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Ep 02 - Behind The Scenes - ClickFunnels - Actionetics



Hey everyone. This is Russell. We have something cool to talk about. I'm going to wait until everyone jumps on here and then we have some cool stuff. I apologize, I'm doing two Periscopes in one day. The first one was a test, now I get it and I got some cool, cool, cool stuff to show your guys, but only if I get a lot of hearts. If I don't get hearts, I'm not showing you guys this cool stuff.

[inaudible 00:00:22] you rock dude. Hey my Simon, what's up dude? Simon's awake down in Australia. Jaylee, yo, yo, yo dude. This is so much fun. I'm spinning around in circles in my chair, I hope you guys don't get dizzy, I'm getting a little dizzy.

All right, I'm going to show you guys here in a minute behind the scenes of ClickFunnels and Actionetics, but once we get a couple more people on. Yes, you can chat and I figured out how to do it Ricardo. All right, we got Lank, he's watching from Delaware. Chad Connects and what's cracken? My fingers are cracked a little bit. Anderson: "I love my ClickFunnels shirt", sure, oh we got some new ClickFunnels t-shirts coming out, some crazy ones. Someone said, "What's up funnel man?" All right, are those hearts? I don't even know what they mean, but they're exciting, so that's cool.

You're welcome Paul. How many of you guys want to see behind the scenes of Actionetics and ClickFunnels? I have been working on it today. In fact, I just built out my very first action funnel, which I'm going crazy excited about it and I want to show your guys.

Shelly sent hearts and you love me, I love you too. Simon, American funnel T-shirt.

All right, what I thought would be kind of fun for my Periscopes, some kind of theme or whatever. I think my theme is going to be is every day at the end of the day, I'm just going to show you guys the cool crap I did that day? That be like fun?

Amber ask me, "Russell what do you do all day?" Now you're going to see what I do every single day and it's a ton of fun. I'm going to show you guys, okay, but first I got to set this up.

How many of your guys have heard about Actionetics before? If you've heard of Actionetics say, "Russell, yes. I've heard of Actionetics." If you actually haven't say, "I have no idea what you're talking about Russell." I've got some yeses. Yes, yes, yes, all right. Some yeses and no's. I don't even know how your guys found out who I am, so using the right ClickFunnels, maybe we should step back. Who here has no idea what ClickFunnels is? If you don't know what ClickFunnels is, okay.

So step one is go to, so it's a software that's taking over the whole world soon. I'm pretty sure that every website on Earth, that's making any money, will be on ClickFunnels. All the rest will be on WordPress, but if you're making money it's because you're on ClickFunnels, and that's it, all right? That's number one.

Actionetics is the new thing that's coming out very, very soon. Not QuickFunnels, did I stutter Jimmy? ClickFunnels, so yeah ClickFunnels, cool. Sorry, I love this. All right, ClickFunnels is the software and Actionetics is the new update that's coming up in the very, very near future and I've been beta testing it today. I actually been working on my new coaching funnel, in ClickFunnels, and so I'm going to show. I build a whole funnel on ClickFunnels, and then I built the whole, we call them, ActionFunnel in ClickFunnels.

The ActionFunnel is your communication funnel. It's what's happening, the e-mails that are going out and things like that, and you can do e-mail, text message or a whole bunch other really, really cool stuff. It is in beta, I'm the only one that's got an access to it. We will be opening it to our next beta group here in like a week or so, and then hopefully through the month. You guys will be playing with it too, which I'm so excited for.

Some more groundwork, so the book DotComSecrets, this is my book too, by the way. In this book, there's a chapter here called, Your Communication Funnel, which is when someone comes into your world how you communicate with those people. What do you say and how do you say it, and what order do you say it? One of the concepts I teach a lot is that when someone first enters your world, first joins your list, you should send out a soap opera sequence, right?

Man these hearts are flying like nuts, this is so much better than last time I did it when I couldn't figure out how to communicate with your guys.

The first is when coming into your world, they join your list and you should have a soap opera sequence, which is building a relationship with you, the attractive character. You, if I click it, it might flip is around, so I'm not going to click. They got to connect with you. If people are in a relationship with you, it don't even matter, so that's the first thing, the soap opera sequence.

When they're done with the soap opera sequence, then we transition them over to our daily find filled e-mails and so conception makes a lot of sense, it's the way to make the most amount of money.

