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Ep 06 - The #1 Thing I Learned From My $25k Day With Neil Patel…



All right everybody; a lot of people are coming on to check these out. Bang! Kaboom! You guys are coming.

I got a gift in the mail today. I want you guys to check it out. Check out what I got. There superhero. Pow. Boom. Pow. I got goggles. We were at, it's called, Big Al's here in Boise. It's like this arcade, bowling place. My kids were playing games, and they win tickets, right. So they took the tickets over to go redeem like a gift, and I'm looking at all the different gifts. They got all sorts of stuff. One of the things I saw on the wall, it was like 3,000 tickets, was a super hero sign pack. Anyway, it was kind of funny. I saw that ... How's it going everybody? I saw those, and I was like those are awesome. But 3,000 tickets would cost me like $800 in the arcade, right. I went on to Amazon, and $4.95 I got them and boom they've showed up. So now when I give comments I can be like, "Kapow," "Kaboom," things like that. That's what we're doing now [inaudible 00:01:03].

How's everybody going? We got a lot of you guys in now. Thank you for jumping in. This is exciting. I've had a good day today. I hope you guys have as well. We did ... with our Inner Circle Program we do a thing called Decade in a Day when someone first joins the program. I spent an hour with each of them on call, kind of going through their business, and I did that this morning, which was super fun. Got to work with some really cool entrepreneurs. Someone that's got a supplement launching. She's made a killing over at Amazon, and we're helping move it to their own sales funnel. That was fun. A bunch of cool things, so it's exciting.

All right. You guys saw the title what this one is all about, hopefully. If you saw the title, I'm going to share with you guys the number one thing that I learned, the biggest secret, the one big take-away I got from Neil Patel. He came out here about a month ago. We paid him 25K to come hang out with us for a day. From $25,000 there's one thing I learned. I learned a couple of things, but there's one that was worth everything. If you guys want that, you got to let me know because I'm not just going to give it to you. I had to pay 25K for it. If you guys want it, I need some love. I need some hearts. I need comments. (laughs)

All right. Lisa want to know what ... How's it going, Lisa? All right, I'll share with you guys in a little bit. (laughs) Everyone needs it. It's one of those things that after I learned it I was like, "huh, I should have been paying more attention." We'll get into that in a minute, but I want to kind of hang out with you guys for a little bit.

It's Friday right now for us. (laughs) [inaudible 00:02:37] Neil, what didn't you teach me that? No, it's kind of funny, so ... Over 1K. [inaudible 00:02:45] said for 1K he would tell me ... If I get 20 of you guys to give me 1,000 bucks I'll let you know what it is. That way I can ... Yeah, Marks said, "If you want to know, you've got to invite your followers. Bring them one, and we'll tell everybody." (laughs) It'd be cool.

Some back story first. I've been doing this ... I kind of talked about this in my morning podcast this morning. I've been doing this whole internet business now for twelve years, and over the twelve years, it's been like this, right. It's like going out to sea and you're on the ups and the downs, the ups and the downs. I can't tell you how many of my friends who ten years, twelve years ago within ten years and eight years who put into this business making a ton of money, and then they lost it all because of the ups and the downs. Right. They're always happening. I've been doing this now for over twelve years, which is funny because I look like I'm eleven years old, but I've been doing this from inside the womb I was doing this.

No, but a big part of it is like learning how to like sit there and realize the waves go up and they go down and learning how to not like drown in that. Right. During that time when I first getting started, you start driving ad on Google. Then there was the Google slap. Boom. Then there was ad-sense slap, and then there was SEO. Then there was like 80,000 SEO slaps along the way. Then we had a merchant account slap a few years ago. And then there was ... so many slaps. We're all getting slapped around like crazy, right. We got to a bang from our ... (laughs) Anyway. Yeah, it

Sweet Echo Biz Academy bought Rework today. Sweet thanks for actually following through with what I told you. I told you to buy Rework, told you it was worth it. You listened.

