind of funnels you can get high ticket applications in for fitness coaches. But I would assume like webinar funnels, challenge funnels, all kinds of things. But let's say webinar funnel. You best be using a webinar funnel to get those fitness clients in the door and then sell them a high ticket program to build out their webinar.

Russell:  Yeah.

Austin: Because so you just should practice what you preach.

Russell: Yeah, for sure. Same thing on my side, right. I do book funnels, because I like books and then everyone in their dog, every famous author in the world's messaging me. "Help me with the book funnel, help me with the book funnel." It's like, "Okay." I get to know all the cool people. Same thing with you, everyone wants your challenge funnel. They go through your challenge and then they want to do challenge funnel. Such good stuff, man. That's awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for being part of this.

Austin: Thanks for having me.

Russell: For anyone who's like sitting here thinking is this going to work for me or not? What would you tell them to kind of like... Someone who's sitting here thinking, "Is this going to work for me or not?" What would you tell them to kind of just push them over the edge?

Austin: Oh my gosh. So funnel building, no matter what you guys decide to do, this is a skill that you can use literally everywhere for any type of business. It's never going to go away. So 100% you should totally do it. And there's so many ways to make money from this. I'm going to tell you guys, we do build challenges on the front end, but we have long-term relationships with clients where we're building them other types of funnels too. We're building some other webinars and other things like that, so it's a stem. We start with the challenge, that's all we do for anybody that comes in, but then we make a bunch of money on the back end.

Russell: So cool, man. Well, proud of you. Glad that you're... It's fun watching you kill it, watching your success through all the years with everything and just perfect example of picking a funnel, focusing on it, becoming the best in the world at it and then bringing in clients like crazy and serving them. So thanks so much for being here. Everyone let Austin know thank you so much down in the comments for hanging out with us today and hope you guys enjoyed all the different funnel builders. It's so much fun sharing. Once again, if you haven't yet, you're waiting like, "What should I do?" It's time to go to and get started and hang out. All right. My next guest today is Ben Moote. Ben, how are you doing today?

Ben: I'm doing good. How are you doing? Can you hear me?

Russell: We can hear you. Yes. Very good.

Ben: All right.

Russell: I want... Because I shared your story during the webinar about this thing where you... Because those who know Ben, Ben's been in our community for a long time. He was actually, when we first launched the first certified partner program way back in the day, he was one that helped us coach and train and everything like that. And then after that, we closed the doors on the certification back in the day. You went out there and you started doing this as a profession, right?

And what I think was so unique that you were doing and so cool, is that you would go... And you're like me, I think me and you were probably the two biggest funnel hackers in the world. We loved to go funnel hack and look at all this stuff. So you started doing that as a service, making proposals from and getting clients. And I'd love if you could just kind of explain that... I know I shared it in the webinar a little bit, but from your standpoint, I'd love for you to explain what you're doing and how it all works because it's such a key piece I want people to understand.

Ben: Okay. So first off, a lot of you guys... If you're in the comments, hello. How's it going? There's something really interesting. Those of you who are staying, you're die hards. You're interested. And I want you to hear this because this is really important. It's not so much... There's so much... Hey, how's it going guys? There is so much potential energy inside of you. There's so much potential to give. If you allow yourself to believe in yourself the way we believe you. There is so much that you can do. Allow yourself to do that. I'd say I was in the ClickFunnels world for forever. I was here right before ClickFunnels 1.0 came out. I got to have super beta access to 1.0. Now I get access to 2.0 and super, super stoked about it. But with 1.0, I realized what was possible.

And I went deep and went crazy. It took a while for me to say, "Now, what am I going to do with this?" I don't have a business idea that I want to do. There's nothing I'm super passionate about. I don't feel the calling. So what do I do? And I discovered that as I was speaking to everybody and they would talk about their story, what it is that they felt they were called to do, I could latch onto that and say, "Oh my gosh, I feel your passion. I feel your fire. And I can help. Oh my god, I can help with that. I can absolutely jump in and make a difference." So I did that for years and years and years. We built well over a hundred funnels, just getting people to that place. And what I saw is that everybody would start to get success with the funnel and then it would start to slip.

