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132 - Cut Yourself Some Slack... So You Can Actually Launch Your Funnel

Cut Yourself Some Slack... So You Can Actually Launch Your Funnel

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Episode Recap:

One of the biggest things you need to understand if you’re actually going to have success. On today’s episode Russell explains why you shouldn’t stress about not being a millionaire after only working at it for a few months. Here are some of the other insightful things you will hear in this episode:

-- Why some people have success faster, but why that doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.

-- Why you should cut yourself some slack when you haven’t become a millionaire in a short period of time.

-- And why Russell remembers the journey of when things were hard as “Good old days.”

So listen here to find out why enjoying the journey of entrepreneurship is the best part.

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Best Quote:

...give yourself time. You spend 5 years to 8 years to try to figure out how to do a simple profession where here inside this world of entrepreneurship you’re doing a lot more than that. You’re figuring out how to create a product, how to structure an offer, how to do sales copy, how to create stories, how to create a funnel, how to design a funnel, how to get programmers, how to drive traffic, how to set up ads, how to spend money, how to fulfill, how to do customer support. There’s a lot of pieces to this, so cut yourself some slack. It’s going to be okay if you don’t make a million bucks by next month.


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Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast, I am still on my drive home from the Two Comma Club X meeting and I got one more exciting, fun thing to share with you. Alright everybody, this is part two, it’s not part two, it’s a whole separate episode, but I’m still driving home from the Two Comma Club X event. I’m still on fire, still excited and just had some more cool stuff to share with you.

So what I want to share with you right now, because I know it’s a blocker for a bunch of you guys and hopefully this will release that block inside your mind. And I’m seeing right now inside of Two Comma Club X coaching program, which is why I wanted to bring it…and in fact, I was just on stage 15 minutes ago and I shared this with them and I wanted to share with you guys as well. Because it’s something that so many entrepreneurs, and if I can just make this shift in your mind, and make you take some pressure off of you, I think that a lot of you guys will be able to do what you’re trying to do and create what you’re trying to create.

So the biggest problem we have as entrepreneurs is we see the vision that we want to create, and then we have horrible impatience to make that thing happen, right. What I told the group here, I said it’s been really fun to watch everyone’s progress, we have people who are blowing up really, really fast, people who are moving slower.

As you’re looking around, those of you guys who are moving slow, I don’t want you to stress out and be like, “I’m moving slower, I’m not having success yet.” Or freaking out because, “I’m not a millionaire yet.” Or all these things, you know, “I’m not in the Two Comma Club yet and other people are. I’m trying to get that process but it’s going slower for me.” All the different reasons that we have. So what I wanted to think about, if you think about the real world, what happens in the real world?

We decide that we want to make money. So what do we do? We go to college for 4 years for some people, 6-8 years for other people, 10 years for other people, and during that time you make zero dollars and all you’re doing is learning a craft that will someday make you money hopefully. Then when it’s done, then you go and go into the schooling, and you have this huge debt and you start working and you may spend the next 5 to 10 and some people 20 or 30 years to pay off the debt of the student loans.

You’re a good, anywhere from 5, 10, 15, 20 years in before you’re making good money, after you’ve paid off debts and you’ve actually done the time. And that’s for you to just have a regular job, where you’re going to go show up each day, clock in, do your thing, clock out and go back home. I said, for all you guys in this room here, do you realize that what your vision is, what you’re trying to do? You’re trying to create businesses and companies and products and services and things to change, literally to change the world of the customers that you’re serving.

And I said, some of you guys are frustrated because you’re four months in and you’re not a millionaire yet, you’re not in the Two Comma Club yet. I said, put it in perspective. Most people will spend 5 years in school to get a job that’s going to make them 50-60 thousand dollars a year. And you’re coming in and trying to make a million bucks in five months and you put in four or five months of effort and you’re frustrated that you’re not there.

So put it in perspective and don’t be stressed out, the most fun part of this process for you is going to be the journey. I can tell you that now, on the other side of this journey where we’ve built companies and had success and made a bunch of money, I look back at the good old days of building the business and being in the trench and learning all these things the first time, having the aha moments where I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” Those aha moments were so exciting for me, and I miss it. In fact, it’s a huge reason why I’m so involved with the coaching programs, why I do what I do. Why do I write books? Why do I do Facebook Lives? Why do I do podcasts? Why do I do events? Why do I do all this stuff?

