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Ep 07 - Don’t Take Shortcuts!!!



Hey everybody. Welcome to Periscope today. We're going to be starting here in just a minute or two. Oh I've already got hearts coming! Thanks you guys! Oh man I'm excited. We've got to turn you guys on here. What's up, oh I'm gonna pronounce your name wrong again, Gope, Whoopi, Gupie. What's up Gupie? What up Kevin, Paul Waterman, Jason O'Neil, how's it going man? Still crushing it? Probably doing webinar right now and you're not even on it, that's how awesome you are. All right you guys, how is everyone doing today? Dr. Wolnar's on today, I got him periscoping now. DC's in the house! Awesome guys, cool, I've got something very important to talk to you guys about today. It should be good in fact it's actually kind of cool. Hey Shawn how's it going man?

So check this out I'm writing a blog post about Periscope, showing people how to get onto Periscope. So our little group here is going to start growing and growing and growing. We're getting, hey Thomas, hello from the U.K! Hello Terry from Taiwan, very very cool. Anyway, my goal right now we're at 32 people right now, probably get 50 today. Aw sweet got D6 labs in the mill today. Good stuff in there, you're going to love it. Hello from sunny Arizona!

Anyway my goal in a month from now, I want a thousand on this thing every single time and then from there we'll go to five thousand, ten thousand and we're going to start blowing this thing up but I need your guys' help. So if you want to hear something cool today, flip the thing to your side and it shows who's following and get those guys coming. You can flip it to your side and share it I believe and let your people know because we've got some cool stuff to cover today. I love the hearts, keep them coming it makes me feel good about myself, without those...

All right so I got some back story today. I actually went to this Mongolian place today with John on my team, we're having lunch, we're just talking and telling stories and I told him a story. I was like you know what, I need to share this on Periscope today because it's important for everyone, for you, for me, for everyone. Mary says Russel why do you Periscope now and not later in the day, do you want me to get me fired? Quick go to the bathroom! Sorry normal I do it later in the day I just got excited, I got excited you guys it's so much fun hanging out with you guys.

All right so this is the deal, so we're eating lunch and talking about some stuff and I told him this story. So I was in, what grade was I in, I would have been in ninth grade. So in ninth grade I started my wrestling, I started wrestling in high school. I was actually in junior high and I would have to walk across everyday to go to wrestling practice, so I was doing that. I met this guy his name is Adam, I won't say his last name because I don't want to get in trouble. Hey Curtis how's it going man? I met this guy name Adam, he's a cool guy, he's a good wrestler I thought. So we start working out together, we're lifting together and one day we're out running around the track. I remember we're running, we're going and he starts, we look around and no one else was around, He's says hey man lets just slow down, we can just slow down. Nobody else is here, I'm like okay this guy's good he's going slow, I might as well go slow. We'd walk a little bit, then we'd run, I think we were supposed to do like 10 laps and because everyone was gone we only did like 8.

Then we cut across to come back home, I was like man this guy Adam's awesome, he's making my life so much easier. We're taking short cuts, we're goofing off, we're having a good time, I don't have to work that hard, I was talking and having fun. I'm like man this is the life, to be amazing to just be able to take short cuts all the time right. That kind of happened earlier in the week, and then that weekend we had a wrestling tournament. We go to the wrestling tournament, I was brand new, never been to a wrestling tournament before. I was scared, I was nervous, I put on my singlet, I go out there I'm just nervous, put on my headgear. How many you guys have ever worn headgear before? You haven't worn headgear, you can't be that cool right? Just kidding. Headgear is awesome, I had my big ol' headgear on, people calling me earmuffs. I had my headgear on, and out there wrestling.

I look over and see Adam, and so Adam's out there wrestling. Again, Adam's like this guy who I thought in my head is like just this amazing wrestler right, he's like a junior in high school. I think he could grow a mustache, which I still can't do so that was a big deal for me. I mean this guy's got to be a ninja basically. I'm watching Adam out there wrestling, he gets out there and the first match, he gets beat, not by a little bit. He gets destroyed, then he gets to the second match and he gets beat on like a little girl again. I saw him two or three matches in a row just getting beat up.

