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You can direct people into your funnels from your post and from the posts you make on your personal profile. If you provide value on the social platforms, people will come running to your house because they want more of you. And from there, they will flow into your funnels." What? So here's the picture I doodle right here, if you guys can see this here. So here's the social party happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch. I don't know whatever your social thing is. And so the way the model works is you go to these social parties and you be social.


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What's up everybody? This is Russell. Excited to be hanging out with you guys today in quarantine. I'm curious really quick, how it's been for everybody. Are you guys surviving? Do you have teenage kids you want to strangle at times? Not that it's me, I'm just curious if that's happening for anybody else besides us. Oh man. Anyway, it's been fun. So we are killing it on the Marvel series, we just watched Thor: The Dark World last night, which means tonight we get to watch, I think next is Guardians of the Galaxy.

So we're moving through the entire series, which has been a lot of fun. Hopefully you guys are picking something like that to do, as well with your family. Because it's like the one thing that keeps us sane is knowing that each night we're going to watch next in the Marvel series. So anyway, I'm excited to be with you guys today. Today, we're going to be talking about traffic secrets. Surprise, surprise, did you guys even know we're going to talk about that today? I assumed you probably assumed that since we're doing this every day for like two and a half weeks. So hopefully you guys have a good time.

So today, we're going to go deeper into The Traffic Secrets book. But I'm curious, how many guys have gotten your copy? I guess we don't ship until May 5th, technically you don't have them yet. But how many of you guys have ordered your copy and you are geeking out? How many of you guys have listened to the audio book already? Because the audio book is available immediately. Hopefully you guys have had a chance to do that. So if not, make sure you go to and get your copy. Pre-order your copy now, they ship May 5th. As well as this box set, this is one of the upsells. I know some of you guys ... a lot of you guys actually, got this box set for the upsell. With all three books, the new updated .com secrets, updated expert and the new traffic plus the unlock the secrets workbook. And so those are all there.

Probably the upsell flow when you go to But you are able to get the audio books anytime. So anyways, hope you guys are listening to it. I had a couple people this weekend that told me they've listened to it multiple times and they're loving it. So it's exciting. For any of you guys who ever written a book, you know it's really scary at first. Like when you're writing a book and you're in isolation, it's like fun and exciting, you're dreaming about people getting it someday. And then like when you first start handing it to people, it's like the fear of like, "What if they don't like it?" So making me happy so far that I've heard really good feedback from everybody. All right with that said, today, we're going to dive back into the Traffic Secrets book.

And now we start talking about getting traffic. Yesterday, I shared with you guys the fill your funnel framework. Did you guys like that? Hope you enjoyed that. It's a big piece of the puzzles, it's a big piece of the pie that you got to understand. And hopefully you guys listened yesterday to that. If not, make sure you go back and watch them, they're all stored over on Facebook, on my fan page. And then also we are making a podcast with all these episodes, too. So that'll be coming out here, hopefully soon, maybe next day or so. So today we're going to be going deeper into the middle of it. So today we are in secret number eight. Secret number eight is called fill your funnel organically or working your way in. So if you remember a couple days ago, we talked about there's three types of traffic. There's traffic that you control, so basically that's, for example, like Mark Zuckerberg owns a lot of traffic. He owns Facebook, owns all of traffic there, but he allows us as business owners to control some of this.

We can come in and say, "Hey Mark, here's some money. Can you send people that like my stuff over to me?" And he will redirect some of that traffic and you can control it, you don't own it. But you can control it and send it to your own landing page. That's traffic that you control. Then there's the other kind of traffic, which is traffic that you earn. This is where you're going out and you're getting on people's interviews and podcasts and Facebook lives and all those kind of things. Those who've been watching this book launch and notice I've been doing this like crazy. I think yesterday I did nine interviews. It was a lot and today, got a full day, back to back to back, as well. And so that's kind of the second way, traffic that is working your way in. And then the third is traffic that you own.

So you talked a lot about that over the last week or so. And this one now is going to go a little deeper into working your way in, like how do you get in? How do you get that traffic? How do you get organic traffic? And the story that I tell in this book is interesting. So, my background is I come from like a hardcore direct response marketing world. Like I learned from guys like Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert who were all direct to mail radio, TV. And they didn't produce content, but for the most part, like their marketing was very heavily direct response. Like really good sales letters, they grab someone's attention, tell them the story and get them to buy something.

