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When is the Best Time to Send Out Holiday Newsletters to Achieve the Highest Engagement?


The holidays are the perfect time of year to connect with customers. Many are already feeling the holiday spirit and shopping for loved ones and friends. A properly timed touch point could yield high rates of customer engagement. When is the best time to send out your holiday message? Keep reading to learn when these business leaders believe is the best time to send out your holiday newsletter.

Mike Yon

Mike Yon

CEO of .

Before the 15th of December

Contrary to popular belief, the highest holiday email engagement comes from newsletters sent in early December, not the days right before major events. The first two weeks of December see open, click-through, and conversion rates peak as anticipation builds and people look for gift ideas or recipes. Sending too close to holidays risks getting lost in overflowing inboxes or having inadequate time for recipients to take action.

Aim for the first or second week of December, and before the 15th, for the best response. This allows enough time for newsletter content to resonate and drive actions while still feeling connected to the coming holidays. It taps into growing excitement without getting overshadowed in the late December rush.

Subject lines and content should evoke winter holiday themes to cue recipients that it's the season for engaging. Just don't wait until the last minute, thinking urgency will spike response. Early December uniquely balances timing and relevancy for peak engagement.

Prasanna Gopinath

Prasanna Gopinath

Early in the Holiday Season

The optimal time for achieving the highest engagement with holiday email newsletters is typically early in the holiday season. This often means sending them out in late November or early December. Tuesdays and Thursdays, mid-morning or early afternoon, are generally the best days and times, as they tend to have higher open rates. However, it's important to consider your specific audience and their habits. Testing different times and analyzing past engagement data can help tailor the timing to your audience's preferences.

Lisa Clemento

Lisa Clemento

Marketing Director at .

The Week After Thanksgiving

The week after Thanksgiving is when to hit the 'send' button. People are in a festive mood just then, open to inspiration for holiday prep and parties. Wait much longer into December, and mailboxes overflow with deals and announcements. A personalized note illuminating favorite traditions or funny disasters cuts through the noise. Write it with the warmth you'd show guests who stop by during the season. That spirit comes through.

Philippa Spencer

Project Manager at .

The First Weeks of December

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to holiday email newsletters. The optimal time for achieving the highest engagement? It's a delicate dance with the calendar, a bit like trying to catch a butterfly – timing and finesse are key.

The sweet spot for sending out holiday newsletters is just as the season's spirit begins to bubble, but before it reaches a full boil. This usually falls in the early weeks of December. You want to catch your audience when they're starting to get into the holiday mood, but before they're overwhelmed with a deluge of similar content. It's about being early enough to be noticed, but not so early that your message gets lost in the pre-holiday noise.

Another trick that is effective is to pay attention to specific days of the week. Mid-week, particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays, often yield the best engagement rates. Mondays are usually hectic, and by the time Friday rolls around, people are winding down and less likely to engage with business emails. So, aiming for that mid-week sweet spot can make a significant difference.

Of course, knowing your audience is crucial. If you're dealing with a B2B audience, their engagement patterns might differ from B2C. In the end, it's about understanding your audience's rhythm and fitting your newsletter into the harmony of their holiday season. It's not just about when you send it, but ensuring it resonates with the festive tune your audience is already humming.

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