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As I’m literally on my way to the airport really quick, I wanted to give an update that you don’t want to miss! From changes to the podcast that I teased in the last episode to one of the best Atlas mastermind events in years! Plus new podcast interviews, flying out to see Ryan Pineda and Andy Elliot to learn - there’s a lot of pieces to this strategy puzzle that are all coalescing into big changes! And then I tease a few other things I’d love to get your feedback on (and how to let me know)!

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The average person, they do 10 one-on-one challenges, they close three people, and that's like three people anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000. He says that the best people are doing closing seven out of 10, and then the worst person only closed one out of 10. So, the worst is, they got one. 


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What's up, everybody? Good morning. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I hope you guys are all doing great today. I'm actually in a car heading to the airport to go visit some people, and I'll talk about it today, but I'm excited for it. But want to jump right now.

Anyway, if you missed the last week's episode, I talked a little about the podcast, the changes that are happening. And so, last week I had my inner circle meeting, which was insane. If you guys know about my inner circle, these groups I run, the Mastermind groups I run, that are my favorite thing I do. So, we've got two groups, one's called Atlas, and so those who are in Atlas, it's $250,000 a year, and they come out, and I get to mastermind with them, and it's just, it's awesome. So, this one was special for me, because normally I come into the Atlas meeting like coming to serve, which I still do, but this time it was like I had some things I was struggling with my business, and trying to figure out.

And so, it was cool because I came in, obviously to serve, but also I was in a spot where I was ready to receive. And man, I got so much out of that meeting, it was crazy. We had Mark Ford, who his pen name is Michael Masterson, so if you know that, but he's the main growth strategist at Agora. He came into Agora when they were an $8 million a year business and took it to a multiple billion dollar a year business. He's insane. He came and spoke for two hours to the group. And he's getting older, and it's like having your dad come and share all this wisdom with you. And he's just like telling these stories, dropped this bomb, dropped this bomb. And it was like, this is insane the stuff he's sharing. And that was so good.

And then, the next day, all went from... We started the morning 'til lunch, but had lunch was done, I was like, I asked my roommate, "Has this been the most insane three hours of your life? Everyone is..." Anyway, and everyone's like, "Yes, this is crazy." And we met for two days with that group, and it was just so good for me.

And then, the last half of the week my Inner Circle group comes in. So, Inner Circle people pay $50,000 a year to be part of that. And we met for two days, and it was anyway, insane. This time was kind of cool. So, the way Inner Circle works is, I run the main sessions in the main room with everybody, and then we break out into Mastermind rooms. I've had facilitators who facilitate the breakout rooms.

My facilitators are Atlas members, so it's kind of cool. People have been with me for a long time, like James and Yada, James Ferrell and Yada Golden, who have been in Inner Circle forever. They facilitate one. Steve Larson facilitates one. Andy Grace facilitates one. Dave Lindemeyer. Stephanie Dunn-Blake. These people who've been in my world for a long time all facilitate their groups. Which is really cool, because most of the time these guys are smarter than me, so it's kind of cool. So, they run the groups.

And then during that time, I pull out people. And so, for the podcast I was like, I'm going to pull out Inner Circle members who are doing really unique things, and interview. So, I recorded five podcast episodes last week. All of them are almost an hour long in duration, which is cool. And so, those will start rolling out, I think, next week or so. So, I'm really excited. A lot of fun stuff happening with the podcast.

I'm actually right now flying out to go visit two people. One is Ryan Panetta, who, if you guys follow him on social, he's killed on social, and just someone who's really fascinating to me. So, I'm flying to his office just literally for a few hours. He's in Vegas, and so I'm going to go out there. I'm going to be on his podcast. I'm going to record him for you guys on our podcast, but he's crushing the social game in a way that's... Anyway, it really fun watching him.

I'm trying to figure out how he's doing it. Our social, I feel like my social team is, in the last 90 days, has really stepped up. It's been really fun. I think we're really getting our stride, but there's still gaps. I'm like, I can't quite figure out how in the world do the people who are the best in the world in the social game, how are they actually doing it? And so, I called him up and I was like, "Hey man, can I just come see your process?" He's like, "What do you mean?" "I just want to spy on you. I just want to watch you do your thing for a little bit."

