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540 - THRIVE (Don't Just Survive) with Dean Graziosi!!!

540 THRIVE (Don't Just Survive) with Dean Graziosi!!!

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I flew to Phoenix to hang out with Dean Graziosi and get the process for you to THRIVE (not survive) during this crazy time.

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I remember the very first time a payment came through. Somebody bought something I'd created, and they didn't refund it. And I was just like, "Oh my gosh. This is real. What else can I create? What else is there out there?" And that started the wheels in my head spinning.


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Russell Brunson: What's up, everybody. This is Russell Brunson. As you know, we're in the middle of Dean to Tony's big launch, and I had a chance to fly out and actually interview Dean. It was so much fun. We did this really cool podcast interview, and there's some really powerful nuggets in there I think you're going to enjoy. And so we have is a video podcast. We're driving traffic to. It's converting great. I thought it'd be really fun for you guys to listen in behind the scenes.

Just so you guys know the evil strategy. We recorded this podcast as a training session, but then it also, at the end, obviously sells people into Dean and Tony's new course. And then that interview has become a VSL. So a video sales letter, we're driving traffic to it, and it's converting, and it's just a really cool strategy.

So anyway, just want to share that with you as well. I'll probably do a longer-form episode talking about the strategy behind this. What we did and why we did it. All that kind of stuff. But it's pretty cool. So the interview's awesome. And as you'll notice, when you listen to interview, I'm giving away an insane bonus for those who do sign up for Dean and Tony's new course, which, first off, they cut the price in half. They doubled what's inside of it. So it's like the biggest no-brainer ever.

But one of the bonuses I'm giving away is actually Dan Kennedy's course on how to get to seven figures. And what's crazy about this course. This is the true story. I was talking to Ben Settle. Ben Settle, for years, like a decade, was stuck at high six figures, and his business could never break it. And then he bought that course in Dan Kennedy. And that was the thing that got him to seven figures a year.

So it's insanely good course. It's Dan Kennedy. It's not on market. You can't buy it anywhere, but I'm going to give it to anybody who buys Dean and Tony's course through my link. All you got to do is go to to go get my bonus as well. So with that said, you guys. Hope you enjoy this amazing interview with me and Dean Graziosi.

What's up, everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to The Marketing Secrets Show. I am in studio in Phoenix, Arizona, here with Dean Graziosi, talking about some really cool things with you guys today. And I'm excited for this podcast. This is not very often I get to come on the road and do it. I have a studio that looks amazing.

So I'm pumped. Really quick before I dive into the interview, though. A couple big things are happening. So down below on the page, there will be, in the show notes some info. But first off, there's a challenge that Dean and Tony are doing that's starting... It may have already started. May be almost starting. But there's going to be link down below for you to register and get part of it.

And then, as all of you guys know. At the end of the challenge, they are making a very special offer. And so if that offer is live, there will also be a link down below. And before I even get in the interview, I want to show... I want to tell you guys my bonus for this offer because I think everybody should be part of it. You should all get it. And so I'm going to tell you my bonus, and then we're going to jump in the interview.

Does that sound good? That way there's no like... A lot of times, we do these kind things, people are like, "What's the pitch at the end?" The pitch is happening right the second. And then we're going to get into some really fun content. I got some cool questions for Dean I'm excited for. But this is the bonus. So when you invest in the course at the end of this, which again, Dean and I will talk about it towards the end. I found something really special for you guys.

A lot of you guys know I bought Dan Kennedy's company almost a year ago now, which is crazy. And I was talking to Ben Settle. A lot of you guys know Ben Settle. He was telling me that there was a Kennedy course back in the day that he went through. It's a live event, and he had a chance to go through it. He said that for his entire business career, he could never break seven figures a year. He tried over and over and over. And there was this one Dan Kennedy course called the 7 Figure Academy.

And he’s like, "I went through that course. And the next year, I broke seven figures," And it was his favorite Dan Kennedy course ever. And I was like, "I've never even heard of this course. I never heard of the event." I went back to the archives. When I bought the company, I got this huge drives of all the stuff, and I found the actual course in the archives. Last time it was sold, it was sold for $5,000, and nobody's seen it in a decade.

And anybody who decides to invest in Dean and Tony's project that we'll talk about later, I'm going to give you that as a gift for free. So there's my irresistible offer/bonus/ I think Dean's going to buy his own course just to be able to get that bonus. That's how good it is. But, anyway, with that said, I'm going to jump in here. So, Dean, how are you doing today?

Dean Graziosi: I'm doing good, man. It's great to have you here.

Russell: I'm excited to be here in your office too. And it's funny because this is now... Is this the third or fourth year?

Dean: Fourth.

Russell: The fourth year. So I'm going to tell everyone who wasn't there. The very first year we did this, you were in a different office altogether.

Dean: I was. Yeah.

Russell: And you had this idea to do this thing with Tony. And I remember the very first launch of it. We were in a little office, well, I guess it wasn't a little office, but a little room.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: And we were doing the first kick-off, and that launched this whole movement. And I’d love if you’d talk about that. Just the very beginning of what... where this idea came from, how you present to Tony, and just the beginning of this entire movement.

Dean: No, a great question. And Hey everybody. What's going on? And thank you for that irresistible... I want that Dan Kennedy course.

Russell: It's so good. I went through afterwards. It's insane.

Dean: Yeah. Depending on when you see this, definitely check out the challenge. It's five days. It's about 90 minutes, probably two hours a day. It's not kind of free. It's totally free. And we have some amazing surprises this year. If you know anything about Tony and myself, we want to make this memorable and epic because I think it's our last one we're doing.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: So that's such a great question. I think it's really important everybody hears this. Tony, same with you, impacted my life 25 years ago when I bought his course.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And he was just on my mind. Like I was on my way of being successful, but I was doing it kind of in a hosed-up way. And he made me kind of let go of my past and see a better future. And life happen for me, not to me and all that. But secondly, it's the reason I'm in this industry. Right.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: I'm like, "Wow." This is what hit me. I didn't know it was an industry. I'm like, I gave this guy like $397 over an infomercial, and he gave me information that changed my life. Nothing got shipped. He didn't have to warehouse it. He didn't have to ship it, didn't have to store it, didn't have to air condition it. He just talked, and it changed my life. I'm like, "I'm in." At that time, I was in the collision shop, auto sales. I owned a tow truck company. I had apartments. I'm like, "Ugh, I'm going in on this."

Russell: It's way too hard.

Dean: I'm going in this information thing. So I did that. Been in this industry. And then, about 12 years ago, someone introduced Tony and I, and we just hit it off. Went to his house. We were supposed to have a half-hour meeting. We spent nine hours together.

