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Ep 04 - Funnel Hacking Vs. Stealing



Hey, this is Russell. I'm waiting until someone ... oh we've got someone in live. Get a few more people on and we can have some fun. All right, here they come. I freaking love Periscope, I just click a button and you guys show up. Welcome to my phone, I hope you guys have a good time. Justin Glubber's on, Jimmy Allen, what's up Jimmy, what's up Justin? Goppy from Norway is here, how's it going? What's up guys?

Welcome to the party, we're going to have some fun right now. Justin said what's up, what's up brother? Pete said hi, potato guns, totally, let's make some potato guns. I think I might have a potato gun here in the office, oh not right now. Anyway, it's going to be awesome.

All right everyone, welcome Johnny from Portugal is here, Adam Teese is on, oh he's sharing on Twitter. Thanks for sharing man! Everyone share it away, I don't know how to do that. Look at the hearts coming, this is fun. All right you guys, I am excited. Maurice from Atlanta is here, I'm having so much fun right now with Periscope ... thanks Justin for sharing with your followers too.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys jumping on for my nightly message, those of you who know this is like my third day in a row. I'm going to start doing this towards the end of the day based on what I'm thinking about, what's happening during the day, and what we're having fun doing so you guys can get some ideas. Today's message, can you guys see the title? If you see the title say "Yes", I'm not sure if it's up or down or ... I don't even know how it works, I haven't quite figured it all out yet.

My title was, Funnel Hacking Versus Stealing. I was going to put a sub caption called, Don't be a D Bag but I don't think you can put a sub caption. Let's just put out, funnel hacking versus stealing is the theme for the day. I'm going to start us off by saying I'm not going to name names. I really want to ... Oh Rich said if you swipe right you can see the title, can you guys see my title if you swipe right? Oh sweet, Funnel Hacking Versus Stealing.

All right cool, that's the concept for today. I'm not going to name names, I'm just going to say that ... Mike said he laughed, you guys should know I don't steal my little girl picture, thank you.

All right, so today in the internet marketing news world there's a story that's blowing up all over Twitter and a bunch of other places. Again, I'm not going to name names, but somebody who should know better supposedly found a legal loophole and was able to steal somebody's product and make it their own. Which I'm not a big fan of, again I'm not going to name names, but if you search you can find it.

We'll leave that there, and Mark Peterson said, "I know who". I just want to talk about the moral ethical part of things for awhile, it kind of drives me nutso and I'm sure that ... some of you guys will think, "Russell I thought you'd be cool with that we're just talking about funnel hacking, and we did our funnel hacking live event, and I talk about let's go funnel hack this person all the time". Right? For me, how have I been successful in business? I go out and I find someone who is successful, I look at what they're doing, and I funnel hack them.

I have a personal funnel hacking code of ethics, and I want to share with you because I think everyone needs to have this code of ethics. Technically legally there's a lot of things I can do, but ethically I can't do. If you have ethics, you shouldn't do jerky things. Maybe it's just me, ethically there are things that you shouldn't do that legally you can do. Does that not make sense? The hearts are coming up so you guys must agree with me, right?

This is going to be integrity. Jen said, "Loves my scopes and my book". Well thank you. Ethics is greater than ... these are good comments. All right ... what's up Curtis? How's it going man? Anyway, I want to talk about my personal funnel hacking code of ethics, and I hope that you guys also adopt your own code of ethics. We're in the wild wild west, and ... don't be a D bag, yeah.

We're in the wild wild west, and ... Jen said, "Value ladder all the way baby". Yeah. It daunts and legacies all it matters integrity is right up there.

I have my own personal code of ethics when I'm funnel hacking, I want you guys to come up with your own. Ethics is your own thing, so you've got to figure out ethically what your thing ... what you're okay doing, what you're not okay doing, all of that kind of stuff. I want to tell you what my rules are for myself, and hopefully you take these own rules for yourself.

Number one rule is don't steal peoples products and than resell them. That should have been common sense but apparently not. Pronounce my name like Whoopy Goldberg next time, okay cool, I'll get your name better next time, sorry.

Here's my funnel hacking code of ethics, first off, I am one hundred percent okay funnel hacking someones process. Their landing page was a squeeze page, their next page was a sales page, they had a video here and than an or button down here, the next page was up sale page ... the process I feel okay funnel hacking.

The second thing, I'm okay funnel hacking a color. If I see like, that guy has a cool orange, that orange is awesome. I use color picker and chrome, and I use a color, because it's a color code right? I'm okay doing that, I have no issues.

I have a huge swipe file where I take everyone's headlines and I keep track of them, I transcribe almost every video and I keep track of it. What I'm not okay doing is seeing someone's headline here, and copying and pasting it over here. Not okay with that. That is beyond my ethical level. I know what goes on into making a headline, I will spend three days and I'm looking at a headline like "ah, ahhh", changing, tweaking, stuff like that.

