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63 - The One Thing

The One Thing

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How to increase your conversions by un-muddying your offers, and a whole bunch more…

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The one thing that had the biggest impact on me was when this guy named Armand Morin taught me a thing he called the stack. It's the way he did his close when he sold from stage. He taught me this way to close. I did it and I've always struggled to sell from stage or on webinars. I learned it and the very first time I did it, I closed 40% of the audience. Then I took that and added it to every presentation I've ever done. I think I counted 23 or 24 different webinars and presentations I've created that all use that. Every single one that I've used that has been successful.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell and this is a special late night edition of Marketing in your Car. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I am actually driving home from the airport right now. I had a really fun weekend.

Some of you know if you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw we just launched or created a brand new supplement for the MMA called MMA Ignite. I was actually in Dallas, Thursday flew to Dallas to go film us actually making the product because we also, sometime in the future, I'm going to be creating a product called

I just wanted to be able to have that footage of them actually making our first batch of MMA Ignite so I flew down there, brought a camera, and filmed the whole process. It was cool, you see them. We made our own formula. They go and buy all the raw materials. They have boxes and barrels of all these powders and stuff. Then they take them all, mix them in this huge mixer, and take them into the other room and put them in the machine that puts them into the bottles, and then the label machine puts the labels on, and the thing seals the top. It was a really cool process.

We filmed the whole thing. I'm sure you guys in the next few months will see that when we come out with that product. It's a fun thing. I was just planning on doing that, then I realized that this weekend was the NCA Wrestling Tournament in Oklahoma and Daegan Smith was going to go.

My birthday was two weeks ago, so Daegan was like, “Hey, I just bought you a birthday present. You're coming to NCAs.” I flew from Dallas to Oklahoma and had a chance to go watch the NCAs yesterday which was really fun. Daegan came through. He got us front row seats so we were front row, right in the section where the wrestlers run out in the mats. It was pretty sweet. My wife and my kids were watching the tournament from home.

Because we got such good seats, I guess they saw me on TV every couple of minutes so it was kind of fun. My little son Bowen texted and he was like, “Hey dad, you're on TV. You're famous,” so that was fun. It was just a really fun weekend. It was cool on the flight home, I had some delays. It was probably ten hours I've been in airports. I had a chance to work on this new product we're putting out, another one of our free plus shipping products, just finishing up the front-end book for it.

It got me excited and thinking a lot more about marketing and things like that. I want to share with you guys a concept that over the last four or five days, I've been thinking about this. I shared the concept with Daegan. I might have mentioned it on a podcast but I've just been thinking a lot about it. I have another probably 15 minute drive to get back home so I thought I would just dump it on you guys a little bit, and hopefully give you guys some ideas because I think I'm going to talk about this a little bit, the Dot Com Secrets Lab Funnel.

I rebuilt it three different times. I think the next, I haven't seen the stats yet but I think the one we built right before I left out of town, I'm hoping that it converts a lot better. I think that the psychology behind what I was trying to do, I explained this whole concept with Daegan.

I think that too often, we try to sell things, we're trying to sell stuff. When I first got into this business, people always talked about you create an offer and you create bonuses, and the more bonuses you have the better. Then you get your features and your benefits. You're trying to explain all the amazing stuff about this product. The theory is that if you drop 1000 different bullet points, that one of those little bullet points is going to speak to somebody and they're going to want to buy.

Because you're not speaking face-to-face, when you try to sell somebody face-to-face, you have an advantage because you can see what their concerns are and things like that whereas in print and video and stuff, you don't so the theory is you're just giving everything you can think of and throw it out there. One of them hopefully will be the one that closes them. I've been thinking a lot about that. I don't necessarily think I agree with that concept.

One of the big things I was just writing about in my book that we're going to be launching, talking about the different free plus shipping offers we've been doing and why they've been working so well, one of the things I've been writing about is the fact that the free plus shipping offers that do the best aren't the ones that are this free course or something big like that.

The ones that do the best are the ones that are very singular focused, one concept, one idea, one thing that you're selling. I was thinking about if you look at, talking about concepts you guys probably don't know yet because you haven't read the book, but this funnel that we take people through, this free plus shipping, we put them through an invisible funnel.

At the end of it, we sell them your coaching program. Your coaching program is the end-all, be-all, right? It's all the stuff you have, teaching them how to do everything. That's hard to sell because it's so big that it's hard for people to grasp that. Then you take your entire coaching program or whatever and pull one piece of that out, the one most sexy part of that. That becomes what you train on during your invisible funnel training.

Then from your invisible funnel training, you pick the sexiest thing and pull that piece out. That becomes the free plus shipping thing, very much one focus. The new upsells that I did for Dot Com Secrets Labs, I kind of did the same thing. One of the upsells is a new traffic upsell. In there, there's a whole bunch of videos and things like that about different ways to get traffic. It's a good product. It's a great product.

When I was writing the copy for it, starting the traditional way, talking about you're going to learn this traffic system and this, you dump on all these different systems, I was like, “Man, I don't think people really want that. What people want is the one thing. What's the one thing that the product is going to give me if I buy it? That's what I want. How is it going to solve this one thing?” I took all the, I think it was seven different traffic systems in there, and I just focused on one.