Anyway. I've been slapped around for the last twelve years, and one thing that I've learned that it's happening, right. No matter what. In January, I think for me and a lot of our clients, friends, and people like ... What I call the Facebook slap. Facebook was amazing, and now they're being punks and they're slapping us around. Right. It's happening. It's going to happen. For me, I look like, "What's the future? Where are we trying to go?" I did a podcast this morning about what that is and what I think that is. If you haven't listened to Mark in Your Car podcast yet, go to iTunes and search for Mark in your Car and you can listen to the most recent one because I talked about this, what the future is.

Because of what I believe the future is, one of the guys that I really look up to because first off he's a smart dude. Second off, he's also in the same market that I'm in. It's a guy names Neil Patel. Some of you guys know him. If not, go to How many of you guys love Neil Patel? Actually, a better spot is go to I like that blog a lot better. You guys like Neil Patel or know who he is, give me a heart. What do you know. Who's Neil Patel fans? We got two hearts. You need to get to know Neil Patel. He's a smart dude. Anyway, so we hired Neil, paid him $25,000 to come out, and what he's helping us ... Yes, Lisa's right futures in ClickFunnels. But, yes Neil is awesome. So we hired him because I wanted ... Basically, I said I look at my business and we've been doing paid ads. We've been doing joint ventures. We've been doing affiliates. We've been doing media buying. We've been doing a lot of stuff. But what I haven't been doing is the online site. The content. The inbound.

Oh my gosh. Who wants to see a birthday present? I can show them. Sorry. This is like ... I'm excited. (laughs) I looks amazing. So we just got our new t-shirt design back. ClickFunnels is having a first birthday party tomorrow. Or soon. Not tomorrow. I'm too excited. Next month. These are the t-shirts that we are making that are going out to some of are partners.

Who here wants to see a t-shirt? (laughs) It's awesome. Okay. Are we going to get into trouble for showing this? Will I get in trouble? I'll show it from a distance. People always ask me, "What's the different between LeadPages and ClickFunnels?" I always tell them it's like comparing a calculator to a smart phone. I'm like a calculators really, really good because you can do math and do addition and subtraction. LeadPages is kind of like a calculator, but a smartphone ... ClickFunnel is like a smartphone. Yeah, there is a calculator app, but we do everything else.

The first t-shirt, you guys want to see them? This is it. I'll give you a quick view of it. (Laughs) Oh man. That's all you guys get for right now. We're going to be launching these soon. If you guys want one. How many of you guys want a t-shirt like that? The secret is ClickFunnels doesn't suck. That's what someone said. (laughs) This is what you see on Periscope. You can see stuff happening live. The t-shirt. That's the first print. He just dropped it off. Anyway, It's coming. Hold one. We got to get a Kaboom for that. Boom. (laughs) So anyway ... All right ... Where was I? What I was talking about? I'm all over the place.

Come back. This is ADD Russel. You should call us the ADD Russel show. So I am back. Welcome back you guys. I was talking about why we hired Neil Patel. We hired Neil Patel because he is awesome, first off. Second off, is because I believe the future is inbound marketing, which if Justin Brooks is listening, "Justin, you've been right. I've been making fun of you for like two years, but you're right." So, I've een fighting it, but now we're finally jumping on the bandwagon. I think Neil does it better than almost anyone. I like the way he does it, so that's why we hired him.

He came out here. He came to our office. He was sitting right over ... Back over there. I'm like, "Okay Neil, what's the big secret. Tell me what it is."

He's like, "Okay, this is what you've got to do. You ready for this? You've got to blog every day."

I'm like, "All right. Then what?"

He's like, "That's it man."

I'm like, "Okay, so what do you do? You blog, and then what do you do?"

He's like, "That's it. You just blog every day, and that's it."

I'm like, "Well, like what should I be blogging about?"

He's like ... I'm like, "What keywords should I be using. Am I picking the right keywords? What should I be doing?"

He's like, "No. You don't worry about the keywords. You just blog every day. Every day you got to be it. For the first year, nothing is going to happen. You will make zero dollars the very first year of your blogging experience. But you've got to do it every single day."

