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180 - Behind The Scenes Of Day 2 At 10X Growth Con

Behind The Scenes Of Day 2 At 10X Growth Con

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Episode Recap:

Find out what really happened this year, behind the scenes of the 10x growth con. On today’s episode Russell gives a summary of all the things that occurred day two of the 10x Growth Con Event. Here are some of the crazy things that happened:

-- Hear what Garrett White had to say about Russell’s calling, that had everyone listening in tears.

-- Find out how Russell was still able to give an amazing presentation despite an alarm blaring, and people doing the wave.

-- And find out what prevented people from actually being able to buy Russell’s product at the end of the event.

So listen here to see all that went wrong and right at the second day of 10x Growth Con.

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Best Quote:

...literally 30% of the entire audience stands up and runs out, right when he’s announcing me. Runs out to go buy t-shirts. Like a $10 offer. It was like, you’re blocking a $25000 offer with a $10 offer. Everyone’s running out of the stadium to go buy t-shirts. Number two is every speaker has been announced from behind the stage, where the thing lifts up and you walk out and it’s this big thing. So I’m back behind stage, about to be announced that way, and then Grant messages his guy and says, “I don’t want Russell to be brought out from underneath the screen again, have him come out from the side of the curtain.” I was like, dude, you’re supposed to be positioning me to be doing the big sale, and then you diminish my positioning by having me come out from the side instead of under the…it’s just insane that he would do that.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Yesterday I gave you guys behind the scenes of day number one of the 10x Growth Con, convention, event, what happened, how I did on sales, and hopefully you enjoyed kind of hearing behind the scenes of it.

Now I’m going to take you guys to day number two because I had a chance to speak two days at this event. So I’m going to walk you guys behind the scenes of what happened there later on how my second presentation did, and share a bunch of other cool stuff with you as well.

Alright, so I woke up day number two and once again I was nervous. So I woke up, got on my slides and start working on my slides and getting them fixed for this new presentation that I’ve never done before. I’m stressing out thinking, how in the world am I going to do this presentation? There’s an echo, nobody can hear me.

And I did my best and got everything ready and then I headed over to the venue. When I got to the venue I saw Dave Woodward and Dave had been helping a ton. Dave is just amazing, an amazing human, one of the hardest workers you will ever meet and just someone who’s amazing at getting stuff done. So Grant and his team was pulling on Dave like, “What should we do? How do we fix this?”

So they went and got pipe and drape and wrapped the whole upper concourse of the event, hoping to block sound. They opened up the top of the dome, because after Grant parachuted in they closed it, and it was super humid and hot inside. In fact, I was on stage just pouring sweat off my face because it was so humid. We had captured all the humidity. So they broke it back open, just like 10% open, just so some of the echo could get out.

The changed the microphones, they removed some microphones, did a bunch of things to try to clean up the sound, and it was better. Still was not amazing, but it was better. So I got there and one of the things they said, “Russell, you can’t speak as fast as you do. When you speak this fast, everything bounces off the walls. If you’re going to do this presentation you have speak in sound bites.

You say something it hits the wall and comes back, you say the next thing, it hits something and comes back. Everything’s got to be spoken in sound bites.” I was like, “Oh crap, I have a big, like a 200 slide presentation. I can’t do that in 90 minutes with that.” So I went in and deleted probably 50 slides to, in fact, some of my favorite parts. Someday I’m going to do this presentation and I want you guys to see it, because I literally do the presentation and in the presentation I show you what I did to do the presentation. It’s so cool.

But I had to delete all that because it just wasn’t going to, I couldn’t get it all fitted in there, so I deleted a bunch of stuff. And then one of the big ideas I had for this presentation, I was going to bring other speakers onstage, people who have gone through our training, and let them go on stage and just tell their stories, which I was really excited for.

So my second presentation was called 10x Secrets Mastery, and then it was how they could learn how to speak from stage. And I was really excited for this because at the last 10x I had 3.2 million, this one we had just done 2 million the day before. I was going to show them, “Look, how to make a million dollars, or 2 million. How to sell to the masses.” Like most of the people in the room were salesmen, I’m like, “Selling one on one is one thing, but selling one on many is a completely different skill set you have to learn and master, and I want to show you guys how to do this.” So we did when we created this presentation.