And that's kind of the world I came from. And so the first ... I don't know, eight or nine years of my business, that's all it was. Was like, we wrote really good ads, really good headlines. That's how we got people into our world. And I remember about that time is when The Social Network started coming out. And I honestly didn't get it at first. Like Facebook came out, I was like, "I don't get this. Like, it doesn't make any sense to me." And I'd go to try something on Facebook and I never made any money. I'm like, "Yeah, this is for the little kids." So I left it alone for way too long, a long time. And then I remember next was Twitter and then the other ones. And I remember when Twitter first came out, I was like, "Okay, I got to figure out the social thing, this is the secret. Like there's all these people here hanging out, I can make a bunch of money."

And so I did what a lot of marketers do and I did it all completely wrong. And so what I did is I remember, I went to Twitter and back then they had these different like software tools you could download. Where basically you'd be like, "I want to add a 100,000 people to my Twitter account." So these software would go out there. It would go and like ... it would follow people and then they would auto follow you back and they would unfollow you then. And then a lot of them, they would just keep following you. So like you go out there and you basically would build these huge followings of hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter. I'm like, "This is amazing. I have a list of 100,000 people on Twitter."

And then my marketing brain's like, "Okay, I'm going to go and I'm going to sell something because now I got 100,000 followers, I'm going to sell some stuff to them." And so I went in there and I just did what good direct response marketers do. I started spamming with my links, like, "Hey, buy my crap, buy my crap." Kept like dropping links to all my stuff. And it what was crazy is like, even though I was like sending this message out to 100,000 followers on Twitter, the number of clicks I got was almost zero and the sales I got was zero. And I remember like I was doing it for a week or two and I was just like, "This social thing's a scam, it doesn't work. Like God." I was like so frustrated. I was like, "Screw Twitter, I'm done." I was like, "I'm never going to do this again."

And so luckily at the same time, there was another one of my friends online, who's one of the smartest marketers, I know. His name is Perry Belcher. And Perry comes into Twitter with all his swagger and his way. And he comes in and he starts building up a following. And obviously he's doing differently than me, but he's getting all these people to follow him and then he's in there, he sees telling stories and getting people to laugh and he's doing cool stuff. And I'm just kind of confused, I'm like, I feel like he's wasting his time. Like he's in there just like hanging out, he's part of this huge social party and he's like the life of the party and everyone loves Perry and everyone's following him and tweeting him.

And I don't know, all the stuff that they do. And I'm watching him for a couple months. And I'm like getting more and more disillusioned with social traffic at the time. They're looking at Perry and Perry's like in the middle of this party. And like, he is the cool kid, he went from like having zero followers to 10,000 to 50, to 100,000, to 200,000, to 300,000, like right before my eyes, I'm watching this. I'm like, "Okay." I'm like, "But he's not making any money. He's like not promoting anything, he's not pitching anything." Like my marketing brain's like, it does not compute. I do not understand this. Like, why is he not selling something to these people? And I'm watching this for a couple months and then towards the end of it, after a couple months of it, he puts on this webinar.

He's like, "Hey guys, I'm doing a webinar. If you want to come to the party, it's going to be awesome. Like, come over here." And I remember this vividly because they messaged me and they're like, "Russell, we have like 10,000 people register for this webinar. And our GoTo Webinar account only holds a thousand, can we borrow one or two of your GoTo Webinar accounts?" So I'm like, "Okay." So I like gave him my GoTo Webinar account, he had other people's. And they Daisy chain together this huge mass webinar to his Twitter followers. And on the launch night when they did it, I don't remember his exact numbers, they had, I don't know, close to 100,000 people register. They had 30 or 40,000 people show up live, Daisy chained between all these GoTo Webinar accounts. And then he did this webinar, at the end of the webinar he sold ... I don't remember what it was, sold some course.

And they did over a million dollars in sales from this course. And he gets done and I'm looking, I'm like, here's Russell perplex, like I don't get it. Like, I'm so confused right now. Like this does not make any sense to me. And so I'm kind of sitting there for a couple days, just kind of perplex. And finally I reach out to Perry, I'm like, "Can I ask you a question?" He's like, "Yeah. What?" I'm like, "Let me jump on a call with you." So jump on a call. And anyway, I wonder if I should read this part of it. All right, so I'm going to read this part of it because it's from the book. So page number 137, so I said, I finally reached out to him and ask if he'd be willing to explain his strategy to me. Luckily for me, he agreed.

We quickly jumped on a phone call together and went a little something like this, "Hey Perry." I said. "I've been trying to figure out how to make money with all this social networking stuff and it is not working. I see on the outside what you're doing, but it all seems backwards. You're not promoting anything, you're not selling anything. You're making a ton of money. What are you doing?" Perry kind of laughed and said, "That's your problem, Russell. Guess how much money I try to make with social networking?" "As much as possible." I guess. I could hear them grin on the other end and then he said, "Zero, none. That's how much I try to make with social networking. Social networking is not about making money, it's about making friends. It's just like how we do business in person. Let me show you how I view social media and how I use it to grow my companies. If you look at the social networks, we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et cetera. I view all of these networks like I'm going to a party. So if I'm on Twitter posting messages and responding, it's like I'm at a party. Does that make sense?" "Kind of." I replied.