And luckily, he said yes. So, we spent a day with him today, and just trying to understand how he's doing stuff, which will be really cool.

And then from there, flying out to go see Andy Elliot, follow him. Andy's someone who's blown up the last couple of years, and we're excited to meet him for a lot of reasons. But I wanted to... His business is over nine figures a year, which is crazy, and he doesn't run any ads or send any emails or anything from Chimp. I'm like, "My business does a lot of money, but most of it goes back to Zuckerberg. How are you doing what you're doing?" So, I'm going to go check out his whole system and his processing, what he's doing.

And then from there, I'm excited because I'm hopefully interviewing him for the podcast as well.
So anyway, that's what's happening over here for the next day or so, and yeah, over the next two days. So, I'm excited hitting those and coming back.

But yeah, so a couple quick lessons for you guys. Number one is plug the Mastermind groups, because you get insane amount of value from other people's experiences and stuff they're doing.

Number two, though, is find the people who are really doing what you're... the pieces of the game that you understand that they don't, or vice versa. Go out there, pay them for a day consulting, or whatever it is, or trade consulting, stuff like that. You can go to these people and just shortcut.

I mean, my team's gone through every social media course in the world, they are social media people, but it's like, if I can go out and see someone doing it in action, how much more valuable is that?

Anyway, so that's what's happening. And then, because I think, what else would be fun to share with you guys? I'm thinking about, with the new podcast, because I got to record two hour-long episodes a week right now, which is a lot, it's kind of intense, I want to do more like Q&A with you guys. And so, I'm trying to figure out a process where I can have you guys submit videos to me, asking questions that I can go through and answer those. So hopefully, I have something like that figured out very, very soon. Could be fun to do more Q&A stuff with you guys and just answer the exact things that you want, as opposed to me just trying to always think through everything, right?

Oh, here's... You guys want another fun update? I just told this to all of the people who... If you remember last year, I talked about how I'm building this huge library, the museum? I've collected all these old first-edition books and manuscripts and stuff. And so, I wanted to build a library, but also an event center and stuff like that.

So, we've spent the last three or four years working on... Anyway, it's been this never-ending project. And in fact, we basically sold a seat license. People spent a million dollars to come and they could get a seat license in this library, and they could run an event out of it, and a bunch of stuff like that. And so, we sold a bunch of those last summer, back to about a year ago right now, which is really cool.

And then in, I think, June of last year, we did a big groundbreaking ceremony. Everyone flew out and did a groundbreaking in the ground. It was amazing. While we were doing the groundbreaking ceremony, we had sent... The team that was building it, they went back to go re-quote everything, because the initial quotes for the land they did during COVID, and they're like, "Oh, COVID prices are really expensive. When we actually build, it'll be cheaper." So, I'm like, "Cool, go requote it. We'll start building this building."

So, when we got their quotes back, and the quotes came back and the price actually had gone up by $5 million. I was like, "What? How did it go up by $5 million? It was already overinflated when you quoted the first time. It was supposed to go down by $5 million." And so, I got all discouraged, because I'm like, "I can't actually build this." But when there's a will, there's a way.
What does Napoleon Hill say? Every time you have adversity, there's a seed of greater... I don't have the quote, but it's like basically, every time something bad happens, that's the seed for something greater to happen.

And so, I was like, "Oh, there's a solution to this. I got to think through it." Start thinking and trying to figure out, what's the solution? How are we going to do it? And so, we started looking at all these different places, and found different cool buildings, and thing after thing, and it was just... I was like, "How do we..."

Anyway, problem is, building something new right now is so expensive. So, anyway, very long story short, we end up finding there's this movie theater. And it's not like an old movie theater, it's less than 10 years old, but it's kind of in a weird spot, so it went out of business. It's been out of business. It's Edwards Theater. There are 12 movie theaters inside of it. It's like 20 minutes from the Boise airport, and it was for lease right now. But we called Mike. "Would you guys willing to sell this?" He's like, "Yeah." And so we went through it. It's insane.