I was like, "but how much money is it going to make me?"

He was like, "Nothing. You will not make a penny for a year, but then after a year, you're going to make a crap load ton of money."

I'm like, "Well how much?"

He's like. Right now he gets ... I can't remember 1,500 opt-ins a day. For free. For doing nothing. Okay. Now I pay $5 to $10 bucks an opt-in, so that's like $20,000 of free ads a day he's getting now every single day. But he got it for free now. Okay.

Then we started going deeper. I'm like, "Okay. So how do we ... Like what do we ... What should we blog about?" Again I was thinking SEO. I'm thinking keywords. I was like, "Should I be searching for the hot keyword or whatever?"

He was like, "No, no, no. Don't do any of that. All you do is find out what people are talking about, and then talk about it."

Okay. So he should me site. I'd never used it before. It's called So of you have seen it? There it is. Go to See what everyone is talking about in your market, and then talk about that. Boom.

So Lisa said, "What do you blog about?" You blog about what people are talking about. You don't blog about a keyword. You don't blog ... Type in ... Go to and type in your markets. So type in weightless, content marketing, whatever. I don't even know. It shows you what all the people are talking about. It shows you which things are getting the most shares, the most likes, most people passing it around. You see this is what people actually care about, so write something tied to what people care about.

(laughs) Inbound said, "The irony is most content marketers don't know direct response methods [inaudible 00:10:10]."

Yeah, anyway. It's so simple. Find out what people are talking about, write about it, and blog every day. That's it. That's the secret sauce. And then like on top there's kind of like a little more.

He was like, "Yeah, you should, after you write a blog post you should promopt."

So prompt your Facebook page, your Twitter following, stuff like that. You should probably try to build your Facebook page, your twitter following, so more people see it. But write related content every single day consistently, and for a year, you get nothing. You've got to do it every single day. You've got to be consistent. You cannot not not do it. Okay.

Some of you might be like, "Russel, why are you getting so excited about Periscope? Why are you doing this? Why in four days in a roll are you doing it?"

Okay. This is the other reason why. Who here wants to know? It ties into the moral of this story. Okay. The green hearts want to know. Oh, you're late. You missed in on the magic. Well, the replay will be up soon.

All right. There's a lot of reason why I'm doing this every day. Build attracts character. You're right. That's one reason. This is the main reason. So I'm certain most of you guys know, Gary Vaynerchuk. I started following Gary Vaynerchuk back when he was on Wine Library TV, not because I drink wine. I don't even drink wine. I'm Mormon. We don't do that. I don't even know what it taste like. I'm assuming grape juice, but I've got not idea. Right. I'm watching because I'm watching this process. Every day making videos. Making videos. Consistently, right. Just like Neil Patel. Weird how success leaves clues. Right.

So every single day he is making videos about wine, and drinking wine, and snifing wine, and all these weird things that wine people do that doesn't make any since to me. Right. But I'm watching this, and I'm like, "Wow, this guy knows what he is doing." I've read Gary's books. They're great. Then I see this dude, and I don't know if the story is completely true. I think it is, but I'm not quiet sure. So some of you guys may know Eric Worre, he's in the network marketing space. He's a guy who ... There's some hearts. Some of you guys know Eric.

I've never met him personally. I think he's cool, but I don't think he's like a cool guy. That doesn't make sense. So, you see Eric. He's kinda like ... He's just a normal guy . He reminds me of like my dad or something. Like he's not super good looking, or super charismatic, or anything. He's just like, "Hey, I'm a guy, and I make videos." Right. I heard, and maybe I'm wrong. I heard that he hired Gary Vaynerchuk, flew out to Gary, paid him whatever 50 grand or 100 grand. And Garys like, "You got to make a video every day." There's the gold nugget, right.

(laughs) Lisa.

