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532 - The Funnel Wrapper... My Newest Invention

532 - The Funnel Wrapper... My Newest Invention

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I’m not sure if this is crazy or brilliant, but I’m really excited about this new evolution of funnel building.

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If you're trying to grow a company from zero to a million, there's a whole bunch of low hanging fruit that's easy to do, but trying to go from 150 million to a billion, it's different. It's not like, "Oh, we need to create one more ad or one more funnel."


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Hey, what's up? This is Russell Brunson and I hope you don't mind, but I want to brainstorm an idea and a concept that I'm playing with my head that I think may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I'm not positive, but I think it might be. So I'm working on two of them right now, so I will have practical real world data back in a week or two, or a couple of weeks, but right now, I'm in the brainstorming phase and thought I would share here on the podcast.

Hey everybody, hope you're great. So, I keep trying to figure out how to increase everything, right? What's the next step? What's the next thing to grow our business with ClickFunnels? It gets harder all the time because we've tapped out of all the little things, right? If you're trying to grow a company from zero to a million, there's a whole bunch of low hanging fruit that's easy to do, but trying to go from 150 million to a billion, it's different. It's not like, "Oh, we need to create one more ad or one more funnel."

The little things, so that don't drive the needle big enough at scale, and so that's where I kind of figure out different ways to drive things at scale. So, there's big things we're working on, there's internationalization, right? Doing all the books in different languages, and the software in different languages, and those things we're working on that'll be big needle drivers, right?

In fact, oh, did you guys listen to the Joe Rogan interview with Mr. Beast? Kind of fascinating, but one of the biggest things he said is that the way they grew their business the fastest or the biggest was taking all their YouTube videos and then translating them to different languages and having the entire channel in different languages, which is so cool. Sorting out the books right now, and then we're going to be doing it to all the other things. A lot of really cool, fun, exciting things happening there.

Anyway, this is one that I'm excited to try. This is something anybody who's got a lot of content could also try and test out and test out and things like that. The working hypothesis in my head, and I have a couple names for it. Internally, I'm calling this the funnel wrapper, but it'll probably shift to an actual sexy name later, but as of right now, it's called the funnel wrapper. Right now, as you know, we have funnels, right? We have a book funnel and webinar funnel and things, and so we drive ads to a funnel. They hit the funnel, they go through the process and then it ends, right? There's a beginning and an end. And then we push into webinar funnel. We're always kind of like, we have our big email list, we have traffic, we have all these things. We're pushing them and they're bouncing into these different funnels going through the process and then it kind of ends, then we start back over. And maybe we have ascension and value ladders, move them from step one to step two, all those things are great, they're good marketing automation.

This is kind of like, I want take a step back, and how do we really change the needle, really move something. And so I had this idea and we're testing at two different places. One of them is, and this will probably be live by the time you guys hear this, you could see it. So if you go to, this is an example of me creating this funnel wrapper or this universe that's wrapping a whole bunch of amazing content into the sales gauntlet or something. I don't even know. And so the principle is like, we're trying to sell more Funnel Hacking Live tickets, right? So I have obviously We push people to there, they register and they can buy tickets, right? So we drive emails there, we drive ads there. I do webinars there, a whole bunch of stuff happens there, right? And people buy tickets there.

And so I'm like, "Well, I want to be able to talk about it more often," because with selling events, it's just got to be in front of people's minds all the time, and so how do I get them to want to keep thinking about it and talking about it and how can I keep bringing up without being the annoying pest Russell, right? Yeah, Russell, we know Funnel Hacking Live come meetings with the 500 emails. How do I put people into a universe where they're excited to get the emails and all that kind of stuff. And so this came on the back for the funnel bill certification program, I've been recording all the modules on. Summit funnels and squeeze page funnels and survey funnels and just all different funnel types and all sorts of stuff, right? So my mind was kind of in the middle of this whole thing.

And soon as I finished the recording, I went and actually, from there, I went and went hiking for four days with my kids. I had no internet access, so I just was thinking these things in my head. And so this funnel wrapper principle's kind of the output of all those things, right? So here's the principle of the funnel wrapper. So someone go to, again, And on there, it's like, Hey, if you opt in, you could give you 10 of the best presentations Funnel Hacking Live. And these presentations are, they're amazing, they're rare, they're whatever. Some really good hook to get them to register, right? So after they register, they enter into this universe. And so this universe has an email list that's not coming from Russell Brunson because I want to put people through a lot of different universes. And so instead of just having it be 20 emails from Russell, the data they're getting. It's like, you enter, the email is coming from FHL Secrets. That way, you know where it's coming from, it's very specific and it's this universe you've entered into, right?

