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Don’t oversell your products or services, create better shortform videos, & drive more traffic to your website



In my early days of entrepreneurship, I’d had some small wins. Nothing big.

I wanted to make a million dollars… but I also sorta figured that was impossible.

Until I watched John Reese launch a course that he was selling for $1,000. He was the big internet marketing guy at the time.

I was studying the launch — he’d bought ads, had affiliates promoting it, and did a ton of other cool stuff.

And I’ll never forget… in an 18-hour window of time, he’d sold 1,000 copies of the $1,000 course.

That’s a MILLION dollars.

I was this young 23-year-old kid… I couldn’t believe it. It destroyed a lot of beliefs I had about entrepreneurship and making money… that it was hard… that I couldn’t do it… that it took a long time to build wealth…

And then I saw this guy. He had the same amount of time as I had. He was a normal human being just like me. He didn’t seem particularly special.

But in 18 hours, he made a million dollars.

The realization hit me…

If he can do that, I can figure out how to do that.

It changed my life.

Ever since that experience, I’m constantly on the lookout for the next “breakthrough” where I can watch someone just like me do something that I thought was impossible.

That’s why me and my team visited Dreamforce in 2018, to reignite our vision for ClickFunnels. It’s why I’ve created an inner circle of my dream clients. And it’s why I attend so many masterminds every year.

For me, it’s not only about watching other people do the impossible… but about showing other people what’s possible.

If you find yourself doubting yourself… or thinking that you aren’t capable of achieving your goals…

Then watch someone else do it.

It’s one of the most powerful ways to break through your own glass ceiling 🙂

- Russell “if I can do it, you can do it” Brunson



Let us know if this has ever happened to you.

You go somewhere and you know exactly what you want. Maybe you’ve gone to buy a specific car, or you’re going to look at a house, or it could be something as simple as a specific piece of clothing.

But you already know what you want… and you’re just going through the routine to go and get it.

Then a salesperson comes up and talks your ear off. They show you other stuff you hadn’t even thought about buying. They tell you stories you don’t really care about. And in the end… you’re so flustered that you just end up deciding to leave without buying anything.

Been there?

Us too.

In this recent Instagram video from Russell, he shared the results of a two-landing-page test. The first landing page was quite long with a lot of additional copy, testimonials, etc.

The second landing page was a lot simpler and shorter…

In this case, the second landing page converted 80% better!

Even though it’s way shorter and provides a lot less detail, that’s actually a good thing… probably because the offer is clear, it’s simple, and people just want their problem solved.

It’s entirely possible to “oversell” people on a long landing page for an offer that is clear and simple — like the car salesman who talks too much.

So make sure you test to see whether your offer performs better with a long landing page… or with a short and simple landing page.

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Want more website or funnel traffic?

Here are 5 quick strategies!

Go Live Daily on Social Media 📣
Commit to a 30-day challenge where you go live daily on Facebook or Instagram. Provide value, and soft pitch a lead magnet related to your teaching at the end of each session. Social media is a huge driver of traffic.


Create a Soap Opera Email Sequence 🔥
Use a soap opera sequence for your welcome emails. This is a series of emails with engaging stories, gradually building up to your core offer. Remember, every email should have a clear Call-to-Action.


Align Your Content with Your Offerings 🏹
Develop a content calendar, strategically linking each piece of content (blog post, podcast, video) to one of your products or services. This educates your audience about the problem you solve and positions your offer as the solution.


Leverage NICHE SEO
Instead of battling with broad and highly competitive keywords, focus on niche-specific SEO. Find long-tail keywords that your target audience is searching for within your niche. These are more specific and typically have lower competition, making it easier to rank. Don't forget to use these keywords in your meta descriptions, title tags, and content. SEO is a long game, but targeting niche keywords will help you get found by the right audience, resulting in higher conversion rates.


Capitalize on Your Dream 100
Identify your Dream 100 — these are the top influencers, thought leaders, and industry movers and shakers who already have the attention of your ideal audience. Build relationships, create partnerships, and design strategies to tap into their audience. Whether it's through joint ventures, affiliate marketing, guest posting, or even just engaging with their content regularly, it's a powerful way to siphon traffic from their following to your platforms.


If you want more strategies, you can get a free copy of Russell’s book (just pay S&H), Traffic Secrets, by clicking here.

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Remember, you’re just one funnel away...

- The ‘Marketing Secrets’ Team


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