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Ep. 98 - Don’t Let The Big Fish Slip Through Your Hands!


In today’s action-packed episode Russell Brunson goes ICO and introduces his very own bitcoin, the Russ Brun coin. Russell and the Click Funnels team also play a game of Uber Eats Roulette and check out some videos submitted by adults and babies alike as they search for someone to become the next spokesperson, or spokesbaby, for Click Funnels.

Brandon and Kaelin Poulin of LadyBoss Weight Loss also stop by the Click Funnels office to establish a new tradition and sign their 8-figure club plaque. Brandon and Kaelin also sit down with Russell and team to discuss becoming one of the new faces of Click Funnels. The group chats about the stories Brandon and Kaelin have used to connect with clients, the origin story of their connection with Russell, and what they will be doing next as the faces of Click Funnels.

Finally, Dave goes fly fishing with Randy Garn in Stark Valley, Wyoming. Dave gets a little lesson in how to fly fish, and actually manages to catch a fish despite his struggles to hang on to his catch. However, Dave has some major trouble handling the biggest catch of the day.


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