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68 - Converting Buyers Into Clients

Converting Buyers Into Clients

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Russell shares his hypothesis for the best way to convert his buyers into actual coaching clients. Listen in to see if this will work for your business as well.

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I want to issue you the same challenge. If you are listening to this right now, you have buyers that are buying stuff. Hopefully you have mastered Operation Traffic into Buyers, right? This is the first focus for us. The second is Buyers into Clients and we do this through Invisible Funnel. I think it is the perfect mechanism to get people to switch over. Anyway, I am excited! I am fired up to try it out! I will report back to you what happens after we do it.


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Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to an amazing day and another fun episode of Marking in Your Car. I just got back from a two-day mastermind event in Washington, D.C. It was amazing.

We had such a good time. One of the guys in the mastermind group is one of my favorite people. He is super high energy and awesome and he is a mastermind junky. I think he is in seven or eight groups. After two days, he pulled me aside and said that it was the best mastermind meeting he had ever been to which meant a lot. We started early; we went late; and we did some awesome stuff for everybody.

It was very cool. I had a lot of big breakthroughs, as well. The mastermind group is one we initially sold at an event called The Invisible Funnel. Some of you may know this concept and some of you may not. It is a cool way to sell things without selling.

A lot of the attendees are doing Invisible Funnels, so we spent a lot of time talking about them, dissecting them, and figuring out ways to make it better. On my flight home yesterday, I was working on a book I am putting together called The Black Box. One of the steps in the Black Box is the Invisible Funnel, so I was writing out that whole process again.

All of a sudden, I think a light bulb came on for me. A light bulb definitely did click. I have yet to see if it is a good light bulb or a bad one, but I think it is very good. Here is the concept behind it. We are selling a ton of our printed products. This is back in our coaching business, so I want to preface that.

Our goal, obviously, is to convert people from a front end customer into a coaching client. That is the entire goal, right? We were trying to figure out how to convert those leads from people into someone who has applied and is kind of raising their hand for coaching. We have been getting a lot of coaching application leads, but not in the volume we want. I do not want to say they are not the quality of people we want, but half of the people applying really are not ready for it.

They are not at a point in their life where they can afford it; they are just not ready for it. I want more of the qualified people, right? When I was writing the section of the book yesterday about the Invisible Funnel, I was thinking about how it came about. There is a story behind it. I was working with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes on their company called Business Breakthroughs, International.

Chet mapped out their business model for me. It was really cool. They would drive radio ads into a call center which they had built. The person would answer the phone and say, “Welcome to Chet Holmes, International,” and they would give the caller the report for which they had called in.

Then they would say, “Hey, by the way, Tony and Chet are doing this event. It usually costs a thousand bucks to come to Vegas plus your hotel and your flight. Now they have a version where you can do it from home. It is really, really awesome and you need to be part of it. “Because of this, we are going to let you get on this Webinar. It is a $300 Webinar, but we want to make sure it is something you believe in, so we are not going to charge you anything for it right now. You can come for free. All you have to do is put your credit card in and we will bill you after the Webinar if you love it. If you do not love it, then do not worry about it.”

That was their pitch and their hook. I thought it was really, really cool. When you look at their model, it just crushed it with that. People would come in, register for the Webinar. They would get on the Webinar and stay on there for three hours. If they loved it, they would pay the $297.

If they did not love it, they would not be billed for anything. This is how they ran this business. This is how they built this company. I do not know how much volume they are doing, but it grew into a very, very big company. This is where the Invisible Funnel concept came from initially. I could never figure out how to turn it into an online process, but Daegan Smith figured it out.

He started creating Webinars where you would register by putting your credit card in and they would bill you $97 after the Webinar was over. He made a ton of money with it. We modeled it and we made a ton of money with it. It worked. This is a quick explanation of the Invisible Funnel. I could go on. We literally did an event earlier this year.

It was a three-day event talking about the Invisible Funnel, so there is a lot more to it. This is the core, quick concept, though. It is a premium Webinar. Someone puts their credit card in ahead of time, but you do not bill them until after the Webinar is over if they loved it. At the end you can offer them your high ticket products, services, or things like that. I have been thinking about this as a tool to convert our buyers from buyers into applications.

I was thinking that most of the products we sell now are tied to either traffic conversions or sales. I thought, “What if every single week every Friday I did an actual live Webinar?” This is what scares me, honestly. It is my biggest scary part. It would not be an automated Webinar, but an actual live Webinar. It would be three or four hours long and I would teach my entire process for doubling traffic conversions and sales. “What if I started doing this?”

This was my thought. I am kind of nervous about it, but I am going to do it. I will have people come on and try it for free. It would not cost them anything. They would put in their credit card for no charge and then, after the Webinar, if they loved it they would pay $97. That is the process I am going to go through. I will teach them all of our best stuff for three hours.

Then, at the end, I would use it as a tool to get them to apply to be part of our coaching program. This is what I am going to test out and I am very excited about it. We have done Invisible Funnels on the front end before, but I want to use it as a backend tool for all of our traffic sources. If you look at my business model, I envision someone buying DotComSecretsLabs and DotComSecrets X or purchasing anything we have. They come in there and then the immediate sequence is, “Hey, Russell is doing a live Webinar! You need to get on it! Come here to register.”

