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Ditch Your “Improvement” Offer


Yesterday we talked about how to create a mass movement for your business like Apple or Tesla has done.

You need three things…

1. Charismatic Leader

2. Future-Based Cause

3. New Opportunity

But I wanted to spend a few additional minutes on that last point — your ‘new opportunity’.

Because it’s absolutely critical to get this right.

You see… Most people just have an “improvement offer”.

They offer the same vehicle people are already using to try and achieve their goals — it just has a few more features. It’s a little faster or a little bit sleeker…

But there are two problems with improvement offers.

First, people have to admit their bad at something. Because if you’re offering them just a slightly improved version of what they’re already doing… then they have to admit that the problem isn’t the vehicle or method… it’s them.

Second, improvement offers only appeal to people with ambition. Not the masses. They only appeal to people in growth mode.

The solution is to create a “new opportunity”.

Instead of saying “here’s a slightly better car.”

Say, “That car sucks. The problem isn’t you… it’s the car. Here’s a totally different car that’s way better and will take you where you want to go much faster.”

See the difference?

This is why new opportunities are so powerful.

Because it tells people that their vehicle is the problem…

And they’ll be able to achieve their goals if they just use a different method or vehicle.

So the question is this: do you have a new opportunity? Or an improvement offer?

The results you’re getting from your offer will answer that question for you!

- Russell Brunson

P.S. I share a lot more details about how to create a “new opportunity” instead of an “improvement offer” in my book, Expert Secrets. You can get your copy here for free.


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