And the reason why I do all that stuff is because when I see you guys get that aha moment, I remember what that felt like, and it’s the next best thing to having it originally. So I feel jealous, like I’m honestly jealous of you guys every time I hear from you that you’re like, “Oh my gosh Russell, I just realized this thing.” Or “I had my first success.” Or “I made my first dollar, or my first thousand, or my first million.” I’m jealous of those times because I remember what they felt like, they felt so good.

So the next best thing is helping you guys to feel that, so that’s why I love doing what I do. But the journey is the best part. My wife and I were joking the other day, we’ve been married now for, we just had our 16 year anniversary and in that time amazing things have happened. We started completely broke, I was wrestling not with a job. She had a job. Then we spent the next 16 years of our life getting to this point right now. And we talk about how the most fun times, were when we were so broke.

We were taking my wife’s cd’s and selling them at the record store to buy groceries. And we were trying to figure things out. The apartment we had was so small that there was no room for drawers to put our clothes in, so we bought cinderblocks at Home Depot to jack up our bed to put it on cinderblocks so we could store our clothes underneath there. And we were scared if we moved our bed to much our whole bed would fall off the cinderblocks and crush our clothing and all of our supplies. Painting our own room, because we couldn’t afford a painter.

So we went and bought a bucket of paint and cheap $5 paint brushes and we spent a day painting a room some crazy colors because we thought it’d be cool. And not having money for groceries. I remember the first thing I sold on eBay, I sold it for $20 and taking that money and going out to dinner and buying dinner for $20 that we actually had extra. Those things were so much fun. Not that life’s not fun now, we love it. But those times were the special ones.

All those moments of the journey, of trying to figure this stuff out. Me having an idea and we create something and then thinking it’s going to make a bunch of money and then it doesn’t and get shut down. I could tell you story after story after story of times I thought, “Okay Collette, we made it. Money’s coming in, yay!” and then two days later being like, “Oh my gosh, it turns out what I created was actually illegal. I’m refunding everyone their money. Don’t spend that money, it’s not actually ours.” I can’t tell you how many times I went through stupid things like that and yes, I did create things were really, really good ideas that I then found out were illegal later and I had to give the money back. I think most good ideas come from that.

I mean I think most illegal activities were really good entrepreneurial ideas that then the government was like, “Well, that’s not actually good.” There’s a reason why this could hurt other people and they set up laws around it and it becomes illegal. But for the most part they start as really good entrepreneurial ideas. So I had those and I had, it was painful. So much pain in the process, in the moment and all those things. The ups and the downs and the excitement and the depression and the tired nights and the excited things. I’m learning things and I’m learning other things, and every step of the journey you have to grow and to stretch and feel your capacity get bigger and bigger and then things break and fall apart.

You know, hiring a hundred people then firing 80 people. As much pain as that was, I look back now and those were the good old days. That was the journey and I love that part of it. So I don’t want any of you guys being so stressed out about the outcome that you’re not enjoying the journey, because the journey is the best part. You’re going to get to the end of it and be like, “Huh. That was it.” You’ll get your Two Comma Club Award, I’ll hand it to you onstage and you’ll be like, for five seconds, “This is the greatest thing in the world.”

You’ll get your picture and then you go back to your hotel room that night and you’re like, “Huh, that was it.” But then you’ll think back about, think about all the stuff that happened in the journey, the people I met, the experiences, the ups and downs. I learned and I grew, and how I struggled, but because I figured it out, I moved past that struggle and figured it out. Those are the pieces that you’ll cherish, that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

So give yourself time. You spend 5 years to 8 years to try to figure out how to do a simple profession where here inside this world of entrepreneurship you’re doing a lot more than that. You’re figuring out how to create a product, how to structure an offer, how to do sales copy, how to create stories, how to create a funnel, how to design a funnel, how to get programmers, how to drive traffic, how to set up ads, how to spend money, how to fulfill, how to do customer support. There’s a lot of pieces to this, so cut yourself some slack.

It’s going to be okay if you don’t make a million bucks by next month. That’s okay. And some people will move faster, and with most of those people who are like, “Man, I hit Two Comma Club in a week.” Or in ten days, or we have all these people hitting records now. It didn’t just happen in seven days right, it happened on the back of them spending years trying to master these other things. For me if I said, “I want to hit the Two Comma Club with a new offer.” I could do that, I could spend a week and hit the Two comma Club in a day or two.

