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Ep 05 - I'm Giving Away $25,000! (Want It)



Hello. Hello. We're going to get started here in a few minutes when everyone starts showing up. Hey everybody, oh yes. So I titled this one, "I'm giving away $25,000. Who wants it?" All right so bad references says yeah I do.

Hey. Hey. Hey. How's it going everybody? I want your money. Oh yo yo yo. Sean wants it. All right you guys want it. Cupi's back. Please say I said it right? Yes I said it right! Jay does not want my twenty five grand. Fine Jay. What's up Christopher, how you doing man? I need your money. All right. You guys can have my money.

Okay. So a couple of fun things today. Hey Justin, how it's going man? Adam just wants it wired to you, how about that? Brandon says he needs to pay for coaching money I'll trade you for your time. I do sell my time for coaching money. Sorry, I distracted you from your perfect Webinar. Get back to work! Get back to work!

All right. So welcome you guys. I'm testing periscope at different times to see which ones I get more people to respond to. And I think next week we're going to start promoting this a little so we'll have a lot more people to show up. I need to put it on Facebook, but anyway I just get excited so click the button.

Two things first off I'm going to talk about how you can win $25,000 from me. Here second, but first I want to give you guys ... Oh. I got an f work with a hashtag. It's true, I'm giving it to you. Wow, that person doesn't like my money. All right well someone else can have it then.

First thing I'm going to do is I want to share with you guys a book because I think it'd be fun for you guys to start looking at the books I'm reading. So here is the first book I want to recommend to you guys today. It's call Rework. Have you guys read this one yet? If not, this book is amazing. How do I kick people out? Oh well, who cares. This book is amazing. It's written by Jason Fry. He's one of the owners of thirty seven signals, which is the company known as Basecamp and they are amazing. Someone recommended me this book and the book is a really fast read. If you look at it ... here I'll show you ... It's not a hard book to read. It's kind of like my book, there's a lot of pictures. They have a picture that kind of explains the process. A lot of short concepts.

I started reading the book and what's interesting is I've been in business now for 12 years and I've done a lot of good things, a lot of stupid things, a lot of mistakes. Up and down, a whole bunch of stuff like that. I got this book and I was reading it and I was like "Almost every mistake I've made up to this point in my business, I would have not made that mistake had I read this book first." Highly, highly, highly recommend it. I interviewed the author and he was amazing. A lot of authors, as you'll find, are very impressed with themselves and they're too cool to be cool. I emailed Jason and I was like "hey man. You mind if I interview you?" And he was like "Sure." Didn't know who I was from Adam, just said yes and jumped on a call. Did the thing and it was awesome. Very, very cool so I decided I should give my money to someone who needs it.

Just so you know I do give a lot of my money to people who need it. We have built like 70 schools in Kenya, I donate a ton of money to my church. I give away a lot of money, more than you guys will ever know. So don't worry about that, I'm doing that. This is more about a contest that I want to inspire you as the entrepreneur to be more successful. Everyone is like "If you need money & you're an entrepreneur go work for it, it's not that hard." What I'm doing now is I'm doing a contest for entrepreneurs to help get you to the next level. And if you are a brand new beginner probably not for you. So if you are a brand new beginner with nothing I would just recommend turning this off. This is for people who have a business. We're trying to help get them to the next level.

We are doing this cool thing. Ignite your funnel! $25,000 is the cash prize. Let's help you launch your next million dollar sales. Enter a chance to win. [inaudible 00:04:51] your business in the next 10 weeks. That's happening and there's a bunch of cool videos here from other people who have gone through our program who we have launched their funnels and they are crushing it. It's awesome.

This is the deal. You go to this page I'm going to send you to in a second so you can apply and get week number one of the coaching program for free. This is for beginners, just get the free stuff it'll be awesome for you. Who here really wants to compete for the $25,000 prize? Who wants to win $25,000 prize? Last weekend we had our certification program and we had three $1,000 prizes and we did it all in ones. It was awesome. Three people won $1,000 in ones in cash which was really, really cool. This one is going to be kind of like that but bigger. Our goal is to give away $25,000. We are giving away $25,000 cash. During the process people are going to come through our program and build out a funnel. So that's kind of the game plan.

Now a couple of cool things about it. First off, how many of you guys are already in my ignite my circle program? I have no idea if any of you guys are. If you are already in my ignite my circle program you guys will be part of this contest for free already and I'll be announcing it to you guys bigger, probably next week. So don't worry about that. If you're already in ignite your circle, you're already in the program. It's going to be amazing, so that's step number one.

Step number two, if you're not in my ignite your circle program. We're doing a two week push right now where we're going to be bringing in some new members and then we're going to be closing it down where we're going into a ten week program. It's going to be live training. I'm going to be on a call every week. Over a ten week period of time we'll be building out your ... I call it your break even funnel ... This is a break even funnel, that is what we're going to be creating. We're going to be creating a funnel right here where you break even. You're saying "Russell, if I break even I don't make any money right?" Well if you make the best break even funnel you're going to win $25,000 from me.

Second thing, if you build a break even funnel that means all the traffic you send through here ... Let's say you put a $1 ad in over here, then make $1 an ad back over here. You broke even and didn't make any money. What happens when you break even? Boom, a little thing falls out the bottom here. Can you guys guess what that is? What's the little thing that's pops down at the bottom when you sell somebody something and you break even. Who knows what that thing is? It's your pop quiz. What is the thing that pops out the bottom right here? Who knows? I'm not going to cheat for you guys. Someone's got to know. When I break even what do I get? Customers! Travis said it right. You get a customer! When you break even you get a customer. Then your customer now will buy things from you in the future.