"But I'm still not sure how it makes us any money." "Well, when you go to a party, do you just talk about what you do? Hey, I'm Perry and I sell stuff. Would you like to buy some stuff for me? No, of course you don't. If you did, you'd be the biggest jerk at the party. Everyone would avoid you. That's what you've been doing on social media, Russell. I've been watching you and that's why it's not working for you."

"Okay, then what do we talk about on social networking sites? As an introvert, I've never really networked them in real life. So I'm not sure how or what I should be saying." He said, "You're going to talk about what's going on in your life." Perry responded, "You talk about your family, tell stories, entertain them a little bit, ask them questions, or introduce them to other cool people at the party. Basically you do everything you would if you were hanging out with them in real life. Social networking is just a great big party. That's part number one." I doodle an image to make sure it was clear in my mind. I also made a note to watch how Perry and everyone else in my Dream 100 was posting and making conversations on each social network, so I could start modeling these party interactions. "The second part of the process is how I use my personal profile on each social platform."

Perry continued, "My personal profile is my house, it's my home, it's where I live. It has most of my thoughts, my information, stuff that's interesting to me. I archive pictures, videos, fun stuff I've done with my friends and stuff like that. When people come to my house, they know what I'm about. Then they can see the things that I like to talk about. Now, this is how it works. When I go into these groups and I start networking, or I see someone else's post on my feed, I go and I participate in the conversations and I make friends. As they see me consistently show up, they will drop by my house and see what I'm all about. I give them some free stuff like chips and dip or free content to get them to come to your house.

Then when they're at my house, that's where I invite them back to take action with me, to register for my webinar, attend my next event, read my book or join my newsletter list. That's how I invite people from my house into my funnels. Those selling conversations don't have a place on social media, but they do at your house. You can direct people into your funnels from your post and from the posts you make on your personal profile. If you provide value on the social platforms, people will come running to your house because they want more of you. And from there, they will flow into your funnels." What? So here's the picture I doodle right here, if you guys can see this here. So here's the social party happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch.

I don't know whatever your social thing is. And so the way the model works is you go to these social parties and you be social. Again, as an introvert, I didn't really know what that meant. Perry's like, "You got to be social." I'm like, "I'm scared of people." He's like, "Well, the way his extroverts do, when we go to a party, we show up and we talk to each other. We're like, oh, you got to meet so and so, you got to meet so and so. And we're like telling these stories and getting to know each other. So that's what's happening in these social networks. We go and we're part of this huge party that's happening. And then at the party, if people like us, we invite them to come back to our house, which is our personal profiles.

So like, if you're on Facebook and you see me keep popping in these conversations, I'm the life of the party and you see me everywhere. You're like, "Who is this Russell guy?" You click on my little face, you come back to my home. And over there you're like, "Oh, what's happening over here?" And there's where you see links to my blog, links to my funnels, like my web book class, my free books. Like all those things where you see it there. And then from there, I can then send people to my offers. So it goes social party, invite them back to your house and your house from there, they get pushed into your funnels. And that was the big aha that I had never realized before. And so before, if you noticed, I put this chapter in here before I start talking about each of the social networks, because I didn't want people going in like I did. Which is go and spam like crazy.

So I went back to my Twitter account, I deleted it, started a new one. I was like, "Okay, I'm going to repent in my ways. And I'm going to go and I'm going to be social. I'm going to help people out." And I never personally got very good at Twitter, I'm not going to lie. But I got good at Facebook, I got good Instagram, I got good at these other channels. I went in there and I started saying, "Where are the parties at?" It's fun on Facebook, you can go in and if you search groups. So, I go to groups and type in your keyword. So let's say you're a photographer, photography groups, or marketing groups or coronavirus groups, whatever you want, you post it. And there's groups of people already ... there's social parties already happening. And sometimes there's social parties with 100,000, 200,000, a million people that are happening in them.

So I go to these platforms, I'm like, "Oh, the parties are happening." The Facebook groups are already there, the Instagram people are like ... the things are already there. So your job is to go to these parties and become the life of the party. Go help people, be of service, like show up consistently. When you do that, that'll start getting people coming back into your home. They start following you. And from there, you can push them into your funnels and beyond. So what I recommend for you guys today, here's my fun assignment for you today. And the easiest place to do this is Facebook's, Facebook's groups are like the biggest social parties in the world. And Facebook's pushing groups like crazy right now, if you notice, I don't know if you guys watched the Super Bowl or not. But during the Super Bowl, they had ads for Facebook groups like ... which is kind of ironic.

