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Are You Serving People Who WANT To Be Served?


Real quick, I wanted to remind you of something that might “re-calibrate” the trajectory of your business…

Specifically, it’s about your “dream customer”.

Do you know who your “dream customer” is?

Your “dream customer” is the person who will…

→ pay more money…
→ get better results…
→ be more grateful…
→ share it with their friends…

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to serve everyone.

They add more features to appeal to a bigger audience, they create a discounted version of their offer to appeal to smaller budgets, and adjust their product with every bit of feedback.

But the best businesses don’t.

Apple knows their products are expensive — and they don’t offer a discounted price.

Same with Disney. And Rolex. And Starbucks.

They relentlessly only serve their dream customers — the people who want to pay them to get a result and will be happy they did so.

They don’t force it.

They create the best offer for their dream customer… at a price those people will be happy to pay… and then they stand their ground.

Think about that…

Who are the people who WANT to pay you for your offer… and will be happy they did so?

No buyer’s remorse…

If you can answer that question, that changes everything.

Because then you can focus on serving the group of people who actually want to be served.

Don’t compete by price… don’t add tons of features… don’t overcomplicate it.

Just figure out who your dream customers are — and then get tunnel vision.

- Russell Brunson

P.S. One last tip — don’t listen to feedback from people who aren’t your dream customers. They’re opinion is irrelevant because they’re not your customer anyways!


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