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During your Clickfunnels journey what was your main source of inspiration?


During your ClickFunnels journey, what was your main source of inspiration that directed you to where you are today?

I run a real estate agency and have a bunch of clients. I have the same problem happening again and again. Leads come in… people enter name, email, phone number… and they don’t respond… When the agent calls them, they say, “Oh, I’m just looking around,” because they don’t want to talk to a salesperson. Do you have any ideas, besides emails and retargeting, on how to warm those leads up so they’ll want to answer the phone or have the conversation?

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I think there’s different levels of motivation that come from different things. For me, part of my motivation is I’m a creator. I love creating stuff. So just knowing what we were creating got me motivated. We’re going to create something and we have a vision of what we wanted it to be. They always say that without a vision people perish.

The first thing is you have a vision of what it is that you want to create and what you want to do. I see that, I see the vision and know where we’re going. I try to make it as real as possible for me. When people are using this, what’s it going to mean? How’s it going to affect them? How is it going to change them and their lives and the people they serve?

I think that’s what drove a lot of us. Obviously some of the other things that drive you, as an entrepreneur or capitalist, is we like money. The thought of what could happen, that drove me. This could be something that sets us up for life. I also thought about potential, as we start building a team, employees and jobs, all the other cool stuff that comes with building it.

I think it’s just finding whatever gives you passion and fires you up. It’s figuring those things out and having a vision of where you want to go and what you want to create and do and go from there.


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