And they were really concerned. I was like, "What is a better way to do this?" And so I went back through all the training that Russell had ever done and went kind of crazy and went to the original funnel hacks webinar, where he sold ClickFunnels for the very first time with a webinar. And he taught the process you guys all heard today. It's simply go and find what's working, model it, and then drive traffic to it. With the tools that you get inside here, you're able to do just that. I use those tools every single day. It's the lifeblood. So I discovered it because I wanted to help my customers better. And what's magical is a lot of us are like, "I'm not sure if I'm going to build a funnel that works. I'm not sure if it's going to work right."

The easiest way to get a funnel that works is to funnel hack it. Ethically, go find the traffic that's working, which you get the tool for. Find the traffic. Number two, go and model it out for the customer. And I did it for free at first, and then people's brains were literally exploding. They were so excited, like, "Holy cow, that is the most amazing thing that I learned. How did you share that? Where did you learn this? How does it all work?" And I'm like, "Well, this is how it works for you because of these four different things that I went and researched. And these are these people that are doing it and this is how." And they're like, "You need to charge for this." And that's how it all happened. It all came about because of that. So now when somebody comes to me, I'm like, "Well, we need to do a funnel hack first. Done."

Absolutely. And if they're unsure, the way that I do this if you guys are looking to figure this out, the way that I pitch a funnel hack is somebody will come to me. They'll say, "I'm looking for a funnel build. I'm kind of interested. I'm not quite sure what I want to do." And I'll say, "All right, here's the deal. How much do you know about your niche right now? How much do you know about it? How much research have you done into funnels that work inside of your niche?" And they're usually like, "Well, I Googled it."

And I'm like, "Okay. Sweetheart, we got to help you." I'm in the south right now, so it's just sweethearts and bless you's all over the place. So the thing that's really helpful is you get to then help them, number one, find what's working, but number two, as much as you can be a specialist inside of a funnel, the easiest way to become a specialist in something else is to funnel hack like Austin before talked about. Go and find everything that's working, deep dive in it, go crazy, print out the webinars, go through it, have fun. Funnel hacking's a blast, and at the same time you get paid for it. And the customers always turned over. It was crazy. They were always like... When I presented the funnel hack, they immediately said, "Holy cow. You're the only obvious answer." If you ever wanted that from a customer who's like, "My gosh. You're the person that I have to work with." This is your key. This is the foot in the door. It works every single time.

Russell: Well, think about that. You go through and you funnel hack, you're like, "Here's all the ad sources. Here's the traffic. Here's the funnel. Search everything." You give it to them and they're like, "You know my business better than I do at this point." And you're like, "Cool. So you can take this and go hire another funnel builder, or I can do it if you want." And they're like, "Of course I'm going to give you..." And if guys... I talked about it earlier, I asked Ben yesterday. I was like, "What percent of people that you did that paid funnel hack for paid for funnel building?" He's like, "80%." I'm like, "Really?" He's like, "Nah, that's not true. It's actually 100%, but I feel bad. No one's going to believe that."

Ben: Yes. Yes. Yes

Russell: It's so cool. But the process is awesome and I think it's so cool. And just so you guys know, Ben's been working a lot closer with me on a whole bunch of stuff. He's going to do a lot of training inside the funnel builders certification program on this process and how it works and getting you guys deep to understanding exactly how to do it, how to execute, how to do the funnel hacks, all that kind of stuff. And so he'll be around helping as well. And so it's going to be awesome. I appreciate you, Ben, jumping on. Any last words for anyone who's listening who's still on the fence? What would you do to push them over?

Ben: If you're on the fence, more than likely at this point, you're sitting down thinking, "This sounds great, but I really don't know if it's for me. I don't know if I can make this work." From being around the certification program 1.0 and seeing certification programs that have been all throughout the internet, there is nothing that's going to help you get on the bike and help you move forward and help you get there step by step like this program. There's nothing out there like it. So if you're leaving this on the table, just realize anywhere you go, it's going to be a lower grade opportunity. This is the king. Take it.

Russell: Well, thank you so much for being on and hopefully you guys... You'll love working with Ben on some of these things that are working that work so good and just grateful for you man, for all the work you're doing and helping everybody out, the funnel builders. Awesome. Awesome. All right, everyone. Let Ben know thank you so much down in the comments down below. And man, we've been going for three and a half hours. I think I got one or two more guests to bring on, one or two more funnel builders.

