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65 - Look What Attraction Marketing Brought To Me

Look What Attraction Marketing Brought To Me

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Over the last 30 days we completely shifted our target market, our ideal customer, and how we communicate with our audience and the results have been amazing…

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We just want to work with people that have legitimate businesses. It's been interesting. I talked about this in one of the earlier podcasts. We changed our bait. We went away from here's how to make money on the internet to here's 180 split test results. Our next front end product coming out is a product for coaches and consultants. We're putting bait out there that attracts the kind of person that's going to come in, that's going to have the kind of money we need. 


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing in your Car podcast. I hope you guys are having a great day today. I am fired up. It's the last day of spring break so I've been home with the kids. We were juicing, having some fun.

Then I'm going to finally head into the office and get some work done. I want to talk about something that makes me mad that I'm excited about this because I always make fun of this. You know everyone that's into the whole law of attraction thing, attract, put out what you want and it will attract things to you?

I remember when the Secret first came out. We all watched it, a bunch of my friends and I. There's parts of it, obviously putting out what you want and attracting stuff back or whatever but I've had an experience this last week that's been really interesting. I've been talking about this a lot.

Those of you guys who have been listening know what I've been doing but we've been really trying to shift our business away from business opportunity seekers and more towards traditional, not traditional but more towards established business. I've spent the last probably eight or nine years focusing on helping people get started in business which has been fun. It's been fulfilling.

You see people who go from nothing to something. It's exciting but it's so much easier to take somebody from good to great than it is from nothing to something. Kind of my big conscious decision over the last year or so has been we want to start working more with traditional business owners. Traditional is not the right word but established businesses, people that are already making money.

That's more appealing to me. We can do a lot more cool stuff, all this advanced stuff that we're doing now. We can add those things to a business and see insane results. If they have a funnel that kind of converts, we tweak it a little bit, boom, we can take it from a one percent to a four or five percent conversion rate. Then we can come in and say, “Hey, now that you're at this conversion rate, now we can spend some more money on media,” and introduce some media buyers through channels.

We can take a company from $30,000 or $40,000 a month to a million dollars a month very quickly just by identifying those pieces, changing them, tweaking them, and scaling the traffic. I've seen in our business with our new Neurocell offer, we went from the last three months, it's tripled every single time. In fact, this month, one third of our income came from Neurocell which is exciting. It fires me up. My goal is to have at least half of our income not coming from coaching and internet marketing this year. We'll be there by next month which is exciting and fun.

I'm really enjoying it. Our big goal was to start attracting the right kind of businesses, the businesses we want to work with, and not stop focusing on the beginners but not doing coaching with beginners, saying, “Hey, here's products that will help you but until you're at a certain level, we can't work with you.” To do that, we had a couple of strategies. One was to dramatically raise our prices.

We used to sell a $5000 coaching package and traditionally to beginners, which is a lot of money for a beginner but that's what it was. What I did is I stopped selling it at $5000. We made our lowest package $8000, and then we made a $15,000 and a $25,000. I told our guys, “All I want to do is sell $25,000 packages. That's the goal. That's who we want to work with. People who can write a check for $25,000 are the kind of people that can spend money on traffic and do other stuff. We can really scale their business quickly. That's who we want to work with.”

I think at first they were really scared to sell higher ticket things but as soon as we got one person at $25,000, boom, the next week, we got three more. All of a sudden, the belief level is coming where if someone can only pay $8000, we don't even talk to them on the phone anymore. We just want to work with people that have legitimate businesses. It's been interesting. I talked about this in one of the earlier podcasts.

We changed our bait. We went away from here's how to make money on the internet to here's 180 split test results. Our next front end product coming out is a product for coaches and consultants. We're putting bait out there that attracts the kind of person that's going to come in, that's going to have the kind of money we need. The third thing we did, this still blows my mind. I've been sending out emails that are our inner circle program.

Applications have been coming in really good. We have some good people that have come through it but yesterday, I did some Ben Settle style reverse marketing. I wrote an email, a daily Seinfeld email. Some of you may have seen it. Basically, we had this guy who applied. The way he applied and the way he went about it was weird. He had a really good business. We could have done some really cool stuff with him but he was rude to our salesperson and ended up hanging up on her. It ended weird.

I wrote an email about that and called him out, and talked about what he did and the kind of people we like to work with and what I would have done in his business had he been humble enough to come through our process the way we have it structured but he didn't. Because of that, this happened and this happened. I shared this email. It was fun. I wrote it in a way that was entertaining, sent it out.

What's happened over the last not even 24 hours yet shocked me. It's been really interesting. Using what Ben Settle calls repulsion marketing, talking, kind of calling out people, calling out your customers and setting a line in the ground saying, “This is what we believe and this is who we're trying to work with.” I put that email out there. I tell you what, we've got over 40 new applications came in from that email.

I would say over 20 of them, more than half of them are people whose businesses are doing over $20,000 a month right now which is my perfect dream client. It was really interesting. It's been a fun exercise over the last few months as we've been tweaking this, changing our front end bait, raising our prices so the people we don’t want can't afford what we have, and putting out emails that draw that line in the sand.

The results so far have been crazy. We have three new clients. That's $25,000 this week. I think that for this new group, we'll probably get four or five more. It's exciting. For all of you guys out there who are struggling or not sure about your business, or it's not where you want to be, or you don't like your customers or whatever it is, I heard people like Frank Kern forever talked about how he got tired of the beginner so he changed his business.

It was funny because his initial business, he had a product called Underachiever Secrets which I had bought the whole company from. I heard this interview with him right after I bought it, “Yeah, I just got rid of my biz-op stuff and started focusing on consultants. Now I've got clients that I love.” Dang it, I just bought the clients that he hated. It's interesting. Just think about that.

You really can write your own destiny. You can pick whatever business you want to be in. You can shift it very quickly. I look at our business, ten years of business opportunity seekers and within a month, we've completely transitioned away and we're actually making more money easier and I had a chance to hang out with awesome businesses I can do so much more for. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, if you're in that situation or around there at all, those are some strategies we're using that work really well. I'm at the office so I'm going to check out these applications coming through and see who I get to work with. We're doing our first big inner circle meeting here in Boise in May. It's going to be awesome. If any of you guys who are listening would like to be part of our inner circle, it's not cheap but I promise you, it's less expensive than going through the trial and error on your own.

You can apply at That's about it. I'm going to go hang out with my team, call some of these people, have some fun with them and see who we can work with. Thanks you guys. I’ll talk to you soon.


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