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Any ideas on how to “warm up” our leads so they’ll want to answer the phone and have a conversation?


Do you have any ideas on how to warm leads up to answer the phone and have a conversation?

I run a real estate agency and have a bunch of clients. I have the same problem happening again and again. Leads come in… people enter name, email, phone number… and they don’t respond… When the agent calls them, they say, “Oh, I’m just looking around,” because they don’t want to talk to a salesperson. Do you have any ideas, besides emails and retargeting, on how to warm those leads up so they’ll want to answer the phone or have the conversation?

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I’m going to take this one from Alex Hermosi, even though he’s teaching gyms how to launch, it’s still worth buying all his stuff. What he does with the gym owners is brilliant. He literally comes into a gym and in a week and a half will give them 300 customers. He has a 100% success rate. He’s done it 40 times in the last 3 months, with no failing at all.

What’s interesting with what he does is that when the lead comes in you have this window, and people think the window is a day or a few hours and it’s not. The window is 3 – 5 minutes. What he does when the lead comes in is he makes a video on his cell phone talking to the specific person telling them how excited he is for them to come in and he then texts the video to the person. The person then gets a personalized video text and they’re freaked out. They don’t know what to do, no one’s ever done this. They filled out the form 3 minutes ago and then got a text video about how excited they are. Then they get the call and it’s the dude that just video texted them.

Just imagine what that would do as a client. He has all his gym owners do that instantly. The second the application comes in, they record a video and send it out as fast as they can. A personalized video that says their name and talks about them.

The second thing is when you get them on the phone, it’s awkward and weird. Most sales people do the same thing. You pick up the phone and they go into a sales pitch. If it were me that just texted them the video, I would jump on Facebook or LinkedIn and check out who they are. Then I would call them up and say, “I hope you got my video, I don’t want to take a lot of your time because I know you’re busy. But I just did some research before I called you. You have 3 kids and two of them play soccer. I love soccer. That’s so cool.” And the person thinks that’s kind of creepy or kind of cool. But you opened the door and now it’s just sliding right in.

The same thing if I walked into GNC the first time and the person called me by name or mentioned my cult shirt, “Hey do you belong to a cult?” and I say, “No, I own one.” And then they’re like, “As a cult leader, what kind of supplements would you like?” and I’m like, “I’m looking for protein.” And then the conversation goes easy. Initially we always have our dukes up. We don’t want to be sold to, we’re blocking it. So we have to penetrate through that as quickly as humanly possible. The fastest way is a video text message, which is totally a pattern interrupt. And second is coming into the call armed with information so you have something to talk about and break the pattern. Because nobody does that, everybody goes the other way. I hope that helps answer the question.


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