Russell: Dang.

Dean: We had lunch and then dinner and then a late-night snack, and we've been friends ever since. And we were about seven years in. And I watched so many people, and I think it's really important to hear because timing.... You always talk about your dream 100. Timing's everything. Tony's not only a dream 100. It's a man who shifted my life in so many ways. If I could have met anybody in the world prior to that, probably would've been Tony.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And I watched so many people want to do deals with Tony that I decided I like having him as a friend I'm not going to...

Russell: Don’t ruin it.

Dean: I'm never going to ruin it. I'm not going to ask him to ever be my partner. But every time we're together. We golf twice a year. It's the only two times a year I golf. We golf like every hole we want. We golf like nine holes, but like one, three, nine…

Russell: That one seems to big, eh…

Dean: It's funny golfing with him. He's like, "I could go wherever I want." I'm like, "Okay, let's go." Right. And every hole you go to, if he's like, "Hey, can we jump in?” They’re like Tony, of course! I can afford this membership because of you." Right. So I'll make this story short, so we can get to some really good stuff to share. And I thank you for spending this time with us.

I promise you'll deliver... we'll deliver some good stuff today. You'll leave with definite value. But finishing this question. But about... I realized every time we're together, all we talked about was self-education. If he didn't meet Jim Rohn and go down that path, he's like, "Where would I be?" And the lives that man's impacted because Jim Rohn impacted his life. And then, he decided to share what he learned from Jim Rohn and from others.

And if Tony didn't impact my life and I decided to sell what I know, where would we be? And all we ever talked about is how we owe self-education our lives. We both said we'd be dead or at Burger King if we didn't. So about four and a half years ago, I just sent him a picture of the day we really talked about it. We said, "What if we've been doing this for 65 years, between the two of us, selling what we know?" But we didn't use to be good. We're still doing the biggest launches, the biggest live events. So it's not like the old days. Tony and Dean, right.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And we said, what if we really left our legacy by pulling back the curtain and showing people how to truly enter this business with the right mindset. How to identify what to sell. How to sell it. How to talk to people. How to communicate. I mean, I believe Tony is the best in the world at what he does. I think, in a hundred years from now, you'll have the library. But in a hundred years from now, people will be talking about Tony.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Right. And I think I'm pretty darn good at marketing and some, and I think that combo of what we share. So we decided let's do this. Let's create the greatest course ever on helping people start or stop dabbling. Right. There's so many people who've been trying to get to sell what they know, or they're a coach that gets a couple sessions or been watching other people and have envy, but where the hell do you start?

And we just said, let's create the program that people have no excuses. Take everything we learned. And we spent like nine months extracting our history, but then applying it to the beginner or somebody that's not hitting the momentum they want.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And we built a course, as you know, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, and we built the Software Mastermind. We have because of you. We built a software that's not what you create. What you create is amazing. I use ClickFunnels.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: It's unbelievable. Everybody should be using ClickFunnels. Right. We wanted to create something that was easy for someone to get their first sale. Their first 10 sales. Not complicated. Easy to go. And that's what we did. And we call it more of an implementation tool, not a software. So we built the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. We built the implementation tool. We built some training.

And then we just asked our friends, say, "Hey, if you believe in Tony and I could you help support us." And, oh my God, I think you were here. I think it’s still... I mean, except for last year. It was up until that point, I think, it was the biggest launch in history.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: We were a two comma club member, what, in like eight minutes or something ridiculous like that.

Russell: Yeah, two comma club, and then it was like two comma club X. Right. Holy crap. That was...

Dean: Yeah. It was unbelievable hitting refresh.

Russell: It's funny because everyone in our community was like, "Oh, I think that was the fastest two comic club ever." I'm like, "No. I was there for the fastest."

Dean: And it was amazing because you said something. And thank you for saying that. It really did kick off a movement.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Because last year we did this training again and 950,000 people registered for this. We had people in 157 countries in 4,700 different niches, helping people see that the greatest asset they own is their life experience.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And then when you think about that, and you tell someone your life, experience your knowledge, your information. The mess. As you say, "Your mess that can become your message." That is your greatest asset. The next thing people say is, "Yeah, but I don't know how to sell it and who would buy from me? And I don't have a following." And man, is there anybody better in the world than Tony of taking those limiting beliefs, destroying them, and then give them a path to build confidence, courage to move forward?

And I think that combo of Tony and I has just built something amazing. And now, with the world shifting, with the economy shifting. As Tony says, "That we're going into an economic winter, and you can either starve and freeze or snowboard and ski." Right. We're more motivated because, at the end of the day, Tony doesn't have to do another thing. And I feel really blessed that I wouldn't have... if I wanted to call it quits, I could as well.

And now we're kind of hell-bent on leaving this legacy of, "No more dabbling. Don't be scared." And we should talk about it today because I know it's on people's minds. Things are changing.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And if you're been in business for less than 15 years, you might not know how hard it could actually change. And if you're not prepared, that's when you're left behind, or your business stops working. How many people do you meet and go, "Oh, I was in your business up until 2007. We all got out then." It's like, "No, 2007, '08, '09, and '10 were my best years of my life."

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And my pilot that flew me yesterday said, "I was in the speaking world. Oh my God, I'd love to work with you." And it's like, "What happened?" He's like, "07." Right.

Russell: You're like, "Oh, you didn't have the skillset set you needed right there."

Dean: Right. So now, Tony and I, the reason we're doing a Time To Thrive and we’re calling it the Time To Thrive Challenge is because I told you this before we started. Tom Bilyeu, I did an interview with him the other day on Impact Theory, and he said, "During a shift like this, it's fight or flight." But he said, "I think more people do the freeze." Like, "I don't know what to do. Is someone going to fix it? Someone coming to save us? Is it going to get better?"

Russell: And you wait.

Dean: And when you freeze, and they wait, and that's when you're left behind, and you can't get the momentum, and you give up on your dreams.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Get into some great stuff. The reason we're doing this now in this last one are called Time To Thrive because we don't want people to think, "Can I survive?" We want them to think, "No. I can thrive." But you need the right skillset. So over those five days, we'll pull back the curtain and show people what we know, how to identify, how to go deeper. If you've ever been a part of our stuff, it's pretty damn amazing.

Russell: So I think for those who are just jumping into this. The industry we're talking about is the selling of information, selling your ideas.

Dean: Yep.

Russell: And there are a lot of ways, through courses or books or masterminds or things like that. But the key is really understanding that. And I remember when I got in this business. Man, I think I'm in my 20 year... almost 20-

Dean: It's amazing.