So this is the game. So the way you win this game. You create a funnel where you break even. You drive traffic to the funnel. You break even. You get customers who are then going to come over here and buy other stuff. That's the game plan. That's it. Simple!

So what we're doing. We're going to do our ignite program and do a really cool thing and again if you're already in ignite or in our circle which I know a lot of you guys are then you get it for free. Don't worry about it. If you're not in ignite our circle yet you've got a 2 week window where you can apply. We do not take everyone. Like I said, if you're a brand new beginner, if you're broke unfortunately this is not for you. It's not cheap to get in. It's something where you've got to be serious, you've got to have money to invest and time to invest. You've got to be serious. You've got to say "Russell, no longer can it be a should. It has to be must." Tony Roberts used to tell me that all the time. As soon as it stops being a should and becomes a must that's the difference. That's the key.

So if this is a must for you say "Russell, I've been doing inner marketing now for 6 months, for a year. Five years. Ten years. I'm having success but I need a break even funnel." In the video here I share a story about one of our coaching members. He flies out two days with a team and helps them build a break even funnel. You guys are going to have that over a ten week period of time for a huge fraction of the cost. And it's going to be kind of fun, learn a bunch. You're going to meet some of the most amazing people in the world. You have a chance to be part of our community and at the end of it whoever builds the coolest funnel is going to win $25,000 from me. So who here wants $25,000 again?

What's the website? That is a good question so I will give it to you. So here's the website right here. You go to the top, it is dot com secrets ignite dot com. So go right there, dot com secrets ignite dot com. When you get there, watch this video. I tell you about a break even funnel and why I'm going to give away a $25,000 cash prize. If you're skeptical saying "Does Russell know what he's talking about? Has he ever helped anyone else besides himself?" Come watch the business video. And Drew's video, Sam's video, Mandy's video, Stanzik's video, Rich and Natasha's, and Simon's, and Drew's, and Jason's, and Henry's. Then you come here, I'll tell you my story. Why it's cool. Just again for applying even if you don't get accepted we'll give you week number one's training. Which you get this [inaudible 00:10:17] right here plus all these videos here. Come down here, check out Tony Robinson and that's it.

So there you go. That's the process. Go to dot com secrets ignite dot com. Watch the video, click on the button right here, and apply. That's it. Now like I said, this does not have a strict application process you go through. Then you talk to someone on my team, they've got to make sure you're a good fit. And if you're amazing and if we think that you're a good fit, we'll let you in and you'll be part of this ten week program. The live training starts in three weeks I believe. Two or three weeks, so you've got a little window here. If you're interested at all go apply ASAP. We'll see if you're a good fit. And if you are, then you're on track to win the $25,000. And again if you're already in ignite or in our circle don't worry you're already in the contest. We'll be sending more details to you guys soon I just got funneled down and got excited and wanted to share with you.

So, recap of the cool stuff. First thing to recap. If you want an awesome book just to help you steer clear of tons of business screw ups get Rework from Jason Fry. His book is amazing. Can't recommend it enough. People always ask me "what's your favorite book?" So I'm going to share some cool books as we do these hang outs with you guys. Second thing is if you need one of these puppies right here and you're sick and tired of it being a should and you want it to be a must. Then you must go over to dot com secrets ignite dot com. So that's the game plan guys.

I'm excited. If recommend if you have a friend that wants to do this with you, tell your friends about it. Let's get a bunch of people in here and let's make this a fun contest. Because the funny thing about it is whoever has the funnel that wins is going to win $25,000 but the reality is you're going to make a crap ton more than that. That'll be even better.

Someone said "Is the diagram available?" Yes, I did post it. If you go to blog dot com secrets ignite dot com and come over here, your break even funnel. I talk more about this so you can check it out right there and that is your break even funnel.

If you missed this and just got on, go to in the next 24 hours and you can see it. I'll be posting this within 24 hours also on blog dot com secrets ignite dot com. I'm excited to give somebody some money. Nothing makes me happier than giving away money to people like you who are entrepreneurs that are working hard. I hope you see the value of break even funnel, because it's the key.

It's funny I had a call today with one of our entrepreneurs and we were talking about ... They tried their funnel and had failed. They were upset obviously and I was like "Hey, I'm going to explain this to you." So when we launched Neurostar, our supplement, we did the funnel the first time and it bombed. We did the funnel the second time, it bombed. We did the funnel the third time, and it broke even after 60 days. Which stresses me out, which some people think that's a great break even funnel. No. 60 days stresses me out. Did it again, got it down to 45 days. Did it again got it down to 14 days. The next time we finally got it to break even. In fact it did more than broke even. We actually tripled over on the front end that time which means we spent all our ads and made $3. Which was like, oh my gosh, it works and it was off to the races. That website, I came paying from zero to almost half a million dollars almost overnight. And it was 100 percent because we had a funnel that converted.

So that's the goal. That's the game plan. That's what ignite is all about. Let's get you a funnel that converts so now you can go out and do something with it. So if that's what you want ... Go right now to dot com secrets ignite dot com. When you go there find out how to win a $25,000 cash prize. That's the game plan. Rome was built in quick funnels so there's my plug for quick funnels.

That's it you guys. That's all I got for today. I appreciate you all. Have some fun. Read the book Rework, go get that on Amazon right now. One of the best books you will read on business ever. It's awesome. It's amazing. I appreciate you guys. Thanks for tuning in, for hanging out. Thanks for the hearts and we'll talk to you guys again soon. Thanks everyone.


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