So what happened, this is really cool. I think all of us were kind of feeling a little bummed out and sad from the day before because we hadn’t hit our goals. So we kind of licked our wounds and all the people who we were going to bring onstage, I had them meet me in the greenroom to kind of go over the presentation so I could show them what was going to happen and we could talk about it. So I brought them in and I showed them my presentation.

Now a couple of the highlights of the presentation, I found footage of the very first time I ever spoke onstage, and it was so bad. So I showed them those clips. And I started walking through the presentation, and in the presentation I take two big jabs at Gary Vaynerchuk, which was really fun because Gary called me out on a podcast recently, so I thought, as long as I have the mic and I’m standing in front of 35,000 people, I should definitely make fun of Gary Vaynerchuk, so I did and it was amazing. It was cool because I talked about, there is two ways to become a speaker.

Number one is to become famous and get paid to speak. I show how people like Tony Robbins, Schwartzenegger, Oprah, Bill Clinton, Ellen, Richard Branson, Cuban how much they charge for a keynote, which is like $200,000-ish or something. I was like, if you add all those up it’s 1.4 million to get all those guys to be your public speakers. But I was like, at 10x last year I sold 3.2 million, my take home was 1.6 million.

So I was like, you can either become famous and make 200,000 grand, or learn how to sell from stage and make way more. And then I showed this picture of me and Gary Vaynerchuk sitting there and I said, “Look, there’s too paths and Gary chose a different one than me. Gary wants to become famous. Gary charges $105,000 for a speech.” And then I showed a slide where I was like, I made 3.2 million dollars in 90 minutes and then I went home to be with my kids and my family.

And then I said, “Do you know how many keynotes Gary would have to give to be able to make what I did in 90 minutes. He’d have to give 22. That’s one a week, that’s 22 weeks.” And then I said, I showed a picture of him looking super tired. I said, “You could go and you could hustle and be tired if you want to become famous. Or you could just learn how to sell and make the same amount in one presentation.” And that was jab number one.

And I made another jab later on, but it was fun. So for those who love Gary, sorry. But he talked trash about me, so I got my, I got the last word, which was amazing. People were laughing super hard, which was great. Anyway, then I went down and I showed them where they’re going to come in. So some of the people that were coming in to do parts of the presentation, the first one was Garrett J. White, he came in and he was going to talk about his results taking this framework.

Then we had Brad Give and his partner Ryan Lee, who they’ve done, they basically used to sell financial services across a kitchen table, and then they took this methodology of selling to the masses and had a webinar pitch and they had 1200 people on a webinar last week, and now they actually just passed Two Comma Club X. They made over 10 million dollars on one of their funnels, which was amazing.

Then I had Jaime Cross, who is using the same presentation to sell soap and her oils and things like that. And I had Stacy and Paul Martinos, Stacy came up and talked about how they’re using this to save marriages. Then I had, let’s see, who are the other people? I’m scrolling through here to make sure I don’t forget anybody. Then we had Natalie Hodson came up, she talked about going to the FHAT event and her experience.

How she went to the FHAT event and four months later made over a million dollars selling her $37 ebook, which is amazing. Then I had Annie Grace talking about how she used this to help people quit drinking, and then she used it to make a bunch of money at her event. And then I had Myron Golden who was going to come up and do his magic, because he is one of the most amazing humans I have ever had a chance to meet in this world.

And Myron, we were going to bring up and have him tell some of his stories and do what Myron does best, which is get the audience to buy. So we were all excited, and you know, I was still kind of nervous because of how bad it had been the day before. And it was funny because I kind of walked them all through the presentation, show them what worked, everyone’s excited and they started asking, “What’s the goal? How many am I gonna sell?” And I was like, “If we can get 100 I’ll be happy.” And Myron’s like, “100? We could do a thousand.” And everyone’s kind of all over the place, and it was pretty cool.

And as we’re recording this, it was funny because Dan Usher, who runs the Clickfunnels studio up in Toronto and he’s an amazing videographer, he wanted to capture this thing by having Garrett kind of come and pretend like he was the coach. And it was supposed to be this joke thing. So Garret, they mic’d him up and then he came over and started doing this jokey thing for probably a minute, and then he just like, “Screw it.” I don’t think he said screw it.

