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Drop The Mic Show

Is it always better to start building the backend of the funnel first?

Russell answers a question on where he feels the best starting place is and why most entrepreneurs end up falling short.

During your Clickfunnels journey what was your main source of inspiration?

Russell explains his mindset when it comes to having a vision and the driving forces behind it.

How do you calculate how much to pay for a customer if you don’t know their lifetime value?

Russell explains what lifetime value is and in which situations it should be considered.

Episode 5 – #AskRussellAnything

My name is Russell Brunson and I'm on a journey to help entrepreneurs get unstuck so that they can get back to changing the world. In the past 10 years, I've built a following of over a million entrepreneurs like you. Sold hundreds of thousands of copies of my books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels dubs, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to quickly get their message out to the marketplace. If you've got questions, I've got answers.

Can I use funnels to promote my e-commerce store when using a white labeling service?

Russell answers a question on white labeling and some pitfalls that can come along with it.

How do you decide when to make live content vs. recorded content?

Russell gives his insight on how he views producing content.

How do you balance between giving to causes you believe in and efficiently growing your business?

Russell discusses the right and wrong ways of going about giving to causes that matter to you.

How do you get focused enough to accomplish anything when your buying multiple information products?

Russell's suggestion on what to do when you're having a hard time choosing a direction to focus on.

What’s the best way to use the registration confirmation page in an auto-webinar funnel?

Russell answers a question on ways to use a webinar confirmation page and addresses the most important rule when it comes to webinars.

What’s the #1 mistake ClickFunnels users are making?

Russell addresses the most common mistakes people tend to make when setting up and offer or funnel.

Any ideas on how to “warm up” our leads so they’ll want to answer the phone and have a conversation?

Russell discusses a highly effective method for quickly creating rapport with leads.

What do you do (mindset-wise) to condition yourself to have success?

Russell answers a question on how to develop a successful mindset and the importance of believing in what you do.

What do you do to get in state for a successful hack-a-thon?

Russell shares what he does to get into the right frame of mind when going into a hack-a-thon.

How can I scale my program when people are too embarrassed to share the topic?

Russell addresses what to do when you have a product that is challenging or uncomfortable to talk about.

Episode 4 – #AskRussellAnything

In this episode, Russell reveals the #1 mistake ClickFunnels users are making. He also answers questions on the best way to use registration confirmation pages in your webinar funnels and how to decide when to make live content vs. recorded content.

How can I use a funnel to promote my gym?

Russell answers a question on using funnels for gyms and setting up a pre-launch funnel.