But before we do, again, if you're on the fence just waiting, again, now is the time go to Get started to be part of the certification program. And next up we have... This is the funnel builder. I'm going to nickname you. He's becoming the celebrity funnel builder. He's been building funnels for me in the background. He's been doing it for Tony Robbins. He's been doing it for other people. He's an amazing designer, amazing funnel builder, amazing guy. He's also been working back behind the scenes on actual designs for ClickFunnels 2.0. Some of the templates you guys will have are coming from his mind. But our next guest I want to bring out is Gusten. How you doing, man?

Gusten: Well I was doing great, but now you're making me nervous. What an intro. No, it's good to be here. It's 2:30, almost, AM here in Finland, but it's good to be here.

Russell: Oh, thanks for staying up late and hanging out with us. I really, really appreciate it. So I'd love to know-

Gusten: My pleasure. It's fun.

Russell: How did you get into this whole funnel building world? I don't even know the original story. All I know is kind of the other side where everyone... Like for me, we give you tons of projects. Other people are like, "I need someone who's the best. Who would you go to?" And I always send them to you. I had Frank Kern yesterday message me. I'm like, "He's the best." Curious to your journey in this world.

Gusten: So there's a lot of people who get into this business to make a lot of money, which is good. That's all cool. I got into this business because I'm a family man. I have two kids and a beautiful wife and I just wanted to build a business so I can be with them. And like I said, it's 2:30 AM. I'm working from home in my home office. And I literally put them to sleep, I went to this webinar, and here we are. So that's kind of why I do this. But how I got into this is pretty interesting. I was making 400 a month as a receptionist and I had 15 different jobs at the age of 21, literally trying everything, jumping from the job to job. And people said, "Why don't you just settle? Just be grateful. Not every job is going to be fun."

And I was like, "But I want to have fun. It shouldn't feel like a job. It should be fun." And so I remember thinking, looking at the marketplace and I was like, "What's the best opportunity right now?" And I didn't know funnels at the time. I'm in Finland, nobody was talking about funnels. And so I was looking at businesses going online. So at the time it was social media, right? Everyone was doing the old school, traditional paper ads. And I was like, "Why don't you use Facebook?" And they're like, "Oh, you can run ads on Facebook?" And so that's the first thing I did. It worked well. I got a bunch of clients, but mostly what we got them was traffic. We got them views. We sent traffic to their ugly brochures, websites.

So the next step then was like, "Okay. Let me optimize your website in WordPress." And then that sucked, then we got leads. But it was like... We're not really able to track the monetization. And then I saw this book. And then you started following me around on internet. And so I bought the book and then I wanted to invest into a course to learn more. And I remember it was pretty embarrassing. I have two younger brothers and I reached out to them because I was making 400 a month, which had to go to rent and everything. Even though I bought books for it, I reached out to my brothers and I was like, "Hey, can I borrow some money to invest in this course?" And they're like, "Yeah, sure. We believe in you."

So thankfully they did. And I invested into a program and one of the mindsets or principles that I always go by is who's doing what I want to do? And then how can I pay them to get closer to them and learn from them? Because I'm not a big fan of college. Some people like it. I don't like it. I dropped out of college, actually. And ever since I learned those, I've been able to 10 X my growth in literally everything in funnels, like copy, offers, design, automation by just following what other people are doing.

Russell: That's so cool. So when was the very first client you took on to actually build a funnel for them after you started learning this stuff?

Gusten: It was a competition. So I went into a community on Facebook where they talked about funnels and was just curious. And they said, "I'm looking to find a funnel builder." And we were three people and he's like, "I'll pick the best one." So I was like, "Okay. So let me..." I'm very competitive. I was into soccer and sports. So I was like, "I want to beat them." And I'm still the same person today. I want to be the best. So it was three people. We built a funnel. We sent it over to this person. He was actually in your inner circle. And so once I beat those two other people, then he ended up paying me for the next funnel. And then I ended up getting his network. He referred people. I paid him a small cut, which is what actually one of the seven ways, that I'm happy to share if you want, the seven ways to get clients that I do.