You know Garrett, he swears instead of that. But then he just like switched over into this, I feel like he was a coach in a locker room like coaching all of us through the callings we had, and how this was a platform we had to share these callings. And it was 5 or 6 minutes long, and by the time it was done I looked around at all the speakers and they were all crying. I feel bad because Annie was back there and her makeup was all smeared.

And I looked at Garrett and as he’s telling this to me, directly to me, he’s got tears streaming down his face, and I’m sitting there and I start crying. And all of us are sitting here in this room, just bawling our eyes out, crying as Garrett’s talking about our missions and how they all tie together. Anyway, what’s cool is because we had put on the mic for this thing that we were trying to capture, we captured this whole amazing speech that was not planned, and brought me and so many people on my team to tears.

So I actually wanted to share it with you. I got the recording of it, and I wanted to plug it in right here so you can hear what Garrett said, because I think it meant a lot to me and it meant a lot to those who are here. And hopefully it gives you guys kind of a glimpse of your business and my role in your businesses. You know when I was, over the last couple of years I’ve had times where I’m like, what am I doing this for? What’s the purpose, I help people grow businesses, why does that matter in the whole grand scheme of things?

And it’s interesting because one of my mentors and friends, her name is Tara Williams, Tara told me, she said, “If you look at your mission, I really think it’s a couple fold. One is there’s people that have so much financial strain that they can’t do anything else, trying to figure out how to get out of financial strain and then you come in and give people the tools they need to free themselves from the captivity of debt or money, and when they free themselves of that, then they can look outward and start serving and helping other people.”

And when she said that, I was like, “Oh my gosh, maybe that is my thing.” Because who cares if you guys make a million bucks, or ten million bucks. It doesn’t matter. What matters is if I can get the stress and the pressure of you having to make money off your back, then you can start looking outward and start serving other people. That’s why in our community I look at all these people. All the people who were on stage were all people who were, who had a vision, they had a message and they couldn’t get it out, so they came, somehow they bumped into us and what we’re doing and we were able to help facilitate and get them into a spot where they could take the pressures of money off their backs so they could focus on serving other people.

And everyone who was speaking there had now served thousands and tens of thousands of people. Stacy and Paul Martino had saved over 10 thousand marriages. Annie Grace has helped thousands of people beat the chains of alcohol addiction, and on and on and on.

So I think that’s why I was so emotional for it. So I’m going to actually plug in that clip right here so you can hear the speech that Garrett gave in the locker room.

Garrett: Do you know why I’m here? I’m here because I believe in you, truly. I was already gone for 6 days. This is the longest I’ve been gone from my family in 5 years. I’m here because of you. You’re called to do what you do. I was not called to do what you do. Without you I can’t do what I was called to do. I’m not here for promotion, that’s great, it’ll be great for me, I’m here because I’m in your military force. I’m on your team, I’m in your unit, you’re the general. I run a unit, my men listen to what I say, in the way I’m called.

I follow you because you’re called, like we stay here, I listen to your stories. Every single one of us have the same thing, I know the back story, I know what the story is. Yeah, the example is sell soap, but at the end of the day you’re sending a message to women. This shit is serious for me. When I shared with you earlier, the piece that they’re not getting today, and they haven’t gotten so far.

They haven’t gotten the reason why I follow you. It’s this thing there. This thing that’s bigger than you and it’s bigger than me. Dude, I love you I respect the f*** out of you. Today I’ll go to war with you, but for something that you have seen long before I could see it.

It’s not flowery speech for me to talk about how Clickfunnels did something for me, hey, what can I get from this? Without Clickfunnels, there is no movement of warrior. Without the frames, there is no conversion for men to learn to live and marriages and family f***ing die, in my world. People follow you because of who you are and what comes through you.

The software is the weapon, the frame is the game, but you’re the reason. And I love the reluctant hero, I do. I love it. But there’s a piece in you too that’s ready to click. This is the piece that you got f***ing an army, just waiting for that little click of fire and it’s game f***ing over. There’s no one that will stand on this stage, that can harness the power, including me, that you have access to right now, because you built an army and you weaponized them.

