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44 - Begin With The End In Mind

44 - Begin With The End In Mind

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It has been a few years since this episode was first released, but I still feel that the message is important today. Enjoy this special episode from the archive!

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...the message I want to share with you guys is just that. Beginning with the end in mind. Again, the inner circle members having the most success is because they have a very clear end in mind. What is it they are trying to accomplish? And from there it’s easy to reverse engineer the funnels and make that happen. People who are struggling, they’re building funnels to be able to sell a product or a service, not with the end in mind. Does that make sense? It’s a little intricacy, but it’s interesting.


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Hey what’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing Secrets. I mentioned a little while ago how I hired a new coach, and it’s been really, really good. He’s one of the main guys over at The One Thing, his name is Jeff. It’s interesting because I read The One Thing book a while ago and I remember, I think when I read it I didn’t like it. I think at the time we had just launched 12 companies in a year.

And I was bitter against it, but everyone kept recommending it to me. That book and the Essentials came out at similar times and everyone was like, “you gotta read them.” So I read them both and I was just like, “They want me to focus on one thing. I hate that idea.” So I kind of didn’t like the books. And fast forward to last week, I just kind of got back into it in the last week.

I went and listened to a bunch of podcasts from The One Thing, I started re-reading the book, I got the main dude coaching me Monday mornings and it’s really, really cool. What’s interesting is, since he started coaching me, I’ve had this big epiphany, big aha, big realization inside, and then as I’ve been coaching the inner circle the last two days, I’m watching the people who are leveling up really, really quickly and there’s a consistent theme behind all the people who are growing fast versus who…..everyone’s growing, but the ones who are really quick.

It’s interesting thing, it’s funny, the thing that I got in my coaching session was, it came back to Steven R. Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which I read back in high school. It was start with the end in mind. It’s been interesting, as I’ve been going through the coaching stuff. Man the first, it feels like it’s been like a month because I move pretty quick on stuff.

But the first exercise he had me do was figure out, what is your someday goal? Where do you want to be someday? So it’s not like 5 years from now, or 10 years, like in the future, where is it you really want to go? It’s been interesting as I’ve kind of done this exercise, I can walk you guys through what it is, but it’s morphed, 3 or 4 times to radically different things and I one of the big aha’s I realized when I went through this exercise is that literally my someday goal, I achieved it like 18 months ago. So the last 18 months I’ve been wandering without really a focus or a goal other than just more, which is interesting.

So he’s had me keep focusing, what’s your someday goal? Begin with the end in mind. What are we trying to get to? So I figured out initially, here’s my someday goal, and someday goal can be about your business, you personally, your relationships, your spirituality, whatever you’re trying to figure out for yourself.

Then he came back and said, “Okay, what do you have to had accomplished within 5 years to keep you on track for your someday goal?” So I was like, “Okay well, to have that I need to have this in place, these things need to be in place in the next 5 years.” And he came back and said, “Okay, what do you need within a year to be able to hit your 5 year goal?

And what do you need by the end of this year to hit your one year goal? And what do you need by the end of this week to hit your yearend goal? Or your month goal?” So as you do this it’s interesting because you start getting more and more clear on all the steps. It was funny because it was like, as I did that, as I identified, had the end in mind, I started going back forward and I got to the things I needed to do. I looked at my to-do list and none of the things on my to-do list actually got me any closer to my someday goal.

All the sudden I realized that I’m doing all these to-do’s that are good, they make me feel good, I check off the box, but none of them are actually moving me towards what I’m really wanting. I was like, well what’s the one thing I need to do today that’s going to help me hit my goal for the end of this week, which will hit my goal for the end of the month, blah blah, blah, all the way to the thing.

And as I started asking those questions it blew my mind what the one thing was that I needed to focus on. It was not by any stretch what I thought it was going to be, what I assumed was the most important thing. And after this exercise he wanted me to come back and refine it and change things. So I kept getting….my someday goal changed three or four times and I started realizing as I was looking at that, it took me a while to figure it out.

In fact, I still don’t know if I have it completely figured out. But the message I want to share with you guys is just that. Beginning with the end in mind. Again, the inner circle members having the most success is because they have a very clear end in mind. What is it they are trying to accomplish? And from there it’s easy to reverse engineer the funnels and make that happen. People who are struggling, they’re building funnels to be able to sell a product or a service, not with the end in mind.

