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my intervention with Tony Robbins [NEW VIDEO]

"Should I step down as the CEO of ClickFunnels..." This is a private conversation that I was hesitant to share with anybody, but I know it had such a big impact on me and I think will have an impact on you as well.

the “Traffic Secret” I used on Tony Robbins...muhahaha...

I want to SHOW YOU how I used this principle to grow my company, and build a personal relationship to Tony Robbins!

where should I ship your book? (Traffic Secrets)

If you have a website or a funnel, and you'd like to get MORE of your dream customers to find you online, then I want to give you a free copy of my new book right now.

want ALL My "Traffic Secrets" for free? :)

"How would you like to have ALL my Traffic Secrets... for FREE!?!" If so, then I've got GREAT news... I just finished my new book called Traffic Secrets, and I'd LOVE to ship you one for free (just cover shipping and handling costs!)


You've been called to serve a group of people with the products, the services, and the offers that you've created. By positioning yourself as an expert and learning how to tell your story in a way that gets people to move, you're able to guide people through your value ladder and give them results they're looking for.

PRIVATE MESSAGE from Garrett (it’s about the book)

Garrett J. White asked me to come and speak to his warriors about how they could create a movement and try to change the world in their own little way. What I hadn't known as that he had pre-bought 1,200 copies of Expert Secrets and laid them out on the tables along with a private note he'd written for all of the men that he coaches, his warriors.

Tony Robbins said WHAT?!? (to 3.1 MILLION people…)

When we first launched Expert Secrets, I asked Tony Robbins if he'd be willing to interview me about my new book... I am not going to lie.. when he said YES, I started to freak out... But a few weeks later when we actually went LIVE...

MY NEW BOOK: Expert Secrets (can I ship it to you?)

Recently we analyzed over 6,187,948 funnels, and looked at over 130,728 split tests ran by our members, trying to find a pattern of what made some funnels successful, while others flopped.

DotComSecrets + ClickFunnels = _________

A few years back, we had the idea for a new startup company we were going to call ClickFunnels. It was going to be a tool that would actually help people to build sales funnels. I knew that this is something that every entrepreneur needed, but unfortunately, most of them didn't know that they actually needed it.

the poop funnel (yup, I said poop)

Now you may be thinking, "How in the world did you build a funnel for Camping World? It's literally like the Walmart of RVs. Inside their store there's tens of thousands of SKUs. How would you build a funnel for something like that?”

I was on CNBC’s “THE PROFIT” building FUNNELS!

I'll tell you the full story about HOW in a second, but it was SO FUN to actually build a funnel on TV, I had to grab the clip for you to see.

where can I ship you a copy of DotCom Secrets?

Over the last five or six years, DotComSecrets has become known as the Bible of online marketing and this book is the FIRST THING I want you to read as part of our Marketing Secrets newsletter.

what to expect (the ‘sprint’ with Dan Kennedy)

We’ll watch part of Dan Kennedy’s presentation from “Funnel Hacking LIVE…” and then discuss it as a group! It’s going to be SO FUN…

==> want to meet Dan Kennedy? (LIVE)

For those of you who were at Funnel Hacking LIVE this year, Dan was my “mystery” guest, and he came on stage and blew the audience away for almost 2 hours (it was SO COOL!)

Dan Kennedy + Russell Brunson = …..

Treat yourself to an offer that is SO IRRESISTIBLE and SO COOL, that when the box shows up at your house, you can quickly wrap it, put it under the tree, with a tag saying “from Russell Brunson and Dan Kennedy)... and wake up Christmas morning feeling the same way you did when you were a kid!

What address should I ship this to?

Ok… turns out that you WERE as excited as me about the NEW “Most Incredible Free Gift EVER” from Dan Kennedy and me!