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35 - Calling Out Your People

Calling Out Your People

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Episode Recap:

My new formula for getting your message in front of the masses. On today’s episode Russell talks about what he has done to be able to connect with a broader audience of entrepreneurs. Here are the awesome things you will find in this episode:

-- Why people like the Harmon Brothers don’t know what copy is, yet they write amazing copy.

-- What Russell did to be able to appeal and connect with a broader audience of entrepreneurs rather than just marketers.

-- And how you can connect with a bigger audience and how that could help you.

So listen here to find out how Russell connected with a larger audience and what the plan for the future with them is.

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Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast

Best Quote:

Think about the thing that you’re selling. So whatever it is you’re selling, try to go one step broader. So that more mass appeal. Who are the people you would love to have buy your thing, even though they’re not ready yet, so go one level deeper. Who are those people? And then what message do you have that they would be like, “Yes, you get me. That’s me.” That’s what we’re looking for. And then try to make a little video speaking to those people, so they’ll connect with you.


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Good morning, good morning everybody. Welcome to Marketing Secrets. We are now watching right now Studio C, which made me think of something really funny, and that’s why we’re kicking off this episode of this podcast.

Alright everybody, it’s a Saturday. We are less than a week away from our big viral video launch. There’s so many more pieces going into it, it’s kind of crazy. We’ve got, I’m a little stressed out, I’m not going to lie. We’ve got a sales page, the demo sequence, the onboarding, the offboarding, the gamification, the show me how walk through’s, all going live in the next six days.

The program too is coming out on Monday, which I’m excited for. And then in between there we also happen to have a three day event. It’s so funny. Yesterday we were filming a video thing for Funnel Hacker TV, we were talking about funnel years and how each funnel year is one day. So it’s like, oh we’ve got like four funnel years before the next live event. And we’ve got six funnel years before the viral video launch. We’ve got plenty of time. So start saying that guys, everyday in the real world is a funnel year because you more done in a year than most people get done in a day, if you’re using Clickfunnels

I actually have something I want to talk to you about today. I’ve been watching, ever since this whole viral video thing, it’s been fun this whole new science of marketing that’s been opened up my mind, that was different before. It was funny, we were hanging out with the Harmon Brothers, and these guys are script writers and all sorts of stuff and I’m talking about copywriting. I was like, “Who’d you guys study?” They’re like, “What do you mean?” I’m like, “I don’t know, Gary Halvert, did you listen to Vince Vanga? Who are the guys you studied for copywriting?” They’re like, “Who’s Gary Halvert?” I’m like, “What?” and they’re like, “yeah, I don’t know who that is.” I’m like, “What about Dan Kennedy? What about….” And I’m naming off the legends, all these things and they’re like, “Never heard any of them.”

I’m like, “How are you guys the best video copywriters on earth and you never heard of copy?” It’s just so funny. They’re like, “We just…” They get sketch comedy writers who are really funny and then they try to weave sales principles into it. It’s funny because it’s just interesting. One thing they said is that, “We just go Kickstarter and all the best Kickstarter campaigns and watch those videos. What are they doing? What’s consistently working?”; If I was trying to train again in copywriting I’d be like, “Go to Kickstarter and watch like 8,000 videos and you’ll learn good copy.”

It’s interesting. Then one of our main writers for our script was Matt Meese from Studio C, which if you don’t know what Studio C is, that’s what I was just watching a minute ago. Go watch Studio C. It’s like the best show on TV, it’s like Saturday Night Live, but it’s a bunch of Mormons who do it, so it’s clean and family friendly. It’s awesome. You guys will love it, it’s awesome. But it’s the same thing. The guys who write the scripts for Studio C, they’re some of the best copywriters in the world and they don’t even know what copy is, they just know how to engage people and grab intention and interest and desire. They’ve learned it through a different format, which is cool.

Anyway, with that said, it’s been fun. I’ve been trying to think of different ways to grab people and get them. My first test is, it’s been interesting, this is my podcast you guys are listening to. So I do the podcast, and sometimes I do a podcast and I don’t hear much and other times I do a podcast and I get all these messages from people who are like, “Thank you. It was so awesome.” Sorry that’s my pool over there making a lot of noise, I’m going to come on this side.

For example, the entrepreneurial scars podcast I did, tons of, people messaging me from everywhere, “Thank you that was so cool. Entrepreneurs struggling with vacations, that one hit. And there’s a whole bunch of them that people resonate with more than other ones for some reason. So I was thinking, podcast is a really cool format to teach and train and get inside people’s minds and I love it. But it’s not, podcasts are hard to share, it’s hard for them to go viral, those kind of things. So I was like, I’m going to start taking the podcasts I have that have the most impact and people connect with the most and I’m going to try to turn those into a video, a viral video that will call out my people.

If this is resonating with people so much so that they are able to get a hold of me, which is not easy. I have a lot of walls every direction, but if they get to me it means it was worth focusing on. The entrepreneurs struggling on vacation, when I was in Hawaii with my wife, I was like I’m just going to record a little video of this, and instead of it being off the cuff, like I am right now. I was like I’m going script it out and write a minute and a half, two minute video about why entrepreneurs suck at going on vacations.

