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21 - Does Being An Expert Really Help Grow Your Company?

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Episode Recap:

I got a whole bunch of questions this weekend about this topic and I want to give you my two cents.

On this episode Russell talks about listening to John Reese’s new podcast and people thinking he was talking trash about Expert Secrets. Here are some things you will hear in this episode:

-- Why despite a difference in opinion, Russell thinks that he and John Reese are both right about having (or not having) a personality on the front end of your business.

-- How having a personality in your business can 10x your sales.

-- And why an Amazon business is a good choice for someone that doesn’t want to be the personality at the front of a business.

So listen here to find out why Russell doesn’t believe that John was talking trash, and how can both be right.

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Best Quote:

I got a bunch of people messaging me saying, “Did you listen to John’s podcast, at the very end he was totally talking trash about Expert Secrets.”


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets Podcast, this is a short one you’re going to get in the jeep while I’m going to grab my kids from the last day of scout camp.

Alright everyone, I wanted to shoot you guys a quick message because I have been up in the mountains for the last almost week now. I got a sweet beard. So those that can see my beard line, this is why I can’t invest in a beard oil company, or grow a beard for that matter. I don’t know why, I’ve never been able to. My brother’s got a beard that’s thicker than the hair on my head, so this is the best beard you are getting from Russell.

I wonder if I were to buy Rogaine and rub it on my beard parts. Sorry, I’m going back and forth in this little cab in the road with cars everywhere. Anyway, if it would actually grow in thick, I should try it someday, but I won’t because I don’t really want a beard to be completely honest.

So my message for you today, I’ve wanted to throw this in. So I was just in my buddy’s cabin and I tapped in the internet for a few minutes and got all these messages flying in and seeing what I missed in the last week. It’s funny, I got a bunch of people who messaged me about my man, John Reese’s podcast. So hopefully you guys are listening to it, if not go to iTunes and search the Wacky Minded John Reese. He is the dude who is the first guy to make a million dollars in our market. He is the one that inspired the Two Comma Club Award, and he has inspired so much of what I do and is someone who I appreciate. He has become a friend and he’s been a mentor and he’s just pretty much the man, so it’s worth it. Go search the Wacky Minded John Reese and plug in. He’s posted two podcasts as of today. I listened to both of them yesterday and they’re awesome, I love it.

But I got a bunch of people messaging me saying, “Did you listen to John’s podcast, at the very end he was totally talking trash about Expert Secrets.” I was laughing because I listened to the whole thing and at the end I was listening how he was talking about how he doesn’t believe people should need to be a personality and things like that to be successful in their business.

It’s funny because at that same moment, I Facebooked John and said how much I appreciate him and his podcast is amazing and stuff. Obviously, I look at things from a different angle than John does, it doesn’t mean anyone is right or wrong. That is what is so cool about this business. Marketing is, I always tell people this, it’s an art and a science. The science is the structure, like pages and all that kind of stuff that we talk about and geek out in our funnel world. And then the art is the stuff on top and people do it different ways and different business models require more or less of those types of things. So it kind of depends on what you’re trying to do and what you’re creating and things like that.

So the reason why I wrote Expert Secrets and why I’m so obsessed with the Market is because I believe in it so much. I believe that personality and connection with the audience are what people are craving. I think you can add an expert front end to any business and dramatically scale it, and we’ve proven it over and over and over again. And it’s awesome.

John was basically saying you don’t have to have that, and I think his message is right because a lot of people struggle because they’re not that person, they don’t want to be the personality, they don’t want to blog and Facebook and podcast and do the dog and pony show that I do every day. And I totally understand that and respect that. But what I am saying and proposing from an Expert Secrets standpoint is that if you do, you will take what you have and blow it up and catch it on fire.

I believe that I can go into any company that is a product based company focusing on traditional stuff and add an expert front end and at least 10x those companies. In fact, that’s a challenge, I want somebody to take me up on that. So I would say first off, John is right. Second off, I’m also right. So it’s just different ways to look at it.

John’s background is not, he talked about the podcast, he didn’t like being in the front and being all those kind of things, which I totally respect that. But when he did, he made a million dollars in a day, just saying. So there’s something to that, there’s power, the connection you can get with somebody blows things up, right. The connection is what gets people to share videos and gets people to talk about it, gets things to grow and all those things. Without that connection it’s harder to get, not impossible. In fact, I told someone, a peer wanted to start a business and asked me what I would recommend for them and just because of their personality, I told them they should start an Amazon business, that makes more sense for them in this spot in their life and personality. In an Amazon business you don’t have to have all those personality things, right. Just get a good product, a good price, a good description, images and doing the stuff to get it ranked.

If you want to take that and blow it up then I would find someone, if you’re not that person partner with somebody who could become the personality and use that person’s personality to blow it up. Because I could take any Amazon product off the shelf, tie it to a personality and 10x it overnight. That’s the power, so we’re both right.

I just wanted you guys to know that I still love John, even though he probably wasn’t talking about me specifically but people as a whole. So with that said, these guys all think I’m weird because I’m the one guy out here podcasting while they’re all scouting it up. Anyway, take that for what it’s worth. Alright, so I love John, love his advice and those of you guys who are nervous about the expert stuff, you can start a business that way, just know that this is how you amplify and scale and build a mass movement of people who buy over and over and over again. People connect more with people than brands.

I hope that helps and that’s all I got for today guys. See you all later, bye everybody.


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