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What is an Attractive Character? How To Create Your Own!


I’m not talking about someone who is exceptionally good looking…

I’m talking about someone who is “attractive” because they’re relatable for your target market. This person can be a real person — YOU — or it can be a fictional character you create to represent your brand.

I first discovered the Attractive Character model in my early years of entrepreneurship… let’s talk about what it is and how it works!

By the way, you should know that I originally shared the Attractive Character concept in my bestselling book, DotCom Secrets. You can get a free copy of that book here. 🙂


What is The Attractive Character?

The Attractive Character is a model for cultivating a brand persona that your audience can relate to… and will want to buy from. Think of Flo from Progressive or Jake from Statefarm. These are “attractive characters” that businesses created to empathize with their audiences' needs and desires.

Perry completely changed my mindset about posting on social media.

Here’s the Doodle I made after talking to Perry.


How I Discovered The “Attractive Character” Secret…

Has anyone ever said you should ‘tell your brand story’?

I tried it once.

But the only cool stories I had were about my wrestling career… and I started noticing all my buyers were men… and all were into sports.

Isn’t that weird?

If you’re not careful your brand story will attract totally the wrong people!

Now, I’m not saying I had a problem with selling to male athletes.

It’s just that I’d thought my ‘dream customer’ was any kind of entrepreneur starting up an online business.

Why couldn’t I attract anyone else?

A couple weeks later, I had an idea.

I started telling the story of how one of my students – a woman named Joy Anderson – started an amazing business teaching other women how to set up a pre-school.

Then I launched a brand-new product.

Not only did we gross $1 million in sales within two weeks….

But after that launch, I saw a 50-50 split between men and women at my workshops and all the women were there because they were inspired by Joy Anderson.

Yes… I used a brand story that wasn’t about me and attracted a different customer!

The truth is, a lot of people confuse a ‘brand story’ with an ‘origin story’.


If you’re gonna start attracting your dream customers…

How do you figure out what to say?

How do you know whose story you should use?

I actually have a hack that I call the ‘Attractive Character’.

The Attractive Character has helped thousands of business owners transform their fortunes – just by changing the story they tell their customers!


10 Attractive Characters You Probably Know & Love…

I’ve found one of the best ways to learn how to create an attractive character is to look at examples you’re already familiar with.

Here are some examples of other attractive characters you’ve probably seen…


1. Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi, an entrepreneur and business coach, epitomizes the Attractive Character who motivates through personal success and relatability.

His journey from struggling gym owner to a multimillionaire offers a narrative that resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs. His open discussions about business strategies and life challenges make him a beacon of inspiration and practical advice in the entrepreneurial world.


2. Geico Gecko

Geico Gecko

The Geico Gecko is a masterclass in brand personification.

This small, witty lizard has become synonymous with Geico's insurance products. He makes insurance, a traditionally dry and complex topic, accessible and engaging.

His charm lies in his friendly demeanor and humorous approach to explaining insurance benefits, making Geico's offerings memorable and appealing.​


3. Flo From Progressive

Flo Progressive Insurance

Flo is the perky, helpful salesperson from Progressive Insurance commercials. With her retro hairstyle, bright lipstick, and enthusiastic personality, Flo makes buying insurance seem fun and easy.

She embodies the helpful and approachable spirit of the brand, and her quirky charm has turned her into a household name.


4. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is more than a motivational speaker; he is an Attractive Character who has mastered the art of personal development and empowerment.

His own story of overcoming hardships and achieving success makes him relatable. He connects with his audience on a deep level, using his charismatic presence and genuine passion to inspire change and action.


5. Jake From Statefarm

Jake from State Farm

Jake from State Farm, initially known for his simple, humorous dialogue in a commercial, has evolved into an iconic brand character. Representing trustworthiness and reliability, Jake’s regular-guy persona makes insurance feel more accessible and personable.

His popularity reflects the power of a relatable character in creating a lasting connection with the audience.


6. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo

As an entrepreneur and life coach, Marie Forleo represents an Attractive Character who embodies positivity and practical wisdom.

Her message of “Everything is Figureoutable” resonates deeply with her audience. Marie's approachable and bubbly persona, combined with her actionable advice, makes her a beacon for those seeking personal and professional growth.


7. The Old Spice Guy

Old Spice Guy

The Old Spice Guy, portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa, redefined the brand's image with his humorous and over-the-top advertisements.

His character, which is both charming and ridiculously confident, turned a traditional men's grooming brand into a viral sensation. The character’s ability to blend humor with a message of sophistication and masculinity appeals to a wide audience.


8. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

As the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs himself became an Attractive Character.

Known for his distinct personal style and captivating product presentations, Jobs symbolized innovation and vision. His story of starting in a garage and building one of the most successful companies in the world is inspiring and relatable to many entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.


9. Colonel Sanders of KFC

Colonel Harland Sanders

Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, is an iconic figure in the fast-food industry.

His image, featuring a distinctive white suit and bow tie, embodies southern hospitality and homemade cooking. Colonel Sanders represents tradition, quality, and the story of a late bloomer finding immense success, which appeals to a wide audience.


10. Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson

The founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson is known for his adventurous spirit and charismatic personality. His personal brand as an Attractive Character is built around being a maverick entrepreneur who challenges conventional business norms.

