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Bright Ideas for Compelling Webinar Topics


Many millionaire entrepreneurs credit their success to webinars. These online events are a popular way for brands to quickly and efficiently build relationships, trust, and leads. After reading this, you’ll be eager to include them in your funnel marketing strategy.


A Good Topic Is a Great ROI

Picking the right topic improves your return on investment. Like a catchy headline, a good topic is a lead magnet–it grabs more people’s attention. More attention improves attendance numbers and boosts the webinar host’s potential for conversions.


Before Picking a Topic

The right topic for you will vary based on your service, product, and audience. Here’s what you need to pin down before picking a topic:


Your Goals

Know what your purpose is. For example, are you attempting to increase leads, create awareness about your product, improve conversions, or hype a new product launch? Your goal points you in the right direction.


Your Audience

Do your market research to determine who your audience is and what they are like (ex. background and education). Learn their preferences, habits, and pain points. Determine if you want to gear your webinar toward your whole audience or just a subset (ex. new customers vs. established ones).


Your Industry

Come across as the trusted expert in your field. Learn all you can about your industry and keep up with what’s trending or on the horizon.



Most of your content should be “evergreen,” meaning it remains valuable and relevant over time. Also, look into your existing content to see what can link with or be repurposed for your webinar or an upcoming marketing campaign.


Team Insights

Your more customer-facing teams, like sales, customer service, or marketing, can give you insider insights into what customers say, ask, or are concerned about. Learn what you can from those closest to your audience.



Purchase, learn, and test your webinar software so you’re comfortable using it during a live broadcast. Make sure it can support multiple hosts, capture leads, and record.


Ready To Explore Topics?

Now, you’re ready to pick a topic. Before we list some of the most engaging ones, here’s how to discover the best topics for your unique audience at any time.

  • Do an Internet Search
    Start with a Google Trends search for the most commonly researched words or phrases. Next, check places like Reddit and Quora for questions and problems people are discussing.

  • Ask Your Customers
    You don’t always have to snoop or guess based on common searches. Ask your followers directly using the power of the internet and social media. Request feedback on your social media accounts to learn what your customers want to talk about. You can even turn an entire webinar into a Q&A segment.

  • Look At Competitors
    Get ideas from your competitors while keeping in mind that you want to be unique. It doesn’t hurt to learn what a similar provider is doing and what topics they are covering.

  • Your Uniqueness
    Speaking of being unique from competitors, look at what makes you stand apart. Is your service more robust? Are you more eco-friendly? Do you donate extra proceeds to charity? Determine what makes you stand out so you can differentiate yourself during your webinars.

Hot Subjects

Let’s get to those trendy topics we promised you. The following have done well for others:

Education: Showcase the best about your product–what it is, what it does, or what makes it unique. Provide a simplistic demonstration. Speak about an upcoming product launch.

Problems: Address a common industry problem. Give the audience solutions for solving a typical pain point without focusing on selling your product or service.

Trends: Talk about the future of your industry so your audience learns what’s in store for their favorite hobbies or careers.

How-To Tutorials: Help your audience gain the knowledge they need to solve their own problems.

Life-Hacks: Productivity-improving tips and tricks are very desirable.

Testimonials: Examples of real people who have achieved goals with your product motivate attendees to achieve theirs and convince them that they can replicate another’s results.

Expert Interviews: Bring in industry big names to add validity to your product or service. They could be a social media influencer, author, or doctor, for example–whoever holds esteem within your field.

Sales/Customer Service Team Topics: Your sales, customer service, or customer success representatives have closer relationships with your customers. With those deeper relationships comes more profound knowledge of their questions and pain points. Their insights are invaluable.

Ramped Up Interaction: Webinars are typically interactive, but you can make it more so with live Q&A sessions and on-the-spot audits or demos showcasing your knowledge. For example, a digital marketing agency could audit audience websites live.

Career development and health and relationship-based topics also make engaging webinar content.

Always remember to pick something that is on-brand for your business and is considerate of the lifestyle and education of your target audience. Also, avoid a highly saturated topic with a quick internet search. Instead, opt for something that’s fresh for your audience.

​And as a last note, ensure you weave in a high level of curiosity to ensure visitors register without thinking, “I can guess what the gist is going to be.” The more curiosity you craft, the better the registration and show-up rates you’ll see for your webinar.


Webinars and Funnels

Webinars are an integral part of a solid funnel marketing strategy. They are a personal and engaging way to connect with your target audience and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Your audience will build connections and trust with your brand.

​To learn more about the foundation of a sales webinar, check out tutorials 1, 2, and 3.


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