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Do THIS To Convert More Traffic 🤑


Are you driving a lot of traffic but just can't seem to convert it into sales?

Does it feel like you're trying to fill a bucket that's got a big hole in the bottom?

Well it’s entirely possible that the problem isn't…

  • Your traffic


  • Your offer

But your message.

That is, the way you are trying to sell your offer.

The stories you tell and the things you say.

Because chances are… people aren’t arriving on your page convinced to buy. They need you to convince them… they need to have an EPIPHANY.

If your page or webinar isn’t converting, it might be because you’re not giving your audience that "aha" moment they need to pull out their wallets.

Enter the Epiphany Bridge. 🌉

In my book Expert Secrets, I talk about the Epiphany Bridge — it's a storytelling formula that takes your audience on a journey, helping them realize on their own why they need your product or service.

Here's a condensed 3-step guide on how you can use it:

Step 1: Identify Your Transformation Story 📖

Think about the journey you went on that led you to realize the value of your own product or service. What was the big epiphany you had? That's your story.

Step 2: Share Your Story 🗣️

Now, share that story on your sales page. But remember, the magic isn't in the end result, it's in the journey. Share the struggles, the failures, and most importantly, the "aha" moment that changed everything for you.

Step 3: Connect the Dots 🔗

Your story needs to lead your audience to the same conclusion you had - that they need your product or service. But you can't just tell them, you have to guide them there with your story.

Check out this video for an example of what this looks like in action (you can literally take the same components and plug-in your own story 🙂)

And here’s a 7-minute breakdown of how this works.

Start implementing this strategy and I promise it’ll be a game-changer for your conversion rates!

- Russell Brunson


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