The building we were going to build is about 20,000 square feet. This one's 60,000 square feet, just the ground floor, not counting the rest of it. And anyway, to build that building today would cost $40-plus million, and so to buy it was actually way cheaper than what we were trying to build before. But there's a lot of rehab. I mean, it's movie theaters, and when they went out of business, they took all the movie seats and pulled them out. So, there's a lot of rehab. We've got to fix it up. But it's insane. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

There's this huge open lobby. You guys know where we have these big Atlas statues I'm working on? Anyway, it's like my dream. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. So, I put an offer in to buy the building, and I was excited about that. And then, the guy who owns the building messaged back, and was like, "Can you explain to me what you do for a living? Because, why are you buying a movie theater from me?" So, I explained what we do, and then he came back and he got all excited. He's like, "What if instead of selling you the building, what if we create a new business, I give you the building, you put in the money to rehab it, and then you can rent the building back from this new company. That way I can say I'll make way more money on my investment doing that than just selling it to you."

I'm like, "Are you kidding me? I'm going to get this building for free?" I say free, but I'm still looking at $10-15 million dollars in rehab to get spot words. The vision will be complete, but it shortcuts me $5 million. So, instead of the cost going up by $5 million, the cost... The building's way bigger, plus I'm getting the building donated. Anyway, it's insane. I'm still working on the details, but how exciting is that?

So, I'm hoping to get this thing finalized, and we can spend a year rehabbing. By this time next year, we'll be running events out of our movie theater, which would be insane. It is the coolest thing in the world. So, that's happening, that's a big, fun, crazy thing that I want you guys to all be involved with.

One thing, and I'm curious. I have an idea for an offer. I'm curious what you guys think about this, if anyone would be... Anyway, maybe we'll do the whole podcast episode specifically talking about this, but this is the deal.

So, I was interviewing Richmond Dinh, who's so cool. He's in Inner circle. He makes me laugh. He lives in Australia, and he flies all the way to Boise for these meetings. Last year, he flew to a meeting where basically you come to Boise... It's called Decade in a Day, and it's a one-day event, and you get spend 15 minutes with me.

And he told me, he's like, "I'm stuck at $3 million a year. I can't get past that." So, he flew from Australia to Boise for 15 minutes. And I felt kind of guilty. I'm like, "Oh my gosh." But he did it, and we spent 15 minutes with it. And then I asked him, actually I was like, "How does the… it?" And he was like, "Literally, that 15 minutes changed everything." He's like, "We ended up breaking $4 million this year." And that was just in the last little quarter or whatever. And he's like, "This year we should do twice that, because just the new trajectory is on." I'm like, "That is so cool."

But anyway, so I pulled Richmond out, because doing these one-on-one challenges, and I wanted to figure out what he's doing. It's crazy. So, imagine doing... A lot of people who try to do challenges, the problem is how do you get 10 people or 100 people or 1,000 people show up, right? So, he started doing these challenges that are one-on-one, and he's had over 200 clients do these, where you basically come in, and you do five-day challenge, but it's one-on-one so it's almost like a consulting call somebody. There's five sessions. At the end of it, then you pitch your thing. And he was showing me the results.

The average person, they do 10 one-on-one challenges, they close three people, and that's like three people anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000. He says that the best people are doing closing seven out of 10, and then the worst person only closed one out of 10. So, the worst is, they got one. But it was like this model.

And the whole thing we were talking about was like, this is a model for beginners. And then, as we're going through, I was like, oh my gosh, what if I did something like that? What if I did a one-on-one challenge with somebody, and I was like, what's the thing that I'm the best in the world at? There's a lot of things that I do, but I was like, if there's one thing in the best in the world at it's webinars. Right? I was like, what if I did a five-day challenge one-on-one with somebody, where they pay $100,000, but they get me for five hours to help them write their webinar pitch. I was like, by the end of five hours, we could create a webinar, they could go out there and they could take it into the world, and they could launch.

And again, I just think about the ClickFunnels webinar. I wrote that webinar 10 years ago. I've done the webinar a couple hundred times. It was a foundation for ClickFunnels, which has done over $1 billion dollars now in sales. But it wasn't all 100% directly to the webinar, but a lot of it. I would say, probably cash collected from the webinar, I would think was close to, I don't know, probably close to $100 million, or maybe more. Anyway, I wonder if I can find out what those numbers actually are.