I'm okay with like let's say I have a headline and I'm in the piano niche, right? It says, "Discover my number one secret to playing piano faster". I see that in the piano niche and I'm like, "That's a cool headline". I take that over to my internet marketing business, or my potato gun business and say, "Here's my number one secret to making a potato ..." I can use the concept and a couple of the words in it but I'm changing it for my market.

Let's say I'm in a market and I'm going to say market, I'm not going to ... and their headlines like this, I'm not going to have it similar because I don't want it to be like, "That looks like his headline, you're in the same market". If someone's in a complete different market I'm going to take that and tweak it for mine, I'm okay with that.

Here's something I'm not okay with doing, again I'm not okay copying headlines, I'm not okay copying paragraphs or text from a video, I'm okay funnel hacking a concept. Someone is telling a story, I don't mind telling my story but following that process if that makes sense. I'm not okay stealing images, that drives me crazy. In fact we had one of our members came to ... we did this thing once, we had a hackathon and paid a bunch of money kind of boisingly, helped the funnel. The funnel got done, she posted it in our quick funnels group like "Hey guys, check out my funnel", within a day someone else in her same market, not only is it just annoying one way, in her same market went and stole her background image. This was her image, wasn't just something she found, she had a designer design an image, and used that same image, used her same colors, everything, where if you looked at her side versus this persons, it looked identical except for where it had his video and a couple of other things like that. Everything else, just ripped it off. I'm not okay stealing images, that's not okay.

I'm not okay with a whole bunch of things like that. When you're funnel hacking it does not mean steal. There's a different between funnel hacking and stealing. It means look at the process and model it, I'm modeling things, I'm looking, I'm getting inspiration from other people. I'm taking inspiration but I'm doing my own work. That's the key, especially if you want to be around this business for a long time because it is a very small world. It is not large, I don't care what market you're in, you're like "Oh, there's a ton of people".

When all said and done every market is small. If you're in it for more than a year, you're going to know pretty much everyone in that market. If you stole their headline or their image, people are going to know. I've got people now that curse in model versus copy. Be smart about it, there's this guy now who's making good money online, and he got online initially and read some e-book about like, "Hey find some gurus name and post a bad video about him, and than you'll get a bunch of traffic". He did that. This was like four or five years ago, this is a little off course from funnel hacking but hey, I've got ADD so welcome to my world.

Anyway, he made these videos like Russel Brunson is a scam artist, he gets it ranked in Google like on page one, you typed my name and that video used to show up. I found out because my wife called me like, "Hey some guy posted a video about you being a scam", and than like my mother in law called my wife, and than my sister in law called my wife all saying, "How come your husband's a scam artist?".

I go to this video and I see this guy and I'm like ... I got so mad. I'm actually like, "Hey can you take the video down? That's not cool. I'm not a scam artist, you know that, I know that". He's like, "I would love to man but I'm getting to many leads from it, sorry". Tells me that. I'm like, "Are you nuts?". Legally he's okay, ethically he is off the deep end. I don't care what course you learned it through, not okay. Do you guys agree? If you agree that it's not okay click the little heart things, I need to know some love that it's not just me.

I was just like, "How is that ... how does he think that's okay?". Anyway, moving forward now he goes and is really successful, a year later takes the video down, and now he's like trying to do ... I met him in a vette and he's like, "Hey man, sorry about that, I was just getting started and didn't really know what I was doing and things like that". I'm like, "man, it's weird because now I'll always have that where I'm just like yeah, for a year you had this video up there telling everyone that I was a scam artist where you know I wasn't, I know I'm not, but my wife, my mother in law, they don't know now. Now they're wondering all the time and it's not okay, so don't be a D bag". That was kind of the subtitle of this, right?

Be honest, be ethical, look at peoples ideas, model the concepts, model the flow, model the colors if you like, but don't steal the images, don't steal the headlines, don't steal the product for crying out loud. I don't care if legally under the GLU or whatever license you can steal someone's product. Don't be a D bag.

Anyway, there you go. I'm not naming names, I love everyone. Hey Vince, what's up man? I hope that you guys resonate with you, just be cool. It's really weird how business is all about being cool. Yeah, Mike said, "Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right". Just be cool, don't be a jerk and I promise you good things will happen to you.

There's this really weird thing, I don't get it, I don't know how it works, I don't even know if it's a real thing but it's called karma. It's really weird. I don't know what religion believes in karma, I don't know if my religion believes in karma but conceptually I believe in it, and here's why.

Every time somebody has screwed me over, every time it's come back and kicked them in the butt, weird. I used to get really upset when people screwed me over ... yeah the Hindu is sweet. It used to get me really upset, I'm like "Oh that person screwed me over", and I wanted to take it out on them, and I'd just be like "Ahh", so I wouldn't, and than somehow like a year and a half, two years later, everything just comes around and they get kicked in the butt and it's just weird how that works.

