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7 EASY Ways To Tell Better Stories ✍️


If there’s one thing that’s made me more money than anything else over the last couple of decades, it’s storytelling… BY FAR.

There’s honestly no competition.

This is because when people listen to a well-told story, their brain literally mirrors the storyteller's brain. Some neuroscientists from Princeton explain it this way: “The findings shown here indicate that during successful communication, speakers’ and listeners’ brains exhibit joint, temporally coupled, response patterns.”

When you tell a compelling story, you’re giving your audience a visceral experience, one that can literally change their life (AND make them buy).

Of course, telling great stories is easier said than done!

So here are a few tips I’ve learned from telling thousands of stories in my sales pitches and marketing materials over the last few decades!

Know Your Audience 👥 Start by creating a comprehensive persona for your target audience. Go beyond age and location; dive into their fears, goals, dreams, daily routines, preferred social media platforms, etc. The more details you can gather, the better you can tailor your story to them.

Follow the Hero's Journey, but Make it Specific 🐉 In your marketing narrative, your customer is the hero, and your product/service is the mentor. What exact dragon is your hero battling? Is it long working hours, stress, a lack of healthy food options? How precisely does your product/service help them triumph? Concrete examples will make your story more relatable and compelling.

Emotional Anchors 💓 Identify specific moments in your story that can elicit strong emotions. It could be the point of struggle, the moment of revelation, or the triumphant victory. Then, use powerful, emotive language to amplify the impact of these moments. Don’t rush it. Describe it.

Real Stories, Real Impact 💯 It can be tempting to make up stories that fit our goals. But people can tell. Don't make up stories. Share your own experiences or those of your customers. Let prospects know about your trials and how you overcame them or highlight transformational customer testimonials. Remember, authenticity is magnetic.

Simplify Complex Concepts 🧩 Turn technical terms into simple metaphors or analogies. For instance, if your product is a complex software solution, compare it to a "personal assistant who never sleeps". The aim is to make your story easily digestible for anyone.

Iterative Storytelling 🔁 Test different versions of your story across various platforms, track the response, gather feedback, and fine-tune your narrative. The key to mastering storytelling lies in a constant cycle of learning and iterating.

Write a Story a Day ✍️ You only get better at storytelling with practice! Every day, spend at least 5 minutes writing a story. This habit will not just make you better at telling stories during dinner parties, but when you’re crafting your funnels and offers!

The more you practice, the better you’ll get!

And the better you get at storytelling, the more successful you’ll be. PERIOD. It’s by far the best skill you could build for yourself as an entrepreneur or marketer. 🙂

If you want to learn more about storytelling, nab by book, Expert Secrets. In it, I dive deep into the details of how to find your unique story, craft your story, and use it to sell your products or services (and lots of other important stuff, too!).

Talk soon!

- Russell Brunson


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