That the biggest advertising platform on earth is advertising other places to get people to create groups. So Facebook wants groups, they need groups, they're like pushing everyone there. So there's all these groups happening, every topic you can dream of. So go to Facebook and if you go up to the search bar, you can search inside of groups and look for groups inside of your market. Groups that already have your dream customers congregated inside of them. And there's tons of them. And go in there and what I like to try to do personally is I say, I want to go to enough parties that there's at least a million people that I have exposure to. So I go there and say I type in the, photography. If I show you right now with you guys, I go to Facebook here and I go to the top to the search bar.

Of course, Facebook's going to load slow the second I'm going live. Okay, I'm going to open a new tab because something's wrong. Okay. So I go up the search bar at the top, I'm going to type in photography and then, photography groups. So I type in photography groups, I click on it. And low and behold, there's a bunch of groups here. Okay, the first one's called Photography Learning and Sharing, there's 93,000 members there. There's a party with 93,000 of my dream customers there. Next one, Photography for Beginners, there's a group of 95,000 members. Photography for Beginners, 32,000 members. Photography, 1.3 million ... there's a party with 1.3 million people talking about photography right there. Photography Talks, 787,000 people. Photography Group 7,500. Okay, so just the top 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... the top five photography groups that pop up in my search result, there's 1.3 million, there's 250,000 ... oh no, sorry. 2.5 million people in the first five groups talking about photography.

There's five parties with 2.5 million people hanging out there. So what do I do? Do I go in there and start spamming them like crazy and dropping links, promoting my free photography course. No, that's not what you do. You'll get kicked out of those groups and you get banned forever. And people are like, "That's the jerk who comes in and spams all day long." Imagine you're at a social networking party and some guy comes in and he's got the t-shirt with his business card out. He's handing out business cards, like "Come buy my crap, blah, blah, blah." Everyone's like, "Oh, it's that guy right there. Oh crap, he's at the dream table, like walk over here."

People are going to avoid you and in these groups, they'll just kick you out. So the goal's not to do that, is to come in this group and like, "Hey, there's 1.3 million people in this group right here. This is the biggest social party of all time. I need to come in and I need to be cool. How do I help these people? How can I certainly go in there?" And so what I would do, is I would try to pick enough groups so you have at least a million people inside of these parties you're going to. And some markets are going to be different, if your local market's going to be smaller and maybe you can get 10,000 people, whatever. But pick a group size. I like saying, I want my social party to be at least a million people ... excuse me, for my market. Again, might be different for yours, but pick a number. And then go join five or 10 groups. And then this is what I want you to do, for the next week. I want you to go in there and I want you just to serve. It's going to be tough, you're going to want to go spam your links. And that's not the game, that's not we're playing. The goal is to go in there and go into each group and say, there's five groups.

Go into each of the five groups and try to answer three questions each day in each of the groups. So it's 15 questions you're going to answer. Look in there, see what people are asking through the questions that you know the answer to and go in there and be helpful. Be the person who's at the party, be like, "What's your problem? Oh, I can help you. Let me help you." And start helping people. And try it for a week straight. So there's five groups, there's three posts a day. So you're making 15 posts a day, 15 questions you're going to answer a day for a week. So that's 15 times seven equals ... some of my mathematicians can figure that out for me, whatever that is, and go and do that. And what's going to happen is in a week from now, people are going to be like, "Who is this new kid at the party? This person's awesome, they're showing up, they're answering questions that are really, really cool."

And they're going to start clicking on your links and going back to your personal profile. And there is where you can be posting stuff about, "Hey, my new book's coming out. Oh, hey, my new thing." That's your house, you're bringing people back to your house. But it starts with serving. It starts with working your way in. And so that's what I would do right now, you guys. You're looking for the social party. That's the step for today. Does that sound like fun? Like you have something tangible you can go and do right now. Cool. Someone's asking, should I use my page or my profile? So when I'm going out social networking, I'm using my personal page. Because I want then to come back to see you me. Now my personal page, I'm not going to be spamming my business like crazy, but I'm going to have stuff there. I'm going to have pictures of my family, I'm going have pictures of my business. I feel like your personal profile, there's places you can go and like go look at my personal profile, if you guys want to see it.

