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170 - Create Attraction, Connection & Overcome Insecurity - Part 1 of 3

Create Attraction, Connection & Overcome Insecurity - Part 1 of 3

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Episode Recap:

On this episode you will hear part 1 of a presentation given by Sean Stephenson at Funnel Hacking Live in 2016. Here are some of the awesome things in today’s episode:

-- Find out why Sean thought Russell was kind of a “dick”.

-- Find out if the crowd is interested in hearing Sean give his prepared speech, or watching him channel something even he doesn’t understand.

-- And hear why Sean thinks capitalism is great, but capitalism without heart is destructive.

So listen here to the first part of Sean Stephenson’s inspirational presentation at Funnel Hacking Live 2016.

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Best Quote:

You’re going to have all that, but money doesn’t wipe your tears. Money doesn’t hold your hand. Money doesn’t hold you when you’re trembling in fear. I love you. I don’t need to know you to love. We as a human race, we think that somebody can’t love us unless they know us, but we have no problem hating people we don’t know. It’s out of balance.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I am actually on the Two Comma Club cruise right now with like 400 people in the Two Comma Club coaching program and we’re having a ton of fun. You should be here if you’re not here.

But anyway, because of that I am not in town to record a podcast. I’ll probably record some on the ship. But I wanted to do a special episode today from one of our Funnel Hacking Live presentations. Funnel Hacking Live is like 60 days away from right now. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, go to and get them.

But for today’s episode, actually the next 3 episodes, I wanted to share with you one of our favorite presentations from all of our Funnel Hacking Lives, and that is a presentation with Sean Stephenson, the 3 foot giant, who is one of the most amazing, inspirational humans on the planet earth. So with that said, we’re going to jump into his presentation right now. I hope you enjoy it.

Russell, I don’t know if you truly know what you got yourself into here. Because I’m very painfully honest with my crowd and I’m going to tell them a little story of how you and I started to work together.

You saw me speak at Joe Polish’s event yeah? And then do you remember coming up to me afterwards and you were like, “Oh my God, that was amazing. Will you speak at Funnel Hacking? That would be awesome.” I’m like, “Sure, great.” I’m like, “Do you know my fee?” he’s like, “Yeah, no problem.” And I’m like, “Okay, cool.” So I gave you my card and you’re like, “We’re gonna do this.”

And I promise you, by the end of this story Russell looks like a hero, okay. But right now he’s going to look like a dick, okay. Everybody take out your pen, take out your pen, go to the agenda, sign my name, and write “Very explicit language”. Maybe some erotic language, I don’t know what’s going to come up here.

So a couple of weeks go by after Russell and I talk about presenting at his event and I’m like, “Dude, this is going to happen.” And he’s like, “Yeah, yeah. There’s just this thing.” I go, “What?” He’s like, “Well, we brought in another speaker. We brought in a big famous speaker and we don’t have the budget to bring you in now.” And I’m thinking, how is that my problem? That sounds like your problem.

And there was this, and I love you, brother. But I didn’t in the moment. I did not in the moment. I was like, am I supposed to wave my fee now because you brought in a celebrity? Holy shit! Is this like a part of the Funnel Ascension Program? Does he like lead me to giving him a discount or something? And I said, “Well dude, listen, I don’t speak that often anymore. That’s my fee. I would love to be there for you, maybe next year.” And that was it. You remember that? It was very clear.

And a few hours went by and I get this text message. It’s like when you tell a girl, you know like, “You know what? Maybe we’re not hitting this off right. Maybe we shouldn’t go out.” And then you just walk away and it’s like, the girl’s like, “What? Look at me! Do you know what I’m capable of? Have you not asked all the other men?” right.

And so I get a text message a few hours later from this adorable, clean cut Mormon right. And he just writes me, “Screw it, I’ll pay it out of my own pocket. Let’s do this.” And I’m like, that’s awesome. That’s awesome because what I saw from Russell in that moment was devotion, not commitment, but devotion.

When you’re committed to something, you’ll still fall down. When you’re devoted you won’t. When something hits you, when you’re devoted you crush it. How do I know? Because I’m still alive. Just about two months ago on January 29th I hit a semi truck going 75 miles an hour and I walked away without a scratch. And it was a life transformative moment for me.

