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535 - The Secret of Diving In Head First

535 - The Secret of Diving In Head First

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An analogy I want to share with you to help you to be more successful in anything that you decide to do.

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I think that's what a lot of people struggle with, is they make a decision, but they don't actually cut off the other options. They kind of decide, oh, I think I'm going to do this. And they start dabbling and getting their feet wet, and then their knees, and their ankles. And there's a thousand points where you're going to jump out and wimp out all your decision because you let yourself do it


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Hey, good morning, everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I'm going to talk about one of my strategies for actually getting stuff done, move forward in momentum, all the things that we struggle with, I think daily, as entrepreneurs and as humans. And so hopefully this one helps out.

Okay. So as you guys know, we just go back from Lake Powell, which is so much fun. And I'm going to say this, I'm going to sound like a total diva, because Lake Powell, if you've been there before, Southern Utah, the water's pretty nice. It's warmish. But even with water being warm, you know how it is, you're on a boat and it's super hot, and then you go into the water and you step in the water and it's like, ah, it's cold. And it hurts at first. And then you got to jump in and just so painful. Right? And so this was an example from Lake Powell. This is true to any lake, right? We also do water stuff at Bear Lake on the Utah, Idaho border, which is freezing cold. So this story makes more sense if you're thinking about Bear Lake. And there's other lakes in Idaho that are cold that we go to.

So yeah, I'm going to be kind of a wuss, because it was still cold in Lake Powell, even though it's warm, beautiful water. But the story that I'm going to share is the same either way. So, all right, so this is the story. So if you look at whenever I go to Lake Powell, or I go anywhere, I always see people, they're on the boats with us and they start turn to go wake surf or ski or whatever they're going to do. And they get down to the side of the boat and they put their feet in the water, like, ah, it's cold. And they slowly get in. They're like, ah, ah, ah, it's all this pain. And they sit down and they get their legs in and then up to their waist and then, oh, and so that shock of cold water.

And so I used to do that back in the day. But the problem with that is like, it's so painful, right? So you get down and you sit there, it's like, ah, it's going to hurt. And then you do the next thing, ah, it's going to hurt. And it keeps hurting, hurting. And finally, eventually you're all the way in, and then you're like, ah, just miserable until they pull you out of the water.

And so I had this idea a little while ago. I'm like, if I do that every single time, it is so hard and so cold and just so painful. I said, instead of me getting in slowly first, I'm going to turn around and just dive in head first, every single time. And what happens when you dive in head first is you get the fear initially, it's going to be cold, but then you jump in and you dive in and a couple things happen. One, your hands and head go first. And so I think that maybe that turns off the pain receptors, I don't know. Probably not. But you feel like it doesn't feel as cold. When you're diving in, you go fast within a fraction of a 10th of a second, your entire body submerged. And that pains off. It's like ripping a bandaid off, right. Versus like slowly pulling, it slowly pulling it.

And so every time I get the water, I dive in head first and I never have a problem getting in the water because I know it's going to hurt, but it hurts for such a short period of time. And then my head's all the way under I come back up and I feel great instantly, as opposed to most people who are spending 45 minutes getting in from their feet to their knees, or feet, to ankles, to knees, to waist, to chest, to neck. And then they don't ever their head under, unless they crash or they wreck, whereas for me, it's just like, boom, everything goes in fast. And so the analogy is like diving in head first. If you're going do something and you decide to do it, dive in head first, don't put your ankles in and your toes and slowly move in because there's so many things, so many pain points that are going to rip you away, try to get you to stop. Right.

And so the same thing is true with anything in your life, whether it be business or a new opportunity or something you want to try. Okay. So another good example is, my entire life I've said I don't want to boat. I don't want to boat. And the reason why I don't want to boat, because with boats there's boat maintenance and cleaning and just all the things that come with that. Right? So in my head I'm like, I don't want a boat. I don't want to boat. And this last trip with our family and my kids are getting older. My teenage boys are, the twins are starting their junior year, next year. So basically have this summer, next summer, and then in theory, they can be gone to college, or not college or whatever they're going to do.

And as we were sitting there on the boats, it's so cool. Because you're on this boat, it's small, and kids want to be there, and I had a chance to where for a week, I'm with my kids and we're having fun and we're enjoying each other and just like so cool and so special. And the family that we go to Lake Powell with, they always have their really nice boat there. And this year they had a different boat and I was like, well, what happened to your old boat? And they're like, oh, well we got this new boat. So we're selling that one.

