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DotComSecrets + ClickFunnels = _________


...this IS THE FORMULA...get it now

Okay. I've got a really quick equation I want to share with you.

DotComSecrets + ClickFunnels = _____________.

Can you guess what it is?

I'll tell you what the blank stands for here in a second, but first I want you to understand where these two resources came from...

A few years back, we had the idea for a new startup company we were going to call ClickFunnels. It was going to be a tool that would actually help people to build sales funnels.

I knew that this is something that every entrepreneur needed, but unfortunately, most of them didn't know that they actually needed it.

After we launched ClickFunnels, it took us a while for the company to start growing.

A few months after the launch is when I released my very first book, which is called DotComSecrets.

DotComSecrets is the underground playbook for growing your company online with sales funnels.

It teaches people all the different funnel strategies they need that then they can use inside of ClickFunnels.

I didn't realize that launching the book was going to be the key to people actually using ClickFunnels.

After we launched the book, people read it and very quickly they knew exactly what funnels to build for their specific business.

Inside the DotComSecrets book, I teach about the value ladder, I teach about story selling, I teach about the 10 core funnels, and most specifically, what kind of funnel you need for your specific situation.

  • ​Are you trying to generate leads?
  • ​Are you trying to sell a product?
  • ​What is it you're trying to do?

Because whatever it is you're trying to do, there's a sales funnel for that.

After people started getting this book, it was crazy because then they started flocking in droves to ClickFunnels because now they understood the strategy and now they needed the tool to actually execute on the strategy for their specific company.

I'm telling you this for two reasons.

Step #1 - if you haven't read DotComSecrets yet, you need to read it RIGHT NOW. In fact, I'm going to give you a free copy right here, (just cover shipping handling).

This book will help you to understand what funnels are and how they work for your specific business, so go get your free copy right now.

DotComSecrets + ClickFunnels = _________.png

Step #2 - after you get your copy of the DotComSecrets book, then you need to go get your free trial to ClickFunnels because after you understand what funnels you need, now you need to go and actually build them.

Prior to ClickFunnels, it took me in a team of six people about three months to create a funnel. Now I can do it by myself in less than an hour.

That's how powerful a tool it is and I want to make sure you start using it today.

Because of that, we're going to give you a free 14 day trial.

DotComSecrets + ClickFunnels = .png

And so, that's it for now.

Oh wait... I almost forgot.

DotComSecrets + ClickFunnels = Success.

Success in what?

Well, success in growing your company, success in launching your startup, success in having more impact in the world, success however you define it.

These two tools will help you to quickly grow your company and get your message out to the world.

So, however you define success, I promise you that this book and this tool will help you get there FAST!

What are you waiting for?

1st) Go get your copy of DotComSecrets right now,

and then #2) go get your free 14 day trial to ClickFunnels!

Thanks again,
Russell Brunson

P.S. - Don't forget, you're just one funnel away...


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