You guys know the rapper 50 Cent? He was shot 8 times, twice in the face. And when he came out of surgery he had one thought: “Nothing. Nothing is going to take me down until I’m ready to go.” And he was thinking about a bigger than just about life and spitting in the eyes of fate. It was more like, I am devoted to get mine on this planet. I’m going to have my message heard. I’m going to make the money I want to make. I’m going to make the difference. I’m going to have the love, I wanna have the connection, I want to have all of that. And I don’t care what shows up in my path, all obstacles fall to me.

And it’s scary to say that, and it sounds arrogant and it sounds pushy and it sounds overwhelming. But you know what? I finally have a light bulb that finally screwed in on January 29th and the light bulb told me, “God’s not done with you yet.” That means you need to be louder, you need to be more intense, you need to love all the human beings on this planet with reckless abandon.  It doesn’t matter if they hate you, you keep loving them. It doesn’t matter if they talk shit about you, you don’t talk it back. You say, “I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe tomorrow you won’t.”

And you bring an unconditional reckless amount of love for the human race and amazing things begin to happen. Russell you were mentioning yesterday in your talk that often times you’re mistaken for like, “Oh, I look 11 years old.” Oh, poor Russell looks like he’s 11, ah. You know Russell, have you considered my friend, maybe the fact that you made a product on how to build potato guns, might have made people think you were 11? I don’t know, I’m just, just a theory. Just a theory.

You also mentioned that you love your Facebook profile but not your wife’s because you backed all that market-y shit, all that stuff going down. So I’m going to play a slide show about my keynote here today, speaking directly into your language sir. So that you feel at home with your own keynote, because this money, you brought me here, is for you. They’re just getting to enjoy this. So this is like I’m going to serenade you. If you want we can bring a chair up here, like Justin Beiber does. I’ll sit in your lap. And I’ll make you…you’ll have unholy thoughts. I’m just going to say it.

Alright, so let’s put the, let’s take this good looking man down, put the slides up. Okay, so here we go. Gotta hit play. Would you like to learn how to reach 120 million people in one week without spending any money on PR or advertising? Anybody in this room want to learn that? Do I have your attention? Would you also like to learn how to get on Oprah? How to become friends with celebrities, business moguls and world leaders? Anybody? Russell? How to get the top internet marketers begging to promote you to their list? Who would like that? Would you like that, sir? How to get Tony Robbins talking about you on his products and at his live events? Who would like that?

See, I just want you to know, this is ego sleezy but I’m trying to speak directly into that marketing discomfort fear that we have, which is fear about actually telling the truth about our results in what we create. Would you like to learn how to dazzle any size audience, always get standing ovations, and never get nervous on stage? Anybody? Would you like to learn how to get paid 15-40 thousand dollars an hour to speak on stages around the world? How to produce viral videos that consistently get millions of views? How to get a major New York publisher to buy your book and translate it into over a dozen languages? Anybody?

Amazing, right? This is the copy. Well, our speaker today has done all this and more and he’d like to share it with you. Are you guys drawn into the copy? Is it pulling you into the next line? Are you thinking about opting in right now? Like, are you scratching like, “Oh my God, I need to make sure this wifi connection stays.” It’s so funny seeing you all, internet marketers like at a conference trying to get your wifi. I mean, you guys will do some amazing things for the wifi password in the bathroom. I’m just saying. The crowd cheers, right. The crowd cheers. Everybody go, “ah”. Unfortunately he doesn’t have enough time today to share it with you. What do we call that? We call it “take away” right. Scarcity, there’s not enough time! “Shit, I wish Russell would give him more time!” But if you come to his life event, 10k speakers on August….and then you’re thinking, “He can’t be promoting his live event.” April fools!

Let’s take a vote. How many people in this room, guys raise your hands, I’ll give you both the options because you’re going to have to vote on one or the other. How many people would like the planned speech that I have for you that has a lot of stories you might have heard before? That’s option one, we’re going to vote. Or option two is I throw all that away. I let go of my own fear and I completely channel something that I don’t even fully understand that comes through me, not from me? That’s option two.

