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Ep 01 - My First (Real) Periscope!!


Hey everyone, I am periscoping now, again. For those of you who just got here, I tried periscoping at 5 minutes ago, and had some weird account on my phone. Somehow people are following me, and they jumped on, and I left a 4 minute periscope, but then it turns out it wasn't ... It wasn't really my real account, or something. This, apparently, is my real account. Can you guys see me? I got 27 people on ... Man there's a lot more people on this one. Well that's good news, hey everybody. Yeah, added it to Twitter, so that means we're live, this is real.

Okay, well check it out, so this is ... Inside of Clickfunnels, some of you guys know we're launching the new marketing automation platform, suite, and everything like that, which will allow us to do emails, and text message, and whole bunch of cool follow-up things, and you can edit your emails inside an email editor, so check this out. I have been working on my first email inside the email editor, is that cool? It looks awesome, and actually the reason why I'm doing this Periscope is I'm trying to figure this out, because in my footer, I'm putting down links all my stuff, and then I'm going to add it right here. It says, "Catch me live on Periscope," and I'm going to put my Periscope info there. That way you guys can hang out with me in the future, when I do actually cool ones of these, so this is my beginning one, and I think I messed it up, but we're getting closer.

Anyway that's it for now you guys, I'm going to start posting some cool things. I was thinking about maybe doing a daily recap of all the most cool stuff I've figured out, but ... For the day, because every day we're pushing the envelope, learning new stuff, doing new stuff, so that'd be kind of cool to do a recap at the end of the day, and share with you guys what's going down over here. If that interests you, let me know, but that's about it you guys. I appreciate you. I'll go figure this out, and hopefully next time around this will be even more amazing. Thanks everyone, well I'm out of here you guys, I'm going to go figure this out, and then I'll start posting these things up soon, and we'll have some fun. All right, thanks everyone.


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