Anyway, that's like ... That's what he says. Eric goes back and starts making a video every single day. Literally he has made a video every day for like five years. Right. And you'd think like ... I'm guess. I don't Eric. Hopefully, I'll met him someday, but I'm guessing Eric every days was doing this video, and he didn't get much out of it for the first year, maybe two years, even three years. Who knows, but right now, Eric Worre put on seminars. He gets 10,000 people to show up to his seminar. When I filmed with Tony three weeks ago. Tony left from my room where we filmed his book funnel, and walked over to Eric Worre's room and did like a two hour long, or hour long webinar. Eric then prompted the webinar. They had over 100,000 people register for his webinar.

100,000 people. Is that nuts? Okay, and this is this dude, who is not buying ads, he's not driving traffic. He's just consistently putting out video every single days, and it's awesome.

That's why I'm Periscoping. I'm going to put out a video a day with you guys, and hopefully this will keep growing. More of you guys will show up. A lot more fun. I've got my brother who's ripping this and putting them on our blogs. You guys will see them in the future and stuff like that. That's my goal. I'm going to be consistent. I've been pretty consistent with my podcast, so I've got Mark in Your Car, which rechese a segment. Right. Some of you guys are podcast people, and that's the channel. So that's what I'm doing with my podcast.

I'm doing this now. This is the channel for a bunch of you guys, which is really, really cool. For me, I'm going to be doing more and more of these because they're fun, but it's a consistence thing. I'm going to keep every day giving you amazing cool stuff every single day, and doing a couple different platforms. Now for you guys I'm guessing, that some of you guys doing multiple platforms might be too much. Right. I get that.

Don't get over ... Don't be like, I've got a Twitter, and Facebook, and YouTube, and Periscope, and Mention, and ... I said Twitter, right? And podcast. Don't do all of them. There's no purpose for you to do all of them. I've got a big team. I've got people helping me. I'm able to do stuff that some of you guys can't, but pick one platform. Pick the one the one that's like the most cool for you. Right. If you're going to be a blogger, blog. If you're going to be a video guy, video. If you're going to be a periscope, periscope. Whatever. I don't care what it is, but pick something and do it ever single day. Be consistent day in and day out. Day in and day out. Like I'm talking about. That's it man and women. That is what I learned from my $25,000 thing fro Neil. Hope you go some nuggets from that. From both. From how you find out what to write about, how and why we're consistent, and from there. Bad References, love you too man; you're awesome. I don't even know who you are, but thank you, thank you.

So anyway, I hope that helps you guys. I showed you guys this earlier. Kapow. We got our signs now, so this is what we're going to use to help make things awesome. Kapow. Anyway. Appreciate you guys. Hope you like it. If you want to watch the replay of this periscope, it'll probably be up tomorrow, or any of the past ones I did last week, or anything cool if you go I'll show you. This is my new project. I'm having fun with it. If you go to, you see it right here, to blog. Do you see this? Give me some hearts if you see it. All right, if you go there you'll see that's where we are archiving the content, so for example, this is the Mark in Your Car podcast I did this morning. This is episode 140 inbound before you first sales funnel. I talked about that. Yesterday I talked about giving away $25,000, and you guys were on that one. Funnel hockey versus stealing. Anyway. All the stuff, the blog posts, the content, the videos, the periscopes, they're all being pushed over there.

So yeah, that's the game plan, guys. Have fun. I'll do this again tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow is Saturday. I'm going to be at the water park with the kids. If I break away from the party, I'm going to be having them tomorrow with my kids, I'll be do another periscope. If not ... Oh by the way. Neil told me. He said, "You take Saturdays and Sundays off." So if you need to, you can take two days off. Other than that, consistent every single day . The more the merrier. Pick your platform. Be consistent. Talk about what people are talking about right now, and that's it.

What theme do you use for your blog? I don't even know. I don't know. I think if you type in, it will tell you. Awesome. Very cool. I appreciate you guys. With that said, have a amazing weekend. That's it you guys. Appreciate you all. Thanks for hanging out, and I'll talk to you guys again soon. Thanks everybody.


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