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You probably know that as much as I’m obsessed with funnels… I’m equally obsessed with personal development. 😅

People like Napoleon Hill and Charles F. Haanel have changed my life…

I remember one particular lesson I learned about being “Driven” vs. “Drifting” that had a huge impact on me.

Napoleon Hill wrote this book called, Outwitting The Devil.

In the book, Napoleon HIll is having a conversation with the devil.

He asks: “How does the devil control the minds of men to stop their mission and purpose?”

The answer?

“Drifting” is one of the greatest weapons the devil has against us.

The drifter doesn’t know what he wants in life and gets just that…

Whatever life happens to give him (or not give him)...

People who drift… they’re not bad people… but they get afraid of their dreams.

Instead, be driven.

The “driven” know what they want and they keep going…

The “driven” are those who act… while drifters get acted upon…

Whichever you choose, you’re going to keep moving — Napoleon Hill calls this the ‘hypnotic rhythm’.

Either your hypnotic rhythm can be to drift… or it can be to drive forwards toward a goal.

I was a drifter until my dad took me wrestling… I wanted to be state champ… but I was the worst on the team.

People mocked me, teased me, but I became driven. And then I became state champ…

Same with when I started doing public speaking.

I ran an ad on the radio for a seminar where I was going to sell a product, and I was expecting 100 people to arrive.

Only 2 turned up!

I wanted to run away… thought I wasn’t good enough… that nobody cared.

Most people would quit and start drifting.

But I did it again.

10 people showed up… then more on the third time… then we did our first Funnel Hacking Live and 5,000 turned up!

Everybody feels fear when they chase something greater than themselves.

But do we act… or are we acted upon?

Napoleon Hill says there are 2 entities that occupy your body… one responds to fear one responds to faith…

So how do you get out of a drifting hypnotic rhythm?

Push your comfort zone.

Listen to other people (podcasts, audiobooks etc..) who are incredibly driven…

Copy the morning routines or patterns of those people.

And stay focused on your goal.

- Russell Brunson

P.S. Ready to “drive” toward a new goal of building your own online business around your own expertise? Get my book Expert Secrets here for free!


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