This would be the core thing we are focusing on, pushing, and promoting. We would use this as our conversion piece. It would convert people from buyers into clients, I guess. Maybe that is the process. The first step is to get traffic to convert to buyers. This is the conversion. The second step is to convert buyers into clients, into people with whom I am actually working. Invisible Funnel is that conversion piece.

This is an interesting way to look at it. I am learning this stuff with you guys as we are going. You always learn stuff when you start a fleshing it out like this. Anyway, I am very interested in trying this. It is my goal. Next week we have another Webinar and the week after I am going to test this process out and see if it works. If it does work, I think it is going to be very, very cool. It will be Operation Converting Buyers into Clients. Should we call them “clients” or “students?” It should be “clients.” That is the game plan! I want to issue you the same challenge.

If you are listening to this right now, you have buyers that are buying stuff. Hopefully you have mastered Operation Traffic into Buyers, right? This is the first focus for us. The second is Buyers into Clients and we do this through Invisible Funnel. I think it is the perfect mechanism to get people to switch over. Anyway, I am excited! I am fired up to try it out! I will report back to you what happens after we do it.

You guys can look out for it. You will see me promoting it here probably a week from now. I am going to test it out quickly to see if it works half as well as I think it will. If it does, it will be an exciting thing for us. That is the game plan for this week for me. It feels weird. It is Friday and this is actually my first day of working. I had a parent-teacher conference for my three-year-old this morning and I am getting my hair cut right now. I will get to the office about noon today to work for three hours and then I am kind of done for the day and done for the week.

This is tough for me because I am a workaholic and I love this stuff! Hopefully my wife will not mind if I sneak away and work a little bit this weekend, but you never know. All right, guys, that’s it. I am heading in to get my hair cut, so I will be a little bit lighter, hopefully. Oh, there is one last thing I want to tell you. It has nothing to do with marketing; it just has to do with what is happening today.

I am typically a very healthy eater. I am pretty strict and I try to do stuff, but this year has been a travel year so far. We had a lot of stuff happening. We went to D.C. with Daegan and with Daegan, man, we had the best Indian food I have ever had. We had these crab cakes. I ate so much stuff that was not right for me to eat and I felt like garbage. I got back yesterday and I wanted to cleanse myself and start over.

I think many times I say, “I’m going to start over on Monday,” and it never actually happens. I really wanted to flush and reset. Some of you have probably seen this lemonade diet before. It is horrible. You make lemonade with cayenne pepper and you do salt water flushes. It is a horrible process. Last night I said, “You know what? I am just going to do it.” I always talk about doing it and I needed a hard reset now that I am back. I am home for two or three months before I have my next thing.

I want to start these next two or three months going on the right path as opposed to just continuing to eat out everywhere. This is my goal, to do a hard reset and boom! Start over. I am doing a three-day cleanse with this cayenne pepper and lemonade and salt water flush just to get all the toxins out of my body. I am basically not eating for three days while just doing this cleanse just to reset my body.

From there I will move forward in a healthy manner again. I am not recommending that all of you do a diet, but I am recommending this: When you decide to take a step towards something like in business or relationships or health or whatever it is, most of us say, “I’m going to do that!” and we start doing it. Then we slip back into our old ways. You have to do a hard reset; otherwise it is very difficult to stick with it, to keep going on.

I recommend that whatever big thing you are moving towards in your life—a relationship thing, weight loss, business, or whatever—do a hard reset. If it is business and you are starting a new business, do a 30-day no-TV reset. You get no TV for 30 days maybe. One of the resets I am thinking about is one a couple of guys in the mastermind are doing. Daegan just did it, too.

They are resetting their productivity. Before, they had Skype, Facebook, cell phones, text, and all of these things. They said they wanted to reboot. Daegan changed the password on his email. He does not know it; he just gave it to his wife. He changed his Facebook password; he got rid of his cell phone. He got rid of any way for anybody to communicate with him.

He just turned it off completely and he is hard resetting right now. He is going to do it for a month or something like that. I don’t know how long he is doing it, but he is cutting off all internal communication to himself to allow him to only focus on doing proactive things. When he wanted to reach out, he will talk to his wife to log into his email and send an email. It will be much harder to do this.

This is his process to completely reset. He did that and he has a couple of other people in the mastermind to do it. I am kind of tempted to do it, as well. I am nervous (I’m not going to lie). He will do the reset and then start reintroducing things back into what he is doing. If you say, “I am just going to take Twitter away for a day and then Facebook,” it will never happen. It is like pulling off a BandAid, right?

It is too slow. You just have to rip it off, go through the pain, and then slowly reintroduce things which you think are necessary. I promise you that during the reboot you will find out how many of the things you are doing are not necessary. It is kind of interesting, so I wanted to throw it out there for you.

Think about the big changes you want to make and figure out how you can do a big reboot just to flush everything out. Then when you are focusing in that thing, you do not have lingering stuff that is keeping you from accomplishing your real goals. That is what I have. I went a bit longer today because I am driving to the hair cut. I am here now, so I am going to end for now.

I appreciate you guys. Look for my Webinar over the next couple of weeks. We have two Webinars coming up. Next week we are going to talk about how we do our high-ticket selling. That will be fun. The next week I am going to test this Invisible Funnel to convert buyers into clients. I am excited and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again, everybody, and we will talk to you soon.


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