Does that make sense? It’s a little intricacy, but it’s interesting. I’ve had this really cool experience over the last two days, to kind of reflect I’m listening to all my entrepreneurs talk and teach and share what they’re doing and really start thinking more and more, what is the end? I need to know really clearly for my business, I need to begin with the end in mind. Or is my goal to get people in Clickfunnels? Is my goal to get people in Two Comma Club Coaching?

Is my goal to get people into Inner Circle? What is the actual end goal? As soon as you identify it, that becomes the end goal and it becomes easy to see, well if that’s it, here are the funnels I need to reverse engineer to get people so that they will come up into that thing. For example, Dean Holland, he’s been in my inner circle for 3 years now. He basically over the last few months shut his entire company down and rebuilt it from the ground up but this time with a definite, very clear end in mind.

This is where I’m trying to go. Because of that built out the funnels very simply in order, he launched and in the first 28 days built up $106,000 recurring income. Just because he began with an end in mind. So I think most of us, including me. I’m guilty of this as well, that’s been my big thing for the last 2 days, what’s the end goal. From a business standpoint, from a life standpoint, but also the customer journey, the value ladder.

I talk a lot about in the Dotcom Secrets book, this value ladder, taking somebody through. But I would say even my value ladder isn’t completely clearly defined. It’s morphed and changed so much and I’m really coming back now and figuring that out. Dana Derricks when he was doing his presentation he was talking about his big aha. He said that us as creators want to keep creating and creating and creating. He said because of that, “If I look at my value ladder it kind of goes up a little and then it splits off in three different places.

Some of those go up and some don’t and it gets really mushy really quick.” He realized he had to clearly define the value ladder. We’re going from here to here to here. So now he’s beginning with the end in mind. And what he said was interesting. It’s was funny because it’s something that I, a recurring thought I’ve had in my mind as well. Okay, I can’t keep creating new stuff that just spurts off my value ladder and shifts people all over the place.

If I need to get my creative juices out there and just create something, the things I create need to be on the front end of the value ladder. They should only be free plus shipping or they should only be low ticket things to get somebody in, but the back of the value ladder should never shift, never change. That should be just a thing that’s there. And man, I just resonate with that. I was like, okay I obviously have my value ladder, I’ve got things in place, but I need to really specify this is the path, the process, the order and then just focus on the front end stuff. So it’s exciting. The last thing I wanted to kind of say is, again so many of us start our business like, here’s a product and we start building funnels based on that product.

There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how most people do it. It’s how I’ve done it a lot of times. Because of that, I think we get lost in the weeds of where we’re trying to go and often times we never get there because we don’t know where we’re going. And again, as I’ve been working with my coach on this, which has been really fun. It’s been cool because I’m clearly defining my someday goal, clearly defining the end and then from there I can reverse engineer all the pieces I need to make that happen.

I think the same thing is true with funnels. It’s just begin with the end in mind. What’s the top of the value ladder? Where do you really want to take people? Figure that out and then reverse engineer, to do that here are the funnels I need. You got a path and a process. Anyway, it’s exciting. I love it. I love this game. I love my entrepreneurs. I love the inner circle. I love all of you guys. I love Clickfunnels. I’m having the time of my life. And hopefully, also I’m helping. I’m doing my best. It’s funny, I was reading, somebody I care about wrote a really cool post about what we do.

And I was reading it and in the comments 3 or 4 people who were like, “I just don’t like Russell. I can’t connect with him. I don’t like his energy. I don’t like…” Whatever. It just kills me. It’s tough because I’m always trying to give and serve and do whatever I can and I hate when I don’t connect with everybody. But that’s okay as well. Hopefully my message gets to you and you’re able to take whatever it is you share out to people.

And people connect with you, people I would never connect with. Hopefully you can connect with them and change them. So that’s one of my goals. Hopefully I connect with you and if I do, that’s the key. Take your energy, get out there, share your message with other people and change the world the way you can. Because unfortunately not everyone is always going to like me.

And that’s the same for you. Not everyone’s going to like you. But the people who do, they’ll hear your voice and they’ll come to you and you’ll be able to help them and serve them and it’ll make the quality of their life so much better, which in return will make the quality of your life so much better. So that’s all I got tonight you guys. Appreciate you all, see you guys soon. Bye.


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