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9 Immediate Actions to Improve Your Blog Readership


Are you tired of publishing blogs that too few people read? Maybe you’re just starting yours and want to guarantee they go the distance. Whatever your blogging history, these strategies can get you more readers.


1. Pick Good Topics

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it can be challenging. A good topic isn’t necessarily the one that excites you. You’ll want something trending in your niche that hasn’t been overdone yet and will remain relevant for years. You’ll be one of the first few covering it, making it stand out.

​How do you determine what’s trending but hasn’t saturated the search engine results page (SERP)? Search Google Trends to find trendy topic examples, or find a business coach to help you pick excellent blog topics.


2. Promote Through Email

Email is more effective at promoting your blog than social media. For one, your subscribers have self-selected to hear from you. Secondly, you own your unique email list and the messages you send.

Social media platforms can block, ban, and cut you off if you don’t play by their rules (i.e. “no self-promotion”). Not so with your business email list, however.

Email list building is essential in today’s world. Your website and landing pages should contain an easily seen lead capture button for visitors to subscribe to your email list.


3. Write Captivating Headlines

Again, it may sound intuitive, but the vagueness is the tricky part of this task. You have to determine what type of headline encourages readers to click.

​A compelling headline leaves the audience wanting more insight. The following characteristics tend to garner the most attention:

  • Concrete headlines–Ex. “How I Grew My Email Subscriber List to 1 Mil”
  • Numbered headlines–Ex. “13 Tips to Boost Your Click-Through Rate”
  • Interesting/Unusual headlines–Ex. “What a Snake Oil Salesman Can Teach Us About Marketing”
  • ​A “curiosity gap” in the headline–Ex. “This One Unbelievably Easy Trick Will Get Your More Shares”

4. Optimize for the SERP

Ranking high on the SERP boosts your blog’s visibility. Keywords are vital.

Search “Google Keyword Planner” or “AnswerThePublic” to find keywords that fit your topics. Shorter keywords are typically more broad and harder to rank for.

Choose long-tail keywords (three or more word phrases). They aren’t as competitive and are easier to rank for.

Avoid overstuffing your article with keywords, though. No one wants to read an article with a ton of links in it, and Google could demote your rankings for it. Aim for one or two per article.

Without utilizing keywords, you’ll likely see a spike in readership when your blog post is first published. However, your numbers will bottom out at zero readership over time.

​Keywords give your blog longevity. While you’ll see a decrease in readership, your numbers will remain steady (and above zero) over time.


5. Use Twitter and YouTube

Write Twitter threads and create YouTube videos to reach more of your audience. They are highly likely to use either, if not both.

Search for popular topics on Twitter and see what comes up. Or maybe you already have something in mind from monitoring your account or others you follow–an idea or question you see often.

Create a 15-20 word tweet thread by writing a Tweet and hitting the “+” button to add another. Repeat until you’ve given a nicely outlined idea. End with a call to action (CTA), like “Follow me…”, “Visit…”, “Sign up…”

Bonus Tip: Use words from older blogs, but don’t copy and paste them from the blog into the Tweet. The reformatting likely won’t be the look you want. Re-type the wording and make it easily skimmable.

​Take your most engaging blogs and turn them into videos on YouTube. Learn how to produce enjoyable video content as you go, or have an expert help you.


6. Repurpose Content

We hinted at this in the tip above, but it’s okay to take older content and refresh and reuse it. For one, it helps your readers find buried content. Also, it’s a refresher course for anyone who’s read it before.


7. Use Internal Links and Backlinks

Internal links boost your content’s importance. They help readers find older content related to your topic and leave you looking like the authority on the subject matter.

Backlinks help your SEO ranking and increase organic traffic to your page. One of the best ways to create backlinks is guest-blogging for other relevant blogs.

​Writing a compelling request to be a guest blogger can be a blog all on its own. Start with the bloggers you follow. Email them the request with what you love about their blogs and a few ideas you’re proposing to write about.


8. Engage for More Engagement

Be the engagement you wish to see in your readers. Make it easy for them to leave comments. Then, respond to as many of their comments as you can.

Always practice good manners. Don’t argue with anyone with a differing opinion. Thank them for reading and giving feedback, and move on.

​Comment on related blog topics. Offer your advice. Some platforms like Reddit and Quora might have rules against self-promotion. Others might not have rules, but the members might openly ostracize you if they feel you’re getting too self-promotional. So, offer advice, but link your blogs at your discretion.


9. Lengthen Your Blogs

Have you been going for quantity over quality? If you’re churning out weekly or even daily blogs of 500 words or less, they’re likely not having the impact you’d like. Try longer blogs (over 1,000-2,000 words) or longer titles, depending on your audience and niche. You might be pleasantly surprised about how well two blogs double the length compared to your initial four will perform.

​There are many more rules than we have the space for in one blog. These are our top nine to get you rolling. Don’t hesitate to find a business coach to help you or do your own research. Rarely anything in marketing is written in stone, so get comfortable experimenting within your field.


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