So I wrote the script, set up a camera at the beach house, recorded this thing, got home and had Kevin on our team go through and make a little viral video thing, it had music and energy and just kind of…. It’s probably more produced than some of the others I’m going to test. Sometimes less produced do better. Anyway, who knows. But if you look at it, it was not me talking about funnels. Funnels is my world, but I needed to go a level bigger if I want to go semi viral, or niche viral, whatever they call it. I needed it to go one level bigger so that it would grab my people.

So for me, I want entrepreneurs who are selling stuff through funnels. That’s my dream to get people, but a lot of entrepreneurs don’t know that yet, so I gotta connect with them at a level we can connect at. So I’m going to call out entrepreneurs. So entrepreneurs, I think the video title is like, “Why entrepreneurs suck at vacations.” In fact, I had the audio a couple of episodes back, so you guys who are listening to the audio podcast heard it last…A week ago today actually. But you can just hear it, it’s me at the beach house, doing it. It’s calling out entrepreneurs, calling out my people and then trying to have them connect with me.

So I did the video, put it together, we launched it and you know it’s not like, 18 million views or anything like that, but I think we’re at 70 or 80 thousand views in the last 7 days, which is awesome. That means 70 thousand entrepreneurs have connected with me. And the comments are crazy. “Oh my gosh, you understand me. That’s how I feel too.” And they’re tagging their wives, and friends, and kids and all sorts of stuff. It’s just cool.  It connected, all these entrepreneurs I’m connected with now, they’re like, “Who’s this weird dude that I connected with?” Now they shift from being just entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs who now read the book or whatever and get deeper and deeper with me, and eventually they are building funnels, which is where I want everybody to be. Because that’s how you change the world, you build funnels.

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting. I’m going to be doing more of those, I’m going to be doing, probably the next one will be entrepreneurial scars. I might go down to the courthouse or something and record it there, be like bankruptcy or I don’t know, I gotta write a script for it first.

I just thought it was a really cool thing. The reason I’m telling you this is I want you guys to think about this. Think about the thing that you’re selling. So whatever it is you’re selling, try to go one step broader. So that more mass appeal. Who are the people you would love to have buy your thing, even though they’re not ready yet, so go one level deeper. Who are those people? And then what message do you have that they would be like, “Yes, you get me. That’s me.” That’s what we’re looking for. And then try to make a little video speaking to those people, so they’ll connect with you.

So for example, vacations. Entrepreneurs suck at vacations because we want to get back to work. Entrepreneurs relate to that. That’s how I called out my people and they’re connecting now and it’s really, really cool. So for you, how do you call out your people? Who are your people, first off? You’re product, going one step broader than that, so people that don’t know who you are yet, but they would connect with you. Does that make sense? Hopefully that makes sense.

So for me, I’m not talking about necessarily marketers, I’m talking about entrepreneurs. Marketers are people who get what we do, they understand, that’s why Marketing Secrets podcast, that’s why all these things….You guys are marketers, you understand, you’re excited about selling it. You guys will resonate with the message no matter what, so I’m trying to go one level bigger so that it has the ability to go more viral, but also has the ability to connect with more people. Then bring them down into our funnels, into our world.

So this is what Fill Your Funnel, this is the front of the value ladder, this is how you’re casting a wider net and bringing them in. So you’re figuring out who are your people, calling them out and then what are things that you believe that they would resonate with. That the rest of the world would think is really, really weird. Honestly, it’s funny when I was making that video. I was really concerned because my wife was there, I was like, “I don’t want to offend her.” But that’s how I feel. And I know other entrepreneurs feel this way, I’ve talked to them about it. People tell me all the time. I go on vacation and people are like, “How was your vacation?” I’m like, “It was good, so glad to be back so I can stop stressing out.” Which is just, I know that that’s how I always felt.

So think about what are the things that you feel because of what you do, or because of who you are, that other people like you will resonate with, but the rest of the world will think you’re weird. That’s who you’re looking for, those kind of things. And then create something around that and just put it out there. Who knows. It may go viral, it may not. It doesn’t really matter, but just do it.

So for me, I’m going to try to do it once or twice a month. Try to pick a podcast episode I’ve done, or come up with an idea, or something that’s just like, here’s a cool story I can tell that the entrepreneurs will connect with and will get them to like me, follow me, friend me, whatever. And then through the process I can get them to buy the book, get into the culture, etc, etc, etc.

I hope that helps you guys. If you haven’t seen the video yet, again the audio podcast was a few episodes back, “Why Entrepreneurs Suck At Vacation” if you go to, that’s my fan page, you can see the video there for sure. Or at this point, probably if you Google, “Why do entrepreneurs suck at vacations” It’ll probably show up, who knows. But it’s worth watching and sharing and tagging your family and friends on it.

Hope that helps you guys. I’m going to go back in and watch some Studio C with my kids, because it’s amazing. Here it is, right here.  You can see it back there if you’re watching on the TV show. Awesome sketch comedy gives you good idea for writing copy, and it’s really fun. So thanks guys, I’ll see you later. Bye.


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