And you believe in God, and I believe in God. And I know that all of us here are doing something bigger than we actually understand. So out there was a circus yesterday, and it happened on purpose, and it set up what’s about to f***ing happen. From the beginning when you walk on to the beginning of when Martin and you finish it up, every single one of us has an important role to play, which is get into the state that’s required, so that when you start speaking the thing that comes through him comes through you.

So that this is seen not as a Russell show, or a Garret show, or any of us, it is not even a CLickfunnels show. It is a movement of people who have been called to lead movements all centralized on one thing, which is waking people up. I see you, man. I’ve seen you for a long time and I know you see me, because in that we see the same thing. And when I get to spend time with you guys that I haven’t got to spend time with, I see the same thing in you guys.

So all the frames to the side, the frames everybody knows, 35000 people doesn’t matter, that means that on the other side of a game we cannot see, there are numbers we cannot contemplate, that are currently standing and waiting for you simply to get out of the way and speak. And they’re sitting in the ears of everyone in their seats whispering, “This is the time.” So I’m here because I follow you. My wife’s life has changed because of you. It sounds funny that she was reading her book, but you were the only one that could have got into her.

So I’m honored to be here, honored to support you and your calling. And I’m honored to meet all of you, and be here with you. And some of you I know better than others. And this was supposed to be a locker room speech of a different kind and be funny, and the truth is I don’t really know how to f***ing do that on queue. So anything funny I ever say, it’s not on purpose, it just f***ing happens. But this right here, this is why I’m here. And I needed what you had to be able to take this that I feel and take it to literally hundreds of thousands and soon millions. Thank you.

Russell: Alright, and I don’t know about you, but again, in the room it had all of us crying. And I’m just so grateful for Garrett because it gave us, it kind of regrouped us and gave us the motivation like, “Okay, let’s get out there, we’re going to change all these people’s lives.” So we got done and then I had to hand the slides off to Jake on my team and Jake ran it to the audio and video guy, and I was like, “Okay, I can’t touch the slides again, here we go.” And so that’s what happened.

Alright, so now fast forward 3 or 4 hours later. I was supposed to be the last speaker before the end of the day. And at the very, very end of the day they had some DJ or some Dougie Fresh, or I don’t know, something like that. He’s supposed to be doing some rap thing after me, but everything ran late. So everything was like an hour and a half beyond what we’re supposed to be. But they’re like, “The last thing is like this rapper, so just do your thing.

This is how we’re making the big money.” And if you think about this, again from a choreographing of the event, this could have and should have been where this event made its money. It should have been the big payday, and everything should have been coordinated to that. But unfortunately, things happen. So I got back prepared to do my thing and a couple of things happened. Number one, right before I got onstage, and this makes no logical sense and it’s like the backwards choreography, but Grant was onstage and he told everyone, “Hey everyone, we’re going to do 2 for 1 t-shirts right now, but you gotta get them in the next hour, otherwise when they’re gone, they’re gone.” And literally 30% of the entire audience stands up and runs out, right when he’s announcing me. Runs out to go buy t-shirts. Like a $10 offer.

It was like, you’re blocking a $25000 offer with a $10 offer. Everyone’s running out of the stadium to go buy t-shirts. Number two is every speaker has been announced from behind the stage, where the thing lifts up and you walk out and it’s this big thing. So I’m back behind stage, about to be announced that way, and then Grant messages his guy and says, “I don’t want Russell to be brought out from underneath the screen again, have him come out from the side of the curtain.” I was like, dude, you’re supposed to be positioning me to be doing the big sale, and then you diminish my positioning by having me come out from the side instead of under the…it’s just insane that he would do that.

Anyway, whatever. So I lost the positioning, which hurts when you’re doing a $25,000 offer, then a fourth or a third of the audience was running out of the stadium to go buy $10 t-shirts, and then I was announced and came out. So that was interesting choreography. So I get out there and I start speaking and then an alarm goes off. Literally, there’s an alarm. Somebody set the alarm, and for the first 10 minutes of my speech there was an alarm blaring through the hallways of this whole thing, which is crazy.

And then one section of the stadium, they decided to start doing the wave. So everyone’s up there doing the wave, and I hear them yelling and shouting, and I hear the alarm going off, and I’m up there like, “What in the world is happening. This is chaos, I don’t even know what to do. It’s crazy.” But I step onstage and start my presentation, and I start it slow. I say a line, boom deliver a line, wait for it to bounce back.