If I'm out there being social and someone clicks on it and comes back to it, like you see there's picture of me on stage. There's links to some of my things up there. There's like the little intro card there, it says founder at Click Funnels, it has some things there. And then my number one image is the image of my three books, and they click on the image, they can go get a copy there. So yeah, like my personal profiles, I'm not building it to be a business page because that's not the job. But there should be bread crumbs that get people back to like find my stuff and find my funnels and see what I'm talking about. And like, get to know me at a deeper level. So it's your personal profile going out to these groups and serving. Okay. And that's the game plan. So, that's how we're starting this party today.

That's the secret number eight. When you guys get the book, it goes deeper into it. But it's helping you guys understand, like that's how we can start getting into this, you need to be getting in front of people. You got to start filling your funnels, you got to start working your way in. And while you're waiting to get booked on podcast, interviews and things like that. Go and find these social groups, get in front of a million people and start hanging out, networking, talking, being useful. And all of a sudden, you start showing up. And it's fun, you're going to meet friends there, you get to know people. Some of you guys, you'll find lifelong friends that you'll meet inside these groups. And then you'll find other people and they start watching, who are the other people that are posting? Who are the people that have products, that have courses?

Let me get to know them, maybe they'll be my future joint venture partners. Maybe there's someone in this group that has a podcast. Maybe that's a question you can ask like, "Hey, I love this for photography group. There's 1.3 million people here, it's awesome. I'm curious, any of you guys run photography podcast? Like I'm looking for some good photography podcasts I want to listen to. Who's got one?" And then the people that podcasts who post in there and you're like, "Oh cool." Listen to the podcast. "Oh, I love your podcast. This is so cool." Get to know them, you build a relationship and then guess what happens?

Somewhere along the line, you're like, "Hey, I've got this really cool ebook that I'm giving away for free over here. Can I come on your podcast? Like I'm obsessed with your podcast. I love it. Can I come and share some stuff? And then I can give away this ebook for free to your listeners?" Boom. Now you're in. You guys get it? This is how this game is played. It's really, really fun. And I hope you enjoy it. So, all right, you guys. Well, I'm going to be working my way and I've got like eight podcasts I'm doing today. So I got to jump off and go get prepared for those. But hopefully this is giving you guys some ideas and getting the wheels spinning and something you can do during your quarantine time. Maybe during quarantine time, instead of answering three questions per group, you answer five per group. Ah, and serve you even more and get even more people to like you. It'd be amazing. So anyway, hope that helps you guys. I appreciate you for hanging out.

If you don't have a copy of the Traffic Secret book, we are in pre-launch right now. It ships on May 5th, but you need a pre-order yours today before we sell out. We have sold a ton of these things in the last two weeks. The big affiliate contest ends this week. And so we may pull the funnel down at that point, I'm not quite sure the plans, we'll kind of see as we get closer. But if you don't have a copy now, go reserve it ASAP at, you can go and you can get it. After you've reserved it at, you can get the audio book it's available immediately. It's one of the order form bumps, you can go to audiobook. One of the upsells is the box where you get the new updated hardbound .com seekers, new updated hardbound Expert Secrets, the Traffic Secrets book and the Unlocked Secrets workbook is in the upsell flow.

So you could upgrade and get that, if you want. I also spent seven days in the studio reading all three of these books. It was like the most painful seven days of my life, I'm not going to lie. But that means I got three audio books, the new updated ones. So that means you can start listening to all of these instantly, because in the upsell flow, you get the audio books of all three, if you want, as well. And then you can geek out, listen to all three books in order, if you want. So it's start with .com secrets, this is like how to build your funnels, this is how to communicate and move people through your funnels instead of get more people into your funnels. And so that's what the whole trilogy is. All available at

Anyways, you guys, appreciate you hanging out today. Yeah, I love doing this, it's been really, really fun. Best thing with quarantine has been hanging out with you guys every single day and we've got good turnout coming every day. So I appreciate that. So anyway, with that said, I appreciate you all and I'll see you guys mañana. And if you enjoy this at all, please comment down in the comments down below, let me know and we'll go from there. Oh, someone said, what's the fourth book? The unlock the secrets book is a workbook that goes with these three books. So as you're reading .com secrets, the first third of this is the workbook that goes with that. And then as you read this, the second third of it is the workbook goes with expert secrets. And as you read the traffic secrets, it's the last third of the workbook syncs with that.

So as you're going through here and you're learning the concepts, and here's where you're journaling and you're writing your ideas. Here, you'll hear me talk about it and then here is where you create yours. And so you're doing the stuff, the exercises as you're going through the books. So anyway, it's going to be awesome. So anyway, appreciate you guys. Thanks so much for hanging out and if you don't have a copy of it, again, And with that said, I will see you guys all tomorrow. Bye everybody.


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