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Elevate Your Brand with a Cross-Channel Marketing Approach


Email, social media, search engines, ads–you have many options for reaching customers and clients.

All forms have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, emails have a great return on investment (ROI) but limit you to your subscriber list.

Like diversifying stock investments, you’re most successful when you combine the various advantages of many channels into one cohesive marketing channel strategy. Likewise, you reduce the effects of their disadvantages when you include as many of them as possible.

Are you ready to start earning an average of 9.5% more in annual revenue? Learn how to elevate your brand with cross-channel marketing, increase awareness, engage more customers, and generate more revenue.

​But first…


Cross-, Multi-, Omni-. What’s the Difference?

You'll read and hear a lot about these three types of channels. Sometimes, you’ll see others use these interchangeably, but they do have their differences:


Omni-Channel Marketing

This means your brand is across all the different channels. While that's an excellent future goal (way down the road), the most necessary objective to focus on is where your audience wants you most.


Multi-Channel Marketing

This means your customers find you in multiple places and platforms. That's a good goal, too, but it misses the mark just a tiny bit with one crucial piece. Where is the glue that connects those channels into a cohesive brand identity and customer experience?


Cross-Channel Marketing

That's where cross-channel marketing comes in. As with multi-channel marketing, you appear across many customer touchpoints. However, the effort is more mindful. It's the difference between a brass band playing their instruments however they want versus a conductor bringing them in sync.

​Cross-channel marketing is a mindfully thought-out strategy built on your objectives, audience, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

​How do you make that slight but crucial shift from multi-channel to cross-channel marketing?


Use the Right Tool for the Job

Start with a comprehensive marketing tool to help you manage the many things we are about to recommend. You don't have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. That will eat up precious time and can interfere with your consistency.

Automated technology solutions are the backbone of the most successful cross-channel marketing strategies. They save time and hassle, allowing you to focus on business drivers.

​Finding one tool that allows you to handle multiple parts of the job also prevents siloed feedback. You'll need that feedback to track your performance and experiment as your customers and trends change over time.


Establish a Consistent Brand Look

You want customers to recognize you as you appeal to them in various ways. Ensure those touchpoints look and feel seamless for the customer who might notice your Facebook ad, then look you up in a search engine, research your reviews on Yelp, compare you to competitors, and look for your physical product or service location.

​Aim for consistent tones, visual elements, and messaging across all platforms. Your email, text, website, and social media messaging must blend into one seamlessly harmonious marketing campaign.


Understand Your Customers

To serve your customers best:

  • Get to know them (really well).
  • ​Discover their needs, wants, and motivating factors to create super-appealing content.
  • ​Thoroughly research the various channels they use most.

Discover Your Customer’s Journey

Your customers travel unique pathways when interacting with your brand. Uncover what those are.

​A customer journey map helps you identify crucial touchpoints. Once you know them, you can establish marketing efforts that provide considerably more meaningful and engaging content at each stage of your funnel.



Focus your marketing strategy on what your customer wants most.

And what do they want most? They want to feel valued, seen, and special when they know they are one of millions of hopeful customers.

Successful cross-channel marketing strategies combine highly targeted messaging across multiple channels, such as emails, text messages, social media, landing pages, and website pages. The overall effect is a relationship.

Avoid sending generic marketing messages to ensure your customers receive the same positive messaging and experience across every channel. Your impact relates to how well you segment your audience to get the right message to the right audience at the right time on the right channel.

​Develop meaningful messaging by honing in on your audience's needs and desires. Your customers will reject you if they feel they are just names in a database to you. They'll respond much better if they can sense the effort you put into creating a personal connection with your customers.


Track and Measure

Informative feedback and a healthy use of it pave your path to success. Without data, you’re shooting in the dark.

Use your comprehensive marketing funnel tool to collect information on your customers, sales, products, or services. Hone user profiles to better understand your customers, enhance your personalization, and determine what’s working well and what needs refining.

​Gather info from sources such as email marketing reports, social media engagement analytics, and heat maps to smooth out friction points in the customer journey. You’ll help your customers move through your funnel with ease, improve conversions, and drive repeat business.


Integrate Channels

There is no shortage of ways to reach your target audience. Make sure you aren't haphazardly posting content on various platforms and hoping for the best.

​Mindfully approach multi-channel marketing as you would other business growth strategies. Pick a comprehensive marketing tool for the job to help you establish a consistent brand image, get to know your customers better, and map their journey so that you can hyper-personalize their experience. The same tool should help you capture data to continue improving.


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