Next line, deliver it, wait for it bounce back, deliver it…and I could feel it, there was something about this presentation that was different, it was magical, it was so good. So we’re delivering the thing and I bring my guests onstage and I have Garrett White come and do this thing and I have each person come and share their part, and it was just beautifully orchestrated.

Everyone’s success stories and testimonials just weaved in perfectly, and it was like the perfect thing. Myron comes onstage, does his close, doing his thing and it’s just, it was magical. In fact, Myron leaned over to me at one point and he said, while one of the, I think it was Natalie, or Annie was giving their testimonial and he was just looking at the audience, and I looked and everyone was so engaged. And he’s like, “The worst case scenario you get a thousand people.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh. That’s 25 million dollars.” I’m freaking out.

So we go through this thing and we finish the thing and then we’re going through the stack and the closing and we had one more close left and Grant’s team I guess was like, “The Dj’s supposed to be up right now.” And he goes to Dave and he’s like, “You have to get Russell off stage.” So Dave comes over and gives me this look like, you have to end this now. And I’m like, ugh. We had one more, the most important close of the entire thing we have left, it was Myron’s, the best one. And I have to go to Myron and I’m like, “We have to cut this off, we have to stop.” So we didn’t get to do the last close, which is like the most important close of the entire freaking thing, so we missed that one.

I do the last call to action and I drive to everyone and said, “Okay, everyone on the floor, the people that paid like $10,000 to be here, there’s a sales table right here on the floor, go over here. It’s $25,000. There’s a sales table over here.”

And when we got to the table people started jumping up and running. And upstairs told everyone to start running. And it was so perfectly executed. It ends, pull off stage, and I’m feeling on top of the world. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, the presentation was perfect. The delivery was perfect. People are running to the sides. Everything was amazing.” I go back to the green room, I’m kind of hanging out and relaxing.

Oh and then, all the people who were onstage, they were over at the sales tables to go close sales, and I told them, “Look, all the people we met onstage today are over at the table, come over and talk to them, they’re going to tell you their stories. If you have any questions, how this will work for you.” So anyway, that’s what happens, people go to the things, I go back to the green room and kind of relax, waiting for the numbers, waiting for the numbers. And probably ten minutes later Garrett White comes in and he’s like, “Dude, you got screwed.” I’m like, “What do you mean?” He’s like, “They blocked off the sales tables. I was by the sales table and there’s all these people trying to get to me, and they completely blocked it off and they wouldn’t let us come back.

I was trying to close sales and I couldn’t talk to a single person.” I’m like, “What?” Then the others came in and they’re like, “Yeah, we got kicked out.” And then Dave comes in later and he’s like, “The Fire Marshall closed off one of the sales tables because there were too many people supposedly on the floor. So the Fire Marshall closed off one, all the people running to the table, the Fire Marshall blocked them.

And then the DJ, who was preparing for the thing, his team blocked off the other sales table.” So both sales tables on the floor, with all the 3000 people that paid $10 grand a piece to sit down there, the best buyers in the room, the two sales tables where people were supposed to get money completely blocked. They blocked the two sales tables. There’s no way for people to give the money. It was insane.

So I’m like, “What in the world?” and then finally when everything kind of ends and we’re about to leave, Dave comes in and I’m like, “How did we do? How did we do?” I’m thinking like, if we bombed we would have done 100. Based on the presentation and the feeling of the audience, the people running and everything, I’m like, worst case scenario we did a hundred, which is 2.5 million, which is now will be at almost 5. I’m like, I guess we’re halfway to what our goal was.

Dave comes up to me and he’s just pissed. So mad. He’s like, “I don’t even want to tell you, but I’ll tell you.” And I’m like, “What?” He’s like, “14” I’m like, “14?” He’s like, “Yep, they blocked both sales tables. We only got 14 people who randomly found us in other spots.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me. There’s no way.” And he’s like, “Yep, and now they’re kicking us out because there’s a rapper that’s going to rap, who will make them zero dollars at this event.” And it’s just like, oh my gosh. So that’s kind of how that one ended, which is just like, ahh, so frustrated.