And I remember as soon as they said that, I had this like inkling, like, I should get a boat. I should buy it because I know the boat, I understand it, it's fun. But then my brain's like, no you hate boats, you don't want boat, all the things, right. This is equal with standing outside the boat and being like, I want to wake surf and it's like, oh, but it's cold. And I don't want to do it. And all the things that come with that. Right. And I remember telling at the first of the week, I'm like, okay, I think it's like a 35% chance I want to buy your boat.

Then by day two, I'm like, okay. I think it's like 40%, 45%. And day three I'm like, okay. I think I'm at like 75%. And finally by the last day of the thing, I'm like, okay, I want to do the boat. And this is now where I think a lot of people, including me, this is where it's like, okay, now I'm going to step in and get my toes and my ankles, my everything. And I was like, no, if I'm going to do this, I got to dive in head first, just like I did in the water. Otherwise I'm going to back out. I'm going to wimp out. I'm going to do all these kind of things. And so literally this is on last Wednesday, I tell them I'm going to buy your boat. And so then Wednesday... Maybe it was Tuesday anyway, whatever it was, we drive up to their house.

We strap the boat on and instantly I am now a boater. And we go to the boat store, buy all the anchors, and the pads, and the things. And we fill the whole boat up and then we'd drive up and got to Boise and I had to learn how to back into my driveway to park it. And I'm a boat owner. And then now, traditionally it would be like, okay, I'm up to my knees now. And then I'd be okay, we're going to go boating in a week or two weeks from now or whatever. But I was like, if you don't boat right now, then I'm not going to do it. It's going to sit here forever. And so we booked a boating trip. So tomorrow we're going out boating with the boat and I got to learn how to back it up, which now it's like, I have to learn this. I have to go take it to a parking lot and learn how to back up a boat because that's not a little easy thing.

And so yeah, all these things like just jumping in headfirst to force you to do the thing. And so there's the analogy. I shared it with you, how we did it in the water, and kind of shared it now, how I did it with a boat. But it's the truth. Anything, as soon as you make the commitment to do something, you decide I'm going to do this thing. I want to recommend all you guys. Then you jump in head first. Don't wade in and step in slowly and have all the pain of all every single step, and every decision, remaking that decision over and over and over and over again. If you're there and you're going to do it, you've committed to do it. Then dive in head first.

Myron Golden spoke at Funnel Hacking Live on this. And also we did the Mexico Mastermind, have him speak on this. He talked about the concept of deciding, right? I'm going to decide to do something. And he said, to decide means to cut. And so it's not just like, I'm going to make decisions. You're cutting off all other options. It's literally like a cutting. I'm not going to do any other options. This is the thing that I'm doing now. And so when you decide, you cut off all other options, then it's like, okay, I've decided, I'm doing this thing. Now you dive in head first. Now you go all in. Now you don't wade in, you don't slowly get in. If you're going to do it, dive in head first.

Now that doesn't mean just dive into ideas blindly. It doesn't mean dive into opportunities blindly. It's sitting back and before, thinking through in your mind, studying it out, is this the right thing you want to do? All those kind of things are what you do first. But as soon as you decide, as soon you said, yes, I'm going to do this thing, and you decide, that's when you jump all in. Right. And so yeah. Diving in head first. That's what I want to share with you guys. Just that concept.

So anyway, think about in your life, think about the things you're doing in life. Like when I decided I'm going to marry my wife, Colette. It was literally like I decided I'm going to marry her, the next day I proposed to her, and then a couple weeks later we were married. It wasn't like, okay, oh, we're going to get married. Let's get engaged. And then in two years now I'll get married. No, I decided I'm going to cut off other options and dive in head first, let's go. I made the decision. So let's go.

And I think that's what a lot of people struggle with, is they make a decision, but they don't actually cut off the other options. They kind of decide, oh, I think I'm going to do this. And they start dabbling and getting their feet wet, and then their knees, and their ankles. And there's a thousand points where you're going to jump out and wimp out all your decision because you let yourself do it. You didn't cut off all the options. You didn't dive in head first. And so anyway, if you want to be successful in life, I believe it's, obviously thinking things throughout your mind. And then as soon as you decide and you cut off all their options and you dive in head first and then you just start running.

Anyway. So hope I help somebody. Hopefully if you're stuck with a decision, or you've made a decision, but you're not having success yet and you're dabbling and you're wading in, that this will get you to stop. That if you've actually decided, you cut off all other options, and diving in head first is the best way to start moving forward. Thanks, you guys. Hope you got something from this. I appreciate y'all for listening and we'll talk to you soon. Bye everybody.


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