Some say they ordered the book, but never got it. If you ordered the book and never got it, message our support and they can look it up and ship you out one, or it's free plus shipping, it cost like $7 bucks, so just go to and we'll send you out one for $7 bucks.

Anyway, so a lot of people ask me, "How do we do the soap opera over a transition to sign for the e-mails, how do we move people from list to list, and it doesn't work," and I never had a good answer until today. Actionetics, that's the way.

All right Constant Zach, he's got the book. Maury said he woke up at five to continue reading the book, that's awesome. Very cool, thank you. I hope you liked it. I like worked my butt off on that book, it was the hardest project I've ever done.

All right, you guys ready to see it? I need a billion a little hearty things and then I'll show your guys the good stuff. That's not quite a billion, all right we're about a hundred thousand, we're about 1.5 hundred thousand. All right different colors are coming in now. All right, we almost to a million. A couple of more guys. Give me some hearts, give me some hearts, all right we're in.

This is how it works. You guys see over my shoulder? I've got three monitors. I'm kind of a monitor junky. I got to have a lot of them, right? This monitor here in the middle, you can see, this site right here is my new ClickFunnels funnels, some enjoyance, they come to [inaudible 00:05:51] page. In fact, our coaching program is coming out soon and we're going to be giving away $25,000 dollars, it is kind of cool, so this is the new funnel for that. We're giving away $25,000 dollars, they opt in, and then they get a Thank You page, and then here's all the different pages down here that they can get from you, right?

I've really cool videos. We got training videos and we got a bunch of stuff that just provides insane amounts of value, so that people will love me and want to join the coaching program, right? Makes sense, so give, give, give. They love you, they're going to give you, hopefully want you to send out and get more value from you, which means you're going to join the program.

Man this angle I got like a double-chin, I gotta come down. There you go. My head looks huge now. Anyway, I'm learning how to do the selfie thing, this is kind of weird.

All right, so there is the funnel, it is like ClickFunnels, right? All the pages. So I create a page for every e-mail that's going out because I don't like sending an e-mail with the video, so it takes them to the page where they can interact and we get them to do the next step in what we want to do, right?

There is the regular funnel, this is what all you guys have been learning and mastering. Over here, is Actionetics, this is my action funnel. When somebody joins the list right here on this page then I can trigger an action funnel, so an action funnel can be whatever I want it to. Right here is my action funnel. Now right now, action funnels are kind of basic. We're adding tons of new functionality. Right now, it's e-mail and text message.

They join my list and say, "Okay, day one send out this e-mail. Day two, send out this e-mail. Day three, send out this text message. Day four...," and I can start getting more complex saying, "If they open this e-mail then do nothing, but if they didn't open this e-mail then four hours later re-send the e-mail, or send them this e-mail, or send them this text message or," anyway a bunch of cool stuff.

Some of the new stuff that's coming up, you guys, on top of that is ratting it, so you could also have it say like, "If this person makes over $100,000 dollars a year then send them this e-mail or if they have over 30,000 Twitter followers then send them this one." You will be able to do crazy, crazy customization.

Yes, Actionetics is part of ClickFunnels, it'll be part for our Platinum members. Anyway so that's kind of what's it going to be. I created out the whole e-mail sequence down here, so you can see and remember I talked about before in the book, that you get soap opera sequence, right? I get the soap sequence, but at the end of the soap opera sequence, then the very last step here says, "Move them over to your daily Seinfeld list." So I go through all these.

Actually I can set up so when they join the list, it unsubscribes them from all my other lists and they're only getting one e-mail, one thing I'm focusing on from them. They get those e-mails and then, at the end of it I can now say, "Now transition them and move them over to my Seinfeld list." It's super easy. I've been talking about it for years and finally it works. All right, so that's kind of how it works.

Now let me show you're guys a little deeper because it gets even cooler, if you can believe that, okay? I'm going to show how well e-mail see it, but so here's the first e-mail goes out. It says, "Thank you applying." If you scroll down here, you can kind of see the e-mail. You can see the first e-mail that goes out, but check this out. This is the new ClickFunnels Actionetics e-mail editor, so can you see it here? I can write it in here and just like how you use the editor in ClickFunnels, you can use the e-mail editor here. It's a little bit more basic, but I can go in and I can say, "Look, I want to add a new row," and say would you want this row to have one, two, three, four columns? I want four columns and add the four column block down here at the bottom, then going in and add elements, if I want to add pictures, bullet points, links. Anyway, it's similar to the ClickFunnels editor, just way easier.