Russell: ... years now, which is crazy. I feel like I'm 20 years old. But I remember, for me, I got in this world too. And I remember getting into online marketing. I was trying all these things. And for 18 months, I was doing stuff, but I never made any money. I was like, "Why am I not making any money?"

It's funny looking back now because I was trying a bunch of things, but I didn't actually have a thing to sell and the... And you know the story, and I think a lot of our people do, but the very first idea, like the very first thing I had in my head, was like, "Oh, I could sell information on how to make a potato gun."

That was the very first thing. I made a potato gun DVD, and I put it out there, and then people bought it. And it was the first time I had taken something from my head, put it out there, and somebody bought it. And it was like the coolest thing in the world then. And obviously, the potato gun market's not...

Dean: Yeah. Yeah.

Russell: It's not huge but...

Dean: It got you out of Egypt. It got you started.

Russell: Yeah. 100%. Wait, I did it after I did it once. I'm like, "Oh my gosh." I remember the very first time a payment came through. Somebody bought something I'd created, and they didn't refund it. And I was just like, "Oh my gosh. This is real. What else can I create? What else is there out there?" And that started the wheels in my head spinning.

And then, for me, it was another... a huge journey to figure out all the stuff that obviously we're giving people on a silver platter here. But that's the industry. And so for everybody who's listening, it's like, what are the things you've got? And I am such a big believer. I believe that God has literally... Every single person on this planet, He's given us struggles and trials and temptations and problems and gifts and positive, negatives.

All of us have different gifts, things we're really good at. And there's also trials we've gone through. And both of those we were given because not for ourselves. I think we go through those things to make ourselves better. But after you've gone through those problems or those blessings, both sides of it, then it's like, "Okay, now you've been called to serve a group of people with these skills that you have." And that's where we're at. Everyone who's here-

Dean: Yeah. Wow.

Russell: ... listening. There's something they've gone through. They had a huge blessing in life. Like, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I've been blessed with this thing, or I went through this huge trial. It was horrible. It was like the most miserable thing ever, and I'm out of it." And now you've gone through, and you have this thing to go serve other people.

And one example that's popped in my head, so I'm going to share it. Actually, one of my wrestling buddies, his name is Larry Quisel, wrestled at Boise State with me. He took a second place in the nation, used to come to my house. We wrestled all the time. And one day, he went hiking and never came back.

Dean: Oh my God.

Russell: And he literally had a backpack on, sat down, and passed away, and his wife had to deal with that. I had to go find him and go pull him out of this thing. And then she had to go through the grieving thing. And then she was a widow with kids and all this stuff. And you look at that and like one of the hardest... I can't even imagine it.

Dean: Can't imagine it. Right.

Russell: Just this horrible experience. And she could have just went through that experience, and that was it. But instead, she felt called like, "Man, there's other people grieving like me who maybe don't have the tools that I have. Who don't have the things." And so his wife, Heather, if you follow her on Instagram or Facebook, she now speaks to people-

Dean: Wow.

Russell: ... the widows who are grieving, and the work she's doing is insane. And it's like the worst possible trial that she went through made her become someone who now she can go and she can reach and pull other people up. And now she's changing their lives. And so I think anybody who... Because so many times, I think we hear this stuff and like, "Oh, but I..."

Dean: I'm not an expert.

Russell: "I'm not ready. I'm not worthy. I'm not an expert." It's like, "No. You've literally gone through things in your life specifically not to help yourself, but to be able to help somebody else."

Dean: You know what? What a great reason. Doing this over the last three and a half, four years, is I've been immersed in it. I know this is my next 20 years because I'm watching as you get to watch. We're watching people who think, "I don't think I can do this. I'm not sure. Maybe I can. I'll try it. Okay." And all of a sudden, it's their new path.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: It's their new life. Right. And you say that. And I want to tell you something personal. My little boy, Luca, who you know, was born with really bad eczema.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: Now God works in an amazing way. So I get to have that conversation with you because I believe, and I believe there's a lot of things that I don't talk about a lot publicly. But the older I get, the more I realized it's all happening for us if you take Tony's words, right. For us, not to us. So two years prior, a year and a half prior, in this room, in this studio with 400 people on the screen who are a part of working with Tony and I. And I called on this girl, and she... This is before Luca is born.

So it's two and a half years ago. She is a mom with her son that had eczema really bad. So bad. I know what it's like now. Itching at night, have to put gloves on, tight gloves so they can't take it off. Doesn't sleep, crying. It's like your son or daughter has poison ivy or mosquito bites all over him, and you can't solve it. And the only way is to put steroids all over him. And the steroids has all these byproducts. And she went through all that, and she's telling me that pain.

And she said, "After so many doctors and after steroids, I couldn't take anymore. And I did all the research for three months, the doctors, the natural paths, the books. And I found a how to help it externally in what shampoos to use and how to do internally to get through liver cleanse." And she goes, she's like, "But... And she says, "But I'm not an expert, Dean. I'm not a doctor. I don't have a following."

And we had a conversation and I said... One of the things I said to her. I said, "If you don't share this, you might be doing a disservice to people that could use you, even if one of your things." And she filmed her course on her phone, in her kitchen and it went on to sell. Now, fast forward a year later. I come home, my wife went on to our implementation tool, our Right. She went on.

My wife bought the course, and my wife was home watching this course on eczema. And my wife said to me, "I knew most of it, but there's three or four things I never thought of." Until this day, my wife uses the thing this girl shared on eczema for our son Luca and swears by like that was the greatest $97, or whatever she paid for course ever. Isn't amazing how that comes full circle?

And that's only one of tens of thousands of stories of people that have been through something. And the way I look at it is somebody else... You might have gone through the valley of learning something, going through something hard, taking uncomfortable action. And you got through the valley of life and figured it out. And you're on the other side.

And if you just turn around and look, there's thousands of people on the other side of the valley going, "I don't know how to get through this divorce. I don't know how to grieve. I don't know how to help my son or daughter with eczema. I don't know how to sell better. I don't know how to eat vegan. I don't know how to do yoga. I don't know how to meditate. Would someone help me?" Right.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: And it's really just turning around and saying, "Oh yeah, I have that life experience. I have that little micro niche life experience." Wow. People want that. And that's what you do so well. And that's what we do. Is how do we unlock that and help people have the confidence through a process to make it real?

Russell: And one thing I think people... A false belief I hear people all the time is like, "Oh, well, so and so already does that." Like, oh..." I remember somebody. I can't remember what it was. Let's say yoga. Like, "Oh, well, there are already yoga course." There's a hundred yoga courses. That doesn't matter. You have to understand that people are going to be attracted to you specifically.