I remember in my head having this thought, this is a very conscious thought. It changed the direction of my life from that point forward, the thought in my head was, don't take short cuts. Adam took a short cut and now he's getting his but kicked by people who were that good. I was following him because I thought it was good and I realized right at that point, do not take short cuts. From that point forward in my life, every single time I would run with the wrestling, I would run, let's say I was running a 10 mile thing, every time there was a corner, everybody would run over the grass, they would cut the corner. That's just what people do, they would cut the corner and I never ever, ever, ever took shortcuts again. I'd run all the way to the end, turn and then run the 90 degree angle, I would never take even a foot short cut over grass because in my head I knew that taking a short cut I would lose.

Mary said what about Photoshop short cuts, there's times in life you can use short cuts but not when you're going, not when you're building, not when you're trying to be successful. That was kind of my thought for today, you've got to, you can't take short cuts. You got to work your butt off, I was listening to, actually I was with Chad, who I see is on here. We went to... say quick phones is a short cut, all right you can use quick phones, only short cut you're allowed to use. Anyways I was out with Chad at the waterpark, our families went to the water park this weekend, he was telling me about this Gary Minerchuck video and I went and found it. It was really cool, Gary talked about how the reason why he was at where it was at was not because he got luck or whatever, it was because he worked harder than you. Flat out, I worked harder than you, that's why I'm here and you're not here, that's what he was saying.

I started thinking how true that is for me, two weeks ago we had our quick phone certification program out here, we had 100 people here in Boise. How many of you guys where there? I know a bunch of ya's were there. It was a five day... yeah brush for life knows! It was a five day event and on the fourth day I taught people out to get stuff done. We had an all night hackathon. In fact I gave everyone, I'll show you guys what I gave everybody, this is my magic formula. We don't sell this yet but some day we might, it's this little pack called "Ignite." I said this is how it works in life, you take this pack of ignite and you don't fall asleep, actually let me give you some back story. It's funny because four or five people didn't show up to the hackathon and almost all of them complained about being mad. The ones who woosed out were the ones who go, the ones who took shortcuts were getting beat up by the little girls and their the ones complaining right.

I learned this concept initially from Gary Hauber, I might have shared it with you before, he had this concept he called Lead or Gold. He said basically in Mexican Mafia they need to get something done so they go to the parliament and they're like hey you need to change the law. The guys like no, we are not changing the law that's a stupid idea. Their like okay well we need to change the law so that night they'd break into the peoples homes and they'd come up to them and they'd wake them up in their bed. They'd have a gun in one hand and a bag of gold in the other hand and say you got two choices right now, lead or gold, either change the law or you die, that's it. When your choices are lead or gold some how amazingly you get stuff done. That was the lesson there, this was basically, he you guys we're not taking short cuts, you are not going to bed until your funnel is done.

I gave them a pack of ignite to give them some energy and we had most of the group didn't go to bed, they stayed up all night long and they got their projects done. It was amazing, they didn't take any shortcut, they worked their faces off until it was done. That was kind of a big lesson for those who were there. Was it fun for those, you guys that were there, was that awesome? It's a big key if you want to be successful you just have to work harder than everybody else. Brush worked it without ignite, congratulations that takes a lot! Thomas Bowman said he's going to do it again. Mark said the ignite made his face tingle, this stuffs amazing because you take it and five minutes later your face and your ears start tingling and then you're on and then you're good for the next twelve hours, it was pretty cool.

That's important you guys, I just wanted to share it with you guys today because it's been on my thoughts today, I thought it was important for me to remember and for you guys to remember that we don't short cuts. You just work hard, work hard, work hard and if you do that and you're serving people and you're helping people and you're trying to change their lives, amazing things will happen. It's true. So I'm going to begin this Periscope, when I started this Periscope I showed you guys this picture right here, who here know who that guy is right there? This is a pop quiz, this is history class. Who is this man right here and why do I have him on my wall? Boom, we got a couple, Bob got it right. This is Sir Winston Churchill, looks like Al Capone but it's not, it's Winston Churchill.