Branson's relatable yet aspirational lifestyle and his approach to business make him a compelling figure for aspiring entrepreneurs and adventure-seekers.


How To Create Your OWN Attractive Character in Just 5 Steps

But… how do you create your own attractive character that will help you relate to your target market… and SELL?

Here are the steps!


1. Decide WHO Will Be Your Attractive Character

The foundation of building an Attractive Character starts with a crucial decision: identifying who will embody this persona.

This character plays a pivotal role in how your audience perceives and interacts with your brand. You have a few options here:

Yourself: The most direct and authentic approach is to be your own Attractive Character. This works exceptionally well if you have a compelling story, a strong connection with your business's mission, or a personality that resonates with your target audience.

Personal branding can be powerful, especially if your journey or expertise aligns closely with your market's needs and aspirations.

Someone Else: Sometimes, the ideal Attractive Character isn't you but someone else – a real person who embodies the qualities that appeal to your target market.

This could be a business partner, a brand ambassador, or an individual whose story and personality fit perfectly with what your brand stands for.

A Fictional Character: In some cases, creating a fictional character is the best route. This option allows for complete control over the character’s traits, background, and evolution. A fictional character can be tailored to precisely match your audience's expectations and fantasies.

Remember, the key is relatability – your character should feel real and authentic, even if they are a product of imagination.

This character should not only represent your brand's values and message but also possess the ability to emotionally connect and engage with your target market.


2. Choose The Identity

When I first discovered the Attractive Character, I thought there were only one or two different identities you could have.

But now I’ve identified 4 different types of attractive characters. The next step is choosing the identity you want your attractive character to embody.


The Leader (Ex: Tony Robbins)

This identity embodies authority and expertise. As a leader, Tony Robbins is a prime example of someone who inspires and motivates others through his personal journey and achievements. Leaders are respected for their wisdom and are often role models who people aspire to emulate.


The Adventurer or Crusader (Ex: Alex Hormozi)

Characters like Alex Hormozi represent a relentless pursuit of goals and overcoming challenges. This identity resonates with audiences through its passion, adventure, and dedication to a cause or personal mission.


The Reporter or Evangelist (Ex: Rachel Pederson)

Rachel Pederson exemplifies this identity as someone who gathers and shares valuable information. These characters are not necessarily the source of original ideas but are excellent at disseminating knowledge and exciting their audience about new concepts or discoveries.


The Reluctant Hero (Ex: Russell Brunson - me!)

This is the identity I chose for myself because it fits me the best. This character is relatable due to their humble beginnings and genuine surprise at their achievements, making their story both accessible and inspirational.


3. Write The Backstory

Creating the backstory for your Attractive Character is crucial.

It forms the foundation of their identity and how they relate to your target market. Here are steps to develop this story…


Origin Story:

Begin by detailing where your character comes from. This includes their background, upbringing, and early life experiences. Consider what shaped their perspectives and values.


The Journey:

Describe the path your character took to get to where they are today. This should include pivotal moments, challenges faced, and successes achieved. These experiences contribute to their relatability and depth.


Turning Points:

Identify key turning points or moments of realization that significantly influenced your character's life or perspective. These moments often make your character more human and relatable.


Relatable Struggles:

Ensure that the story includes struggles or challenges that your target audience can identify with. This creates a sense of empathy and connection.


Overcoming Adversity:

Highlight how your character overcame these struggles. This part of the story is crucial as it inspires and motivates your audience.


Current Identity:

Conclude by explaining who your character is today and how their past experiences shaped them. This ties back into their core identity as the Leader, Adventurer, Reporter, or Reluctant Hero.

Remember, the story of your Attractive Character should be authentic, engaging, and relevant to your audience. It should also align with your brand values and message.


4. Design Your Attractive Character…

Designing your Attractive Character involves visual and verbal elements to ensure consistency and authenticity. Here are the key aspects to consider:

Appearance: Decide on the physical look of your character, including attire, hairstyle, and other distinguishing features. This helps in creating a visual identity that your audience can easily recognize and associate with your brand.

Speech and Language: Define how your character speaks. This includes their tone of voice, style of language (formal, casual, technical, etc.), and any catchphrases or specific word choices they might use.

Consistency: Whether it’s a fictional character or a real person, maintaining consistency in how they look and speak across all platforms is crucial. This helps in building a strong, recognizable brand image.

Remember, your character's design should align with your brand's values and appeal to your target market. Consistency in their presentation ensures that your audience develops a familiar and lasting relationship with your brand.


5. Plug Your Attractive Character Into The Core of Your Business

But what good is an attractive character if they don’t get in front of your audience?!

Now it’s time to put them at the forefront of your business and marketing materials.

Soap Opera Sequence: Utilize a series of engaging and interconnected email messages that tell a story, drawing your audience in and keeping them hooked on your narrative.

Ads and Marketing Materials: Incorporate your character into advertisements and other marketing materials. Ensure that their personality and story are front and center, making your brand more relatable and memorable.

Daily Emails and Content: Regular communication, like daily emails or social media posts, should consistently reflect your character's voice and story. This consistent presence helps in building a connection with your audience.

By weaving your Attractive Character into various aspects of your business, you create a cohesive and engaging brand narrative that resonates with your target market!


Want To Learn More?

I originally shared the Attractive Character concept in my bestselling book, DotCom Secrets. You can get a free copy of that book here. 🙂


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