But anyway, I digress. It was the thing that launched the movement, right? It was one webinar. And every business that we go in now, we create one webinar that crushes the whole thing. And so, my thought is like, okay, if I help someone write a webinar, what's that worth to them? Worst case scenario, if they had a really good webinar, that should be $1 million dollars a year to their business. I'm like, what would somebody spend to make an extra $1 million dollars a year?

And I was like, well, I think 100 grand to have somebody basically write a webinar with you. The value is, if you make 10x that, that's an insane value. So, I'm like, they pay 100 grand, spend five days, five one-hour calls with them of their own personal challenge, where we script out the webinar, and they go take it and they can run with it. Right? I was like, how crazy that would be.
And then, well yeah, that's kind of the initial thought. I was like, how cool would that be? And again, I think a good webinar should do at least $1 million dollars a year. I think for most people, if you have a webinar that's converting, you can buy ads, that's something you can now scale.

Most people I know in our world who've gotten over $10 million a year have some kind of mechanism that sets up a webinar.

It's funny, because people are like, "What's better, challenges or webinars?" I'm like, "Challenges are great, but the way the challenge makes money is you do this whole challenge, and then there's one session that is a webinar that actually closes all the sales." They're like, "What about a three-day live event?" Three-day live events are amazing, but there's one session in the middle where you actually perform the webinar, and it makes all the money to the sale.

So, it doesn't matter what model you're using, the 90-minute pitch, you have to have perfected for all of them to work, right? Let's say you have a challenge that's doing six figures a year, maybe even seven figures a year, but your pitch, it's okay. If you just perfect that pitch, that takes a challenge from seven figures a year to eight figures a year just by fixing mastering the webinar pitch.

Same thing with three-day event. If you're doing a virtual event, and you're doing six figures a month doing these virtual events, you get the webinar pitch fixed, it goes from six figures a month to seven figures. It's the piece that I can affect, that I can help somebody with, that has the biggest effect, it makes them the most amount of money by far. And so, it's like, would someone pay 100 grand for a one-on-one challenge with me, just me and you, five days? We're in five days, we go through it.

And it doesn't need to be five days to back. It could be one a week for five weeks. Whatever. But just giving you all the pieces where you craft the perfect new opportunity, you craft the slides, the offer, the presentation, the everything, and by the time it's set, now you have this thing you can go out there and you can use to leverage.

So, that was my thought. I think I'm going to do a couple of those. So, if that's something you might be interested in, let me know. And again, maybe I'll go deeper next podcast walking you through the model.

But that's what it'd be, is basically a challenge, five one-on-one calls with me, $100,000 up front, and then when it's done, you have this thing that you can use forever. So, if that would be interesting to you, or you can see value of that, let me know.

I don't even know how to let me know. I would say, yeah, just go to Instagram and message me. Hopefully, I'll see it. Or I don't know. Or call my offices or something. Maybe if I do a next episode I'll give you guys a way to contact. I don't even know how to contact me. But if that'd be of any interest to you, let me know because I think that that'd be powerful. That'd be fun. It'd be so much fun.

Anyway, so I'm thinking through that. But anyway, so there you go. There's some fun ideas coming out of Russell's head today. Hopefully one or two or three of these things gave you some ideas. And if not, there's a life update of what's happening in Russell's world right now. Yeah.

Anyway, all you guys know, if I do a couple of these and I crush it with $100,000 one-on-one challenges, then all you guys can start replicating it in your business as well. I think it's a fun way. Especially if you let the rest of your audience follow along and listen in. How cool would that be?

Or even sell tickets so someone could pay to watch you consult somebody, and they can just model it from there. So, anyway, it'd be fun. All right, I'm at the airport. Hope you guys have a great day. I'm excited for the next 48 hours of my life. It's going to be chaos. I'm flying two for cities, being with two insanely cool people, record a ton of podcasts, and then flying back home. So, that's what's happening.

All right, with that said, appreciate you all, and we'll talk to yous all soon. All right everybody.


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