I have him on my wall because he inspires me. I have a quote from him over here, it's my favorite quote. Want me to read it to you guys? It says "I'm nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. What is our aim? I can answer in one word. Victory, victory at all cost. Victory in spite of terror. Victory how ever long and hard the road may be." One of my favorite quotes of all time and it goes into what we're talking about. That's it you guys, it's not taking short cuts, it's victory at all costs, how ever long and hard the road may be you've got to work your butt off if you want to get what you want. If you want to help people and serve people and in return get your life changed, it's all about that.

That's my message for today, I appreciate you guys jumping on, I hope you had fun. I got some cool stuff happening this week, I'm really, really excited. Cool stuff happening from the quick phone side, cool stuff happening from the dotcomsecrets side. Just keep an eye out, I'll keep doing these messages, we'll have one of these each day this week and I'll just keep sharing some awesome stuff. If you have any requests for some awesome stuff come over through the blog and I need some feedback. I actually launched the blog right now so there's some cool stuff there, but come and leave some comments. I'm actually going to be looking at all those comments. Come and all the Periscopes we've done so far are archived over there, some cool articles, all the marking your cars the beginning of time are there. Come over and leave a comment and I'll see it, if you have any suggestions or things you want me to talk about in this week coming up let me know, all you have to do is go to, blog, can you see if right there, Just come on in, I'll see them all. I'm really excited because I don't have any commenters yet.

For me it's like brand new and I'm excited. In the future when we build up the blog and have a bunch of stuff, people are going to, we'll get tons of comments and for now no ones there. Come and hang out, let me know what you think, it will be awesome. Bob said he loves your podcast, binge watched this weekend. Awesome, very, very cool. Curtis I'm sorry we don't sell these yet! I have a whole bunch of them in the warehouse and we're going to sell them some day but we haven't yet. Only way to get them now is coming to our events, which our next event for those of you who are in ignite or in our circle is September, the end of September. Our inner circle groups, one is on September 28th, 29th, ones on October 2nd, 3rd. We have our ignite workshop happening September 30th and 31st.

Who here wants to know the title of the ignite workshop? It's going to be awesome, in fact here's the schedule right here, it's how I run my life. We've got inner circle master mind, ignite workshop inner circle master mind so for the ignite workshop... Yeah Jason's coming this time! He missed the last meeting, he's coming this time. So the ignite workshop the theme where calling it is funnel catcher. Anybody here see the movie Fox Catcher? So Fox Catcher is a movie with my wrestling coach when I wrestled at BYU, Mark Sholts, and a said movie but one of my close friends and someone I respect it's a story about his life. I watched it and it was good, the other day I had this guy named Nick who's a jujitsu guy who came over to my wrestling room on Saturday morning. At 7:30 in the morning we did jujitsu and he choked me out like 50 times, we had a good time. When we came in he looked around and he was like whoa this is like Fox Catcher, you should call this Funnel Catcher. I was like that's awesome!

So we're calling the event Funnel Catcher and we're talking about all the stuff you've got to do to catch people and pull them in to your funnel. We're talking entrapment, we're talking pre-frame funnels, we're talking a whole bunch of stuff that I've never talked, never shared before. It's going to be fun. If you are not in ignite or inner circle, you've only got like three weeks. I know some of you guys have been talking to our coaches and you're thinking about it, you're sitting on the fence, it's coming and if you miss it, you're going to miss it. It's time to stop sitting on the fence. Quit taking short cuts! Time to come and hang out with us.

If you're interested in coming to the Funnel Catcher workshop or the mastermind or both all you have to do is go to and apply there. We are almost completely booked for both the mastermind standpoint and the workshop. There's not many spot left, a couple of you guys can slip in. If you're interested you just have to go to That's also where you can find out how to win the $25,000.00 prize. It's right there can you see it? All right, that's it for today guys, I'm out of here I got some work to do. Thank you for coming on my blog it's awesome, I'm very proud of it, it's my first time blogging. I'm a blogger! It's so great. All right guys, have an awesome night have some fun, go and do something don't take any short cuts. Work hard and I'll talk to you guys again tomorrow.


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