So they opt in there, and then what happens is we kind of do a little mini product launch wrapped on or tied to content, right? So for example, we have the FHL Funnel Hacking Live documentary. So the very first thing they do is they get the documentary and we're planning on using, the software to make it so that after they opt in, they have 72 hours to go and watch the documentary and then documentary expires, right? So there's this built-in product launch happening, right? With an opening, a middle and a close. So the first email's like, Hey, go watch the documentary, it's going to be for 72 hours. Second one's like, Hey, tomorrow it goes away. And third email's like, it's gone, that's your shot to listen to, right? So it's limiting product launch and the documentary is content, but then obviously it's talking about FHL and it pushes people to go get a ticket to FHL, right? Then it transitions, now I pick a presentation from Funnel Hacking Live.

So let's say I pick Prince EA's presentation. And so now that they finish the first content product launch inside this little universe, inside the funnel rapper. Now it's like, Hey, here's one of my favorite presentations from Funnel Hacking Live from Prince EA, it's going to be live for 72 hours. So they go to the presentation on the page, there's a intro from me saying, Hey, this is who the video's by, this is why I have him speak, this is why it's so cool, and they show the actual presentation. And then when the presentation ends, I come back on and I can do a stack in the clothes to sell tickets, right? And so now we have, they have 72 hours to go watch a Prince EA. So they have an opening like, Hey, new video's live. Hey, it's going down tomorrow. Hey, we're closing card.

The thing disappears, right? So now there's an open and close urgency scarcity, and then it disappears. And then the next day we open a new one. And so we're going to have 10 presentations happening in this thing. And so every three days there's a mini product launch that's not tied to hardcore pushing an offer, but hardcore pushing a content that expires and it disappears, right? And so you look at this whole thing, people opt in, but now I have 30 days to give them three days of basically launching three content pieces that are wrapped with a pitch that pushes people now to the actual funnel, right? And so someone does this, basically they opt in, it gives me 30 chances to present them Funnel Hacking Live tickets, without them feeling like I'm presenting them Funnel Hacking Live tickets, right?

And so that's the gauntlet or the funnel wrapper or the universe or whatever dramatic demonstration. I got a dozen names I keep using interchangeably, but that's the principle, right? So think about this with all different things, content stuff you have, right? I was thinking about the summits I've done in the past. We did the 30 days summit, right? And 30 days summit's amazing, but right now, if you go to and you register, basically day one, you get the first five presentations, day two, you get the next five, day three, you get the next five, it expires. Excuse me, first 10, 20, 30. So it's like three days of promotion that ends. I was like, what if we took all these recordings instead, dripped it out to be this product launch where we figure out what's the core offer we want to sell in the back of 30 days.

So maybe it's the One Funnel Away Challenge, maybe it's ClickFunnels trial or you go to or whatever the next thing we want to sell is, right? And so then they enter this universe, they register for After they register, then boom, it's like, Hey, here's the first presentation. Let's say it's Trey Llewellyn. And so we go and we show them Trey Llewellyn presentation, we explain it. I video me explaining why I picked it and then boom, it shows Trey's presentation. Afterwards, I come back on and I do a stack in the clothes pitching whatever the core offers for 30 days, right? And then again, 72 hours, boom, and now it becomes the first one. And the next presentation is, let's say Liz Benny’s now that happens for three days. And the next one is... And each of these content pieces now, instead of just being a typical summit model, they get three emails, three different days of training. It disappears.

Now it's 30 trainings that are all wrapped over three days. So that's nine, what's that? 90 days of me dripping the most amazing content of all time that are anxiously excited for, and then wrapped around that content is the offer for whatever the front end thing is I'm trying to actually pitch and promote, and that just keeps happening. So now all of a sudden, this content I created that is underperforming now, now becomes this 90 day gauntlet or funnel wrap or something where it's this insane value, insane things, expiring content happening every single day, emails coming from and not from, right? Or from Russell Brunson. So there it's like its own little universe of content and product launch and expiring and all that kind of stuff. And I have a million things I could do that with, right? And I'm sure you do too.

How much content you created, how many podcasts episodes? Every podcast episode should be as content's wrapped in a pitch back to whatever the core thing is, right? Anyway, so yeah, I feel like this is a way to wrap your entire value ladder in content that gets, I don't know, who knows? So this is the working hypothesis and the working name. I don't even know if this name's any good, but I said I'll be testing it out, the first one that'll be going live is, so I'm assuming it'll be live by the time you guys get this, go check it out, let know what you think.

And if it works good, you'll notice I'll be doing a lot more of these funnel wrappers that bring people into these content universes with expiring content that pushes people into the front end funnels. And the goal that obviously is to provide value, warm the customer up, and then get them to where we need to go, so. Anyway, I'm excited, I hope that this helps at least stimulate thought in your minds of cool ways to increase how much money you make for every single option and lead that comes into your world. And with that said, thanks so much for listening, and will talk to you soon. Bye everybody.


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