So you guys ready to vote? Are you guys ready to vote? How many people by a raise of hands, would like option one? Okay, we got one. Alright. How many people, by a raise of hands would like option two? Let’s do this. That means I’m going to shut down all my notes. And you’re thinking, “Oh, he probably knew we were going to do that.” No I didn’t. Some crowds go with the f***ing notes, it’s crazy.

You’re so cool and good. How many people deep down inside have a little bit of the feeling that I have? You would just love to see Russell in sweat pants with like cheetos ripped on them, and he’s like angry and his hair is all messed up and he’s like cussing like a sailor? How many people, am I the only one who fantasizes about this? His kids ask him for help and he’s like, “Listen, do you know the shit we went through to get you here? Mommy and daddy had to spend a lot of time together when I could have been making a better funnel!”

They voted for the channeling. That is the channel. That was not planned, and I was even like, “Oh wow, that was pretty intense.” Wow, I actually had you visualizing Russell Brunson going at it! And you’re like, “Oh, stop it Sean!” But you know what? Everybody take a deep breath in, out through your mouth. I got you. And I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, I mean I’ve been here enough. I’ve gone through, I’m a 22 year, overnight success.

You are why I wake up in the morning. You’re the human race. Raise your hand if you ever heard the phrase, “You’re leaving a lot of money on the table.” Raise it up high. Screw that, I’m sick of hearing that. Because you know what, when you’re smelling the cologne of the grim reaper and you are curled up, almost begging to die you’re in so much pain, it doesn’t matter how much money you left on the table.

You know what matters? What matters is how much love did you leave on the table? What matters is how much…I’m sick and tired of feeling guilty that I don’t have as much money as so and so. I’m tired of it, I’m done with it. I don’t care how much money you guys make. I don’t care how much money you think I make. Because you know, money is a wonderful thing. I ain’t putting money down, yo! I love money. But you know what? You can’t bring it with you and it won’t make you happy. It’ll give you temporary gratification. It will make you feel important for a while. It will give you some freedom, you’ll be able to travel and you’ll be able to travel with more style and more stuff, and you’ll have more people doing your grocery shopping and driving you around, and you’ll have more organic foods in your refrigerator, stocked by someone else that you don’t even know the name because you hired her last week…..

You’re going to have all that, but money doesn’t wipe your tears. Money doesn’t hold your hand. Money doesn’t hold you when you’re trembling in fear. I love you. I don’t need to know you to love. We as a human race, we think that somebody can’t love us unless they know us, but we have no problem hating people we don’t know. It’s out of balance.

I haven’t fully channeled my speeches until recently because I worried. What if I don’t say the right thing to make the right impact to the person that brought me in? Or what if I don’t make enough laughter in the crowd? Or what if they don’t think this about me or that about me? And I had so much chatter going on right here, that right here, I was missing out. There was this heart just pounding saying, “Listen to me. Just listen to me. I promise you, if you listen to me everything will come out smooth. If you just listen to me, everyone will be amazed. But you won’t care if they’re amazed because you will feel at peace. Just listen to me.”

On a week ago, so last Friday, I put out a video holding post-it notes. By a raise of hands, how many people saw that video? You and 55 other million people saw it in one week. My reach this week was 120 million people. And you know what’s wild? Is that number makes me realize we have a long way to go to get to the entire population.

You know, I don’t care about what I accumulate, as much as everyone else wants me to care about that. You know how many marketers and business moguls pull me aside and say, “Sean! Sean buddy, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.” And they mean well, they really do. And I love them for it. And I’ve taken some of their suggestions and I’ve improved my business. But you know, at the end of the day I look them back and I go, “You gotta get it. I just refuse to die leaving a lot more love on the table.”

I mean when he showed you, when Russell showed on that first couple slides at the beginning of this event the different stages that you’ll go to, the last one was a thought reader. And I want to share with you today about what it takes to become a world thought reader. Where the human race is in alignment with what you are bringing to them. And it’s so much bigger than how to improve your conversions.

And I’m not putting down this industry, I think it’s great that we know these things, because it gives us the money to then build the thing bigger and reach more people. So never mistake me for being a capitalist basher. No, Alex Charfen and I are one of the best friends in this room, and I agree with him. Capitalism is amazing. And capitalism without heart is destructive. We need to have heart in what we’re doing in our business, in our marriage, with our family, and most importantly with ourselves.


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