Dean: Absolutely.

Russell: Like in my world, obviously, I'm obsessed with funnels. I have been talking about nothing for the last decade besides funnels. And there's a billion other funnel consultants out there. And guess what? A lot of people don't like me. Like, "Hey, Russell talks too fast. He talks about God sometimes." I’ve literally had people like, "Oh, you talked about God. I'm out." And they separate from me, which is totally cool. Right. They go to somebody else, and they learn from that person. That's okay. You have to understand that I'm a big believer in your people are going to find you, right.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: And so, I might not be the right for everybody. And that's cool. My competitors, I'm pumped. I just want people... When all said and done, the only thing I really care about is for people to have success. And I hope that I can give them the thing...

Dean: Can I tell you something? I want to interrupt you for a second.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: And I hope people know what Russell just said sounds like something you'd hear on a podcast or an owner of a company, and he truly means it. The help this man's given my company selflessly. I hope I give it back to you the same way. But selflessly, always there to support. Always there to share his biggest breakthrough, and he truly cares behind the scenes. That's why your company does so well because your depth of caring when no one's watching is pretty amazing, man.

Russell: Thank you.

Dean: So kudos to all you're doing. I know we're friends, but that's a true story.

Russell: I appreciate that.

Dean: But you're right. And sometimes people say that to me. "Oh, I want to teach how to do... how to eat vegan, but there's a lot of them out there." I said, and sometimes I'll say to somebody, "Name me an industry where there's no competition."

Russell: You don't want to be that one.

Dean: Right. You can't think of any. And if you can think of one, you don't want to be in that one. You want, whether there's demand because, like you said, people are going to follow you. Maybe they like follow me, or Tony, or Brendan Burchard, or Frank Kern. Everybody's got different personalities. And when you have a blueprint on how to make this work, then you automatically have an unfair advantage.

Russell: Yeah. For sure. I think when people understand that the differentiator is them. That's the thing that people will connect with you.

Dean: True story.

Russell: Because it's not like you're selling shampoo and like, "Oh, it's 30 types of shampoo. It's all the same." It's like, "No. This is Russell's philosophy on funnels. This is Dean's philosophy on whatever." Right. They're connecting with you as a person.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: And that's a piece of it. And those are the things that you're going to learn about through this challenge. Is figuring out, identifying like, "This is the thing that I need to do. And then how do I become that person?" Which is the scary part for some people, but also the fun part as you start like waiting through it and doing it. The one thing I want to mention. So very first time we launched this whole Mastermind, KBB everything. And we're in a little tiny office.

The next year, 12 months later, we came back, and we were in this beautiful, amazing office here. And one thing that was so profound to me. I remember we were filming it. We were prepping for the video. And those who don't know like Tony's coming. And so, me and Dean are freaking out. We're stressed out. It's just like one of those things where you're like, want to make it perfect because it's Tony.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: And I remember you brought out these two huge stacks of paper. Ah, I don't know, probably-

Dean: Oh my God. Yeah

Russell: ... eight inches tall of paper. Like four or five reams of paper. And I'm like, "What are those?" You're like, "These are... Each page on here is a success story from someone in the last 12 months who went through here and did the thing and got their first sale."

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: And it was like... And that was year number one. And I remember talking to you right before we got it on like, "How many do you have now?" I don't know if you even know the number, but I think one of the most powerful things is that this process that you're going to be taking through on the challenge.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: And even more so when they go deep, and they decide to go all in with the actual course, which by the way, you've cut the price in half, which we'll talk about later. But it's the thing that gets people off the sidelines and into the game.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: Some people have been watching, they listen to 500 episodes of the Marketing Secrets Live Show. They've been listening since it was Marketing in Your Car before when I was driving my car… driving, right. They've been watching you. They're watching Tony. They've gone through all this stuff.

And in their mind, they're like, "Okay, I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this." But they're waiting on the sideline. They're waiting. And it's interesting. I think people's biggest fear is not that... They're not as afraid that like, "I'm going to fail." They're afraid that, "If I try and I fail, then the dream I have of somebody doing this is going to disappear."

Dean: It's really good. That's really good introspect.

Russell: Yeah. And so they're waiting like, "I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it." And I want people to understand, this is the safe zone where it's like, "Okay, you're going to go through this process. You're going to do the challenge. You're going to get some ideas. You're going to go deep into this course, and over the next three months or so, you're going to go, and you're going to get off the sidelines, get into the game and make it for sale." And the first sale. I mean-

Dean: Everybody remembers it. Sit down with-

Russell: I vividly remember mine.

Dean: ... Brendon, Frank Kern, you, Pete, anybody you talk to say your first sale. You watch their face go, "Oh, let me tell you."

Russell: Let me tell you this story.

Dean: Pete Vargas is, "I was on a boat with my wife thinking we're going broke. And I look on my phone, it's like, 'No, honey, money got deposited into my account today for information.'"

Russell: Yep. It's the greatest feeling.

Dean: It's the greatest feeling. And when we first launched KBB, and now it's Project Next because we want it to be the next project, the next evolution. Right. And plus, we're always updating and changing based on who we are, right. So we have the... Our newest version now of Project Next is just, I think, the best thing we've ever created.

But when we first started, we thought we were going to help new people or people that have been dabbling or not reach the success they really want. That's who we want to help. But now it's absolutely who we... So everything we do is crafted to the person that's been watching you thinking about it or created a course, and they're not getting sales. Or they're a coach, and they get a couple sales a month, but it's not real.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: And everything we've done, we designed... Tony designed the mindset to help you become unstoppable. I designed the implementation, the marketing, the building of audience, and how to teach it through confidence through our Story Teach Tool Model. So everything we do now is for that client.

Right now, I think the last my team said, and it's not all massive $100,000 success, but we have 6,000 pages. And on each page, there's more than one of people's lives that have changed from what we've done. You talk about when I hand that to Tony, when I showed that to Tony he's so… you know…

Russell: Starts crying, I’m sure, yeah…

Dean: At your event, he's supposed to go three hours. He went six. He can't help himself. He felt like he was impacting. He's going to keep going. Right.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: So I show Tony that. All I got to do is get Tony fired up, to be honest like, "Hey dude, we have 6,000 pages of lives changed. Oh, let's get 12. Let's get 12." That's all I got to do.

Russell: Let’s double it.

