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Brandon Carter is a fitness trainer who was tired of being limited to only training 8 people a day in a gym. But before calling it quits, he discovered a new way to help more people after switching to online coaching through funnels and now helps thousands of people around the world and other personal trainers to help even more people. This is his Funnel Story.

Josh Pather, founder of Photo Booth International struggled with keeping up with the demand for his photo booth rentals.

Craig Guignon, founder of Nashville On Your Wall wanted to help other photographers replicate his success, but didn't know how to reach them.

Carla White, is the first woman to create and iPhone app and the founder of the Gratitude Journal.

Mark Brown, the founder of Zen Pig, was tired of not being able to get his message out to more people. 4 years after writing Zen Pig, he was still working odd jobs to pay his bills.

On this special episode you get to see Russell and his son, Dallin as he talks you through a wrestling match and tells how he relates it to his business.

On today’s Friday night episode Russell is at the Hack-a-thon with the Clickfunnels partners and shares how he found out his name is really expensive. He also mentions fighting about the future of Clickfunnels.

When I have big projects, sometimes my mind does everything possible so I don't do the thing I need to do....

I always thought that wax on, wax of was just a silly made up lesson for Daniel to learn Karate...

There comes a time in every entrepreneurs life where you share something and even though you have the best intentions someone will find something wrong with it.

Feeling stuck? Banging your head against a wall? Has the inspiration well run dry? We’ve all been there right!? ...And it SUCKS! Well, today I am going to share with you how to create permanent change in your life. This entrepreneur life hack has pulled me out of the doldrums numerous times. Believe me, this even works on the most stubborn of habits.

On today’s episode Russell opens up a brand new box of Ketones that taste like a Tootsie Roll Pop. He also points out that the key to selling your product again is re-packaging.

On today’s episode Russell recounts the crazy experience of trying to get ready for an interview with Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki and all the technical difficulties he had along the way.

On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for a reality TV show and he gets feedback from his Periscope audience on what they would like to see. He explains some of his own ideas about the behind the scenes process which would be really interesting for others to see.

On today’s Marketing Quickies show Russell tells you how to get the Instant Survey Generator software to help you increase your conversion rates in your business.

On this episode Russell talks about the launch of Funnel University. He lets you know all the cool stuff you get for free when you sign up at today.