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Ep. 78 - ClickFunnels "Best of" Moments in 2017!


Online marketing and sales funnels ... yes, we are all about that but we are also like a family. We are a movement on a mission to change the world for the GOOD! 2017 was a BIG year and we are so grateful you all on this crazy online marketing funnel journey with us!

Here is a recap of some of the major bullet points of 1 year of Funnel Hacker TV:
-We Launched Expert Secrets -We met with Brendan Burchard
-Yes, even Russell struggles to record videos, but he finally nailed the Expert Secrets sale video
-Russell purchases Traffic Secrets
- Russel chats with Tony Robbins
-Meeting with The Harmon Brothers
-Howard Berg reads Expert Secrets in under 5 mins
-Stephen develops a ClickFunnels world domination video game
-Russell meets his biggest fan
-We had a blast at the Pirates Cove Mastermind
-We filmed the viral video
-Vacations, building potato guns ...
-Breaking bubble soccer world records, watching 2017 total eclipse, building sales funnels with Legos! -
Gary Vaynerchuk speaks at the Viral Video launch!
-Chris Record records the worlds best online marketing funnel rap about ClickFunnels!
-We launched our biggest webinar EVER!
-Russell installs a sports complex in his backyard!

A record year in so many ways for us here at ClickFunnels. We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year and 2018!


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