Dean: I have to say nothing else. And then you hit the play button, and who better than him, right.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: But that's what we're hell-bent on doing. And the reason we do a five-day challenge and you guys should model this in your own business, whether it's five days, three days, one day, is we live in an era where I believe we must build... You're so good at it, Russell. Build massive reciprocity in advance. Massive. I love webinars.

I've been doing webinars and live casts forever. But I love the five day because everybody who comes at the end and we get hundreds of thousands. Last year, over 900,000 people registered. We get hundreds of thousands of comments like, "Best five days I ever spent in my life."

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: And you could go through the five days and go, "You know what, thanks, guys. I never want to do this." But if you're going to investigate, if you're going to stop dabbling, we love the fact that we could deliver so much value. And then people, without feeling sold, they're like, "I want to continue this journey."

Russell: Yep.

Dean: Right. And then we've set up immersion and repetition and mastery and implementation. But that's why I think this has become a movement. Again, when you said that before, that meant a lot because now it's... we've had over 3 million people, 2.8 million people opt in for something that we're doing over the last three and a half years. It's pretty crazy.

Russell: It's crazy. Dan Kennedy used to have a thing. He would call it a Discovery Day, where someone would come in, and they'd spend a day with him to see the whole process and then make decision like, "Oh, I want to keep doing this or not." And that's what this challenge is.

So I want to talk a little more about the challenge because if you're watching this on a page, it'll be linked down below. If you're listening to the podcast, I'll drop the... I'll put the link in the show notes and stuff. But the challenge is happening, and it's a five-day challenge. Talk about the title of the challenge and then kind of what they should expect happening each day throughout the process.

Dean: So it's called the Time To Thrive, like I said before, because I think a lot of people are going to think, "Let's survive."

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: The heck with that. How do you do whatever... What did Warren Buffet say? "When the tide goes out..."

Russell: "... He's swimming naked."

Dean: ... he's just swimming naked." Right?

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: The tide's going to go out, and some people are swimming naked, and they're going to sit and wait. Also, what did he say? "When everybody's greedy, be stingy. When everybody's stingy, be greedy." There's going to be a lot of people who freeze. And I think this could be one of the greatest opportunities if you know what to do.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: So day one is going to be more of, so it's Time To Thrive Not a Time To Survive. Day one will be more about why this industry, why them, and why right now. And Tony anchoring in a mindset. He goes about 45 minutes, and he anchors in where everybody's like, "Oh, I got to stay."

Russell: Tony's live day one, right?

Dean: He's live day one.

Russell: Oh, that's so good.

Dean: Right. And he is live throughout. And day five, his live is... he'll crush it. But he's live day one and sets this foundation of like, "This is why now why this." He'll probably go... He'll talk deep about how we're in winter. And in time of winter, like Warren Buffett said in his yearly, with Charlie Munger, his yearly presentation.

He said two things. "To survive inflation, recession is get better at what you're good at or go deep by investing in yourself." And number two, "Be a part of a business or an industry that has high margins." What better margins than selling information. Right?

Russell: Yep.

Dean: So Tony will anchor that in, but then set a mindset probably through his three to seven pillars where you're like, "Oh hell yes. I got to listen." And I think Jenna Kutcher might be on day one. But oh, and you're going to be here, hopefully, on day three. I think it is, or...

Russell: I don't know, but I'll be here.

Dean: ... I'll check the schedule. Yeah. Everybody's flying in. We'll do it in the studio here. But day two will be helping you narrow in what you should be teaching. We call it your dot, your micro-niche, your niche. Because the smaller you get your dot, the bigger actually... the bigger opportunity you have to launch and do it with confidence.

So picture day one, you're like, "Oh, I can do this. I feel it." Day two is like, "What do I sell?" By the time we're done with day two, you're like, "Oh, I know exactly what I would offer. And I know exactly who I would offer it to."

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Day three, we teach you how to sell through service. So it doesn't feel like you're a salesperson. A lot of people have this apprehension to marketing and sales. You and I will talk. We don't change lives unless we sell.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Tony doesn't change lives unless somebody buys a ticket to his event. Right. So Tony has to market so he can change lives. When we flip that and give you a model on how to sell through service. By the time you're done with day three, you're like, "Oh, I could sell this. Okay. So I know why I want to do this. I have the mindset for it. I know what to sell, who to sell it to, know how to sell it. How do I teach it?"

Day four is kind of how to elegantly teach it even if you're an introvert or never... Believe me. I'm the biggest introvert. Maybe not as big as you, but almost. But day four is how to elegantly teach it and how to start building a following.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: So by the end of day four, you're like, "I'm in. I'm doing this." And then day five is kind of a recap. And then Tony and we got a special guest, Matthew McConaughey, because he wrote Greenlights.

Russell: So crazy.

Dean: And so day five will end it with that. And then probably day four, day three or four, will let people know, "Hey, I hope we're serving you at the greatest level possible. I hope this is firing up. If you want to continue this with us, then we'll offer Project Next."

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Which Project Next will be our immersive course that we obsess on. Then they'll get six weeks of live training to anchor it in. At the end of the six or seven weeks, we have the Mastermind World Summit. It'll be me and Tony and 18, 20,000 people. And we give the implementation tool to make it real. I mean it really is.

Russell: It's really cool.

Dean: It's one of those things where if you've been dabbling or thinking about this, this is what you got to do.

Russell: Okay. So a couple other things I want to mention.

Dean: Yes.

Russell: So I've been doing challenges as well over the last two years. And when you sign for challenge, typically, there's like a VIP pass. You guys are doing something similar to that?

Dean: Mm-hmm.

Russell: So I want to recommend because a lot of people have never done the VIP before. That's where the magic happens.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: It's like, here's the training we give the masses, and it's like, "Okay, everyone huddle up. Here's like the other stuff."

Dean: True story.

Russell: Yeah. And it's interesting because I don't know if you guys track this as well, but we track the people who do the VIP versus the people who have success. And there's in this insane correlation rate of the people who...

Dean: Absolutely.

Russell: Yeah. It's...

Dean: Because if people don't... I mean, hate to jump in on you there, but...

Russell: No. No worries.

Dean: ... I know people have said it for years, but people who don't pay don't pay attention.

Russell: Yep.

Dean: So what Russell's talking about. On the way in... This is free, completely free. You can watch it on YouTube. Nothing is restricted from the main train. On the way in for a minimal, I think we're doing it 97 this year.

Russell: Oh, wow.

Dean: Last year we did 297.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: This year we're going to 97. Again, it's Tony's like, "People might be hurting. Let's let them in. They got to go. We want to change your life. Let's rip them open."

Russell: Tony just keeps dropping the price on everything.

