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Change Is Coming... Can You Feel It?

As I’m literally on my way to the airport really quick, I wanted to give an update that you don’t want to miss! From changes to the podcast that I teased in the last episode to one of the best Atlas mastermind events in years! Plus new podcast interviews, flying out to see Ryan Pineda and Andy Elliot to learn - there’s a lot of pieces to this strategy puzzle that are all coalescing into big changes! 

Crazy! They Will Pay You To Drive Traffic To Your Own Funnels!

I've just had a realization. See, for years I've been all about paid ads, but they're getting pricier by the day. That's why I've had a change of heart. Inspired by folks like Rachel Hollis and Cathy Yoder, I'm shifting my focus to content. And my plan is a game-changer! So expect some big shifts on the Marketing Secrets Podcast and everywhere else!

Bible Success Secrets

On today's episode, I interview Myron Golden, an 8-figure entrepreneur and speaker. Learn how ancient scriptures hold the key to modern success, as Myron shares timeless principles and practical insights. Whether you're a seasoned business pro or seeking personal growth, this discussion will revolutionize your approach.