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Ep 03 - Did You See ClickFunnels New UI



All right everybody, I'm on, but I'm waiting until everybody gets on for the party. This is so cool. Everyone's jumping on. We are hanging out you guys. What's up Ricardo? How's it going? Who else is coming on? Ryan [Hatchay Gallope 00:18]? I don't know who that is. Cameron's coming. Infinite opportunity's coming. Green harts are flowing. Woo hoo, we're on. We're live you guys. I hope everyone's doing awesome. I am getting my people like periscope. This is so much fun. This is fun. I click a button, and instantly there's a dozen people hanging out with me.

Some of you guys ... All of you guys here are entrepreneurs right? They always say that entrepreneur is the loneliest job in the world, because nobody gets you. Hey Shawn, what's up dude? The entrepreneur is the loneliest job in the world. Normally, we're in our office working on stuff. We never get to talk to anyone. Now, I click a button, and suddenly a whole bunch of people just pop up. We can hang out and talk about cool stuff. Cameron said he's reading my book. Good job man, keep reading it. What's up Paul Kline? How's everybody doing? [Sergey 01:09] what's up? A bunch of stuff's up. I am sure you guys have seen, so I'm just going to drop some cool stuff and show you guys what's happening.

All right. I'm having fun with the periscope thing. By the way I learned some new ninja tricks I'll share with you guys in the future. You'll see it. Anyway, it's pretty cool. Yeah, Ricardo said "New UI had me up all night." That, Ricardo, is what I want to talk to you guys about. Today, how many of you guys so far have seen the new click funnels UI and are going nuts because you're so excited at how awesome it is. All right, we got people who are excited. Give me some hearts if you love the new click funnels UI. I know you guys are paying attention. I got purple and blue and pink and green. Marius wants to see it. Love DCS, love click funnels. Can I buy shares? I guess, you can buy some shares in our digital goofy businesses.

All right, cool. I'm going show you guys over my shoulder the new click funnels UI if you want to see it. Because it's kind of cool looking. A couple things we were trying to do with this. First off, when we first build any software, at first you're like ... You build it the best you can. Then you're like "Oh, we need this." You start adding stuff. Click funnels will be 1 year old next month, so we're having our 1 year birthday party next month, which I want you guys to be part of and hang out with us for fun. Next month is our 1 year birthday party. In the last year, we've been doing a bunch of stuff. Making it better and better and better. During our last hack-a-thon here in Boise, the whole team was sitting over here. I've yet to clean up the desk. It was like 6 days of us not sleeping, just working.

One of the big updates we were trying to get done was the new user interface, because click funnels has been amazing. Do you guys all agree that it's amazing? We wanted to make it more amazing, if that was even possible. That was ... the hearts are coming. You guys all know. We're trying to make it more amazing and more simple and more intuitive I think. Dylan Jones and Winter Jones, the 2 best UI people on planet earth spent months looking at everything and looking at every button like "Should this button be here? Should that button say that? Or should it say this? Should it make more sense doing this?" Anyway, that's who they are and what they did. It's amazing. They spent months and months and months building it out. Designing it. Tweaking things. Testing things. Trying to make it the most simple and easy thing possible.

At first, whenever you get a new UI, at first it's kind of like "Whoa", it freaks you out, right? It might be a little freaky for a few minutes, but after you get into it you will see the brialliance behind what they have done and why they've done it. I'm sure you'll see little bugs and tweaks. I mean, obviously you're changing the whole skin and a new platform. I guess, if you were to put a new skin on your body, there might be a couple flaws at first, but eventually it would be perfect. You'll probably see some of those as we go through this. It's exciting. One of my big core things I was excited for, is I wanted the ability where when somebody comes in, to make it more simple. For us to understand marketing well, you come in and it's like "Okay, do you want a squeeze page, an opt in funnel, a sales funnel, webinar funnel, auto webinar. Those things make sense to you, but for the average person comes in, they're like "I don't know what I want. I just want a click funnel." I have people tell me that. They're like "I just want a click funnel." You realize that you can't use that word that way. Anyway, it was funny.

If you guys want a click funnel ... The new UI you see here. Things are more simplified. They're adding some really cool things. Like right now, you can see all of your funnels. You can see that right here. There is all your funnels. Your most recently updated ones. Archived ones, the ones that you've deleted. Like, if you ever accidentally delete one and you're like "Oh, crap, it's gone." It's just over there in archive. You can grab it there as well. That's some of the stuff there. It just looks cleaner. Looks awesome. They're making some more updates there, but that's the first part.

This is my favorite part. Click on add new funnel. Instead of giving you a ton of options, it basically says "what's you goal?" You see this? You've got what's your goal? I'm not sure how well you guys can see this here. Let's see. Goal number 1 is to collect emails. Goal number 2 is to sell product. Goal number 3 is to host a webinar, or if you're an advanced user you just create your own custom funnel right there. Is that cool? Now, it's like what's you goal of your business in this funnel? You want to collect email, sell product, or make a webinar? That's it. Pretty simple right?

