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61 - Changing Your Bait

Changing Your Bait

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Want to change your customers… Change your bait. A simple way to attract the right customers into your business.

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Think about what is your front end offer. First, think about who your dream client is. Write that person out, everything about them, and then figure out what's going to be the thing that's going to be the most sexy to them. Then create that thing and give it away for free, free plus shipping so that they pay to be on your list. Boom, you'll start getting your dream client coming in the door.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell. I am driving behind my wife to take my kids to the dentist. We're going to do a very special Marketing in your Car. Like I said, we are heading to the dentist right now to take all of our kids to the kid dentist which is usually a lot of fun, but about a 15 to 20 minute drive so I'm going to do a Marketing in your Car.

What I want to talk about today, this is probably one of the coolest phenomenons I think that I've had in my business for a long time, my own personal insight. If I look at my business, especially over the last probably four or five years, just because of what we were doing, I was trying to attract more people that are business opportunity seekers.

You could tell by the products we've created and services we've created, they're very much geared towards that, how to make your first money online, how to – it was all starting, starting, starting type stuff. It's interesting because we were able to find a lot of traffic of beginners so we built a big business based on that but the problem that I've had is the beginners are so much more work, more effort, and it's so much harder to get them to where they want to go, even though I think our coaching programs and everything we have is awesome.

It's just harder to get people. We always say it's easier to go from good to great than it is to go from nothing to something that's good. I've always wanted to work with people who have more traditional businesses. We've done some work with people like that but not to full scale. I think my biggest concern was always if I create an offer that's build towards business owners, they’re harder to target.

It's not as easy as people who want to start a business. It's really easy to find people who want to start a business. Finding people who already have a business and helping them to launch it and grow it, that's traditionally the harder part. Because of that, I think I've had a fear of doing that, being able to grow our business bigger and all those kinds of things. We keep going back to more the beginners. We were trying to create our new Dot Com Secrets Labs product.

It was interesting, we first launched it as a print newsletter. It was $97 a month. We marketed it hard. It was hard to get people in. We had a couple hundred people but it never grew bigger. That was shocking to me because I really thought it was our best product we ever created. It was more valuable and more useful.

The problem was I was really good at attracting opportunity seekers, but not as good at getting actual business owners. For an opportunity seeker, you talk about split testing and it doesn't really make sense to them. Why would I? I don't even have a website. Why would I split test? I have to get something to work for them to try to make it better, right? It never really took off.

We ran it for six or seven months. Finally, I was frustrated because of how much effort and work had to go into it and how much money came out the back end, it just didn't add up. We couldn't keep doing it. Then the girl who was publishing it for us, she just had her second baby and she basically came to me and said, “Hey, I want to retire from publishing the newsletter.”

We decided to stop. The stuff we produced was the best stuff we had. It's super amazing and it's changed our company almost overnight. I think other people to look at it and model it, it could have huge impact on them. Because of that, I didn't want it to die. She gave us one month notice. I said, “For the last month, instead of making a whole new issue, let's just take the best of all of our tests and plug them into one book and sell it for $400 or $500. Because it's just for business owners, kind of a high end thing, we just won't sell a bunch of them but we'll have that there and that will be one of our products.”

We created the whole thing. When it was finished, it was amazing. Most of you guys hopefully have read the book. If not, go to and get it. It's literally the best thing. I have a copy on my personal desk. I have one next to my bed. I have one on my office desk. It's a product that we have actually used every single day. I'm always flipping through, looking at pages, copying and testing to get ideas for what I'm going to do.

It should literally be the bible for everybody I think that has a website. You should have it on your desk at any given time so you can have it there and go through it. We created the whole thing and it turned out amazing. We were planning on selling it for a couple hundred dollars. That's when I had the idea, “What if we just gave this away for free?” Anybody who is on the newsletter who got the tests, of all the people that were on it, if people bought that book and saw it, they would become raving Russell Brunson fans.

They would buy everything we had. They were coming to our events. They believed in us. What if we got this in the hands of everybody out there? We're going to lose money up front but if we got it in their hands, they're going to become a raving fan if they get this thing because it's our best stuff, and everyone who has seen it so far has become a raving fan.

Let's just make it free and give it to everybody, get it in every single person's hands, which is kind of scary since this is a 140 page book. They're not cheap to print. We said, “Let's just do it.” We created it, went out there. We've launched it and we're averaging about 1000 books a week we're giving away. The even cooler, more amazing part of it is the type of people who are getting the book, they're not the opportunity seeker.

The opportunity seeker is not going to be like, “Oh cool, a split test,” but anyone who is a real business owner is going to flip out and get excited. What's been interesting is just because I think of how cool it is, we have people emailing us, begging us to promote. We haven't even let affiliates promote it yet and they're begging us, “Please let us, we want to promote this, we want to promote it.”

We're like, “No, we're still testing the upsell flow. We don't want to just give it away yet.” Everyone is freaking out about it. We've just been mailing our list and buying Facebook ads. That's all we've been doing so far. Like I said, we've given away like 1000 a week which is pretty exciting. This week actually, hopefully today we're going to start turning on the heat and open it up to affiliates and partners.

What's cool about it is again, the only type of people who buy this product are people who actually have a website, they actually have a business. They're 1000 times more qualified for any of our mastermind groups and everything else that we want to do. That's what we're finding is the people that are coming to our funnel now that are calling us and want to join our mastermind groups and things, they're like my dream client, the person I wanted to work with forever but I never could get.

It's just interesting. What my big ah-ha was whatever that front end thing you put out there, I've heard it be called bait before but I never really thought about it that way but it literally is bait. The bait you put out there really does attract the type of person you want. There are times and places when you want to cast bait so wide that you bring in everybody.

A lot of our business opportunity offers are like that where they're mass appeal so we can get a lot of people but there are times when you don't want that, when you know exactly who your dream client is. What my whole thought now is you've got to create an offer that specifically speaks to them.

If you do and you put it out there, they will rise to the top. There may not be as big of a mass of those people. In my case, there's not as many people so it's harder for me to break even immediately but the quality of person that comes through, most of these that are coming through, they don't have an issue spending $15,000 or $25,000 on a coaching program whereas the opportunity seekers, we're lucky if we can get $5000 to $8000. The depth of your funnel is a lot deeper. It's just interesting.

We started looking at who would be our dream clients. The next category of what we thought was our dream clients really would be consultants and things like that. We created a front end product. It's a new book that teaches our three-step system for consultants. That's going to be our next free plus shipping thing we launch and put it out there. Our whole goal is to attract a bunch of consultants. It's kind of interesting.

For you guys, I want you to think about that. Think about what is your front end offer. First, think about who your dream client is. Write that person out, everything about them, and then figure out what's going to be the thing that's going to be the most sexy to them. Then create that thing and give it away for free, free plus shipping so that they pay to be on your list.

Boom, you'll start getting your dream client coming in the door. Fish with the right bait, you’re going to get the right type of fish. I'm at the dental office now and I'm going to go hang out with my four kids. Hopefully they don't have any cavities. I appreciate you guys. I will talk to you all again soon.


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