Let me delete that because I actually don't want that row in here. There's like an e-mail made in ClickFunnels e-mail editor, is that crazy? Yeah, it's insane. Have you guys have noticed that every e-mail editing software sucks? I've tried AWeber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailChimp was even hard for me to use, Maropost, it is like all of them are so, so hard. This one? Easy. This one your e-mails are guaranteed to look amazing, they are all mobile responsive, which I've never had an e-mail editor that is default mobile responsive.

Paul claims that they all suck. Yes, they do and that's the e-mail editor, which is awesome.

What else can I show you guys that's cool? Look at how awesome the e-mail looks. There's the preview of the e-mail to go out that I made and like I said, it's all mobile responsive and that's it. Anyways, so that's what I'm working on, you guys, was doing my first action funnel, so right now someone joins the coaching funnel, and then they get, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve - twelve different e-mails in that sequence and then e-mails do all sort of stuff. I tried to actually even create tons of [inaudible 00:10:36], so I actually have inside that e-mail sequence.

For those of you who were in the certification program last week I talked about funnel stacking, so there's two product launch funnels inside of the application funnel, which is kind of cool. For example, here is one of the pages for the internal launch funnel. Basically, they get these four freaking amazing videos, this handout, and they get to watch it for free after they apply and anyway that's kind of how it works.

I just want to get your guys excited and give you a sneak peak of what's happening, what I did today and that's kind of my game plan. A bunch of you guys are saying, "Like when Actionetics coming live, I want to use it?"

Can you believe we're not even a year old yet. We will be one year old next month and we're going to do a huge - and Simon says he loves me right now. I love you too man - we're are turning one. Our one year birthday is next month and we are going to be doing some crazy stuff. In fact, I think tonight, or maybe tomorrow, when you wake up tomorrow morning, we're giving you your first birthday present. There will be a new user interface, as long as everything goes as planned tonight.

New user interface looks amazing, so it'll look like a brand new ClickFunnels and then Backpack, which has been live for a lot of you guys. If you don't have Backpack, that's our affiliate platform. If you want that just e-mail support at and say, "Give me Backpack on my account," and they can turn that on for you and then Actionetics will be happening before the birthday bash, which is less than a month. That's kind of exciting. But right now I'm just playing with it, learning it, testing it out and you'll see more and more of it from me soon.

Since I had to read all these books. Not only did I read all of those books right here, you guys seen that dude on YouTube who's like, "I read all these books. I drive Ferrari," so there's a bunch of the books I read. My Corvette is out there, so it's not quite as cool as his Ferrari, but check this out, that's not even all of the books. I'm coming down the hallway, there are some more books right there and then you come down this way, there's some more books right here. Anyway, I got a whole bunch of them. I'm kind of a book nerd.

All right, okay, so that's what I wanted to show your guys today. Some of you guys listen to my Marketing in Your Car podcast every morning. When I'm driving, I share my thoughts for the day and the cool stuff I want to do, if you're not subscribed to that yet, go to iTunes and look for Marketing in Your Car. I thought about using Periscope more as a tool for the end of the day, actually I've been doing a bunch of cool stuff just to kind of show you what I've been doing.

You guys want that? You guys want to see what I'm doing every day? If so, I guess just stay subscribed. I don't even know how you guys found me, so I'm guessing you are on Twitter. If you're on Twitter, go search for my Periscope. If you're on Periscope then you already got me. I think my Periscope is @russellbrunson, one word, and that's kind of game plan.

I will be sharing with you guys each day an idea and hopefully give you ideas, and cool things you guys can implement in your business. That's it. I'm excited you guys. We shall all hangout every day, so same day, same time, tomorrow, as long as nothing weird comes up. Sometimes things will come up, but the game plan is to hangout with your guys every day, so I hope you don't mind.

Do a Marketing in Your Car podcast by joining Periscope, all right I'll do that. I'll talk about it. Maybe my Marketing in Your Car peeps can come over and hangout with us here in Periscope and vice versa because they're both on platforms.

Susan wants to translate my products in Brazil, cool. We'll play with that soon, we've got to get some stuff finished first, but long-term I'd be game for that.

Any other things you guys want to ask me real quick before I bounce off? I've actually got to go, I'm late. I'm out of here you guys. I appreciate you all and we'll see you maybe tomorrow on Periscope. Thanks everybody.


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