Dean: He's like, "Let's rip them open." It's why the course... Year one and two, it was $2,000, and we didn't have as... we didn't give as much.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: But Tony's like, "Hey, people are hurting. Let's drop the price in half." I'm like, "Should we look at the economics of that? No, we got to help people."

Russell: "Let everybody in." Yeah.

Dean: He's bigger than me, so I just say yes. Right. But on the way in, after you register, there's the opportunity to upgrade to VIP. And we're including some cool instant bonuses from Tony and I. Training that will set you up. Training to prepare you for the challenge.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: You get Zoom access. So you'll be in a Zoom room.

Russell: Yep.

Dean: You get to keep the training for life. Tony and I will do Q&A at the end. Whenever it's done, he's like, "Bye, everybody. You guys stay on." And then we do Q&A for like 97 bucks. Last year at 297, we crushed it.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: So I think 97 is going to be amazing. But I have to tell you, just what you said, the people who pay the 97 or 297 last year, they show up at like a 95%. The people who were free are like, "Eh, it was free. Maybe I'll go. Maybe I won't." Right. So I would say get the VIP. And then secondly, I would literally... I've been telling you this for a couple years.

I would pretend... You register, you go to the link, register to come. I'd pretend you paid a thousand bucks for these five days because it's that mental note of like, "I paid a thousand bucks. Let me show up with my journal open and take notes."  When it's free, you're like, "Eh. I think Tony and Dean are on this afternoon." Right?

Russell: Yeah. No, it's big. And it's interesting too because I'm trying to think of how to phrase this. I've never yet in my life met somebody who was skeptical and had success ever. It's weird.

Dean: True story.

Russell: And some people come in, and they're like, "Oh, I'm going to see if this is for me." And they become skeptical, and they wait, and they wait, and they wait, and their brain... When you come in the frame of skepticism, you're always looking for how could this not be true. And there's always something like, "Oh. Oh, there it is. That was the thing. Russell talked too fast. Tony said this thing. So and so cursed." They're looking for something to blame it on.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: Like, "Oh yeah. I was right the whole time." And for me, it's like, when I go into anything, I always say, "Okay, if I'm going to do this, I'm either in or I'm out." I don't dabble. Again, as you know, dabblers, people who are skeptics, they don't usually have success in anything in life, but specifically stuff like this. So I'm like, "I'm going to go in, and if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it otherwise, it's not worth registering. Not being part of it, so I'm going to do it. I'm going to go all in."

And then, like you said, "Then I'm going to make a commitment showing I'm financially committed." I'm not going in this skeptical. I'm going in this looking for like, "How can this work for me?" And that's the difference? And it was interesting. This comes back, holy cow, 15 years ago now. The very first Tony Robbins event I ever went to. I don't know if I've ever told you this story. So I got invited... The long story. I'm not going to tell the whole story. But I got invited to go to Tony's thing.

I had never been to a Tony event, and I thought it was like an internet event. So I brought my backpack and my laptop. We get there. We walk in the UPW in Toronto, and music's playing. People are jumping. There's no desks. There's just chairs. And I'm here with my backpack, and I'm so confused. And I get in there, and Tony invited me. So I was up in the front. So I'm seeing Tony above me. He's spitting on me and everything. And everyone's... They're dancing, they're jumping. I was like, "Oh."

Dean: You're uncomfortable at first.

Russell: I didn't dance at my own wedding. That's how much I despise dancing. And jumping, and everyone's jumping around, and I'm like, "No."

Dean: "This ain't me."

Russell: "No." And then Tony's talking about stuff, and I'm like, "Nope. Nope." I remember him sharing. I can't remember specifically. But I remember saying things in my head. I was like, "No. No. This is not true. This is not correct. This isn't how it works." And I was just fighting every single thing. And luckily, UPW is this immersion event where day one is like 28,000 hours long, and you're walking on fire at the end. So I'm six hours in, and my skeptic-

Dean: Something flipped.

Russell: ... my skeptic muscles getting weaker and weaker and weaker. And I start looking around and I'm like, "Everyone here is having this amazing experience except for me." And I'm like, "Ugh." And I'm like, "I don't know anybody here. It's just me. I came by myself." And I was like, "Okay." So I'm like-

Dean: "I'm going to do it."

Russell: I started kind of like bouncing a little bit. I'm like, "Oh, that kind of feels good. Nobody's making fun of me." So I'm bouncing a little bit more.

And my hands go up a little bit, and within 15 minutes, I'm jumping around like all the crazy people. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. And I remember Tony saying something, and I said, "Instead of me saying no, I'm going to shift myself and say what if. I'm not going to say yes. I'm saying what if?"

Dean: Yeah. What if?

Russell: And then Tony said something, and I was like, "What if that's true?" And I was like, "Well, if that is true, and all of a sudden, you shifted everything."

Dean: I appreciate you sharing this. This is amazing.

Russell: And then I started going through... Yeah. And then, that night, we're walking on fire. Next day I had shin splints. By day three, I lost my voice, but it changed my life. And this is... I've shared this at my event before, but this is seven years of my marriage.

My wife and I, when I show up to this event, we love each other, but we were not happy. Either of us. We were just there. We had a couple kids at the time, and we're struggling. And that was a transition point in my life where it... I've told Tony this before. It changed my marriage. It saved my marriage.

And then I remember after calling my wife that night, and my wife's a very positive person. I called her. I'm like, "Nah, she seems so down, and I was on top of the world."

Dean: Yeah. Yeah.

Russell: It's like the next day, I sent my wife... Or the next UPW, I sent my wife and her mom there. And then she came back, and then it changed everything for us. And so I want people to understand that come into this playing full out. Don't be skeptical. Come in saying, "What if this is true? What if this is true?" Not like, "Oh, what if this is not true?" Oh, oh." Looking for the way to get out of it.

Say, "What if this is true? If I think this is true, what am I going to do? Well, I'm not going to dabble. I'm going to go all in. I'm going to be on VIP things. I'm going to show up. I'm not going to miss the thing. I'm going to be there participating. I'm going to take my lunch breaks at, whatever, 10:00 AM if that's what it means to make sure that I'm not missing the thing. When the course comes up at the end of it, I'm going to go in. Especially the fact that they discount it in half and Russell's giving an insane bonus. I'm going to go all in."

But that's how you have success in life. Being skeptical. I don't know any multimillionaire who are skeptics.

Dean: None. Not one.

Russell: I don't know any Olympic champs who are skeptics. I don't know any UFC champs. I don't know any wrestlers who are skeptic. The people who are successful buy all in. I was hanging out with my...