Now when somebody screws me over I just laugh, I'm like "All right man, I will let the universe take care of you", and it always does. There you go. Be cool, don't be a jerk, don't steal, funnel hack, but don't steal. Big difference.

Hey guys want to see ... who can see back here? Who wants to know what this is right here? It's kind of exciting, do you guys want to know what's happening? In a month ... in the next month Click Funnels is having our one year birthday. During that one year ... Ax in ethics, nice.

During ... the birthday party, it's October first here, this is the game plan, this is our birthday party, our one year anniversary. We are going to have a huge ... Goppy, I pronounced your name right that time. Adam says, "Russell do not promise any feature". No new features, but I am promising you that we are having a birthday party here on October first, that's the pink one right here. We're going to do some crazy, amazing, cool things.

Do you guys know that Click Funnels hasn't even been around a year? We had our beta early but since it's been live it's been less ... no Whoopy Goldberg like, Goopy, whoopy, Goopie. Goopie? Did I say it right, Goopie? Anyway. Dawn is bringing the cake, we're having our first birthday party, it's going to be amazing, ton of energy, and my goal during the Click Funnel birthday, do you want to know what it is? To give you, and ... we've got forty two people on right now, so I've got a hundred. My goal is to give away a hundred cars during this birthday bash. How many of you guys want a car? It can be any car you want, it's your dream car.

My dream car ... oh crap I rode my bike today. If you listen to mark in your car podcast you'll know I rode my bike to the office and I did a twenty five minute rant about somebody who annoyed me today. Anyway, it's live I think so go to Itunes and download mark in your car and listen to my mark in your bike podcast. It's hard because you hear the wind ... it's kind of an annoying podcast but I ranted for twenty minutes, I was really angry.

Anyway, yeah we've got some hearts, you guys want some cars it sounds like. You could pick a Tesla, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Corvette, it's called the dream car contest so it's whatever your dream car is. Anyway, it's going to be awesome.

It will be a lot easier to win your dream car than you think, in fact we've got a bunch of people who have already won one and they don't even know it yet, that's how easy it is. It's going to be awesome, and I want to give you guys all cars. Our goal is to give away one hundred cars from right here, October 1st, the beginning of our birthday bash until October whenever that is, I can't see backwards, the 16th at midnight. We're trying to give away one hundred cars.

If you want one give me some hearts, I need some hearts. Step number one to win the car is you've got to have some hearts. Norman said, "Like Oprah". Only Oprah doesn't give away as cool cars as we're giving away. It's part of our dream car contest, we talked about it during the funnel hacking event. The way it works is it's an affiliate contest, we'll have more details next week about it. Basically if you get a hundred people to sign up for a click funnels account we'll cover your lease on whatever your dream car is, up to five hundred dollars a month. If you get two hundred members up to a thousand dollars a month. My corvette I'm driving we're leasing it because we want to see the whole process, make sure it's easy to do, it's about a thousand bucks a month. Two hundred members, you'd have ... you could drive my car for free basically.

it's going to be awesome. I think it's very obtainable especially with what we have that's going to be happening, it will be cool anyway. That's about it you guys, did you have fun today? This is the goal, go out and funnel hack, don't be a what? Don't be a jerk, don't be a D bag. Funnel hack the process, don't copy, don't steal, don't be a jerk. Treat people right, and good things will come to you. Have fun, appreciate you guys, thanks for hanging out on Periscope today ... oh by the way, this isn't all done yet so I don't want to tell you, well, I'll tell you anyway.

If you go to I'm posting all of these Periscopes there. I think Twitter holds twenty them for probably twenty four hours and disappear, so I'm recording them and putting them there so if you ever want to come back and listen to these later they will be on the blog. I'm going to become a blogger, I blogged twice today, I'm so proud of myself. Anyway, cool stuff is happening there, I'll be sending out some emails and updates here in the next day or so, you guys will see.

That's about it ... a curse is an app to Satan, cool. Also check this out, I just got invited to ... so Facebook has their Periscope called mention or something like that ... use catch.meters[inaudible 00:15:43]cool I'll check that out.

Anyway Facebook's got their new version of Periscope and I just got invited last night. I might try that out, I don't know if it's going to be better or worse, I had to submit my drivers ID to prove that I'm actually a celebrity, they said I'm a celebrity, it was so funny. We're going to try there's out to so I'll let you guys know if that one's awesome to.

For right now I'm on Periscope hanging out, and I'll probably do this again tomorrow. Hopefully the same time same place, be prepared. Have your phone out just waiting there because you never when the little button is going to click and we can all hangout. I see pink and purple hearts, thank you guys, I love you guys all, hope you had a good time today, and that's it.

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow ... between now and than go funnel hack someone and build it out, and it will be fun. Thanks everybody, appreciate you guys, have an awesome day.


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