I feel like we executed everything on our side perfectly. So that night we took our team, all 40 of them who were killing themselves, we rented a yacht, and we went on this three hour yacht thing at night, had dinner with them, let them all dance and have fun and it was a good time. And then the next morning we woke up and all of our team went back and started closing deals.

Our team closed another, they got 13 more people that they found in the hallways to sign up. So they ended up with, what’s that? 27 or so. I think we had 675 thousand dollars in sales from the 10x. So when all was said in done from the event, I think it was 2.7 million we ended, which again, is not bad. It’s great. But it’s just tough when you’re expecting 10 to make about 3.

Anyway, so that was kind of how it all went. That next, that day we just kind of wrapped up the rest of the vacation because it was crazy. All of our affiliates from the 10x launch as well as the people who spoke onstage, we put them on, we were on these two yachts and we sent them to the Bahamas. So they went out that morning on this Mastermind Yacht and started masterminding while they were on the yacht.

And then my wife and I had to go shopping for Funnel Hacking Live clothes, so we shopped til we dropped. And then we jumped in a private, in a sea plane, a private plane is a sea plane though. So it’s sitting in the water and it takes off from the water, and flies you over to the Bahamas. And we land in the Bahamas and we hung out all night that night masterminding with all those people, which was really cool, just amazing.

So we masterminded with everybody, which is awesome. The next morning we woke up and jumped back on the yachts and went back to Miami. And that’s a whole other story in and of itself. We had, they smuggled somebody onto our yacht, who when we got close jumped off and swam off. They wouldn’t let us, a couple of us missed our flights because they wouldn’t let us off because of passport issues. It was just nuts.

But somehow managed to be at the airport, my wife and I flew home and the whole trip ended. So that was the 10x experience. It was kind of funny as we were talking about it. Everything that could have gone wrong, literally went wrong on this trip. But at the same time we had such an amazing experience. Grant and his team, I love those guys, they work so hard. So many things are outside their control. The echoing, the different things.

How do you get 35,000 people into a stadium? So many things like that, and they did an amazing job with the event. I think it was a smashing success for everybody. And while I was frustrated with some of the choreography of the event, that’s not their strong suit and it’s something that maybe next time we’ll work with them a little closer on. But anyone that can put 35,000 people in a room is amazing. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but somehow they did it. It was amazing.

And the b-roll, the pictures. I’m sure you will see for the next year in every ad of mine you’ll see pictures and videos of all the amazingness, because we got to capture some cool stuff. So worst case scenario, we got the b-roll and it was a really great experience. So thankful for Grant and for Jared, for allowing us to come and partake in that and be part of it. And thank you for everyone who was there, even though a lot of you guys couldn’t hear me. I hope that you heard my message and the love that we have for all of you guys. We honestly want nothing more in this life than to change your lives.

That’s why we’re here and why we’re doing this whole craziness, because I tell you what, I could have made 2.7 million dollars sitting at home not doing anything. But we wanted to come and have a chance to share our message, Clickfunnels with you and with everybody who was there. And also because it’s been interesting, you know this whole internet marketing thing that all of us are doing, is not mainstream yet.

It’s funny because I feel like, when I got started doing this 15 years ago, it was like this weird thing and people thought that we were weird. And you know, one of the things I’ve been trying to do over the last 4 or 5 years is really make this a mainstream thing. Make funnels a mainstream thing. I want someday where people don’t talk about websites anymore, they talk about funnels. And I’m doing my best and I think this was such a huge platform for us to be able to share that with so many people.

And I feel like for all you guys, whatever businesses you’re in, I’m trying to lead the way by making what I do mainstream and hopefully you guys will do the same thing with your businesses as well. So with that said, I’m going to wrap this up, my voice is almost gone. I’m going to get home, play with my kids. Thanks so much for listening everybody, and Funnel Hacking Live is now a week and a half away.

I cannot wait to see a bunch of you guys there. I have 5 or 6 presentations I’m doing now to get ready for Funnel Hacking Live, it’s going to be amazing. And I feel like Funnel Hacking Live is our family, I’m so excited to go to that event and just feel at home with my people and people who get me and get us. And I’m excited to share that with all of you. With that said, I appreciate you all and I’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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