Dean: Thanks for sharing that story, by the way.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: I just want people to understand that because I've been on the same spot where it's just like, "This is weird. I don't feel comfortable." I was talking to my old wrestling coach, and he's the head wrestling coach now at Utah Valley University. And it was interesting because some of his kids are doing really good and some of his aren't, are struggling and stuff.

And I was asking him, trying to understand like, "Why are some kids..." We're all in the same room, same coaches, same coaching staff, same everything. "Why are some getting it and some not?" And he said, "I can't get these kids to buy in, to buy in 100%." And as he said that, I was like, "How interesting." I'm like the kids that are successful they bought in, which means if coach says this, they just do it.

Dean: Yep.

Russell: "The coach said this. I bought in. I'm going to do it." The ones that are like, "Oh, well, he said I should work my nutrition. He's a good coach here, but I'm not going to trust that. Oh, I'm not going to trust that I need to do cardio."

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: "I'm not going to trust." And the ones who have success have 100% bought in on the guide that they hired. The coach, the mentor, the whatever it is. They've bought in. And they put on blinders like, "So and so said this thing, therefore I will do it and I'm going to follow it." And those are the people who have success.

It's never the ones who are dabbling. Who are halfway bought in. Right. "I'm thinking about it." It's the ones who are like, "Okay, I've chosen you as my mentor, blinders on. I'm going to do what you say." Those ones have success in all areas of life, specifically here as well.

Dean: Yeah. No. So true and such a great conversation. I just got done listening to another John Wooden book. One that I had never listened to before. And I mean, you talk about a winning coach, right. No one had ever won more than three college basketball championships ever. The most winning coach was three, and he's won 10. Right. Seven were in a row. He went three years undefeated at one time in the middle of his career.

And when you listen to him, and I know if you don't know who John Wooden is. He's a UCLA coach and just such a simple guy. And he said, he goes, "I never talked to the teams about winning because never said we were going to win a championship. Never said we were going to win a game." He said, "My whole philosophy is that you don't get to experience who you're meant to be until you give all of you. Until you don't dabble."

He said, "So all I did for 25 years is help kids see their own full potential. And then when I gave them the plan and the discipline that was on their own because they were tapped into something bigger than themselves." He said, "We've lost games that I was more proud of them than any other game we won because I knew they gave all of them. There's nothing more we could do."

And he goes, "We've won games, and I was disappointed in the locker room because I could tell they were showboating and not being the best version of themselves." And it just shows that so many times in life, we don't go all in because of that skeptic. Or someone in our lives like, "Ah, that online thing won't work." And we hold back 20% of us. Could you ever win the Olympics, win a game, get the company going, have a great relationship if you left 20% out? Right.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: So I think it's such a great lesson. I was on... You have your boys here today, which is awesome. Your two older boys. I just did a trip for 36 hours, went to three different cities, Brendon and Tom Bilyeu and a couple other people. And I brought my two older kids with me, and we talked about this in the car.

I said, "If I knew you did the best you possibly could and did in school and you got C's, I'd celebrate you. But if you're not doing homework and you're kind of dabbling or spending time with your friends too much, then we got to talk about it."

And I think it's the same thing here if you've been thinking about doing something different. If you've been listening to Russell or other people, or watching or wondering maybe envy or like, "Hey, he can make it, I can."

Or you've tried, you put one foot in. Maybe it's time just to commit because this is a serious time in our lives. I mean, I don't want to be the pessimist, but I believe, and I was going to take a minute here. I believe it's way better to prepare and anticipate than react.

Russell: Mm-hmm.

Dean: And with the world shifting. And if you listen to people way smarter than me, this could be the worst recession we've seen in maybe 50 years. Right. There was '99. There was 2007. They think it could be worse than both of those. I hope it's not.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: But man, I'd rather anticipate and prepare. So when it happens, you can thrive rather than going, "Oh my God, it's worse than I thought. People aren't spending money. Oh my God. My communication, my marketing is off. It's not working. Ah." I'd rather prepare. And if you prepare and gain capabilities from people who've already done it, whether that's you or somebody else that's done what you're hoping to do or Tony and I at this challenge, is, follow the blueprint and then commit to it. Right.

If you follow the coach you talked to, or Coach Wooden or your advice, it's like don't dabble. Nothing in your life has ever worked when... Relationships don't work if you're not committed, exercise plans don't work if you're not committed. Why do you expect your business to work if you're not committed? And is it worth it? I think absolutely yes.

Russell: Yeah. For sure. Man, I'm excited. I'm excited for people just to go through this. I still remember back, man, 20 years ago when I first started learning these things. When I did... Making my potato gun was the most fascinating thing, that product because I was like learning this stuff and putting together my first course. And then you do it over and over again.

And I think the best part is watching people kind of do it for the first time or do it the right this time. I've tried in the past. It didn't work, but doing it correctly and getting “ah-ha’s” along the way, every single step is so inspiring.

Dean: Yeah. And I think the best way to look at it is sometimes... I'm watching this with people, and it's so amazing. I've been doing this for so long. But now you get 25 years under your belt. You just know what people are thinking. And what I always tell people is, "Don't have a goal. It's kind of a John Wooden thing. "Don't have a goal of your first sale or the hundred grand a month. Have a goal to be the best version of you. Have the goal to learn from people who care, you know, like and trust, but have the depth and breadth."

They're Tony words, right. He's like, "So many people are telling you what to do, and they never actually did it." Find someone with a depth and breadth. They've already done what you want to do. Model them, learn from them and then burn the boats. That's Tony's line. "You want to take the island burn the boats?" When you put the ingredients of like, "They've already done it. They're willing to share. Here's the blueprint. I'm going all in."

I'd love to make it more complicated, but that's the... You said you've never seen a skeptic who was successful. Neither have I. But I've never met someone successful that didn't follow that plan. "I learned from here. I take my own plan, and I take uncomfortable action, and I go all in." That's the ingredients of people, the work. And the last thing I want to say. I had a great interview the other day on a podcast. And she said... She's awesome. She said, "So many of the girls that I work with, they just don't know where to start."

And I think the answer to that is what you do so well with funnels, Russell. That's why you've done so well. Is I had a... And I don't have a piece of paper. I wish I did. But so many times, if we said, "Hey, the housing market's booming where you live. Let's go in the housing business." Okay. And I handed you a blank piece of paper and a pen. And I said, "Hey, draw the plans of the first house, and then we'll build it." Be like, "Okay. Do I do a centimeter to a foot, or is it an inch to a foot? And do I do a peaked roof? I can't. I can't build houses."

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Right. But what if I said, "I've been building houses for 25 years. Here's my three best blueprints."