But ever since then, it's been a combination of putting myself out there to get more clients. So when I have a project, I present it beautifully. I post it on my profile. So I have a very simple business, simple portfolio, simple profile. I put up my funnels. It's actually how you reached out to me as well, if you remember, on Facebook, that you saw a funnel and you reached out to me. So that's how I got my first one. And then I've been just focused on serving. And you've talked about that. A lot of other people here have talked about serving people and I remember making this post once like, "Hey, my goal is to build a thousand funnels."

I don't know. I don't care how long it's going to take. And Tony Robbins actually... It's funny that he's not a client, but I remember he was saying something about most people underestimate what they can do in a decade and overestimate what they can do in a year or something like that, probably butchering, but the mindset of if I build a thousand funnels in the next three to five years, then will I ever struggle to get clients again? Probably not. Because most people will be distracted by everything that's going on and they won't focus on the number one key they should be focused on, which is their skills. I know we've talked about that a lot today, but that's been my mindset and it's worked. It's worked. I'm working with you, so it's worked.

Russell: Cool. I would love... Because again, for some people, that'd be a dream to work these amazing clients and people you looked up to. Who are some of the people you've had a chance to work with because of the skill set you've learned?

Gusten: Well, so you and ClickFunnels and Magnetic Marketing and Dan Kennedy and that brand. And then also Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, some people who are on here as speakers as well. And so a lot of big clients like Anthony and Morrison, Krista Mashore, a lot of people who are into Comma Club, and even bigger awards than that. But I treat every client the same. I charge every client the same, because my mindset is still how can I just become better all the time? Because then again, if I just focus on becoming better and serving, then it doesn't really matter who I'm working with, even though I love working with dream clients.

But it's the fact that I'm always thinking long term instead of how can I make a quick buck? I'm thinking about my kids, my wife. And if there's a recession or inflation, as long as I try to become better every single day, just focus on one project at a time, then I know everything else is going to take care of itself. It could be my faith as well, just a childish faith of everything is going to work out as long as I do my part. That's what I believe.

Russell: So cool. Well, I know it's late for you and I'm tired too. We've been going for a long time. I love... For anyone who's thinking, "Man, would this be... Should this be the career I go into?" We all have these different opportunities. We can go to college, we go to school. We can move. Just as a career, as a lifestyle, anything you want to tell people about how this has been, has affected your life? I'd love to hear that.

Gusten: Well, so I told you my number one goal is to have fun. But then the second part is obviously to provide for my family. So what I've been able to do with funnels is... It started with building funnels. And then I started earning affiliate commissions because people needed funnels. And then people start asking for one-on-one help. So I've built, let's call, it 10 mini businesses within funnels, 10. I calculated them actually. And it's like, people need help. Once you learn the skills, there's so many ways that you can serve clients. And so the last thing that I would say is if someone is on the fence, I would ask who's... It's Russell Brunson. If you're not learning from Russell Brunson, it's the best person that I could imagine learning from and so I highly recommend it.

Russell: Oh, that's awesome. Well, thank you so much for jumping on. I appreciate you. I know it's super late for you. Grateful you stayed up and shared your story with everybody.

Gusten: I've had fun. I've had fun. Sorry for my voice though, I'm a little bit sick still. But no, this was great.

Russell: Oh, no worries. You're awesome, man. Well, thanks for all you do. It's so much fun watching you and your journey and you're awesome. So everyone…

Gusten: Appreciate you.

Russell: Down in the chat, let Gusten know. So much thank you for jumping on and hanging out with us tonight. All right. I think I believe we got one more right? Last person. And again, call to action before we go. Again, those who are sitting on the fence, you guys we're almost done. We're going to go pass out. I'm tired. You're tired. But for those who are still here, who are waiting, trying to decide, take the leap of faith. Again, there's a 30 day money back guarantee. You can jump in. You can test this out. You can try it. Have some fun. If it doesn't work, let us know, get your money back. But man, you guys have the opportunity to jump in and try this process.

I told you the funnel up trainings in there right now, you can jump in there, go start going through that and sell us some funnel hubs this weekend. The process is done and it's ready for you guys. You just got to jump in there and follow the process. It's been proven. It works and it can work for you as well. All right. So I think are you our last one, Kevin? I think you're our last guest.

Kevin: I am. Yeah, absolutely. I'm your last.

Russell: Very cool. So Kevin-

Kevin: Saving the best for last.