That’s not….but I’ve done it a million times. I’ve gotten to that spot where I can do that, so it’s not that hard to do. And you guys will become the same way, but for right now it’s like, don’t stress out. There’s a lot of stuff you’re learning, a lot of things you’re going through. Imagine this, if you get a real job, you go to five years of school to become a teacher, and you’re teaching a subject. So you’ve got to be able to regurgitate back out of a book a topic that you read.

And that’s, you went to five years of school to be able to do that. And obviously good teachers do more than that, but I’m saying any job, pick a job, “I went to school for this much time to be able to do this one task.” What you guys are doing to build this company is a lot of tasks. There’s a lot of things, and some of them are left brain, some are right brain, some of them you’re building a team which means you have to learn this whole other thing. There’s a lot of stuff you’ve got to figure out and you’ve got to learn.

So like I said, just take your foot of the gas a little bit and just be proud of yourself. Because most people won’t do the journey, most people just don’t take it. So I think a lot of us will get burned out because we’re so stressed about the goal and the outcome. If we’re not hitting it we’re stressing out and freaking out, throwing our hands in the air. In fact, I got someone on Istagram the other day, I don’t normally look at my other messages, but I looked at my other messages to see what was in there. And this guy had bumped me this post and I was reading it, and it made me laugh because in his post he was like, “I’m in college right now and I’m stressed out because I’ve been trying to do this thing for four months and none of its working, and this whole thing is a scam.

I feel like you’ve been scamming me, Russell. Because I spent four months trying to create a webinar and it’s not working, and now I’m paying $97 a month for Clickfunnels and I don’t even have a funnel yet.” All these things, “I feel like this is a scam.” He’s like, “You make it sound so easy, how you’re a dumb kid and you have a hundred million dollar company now. It’s not that easy.” I’m like, “Dude, you spent four months, four months, and you’re pissed you haven’t made a hundred million dollars yet. Four months.

You will never have success because you’re so freaked out about this end result. Dude, in four months if you can figure out how to write a really good headline, that’s an accomplishment. And then you can go take that skill…”Tthere’s a dude that actually wrote the subtitle for the Expert Secrets book, and he charges 100 dollars for a headline. And you may be like, 100 dollars for a headline? Yes, he does and I literally sent him a100 bucks for a headline and he wrote like 10 different variations and sent it to me and the subtitle for the Expert Secrets book, which is “Find your voice, build a tribe, change the world.” That was the one that I was like, “That’s my favorite one.” And I paid him 100 dollars for that headline.

So if you spend the next four months mastering headlines, then go and “I write headlines for people” and just like, you can charge people 100 bucks for a headline, become a master at that one thing. And then you become the best headline person, then you can start selling headline services for people, and start getting really, really good at that, as you’re learning the next skill, the next talent. And then reinvesting that money into the next thing. But don’t be like, “I haven’t built a hundred million dollar company yet, and I spend four months, Russell. I’m angry at you.” Dude, it takes four months to figure out one skill.

So become amazing at that one skill. We are in the very near future going to be launching, which is basically a rolodex of people who are doing one piece of the funnel. Someone who can write a headline for you, or can do a video sales letter for you, can do a graphic design, or logo design, or write the email sequence, or they can do the one piece. And my goal is to get all of you guys to master a piece and then go and become a service provider inside of the Funnel Rolodex and then do the one piece youl’re really good at.

And then take that money and reinvest it in the other ten pieces you need to launch your funnel. Take that money and invest in someone to do the copy and the traffic and the other things. Because that’s what business is, it’s not about us becoming amazing at all these things. It’s about learning a piece and providing value which gives you money, which means you can invest in other people who provide value and you can eventually create the whole picture.

So anyway, there’s some stuff. I don’t know if that helps or not. But I hope that that takes some of the stress off of you guys and gives you permission to enjoy this journey, because it’s really fun. I tell you what, I know what you’re feeling like sometimes. I know the stress, the pain, all the anguish, those kind of things because I felt it. It’s real. But I promise you it’s worth it.

And it will be the stuff that you remember. You’ll be like, “Do you remember that time? Remember we were so stressed and so depressed and so tired and so angry and so broke and so whatever?” and you’ll remember that and be like, “Man, those were the good old days, I miss that stuff.” Right now you’re living it, don’t miss it. Enjoy it. I promise the more you enjoy it now, the easier the process will actually become as well. Alright, I’m home you guys. I appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I will talk to you again soon. Thanks everybody, bye.


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