Russell: And which one do you want?

Dean: Which one do you want? You picked out. Okay. Now just make some subtle adjustments that fit the house you want to build. But we know that house works. We know it sells. We know people love it. We've been building for 60 years between us. Then, all of a sudden, that fear of starting. The overwhelm of starting. The not knowing where to start goes away.

But so many people are going to watch this today and go, "I want to do it. Let me figure it out." And I think the world's moving too fast for us to figure it out on our own. That's why we love doing these challenges. Why we like creating programs and getting people enrolled so we can change their life.

Russell: Yeah. All right. So this is the time now. There's call to action for everybody. First off, if you're not in the

Dean: Time To Thrive.

Russell: Say it correctly. We're going to teach you guys how to thrive. It's going to be amazing. Be part of the challenge. Again, I recommend upgrading becoming VIP at the end of it. And again, depending when you're watching this video, there'll be linked down below.

Also, when the actual Project Next course is live. This is Project Next Thrive Edition. When it's live, there'll be linked down below for that as well. And I'm going to tell you... I'm going to talk about my bonus again real quick, and then-

Dean: Do it. Do it.

Russell: ... and then you can go and talk about the course.

Dean: Because I want it.

Russell: Yeah. So again, as you guys know, I bought Dan Kennedy's company about a year ago right now, which just crazy. And after I bought, all the old Dan Kennedy people started messaging me, and one of them was Ben Settle. Some of you guys know Ben Settle. And Ben told me. He was like, "Dude." He's like, "You have the rights to the 7 Figure Academy Course?" And I was like, "I've never even heard of that course." He's like, "It's the best one ever."

He's like, I was stuck at..." He's like, "I could never break a million dollars a year for a decade." He's like, "I got close. I could never break it, never break it." And he's like, "I bought that course, went through it." And he's like, "That was the thing that got me past the million dollar mark." And he started sharing all these intricate... all the things. Like, "It was because he taught me this and this and this." And I was like, "I remember Dan talk about stuff before."

So I would... I was sort of freaked now. I was trying to find the course. It wasn't online. It's not for sale anywhere. Went back through all the old hard drives we got when we bought the company, and I found it. It was a live event. I have all the recordings of it, and it is insanely good. I went through like afterwards because I was like, "Ben's going this crazy about it. It's got to be amazing." Went through it. It was the event they sold. It was $5,000 a ticket back in the day.

It's a course that we'll probably rebrand and start selling in the future. At least a thousand bucks. Maybe even two, depending on how we package it. But right now, it's on my hard drive. I'm the only person that has it, and Ben Settle apparently are the only two people that have it. It is really, really good. So what I'm going to do is we're going to give you that as a gift for anybody who gets in to Project Next through our link, which should be on the page down below. You get in there. I will send you that $1,000, $2,000-course service for free.

And it's all about information product. So it's kind of taking a lot of what you're doing with getting people their first sell, getting them their first course, all that kind of stuff. And this is how do we get it to the seven-figure mark? So it's taking...

Dean: So awesome.

Russell: It's taking them from where they are to where they want to be. And you guys are going to love it. It's really that… It's like Dan in his prime when he was like... Anyway. It's really cool. So that'll be the bonus I get. But you want to talk about kind of the elements of what's inside Project Next, so they know like, "This is what we're giving you as well."

Dean: Yeah. I go really quick on it. First off, if you haven't gone to the challenge yet, you haven't registered, definitely go to the challenge even if you feel you're advanced. Russell, you're going to speak, but you always get something out of our courses. Jenna got something. Lewis Howes shifted his business on how he sells because of the first KBB course. So it's designed for new people or people not getting the scale that they want.

But if you're in the game, you kind of probably want the bonuses because the bonuses are more something that I'd give to Russell, right. So we have the straight line of new or been dabbling, and then the bonuses are for everyone. So the course is Project Next. It's a full immersion, six-module course with Tony and I and some special guests. That is your immersion.

And this is Tony's philosophy. "You must immerse yourself. You want to learn the language, go to a different city and figure it out."

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: That's how you immerse yourself. So the course is immersion. But as Tony always says, "You never anchor like a language. You don't anchor it in unless you have repetition."

So we're going to go live every week for six weeks with me and my coaches right in here to walk through the course, anchor it in and give you the uncomfortable action steps. Our whole goal is to get you up, and we'd love to get your first sale before we go to the World Summit.

Russell: So cool.

Dean: Right. So that's our goal. Course, six weeks immersion. And then the next thing is mastery, right. So the live event. We're doing a three-day World Summit. Last year was unbelievable. I think we had 18,000 people last year. Tony, myself, Russell, so many great guests, and we make it mastery. I mean, that's where it all comes together. So you get all three of those. And we didn't even include the ticket year one for $2,000...

Russell: Oh wow.

Dean: ... to the World Summit.

Russell: So, I didn’t’ know they get a ticket as well.

Dean: They get a ticket to the World Summit. They get the six weeks live.

Russell: Well, dang.

Dean: And plus, you get access to, which we call our implementation tool. It's where you get up and running really fast to get your first sale. So all that comes together the first two years. I don't know, 40,000 people paid two grand, and it didn't have a ticket this year. Tony's like, "Make it more affordable. People need it." So it's cut in half, it's $997 this year, and you get all of that.

Russell: So cool.

Dean: It'd be crazy not too, depending... Now, you might be thinking, "Oh my God. I didn't even do the challenge yet." But you know it's coming.

Russell: Yeah.

Dean: Smash that button when you can. And if it's already live. And Russell knows. This is why he's got so much integrity. When this challenge is over, all the bonuses go away. We'll still offer it, but you don't get all the pieces, the live interaction, the ticket to the live event, all that. That's what we're doing just this week. So when the launch is over, you could buy a separate ticket and a separate coaching session and a separate...

But this is... It's like, we want everybody to do it now.

Russell: Ala carte. It's like a buffet, right?

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: Versus ala carte.

Dean: Yeah.

Russell: That's awesome. Well, Dean, thanks for letting me hang out at your office and record this.

Dean: This is awesome.

Russell: This is so much fun. I always get new ideas and new things going when we talk, which I appreciate. Hopefully, all you guys enjoyed it as well. If you did, please share this podcast with other people. And I can't wait for the challenge, man.

I'm going to jump in. I'll be participating every single day because there's not been a time I listened to you or to Tony that I didn't pick up something new. So I'm going to be there as well, hanging out. And hopefully, you guys will all be there with us, and I guess that's it. HAPPY Dean: Thanks man. Appreciate you.


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