Russell: I told your story during the webinar, which I think was really cool, but one of the funnel types you specialized in has been product launch funnels. And I think the stat we had is after you did your first one, you did 32 over the next two years. But I'd love to know just a couple things, like how did you get started? And then how did you get clients, that many clients, in that window of time? How did you go through that? Because you went from entering this world to blowing up in this world. How'd you do that?

Kevin: Yeah, it actually just... Honestly I didn't have a program like this to kind of show me the ropes or anything. So I just attended my first event and just heard about the opportunity and just became obsessed with it. You talk about it when someone starts talking about funnels or just a piece of funnel and they were giving the background of how you could actually do this, it was just blowing my mind and I was looking around and you say the same thing, right? I was looking around I'm like, "Why is no one else freaking out?"

This works, we could do this. And it all made perfect sense in my head, but I was a how. I'm the how type of person and the room was full with the wow type of people. And I could see it in their eyes. They're just like... What they wanted was the result. And what I wanted was the process. So I honestly just started talking to a couple of them just by accident. And one of them happened to be Chalene Johnson. So I don't know if anyone knows her, but the very literally we were... I was sitting next to her and was kind of in her same world. And she's like, "Oh, what do you do?" I was like "Well, I do tech." So I just said, "Well, I can do this for you." And that kind of started it.

And I didn't know what I was doing. I just said yes. She said, "Can you do this?" I was like, "Yes." I didn't know how to do it. There wasn't a program like this to teach me how to do it. I just committed. And from that point forward, that's all I did. I just said yes. So anytime I met a person that was a wow, that was at an event that said, "I want to do this," I was like, "I can help you. I can help you. I can help you." And the first three or four were rough and I was learning along the way and I over-committed and under-delivered for the first couple of ones of them, for sure.

But then I got a system and a program and it got to be a rhythm. I learned how to find the right customers. I got better at it and it got easier. Then I started bringing on a team and then I was able to employ other people. And my sister joined the company and she needed a job and I was able to provide her that. My best friend became my sales guy. It just got easier and easier and easier.

Russell: So cool. Essentially, because when you were doing this back in the day too, you didn't have a ClickFunnels or something like-

Kevin: No.

Russell: You were doing all custom. It was way harder back then and you still were able to figure it out. Can you imagine nowadays having the tools and stuff so it's not just... You can do it faster. You can clone things. You can make things a lot quicker than the first time.

Kevin: It's almost cheating. It's not fair.

Russell: Well, that's the interesting thing about... We talk about mastering a funnel type and inside the certification program, we teach you the funnel type. Then we give you here's a dozen templates of that funnel type. So you don't have to be good. Just take it. And then it's like, switch out the branding logos, the copy, and then connect everything and then you're done. It's not like back in the day where you're in HTML learning Frontpage or Dreamweaver, how to hack a page together, right? It's so much easier nowadays.

Kevin: Yeah. The 2:00 AM days of waiting for a video to upload are gone. Don't have that anymore.

Russell: It's easier with time. What would you say for people who are sitting there like, "How do I do this?" They're freaked out. I think a lot of people, obviously, they're nervous is the money. $10,000 seems like a lot of money and it is, but help them understand just one funnel build can pay for that or more. It's not so far where sometimes we go to five years of college and we have X amount of debt and then it's going to take us 30 years to pay that off. The return can be really, really quickly when you understand it right.

Kevin: Yeah. For sure. I think the biggest thing that I would tell people is if you have the opportunity... I don't even know how to explain it best. The short version is this is the type of thing that once you commit to and you learn the process, this gives you permission. But it also gives you a way to learn along the way. So you might have a dream, maybe you are a wow. Maybe you are a wow person and you have a dream of a business you want to run or something you want to do in the future. And you want to be bigger things. This is a great way to get your foot in that door. And do it in a way that you're learning along the way, just like I did. You're just saying yes, right?

You're helping other people and become an expert. So maybe your end goal isn't to run an agency. Maybe your end goal is to launch your own business, but this is the way to learn. And even what you said, opening doors... The people I started with, I said it to you when I was looking through the list of the first 32 people, I mean honestly, I don't even remember some of these names at some point. I felt bad, but the doors it's opened for me. I mean, now just having a chance to work with the people I've had to work with over the last 10 years is unbelievable. So there's nothing more powerful to people than being in this space. And there's nothing people need more than people that can build funnels.