Now you can go on there and say I want to do a webinar. You click on webinar and it's like "Okay, well do you want to do a live webinar or webinar replay?" Which one is the type of webinar you want? It moves from the goal to the type, the type of funnel you want. Can I go back? Oh no, there's no way to go back. I'll start over. I come back here, instead I decide that I want to sell my product. It's like "Well how do you want to sell it? You want to do sales funnel? Product launch funnel? Or membership site?" All the options are still there, but instead of just being like here's 7 types of funnels that most people don't understand half of them, it's like what's your end goal? You pick the goal, and then from there there's different funnels to facilitate that goal. Which kind do you want? Do you guys like that so far? Just that one little thing makes it so much more simple.

Anyways, that's there. Other than that, you guys just got to play with it. There's a whole bunch of other cool stuff, like the searching mechanism. How you search for things is super cool. Tag based and it's really cool. Gosh, there's so much cool stuff in here. When you set up a funnel to how it works. The whole thing is different. It's new. It's exciting. It's fresh. Go in there and play with it. Have some fun. Let us know what you think. If you find any little hiccups or issues, just let us know so we can fix them, but don't worry about it. Don't stress out. It's all okay. It's all going to be good you guys. Just let us know and we'll keep making them through.

Now one big thing is we had to make this update, because now this update's done. Now we can start doing some of the fun things we've been promising you guys. Like I said, our 1 year birthday is next month. During from now until then, the new UI was one birthday gift we wanted to give you guys. After that, we're going to move over and we're going to have ... What's it called? We're going to have back packs. So run an affiliate program, click funnels, and [actionetics 07:05] which would be your email and your text message auto responder things. A whole bunch of other amazing things. If you guys are excited, if you like that, I need some hearts, otherwise I'm going to pull the new UI off. We're going to pull the skin off. It's going to be gone. You guys are going to be with the old version that's still cooler than anybody else's thing out there in the world. All right, I got some hearts. I'm good.

That's what I got for you guys. Anyway, I'm excited. I think I told you guys I'm going to start doing this periscope once a day at the end of the day. I'm Mountain time, so usually 5 or 6:00 Mountain time. I will be doing these. Just have your phone close. I want to hang out with you guys and share what I got done, what we're working on each day. Hopefully we can all hang out and just have some fun as entrepreneurs hanging out before the day is done, because that's how we do it. That's it you guys. Any other questions? If you guys have a question for me, you can drop it here because you've got my full undivided attention for 2 more minutes. Anything you want. No questions are off limits. Unless it's one of those awkward weird questions.

I don't know if there's a delay or not, but there's no questions coming in. Who wants to see what's on my desk? First thing on my desk is a credit card knife I bought from Survival Life. I funnel hacked this funnel at least 30 times, maybe more. I've got 30 or 40 of these credit card knives hanging out, because I was funnel hacking this funnel. That's one thing. This is my money button. Every time we make a sale that's over $10,000, everyone runs in here and we slam the money button. That's exciting. I've got my magic drink right here. Can you see this? It's my magic white drink. This drink has helped me lose 15 pounds in the last 2 months, and gives me tons of energy and focus, and it's amazing. I did a whole podcast on that, so if you listen to mark in your car podcast, one of the episodes are called my number one supplement for entrepreneurs, so get that.

Ooh, someone asked a question. They said how did you guys come up for the idea for click funnels? There's a lot of different variations of this story, but the main one is Todd Dickerson, who I think is watching right now. I think I saw his name pop us. He might not be anymore. He's one of my closest friends and my business partners. He was in Atlanta, and he had to fly out to Boise every quarter, and we'd be working on projects to take over the world. That was our goal. One of the flights out here, he was flying out here. We got here, and we started looking at all the different page creators that are out there. As you know, all of them are garbage. Garbage. We were looking at some of them and Todd's like "I could literally build this entire thing out in an hour. That's how bad these programs are." I was like "Really? Let's do it. Let's just make our own." Then we were like "Well, if we are going to make our own, let's don't make a copy cat. Have to make something that's amazing. That's the best one in the entire world."

We sat down for a whole week in front of a white board. We mapped it out. When we mapped out the framework for what became click funnels. Todd went home and started working his butt off on it to get it all developed. Later on, we brought in a partner, Dylan Jones, who built the editor and all the front end stuff. Maybe tomorrow or the next day when I get bored, I'll tell you the whole click funnels birthing story, because it's kind of fun. Anyway, that's how we came up with the idea. How did we make a better mouse trap?

Anyway, that's it for today you guys. I am going to bounce. I am going to go home. My daughter's got soccer practice, so I'm going to go hang out with her. That's it. Thanks everyone for hanging out with me. I will talk to you all again soon. Bye.


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