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We're going back in Traffic Secrets. We've been doing this every single day now for almost two weeks, which has been a lot of fun for me. And we're almost to the end. Today we're going to finish up talking about the first section of the book, which is going to be cool.

Welcome back to our chance every day where we get to hangout and talk about traffic and funnels and all of the fun things. Excited to be with you guys here today.

After I figure out my dream 100, there's two things I'm trying to do. One, I'm trying to work my way in and number two, I'm trying to buy my way in.

The first step of traffic is knowing who, getting deep understanding who it is you want, who your customers are. Number two, where are they congregating? Where are they hanging out? Right. And then number three is understanding,

We are in the next day of our Traffic Secrets Launch, talking about traffic secrets, and the book, and how you traffic to your funnels and a bunch of other amazing things. I hope you guys enjoyed the last few days.

Now, when you're searching, you know what you're looking for. I need this thing to solve this problem, this thing. And so you're searching for it and you go look for it and you buy it and you come back. And for a long time, that's how business happened. Back in the early 1800s, early 1900s was a hundred percent of commerce happened through searching.

I know that most of us sitting home wondering what to do. We're nervous, we're bored. We're getting prepared. And I want to let you guys know that we've been killing ourselves the last little while working on a secret project right here, and you can see the project.

The new books, the new version, hard bounds, and the boxes don't actually ship till May 5th, but the audio books are all available tomorrow. So you can start listening to them as early as tomorrow, which is exciting.

In this episode, Russell and Alison answer the question "How long do you stick with a product that's not working?".

Gabe Schillinger, the founder of Legion Beats, was tired of making no money doing what he loved. After 10 years of producing music and working with a ton of big artists, he still couldn't afford to move out of his dad's house.

Tony Giannini, the founder of Dojo Hero, needed to find a way to take his martial arts business online in order to be home more. After investing thousands of dollars and months of time working with different web developers, he almost gave up.

Colin Wayne, the founder of Redline Steel, needed to find a way to scale his steel home decor e-commerce store without worrying about bottlenecks or production limitations. After almost going bankrupt due to high demand and low production numbers, he knew there had to be a better way to scale sell his products.

Neha Gupta, the founder of College Shortcuts, was tired of only being able to work with students who lived in her area. After years of helping students get accepted into college she knew there had to be a better way.

Allan McKay, the founder of Live Action VFX, was tired of working 100+ hour weeks, month after month trying to keep up with the unrealistic demand that Hollywood asked of him.