Russell: So awesome. Thank you man, so much, for jumping on here and-

Kevin: Thank you.

Russell: I said, for everyone who's watching this, Kevin's done it, all the funnel builders you've had a chance to meet over the last hour and a half or so we've been going. This is a career. This is lifestyle, something you can do, and you work with cool people. You can have fun. You can make money. It's just the perfect career, which we talked about. So thank you, Kevin, so much for hanging out.

Kevin: Appreciate it, man.

Russell: All right guys. Well team, can you throw slides back up on my team or do I need to throw them up? I just want to go through the offer stack one last time and maybe everyone can see the slides. I'm assuming you probably can. So I'm going to move this here and then I'm going to go through. So just one last recap, you guys. Then I'm going to go pass out because I've been going for three hours, three and a half hours. I'm tired. I'm probably more tired than all you guys. I'm sure you guys are tired as well. So I'm going to wrap this up. I'm going to go through one last time. What you're going to get inside the funnel builder certification program. Again, first thing you're going to get is the funnel builders secrets training. This is going to be all the training, all the core funnels.

You got to understand the psychology, and the method, and the strategy, and the tactics, and how to build the ClickFunnels and all those kind of things. That's the first thing. Second thing is you get the funnel builder certification program. So any funnel you want to, you can get certified, be able to have a badge that shows that you are actually certified, you know how to do it. You're going to have access to the funnel huddles, which means you have entire team of funnel builders like you, who can all give you critiques and feedback on the funnels you're working on, which is insanely priceless right there. Again, you're never going to be alone. Again, you got a team of people who are in the same career, industry, business as you all networking together. Number three, you're going to get the agency counts to Gearu. You're going to get the agency account to ClickFunnels, agency account to funnel scripts. Tongue tied.

And then you're also going to get premium listings inside the funnel builder marketplace, total value of $37,985. But on top of that, it's not just that either, you guys, because there's more. I told you there's all these unadvertised bonuses. There's a whole bunch of... Like the funnel hub launchpad that Mike and AJ built that we're going to be selling later as a course, we put it in there as well. So you can go through that training tonight, if you want to. How do I build a funnel? How do I sell a funnel? It's in there. There's other bonuses, other things. There's a lot of really cool things happening. This is just kind of a highlight of the core things to get you guys up and running and having success. This is a program that we're not leaving you alone. We're going to be here helping you to have success, to figure out the strategies, how to build funnels, how to drive traffic, all that kind of stuff's going to be happening here inside the members area.

And this is literally the beginning of the future for you guys. This is the beginning of your next career as a funnel builder. And you had a chance to hear from a dozen different people who this is their full time career. They're funnel builders. And you understand it's a great income opportunity. It's an amazing thing that's fun. It's exciting. Especially times of recession and inflation, all these crazy things, it gives you ability to learn a skillset that is continuing going up in value. Ability to associate and tie yourself to businesses that are having success during these crazy times. It helps protect you from all these crazy things. And again, to get started, all you got to do... I'm going to pull up the site again. If you go to is where you get started. Again it's one payment of $9,997, basically $10,000. Or you can break up at four payments to $2,997.

There's a 30 day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose other than something that's been holding you back. You can have that chance to jump in there and have some fun. That said, you guys, thanks so much for hanging out for the last three or four hours. The TV screen behind me has fell asleep, which means it's time for me to go to sleep, and you guys to go to sleep. Gusten, it's three in the morning for him. It's time for him to go to bed. But thank you guys so much for spending the time with us. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learned a lot. Hopefully you understand this new opportunity. So excited for all you guys who took advantage and jumped in. We're grateful for you guys and cannot wait to serve you, to certify you, to help you, give you the skillset and the trainings you guys need to be able to write your own paycheck for the rest of your lives.

So you can write your own swimming pool like the Beatles did. You can have the same kind of opportunity as well. Thank you guys again so much for being here. I appreciate you. I'm grateful for you. I hope you enjoyed the time and I will see you guys all inside the certified funnel builders members area. Again, one last call to action. Go to Get started. Thank you guys so much for hanging out. I appreciate you and we'll see you guys all inside the members area. Thanks everybody. Bye.


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