I talked about one and made it so mysterious, exciting, intriguing, and cool. I talked about that and was like, “There's a bunch of other ones too but I don’t have time to talk about this. This one alone is worth more than the price. You're getting that plus seven more.” I just talked about that one thing, that one bullet point. I just went deep into that and made that the bait, the thing to get them to have the desire to come in, instead of throwing out every feature and benefit, a bunch of bonuses.

I just picked the one thing that I think is going to be the best bait. That becomes the entire focus of the sales message, the same thing with the second upsell inside Dot Com Secrets Labs. The traffic one is a new upsell that I hadn't done before whereas this one is one that has been in every version of the upsell flow. We're selling the Seven Figure Shortcut, which is our automated webinar and sales training. I thought, “I'm going to do the same thing on this. I'm going to figure out what's the one thing in this entire course.”

This course is big. I think it's six or seven days worth of videos. It's two different workshops and a whole bunch of other stuff, probably one of the best products I've ever created. The problem is when I try to sell it, people don't want to buy seven days worth of videos. There's just so much stuff, they get overwhelmed and it seems like a lot of work. Of all the seven days worth of content, what's the best thing?

What's the one most intriguing or sexy, the one thing that had the biggest impact on me, the reason why I put that in the course? What was the one thing that had the biggest impact on me? I was thinking back. The one thing that had the biggest impact on me was when this guy named Armand Morin taught me a thing he called the stack. It's the way he did his close when he sold from stage. He taught me this way to close.

I did it and I've always struggled to sell from stage or on webinars. I learned it and the very first time I did it, I closed 40% of the audience. Then I took that and added it to every presentation I've ever done. I think I counted 23 or 24 different webinars and presentations I've created that all use that. Every single one that I've used that has been successful.

It was this one thing. I talk about that. I say, “Look, I did this whole course that taught everything else I've learned about how to script a webinar and how to sell things. There's some amazing stuff that I don't have time to go through it all, but just this one thing alone, the stack, that one thing has made me millions of dollars. That's something that's inside of this course. I don’t know anywhere else in the world you can get it, but you can get it in this course.

For $297, you get the course. You're going to learn about that one thing but you’re also going to get all this other stuff I'm not even going to talk about, a bunch of other things that can help you get traffic. That one thing is by far worth the price of admission.” That's the way I pitched it. I'm not sure how sales have done over the weekend since we launched it. I've been out of communication with all the wrestling stuff and the supplements but it logically makes a lot of sense to me.

I think us as product designers and developers, we get so into all of the stuff that we create and the packages that we create that have so many elements as things, whereas I think sometimes the power is just figuring out the one thing they desire the most and really focusing on that. If it's what they want, not what they need but what they want, that's going to be what drives them to buy.

I think the other things will muddy the waters too much. I think all the other stuff, the bonuses and all that crap that we normally throw in just muddy the waters. It takes the focus off of the core desire they have. That's my thought process right now. It gets me excited because it changes the way that I present things and I pitch things. I was also thinking a lot about upsell flows, the right way to do them. I used to for years, I would just go and have my front end product.

What's the upsell? I would pick a random product, and just do random different products in the sales process. For some reason, it used to work alright back in the day but today, it doesn't. Thinks have to be very congruent. That's the other thing I've been thinking a lot about. What is your front end offer? What are your upsells and things like that? This black box is turning into some of our high end clients. We're having everyone create a free plus shipping offer. The upsell is the invisible funnel that they’re doing.

As of a week ago, I would have thought that the best way to do it was have your free plus shipping be teaching this process, and then the invisible funnel is you going deeper into that process. What I've found from our testing with Dot Com Secrets Labs, I did that.

We set it up where a free book was the front end product and the first upsell was invisible funnel style training where they got to be on this webinar where we went deeper into testing and all that kind of stuff. The take rate was horrible. It was really bad. I think it's because if your upsell is more of the same thing, it's not what people want. They want the next piece of the process.

The new upsell flow, by the way, if you look at the Dot Com Secrets Labs one, if you look at Dot Com Secrets as a whole of my company, we have three missions we try to help people do, help them with traffic, conversions, and sales, those three things. Dot Com Secrets Labs is the conversion product. The upsell is the traffic product. Hey, we just helped you double your conversions.

Now I want to help you double your traffic. The second upsell is the third pillar of our company which is sales. Hey, we just helped you double your conversions. If you took the first upsell, we helped you double your traffic. Now we want to help you double your sales. It's taking that path of logical next thing they need.

By buying your product, what's the gap that they're missing? Not so much the gap but what's the next thing they're going to need after that. If you can figure those things out, it just makes your upsell flow work a lot better. Thanks for allowing me to brain dump. I've been thinking about it but it always helps me to put it out in words. I'm now at my home. It's late at night. I'm excited to get to my wife and give my kids a kiss. I appreciate you guys and hope you enjoyed this podcast.

I hope you're enjoying the stuff we're doing now. We're putting out a lot of fun stuff and having a good time. Watch what we're doing. We're making more money than we ever have. Model what we're doing. That's the best way to make more money. Thanks you guys. I'll talk to you all soon.


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